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Found 14 results

  1. I was lucky enough to be gifted a 3 pack of the much hyped and discussed HSO strain The New. Like the other diaries this is no place for taking the piss out of the breeder or the price of the seeds, I personally think they are too expensive and I would never spend that much on seeds no matter how good they are. @HSO-MarkThanks for the seeds dude, you know I will do you a detailed and honest photo diary of these, let the fun begin. With that out of the way I will be doing an honest warts and all review of these when I grow them out, I don't know Sherbinski, I never heard of him before all this started on here so I don't mind calling him out if these turn out to be shit, I will be taking a ton of photos from germination right up until harvest so its all going to be here in black and white for everyone to see. As usual they have arrived in the nice wooden packaging that all HSO seeds arrive in. I am not opening them yet as I have other plans germinating the PS regs for now but when I do I will probably end up breaking the glass like I always do. I doesn't really matter if the glass breaks as I will be getting all 3 of them wet in around 6 weeks time. HSO & Sherbinskis The New
  2. Hello again my stoner chums. Im back with another adventure for you. This time we have 2 x Dinafem purps#1, and 2 of Humbowlts offerings, 1 is a green crack, and the other is a blueberry headband. Here they are.Top left and top right are the purps#1 bottom left the bloob head, bottom right the green crack. The bottom middle is a pre 98 big bud from Nirvana, but we wont mention that here. I started these a couple of weeks back, and introduced them to a life of abuse, leaving them in my propagator till they were almost dead. Then I put them into this mini bubbler, to bring them back from the brink. They seem to be coming good now, compared to how they looked a week ago . Its not gonna be a big grow this one, and I think im just gonna flower them in this bubbler too, but will spread them out a bit before flip, which should be in a couple of weeks time. They are at 0.5 ec and 5.8 ph just now, and the roots have just poked outa the bottom of the pots and into the water. this is the point where they start going nuts on the growth front so hopefully they will be a fair bit bigger next week they aint getting much light just now, but I might go and buy a couple of breeze blocks, to put the tote up higher, nearer the lights. Stay tuned for more dope growing madness.
  3. Peace and light to all who visit this sacred grow chamber. Thus begins my HSO diary many thanks to @HSO-Mark for sending the seeds and organizing the seeds for diary doo daa. I am a simple man with a simple grow for me and my good lady. It consists of a 250w hps in 75x75x160 budbox for late veg and flower. The seeds are started under a t5 in a 60x60x90 green cube on its side. They will start life in some house and garden light mix then into the bat special for super veg growth. They will be fed lots of PM root stim early on and no grow nutes as the bat special is good until flower. Biobizz bloom 2 weeks into flower until the end. I have some fishmix on hand too. See Simples!! heres what happened about an hour ago....... So fingers crossed for some signs of life soon i will be misting the plugs twice daily until they go into the lightmix. Take it easy folks and remember ...... smoke some grow some smoke some more!! lil d.
  4. HSO - Blueberry Headband

    From the album 2018 Harvest Pics

    Blueberry Headband dried bud shot, no flash.
  5. From the album 2018 Harvest Pics

    Blueberry Headband dried bud shot. Lazy trimming!
  6. G13 x Blueberry Headband

    From the album G13 x Blueberry Headband (Emerald Triangle)

    smells of dank diesel w/ a weird funk from the g13
  7. IMG 1451 (480x640)

    From the album Untitled Album

  8. IMG 1060 (640x480)

    From the album kstar

  9. BBHB 1

    From the album 2013