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Found 30 results

  1. Hi everyone! New to this forum but I’m currently growing two Blue dream autos that are in flower and I can’t remember when I germinated the seeds so I’m struggling to know far along my girls are! I have a picture of the seedlings with there first true leaves on the 30th of June. Any idea how much longer I’ve got till harvest?https://m.imgur.com/a/pA5GoVN
  2. So I'm talking a 2ft tall and 1.5 ft width, cupboard. Got a lend of a 300w LED but concerns it's taking up a lot of extra space and electricity. Should I get normal bulbs instead and if so what ones would work best. I have 2 pc cooling fans built into my cupboard. The soil mix I'm gonna use is 1pt perlite: 1pt vermilite: 3pt compost: 1pt used coffee grinds. Ps this is my first ever grow and post to this website so that's my cherry popped to this
  3. blackberrykush.jpg

    From the album Blackberry Kush

    blackberry kush
  4. blue cheese,

    From the album dinafem

  5. bluedreams

    From the album random plants

  6. Over the last year or so I've spent a lot of time digging around the forums researching different strains and seed banks and put together this 'wish list' of stable and well rated seeds... ​ Cheese is my favourite smoke but is very easy to get hold of so I'll order a UGROG Collectors Pack to keep aside for when that time comes. For now I thought I would stick to feminized seeds to keep it simple as I'm still trying to master the basics. Any feedback is appreciated! Amnesia Lemon - Barney's Farm Finishing up now, heard bad things about barney's but am really impressed so far! (250w HPS) CheeseWreck - Seedism BLZ Bud - Seedism LSD - Barney's Farm Northern Lights #5 x Haze - Sensi Skywalker OG Kush - Reserva Privada Blue Dream - Humboldt Grapegod - Next Generation Ghost Train Haze #1 - Rare Dankness Sensi Star - Paradise Caramello - Delicious Original Strawberry Cough - Dinafem Has anyone had any experience with any of these strains? Let me know!
  7. Blue Widow Day 41 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  8. Day 41 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

    © Stonerwizard

  9. Tent shot day 37 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  10. Blue and white widow Day 32 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  11. Blue widow Day 32 of 12/12

    From the album Dinafem grow

  12. Turning over soil and digging in horse manure

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Clearing my patch out in the bush and turning over top soil and digging in horse manure (10L Per plant of horse manure as well as high quality soil
  13. Turning over soil and digging in horse manure

    From the album Guerilla Grow 2016

    Clearing my patch out in the bush and turning over top soil and digging in horse manure (10L Per plant of horse manure as well as high quality soil
  14. blue widow

    From the album dinafem

  15. the grow veg switch blue spectrum l.e.d

    From the album something for the summer

    Led trial

    © uk420

  16. Hello A few weeks ago I received some Blue hash and blue kush seeds, many thanks Mark . This is their story. Packaging. One of the best packages around, a solid metal tin with a vial in. A tad rattling for postman but hey ho. 2nd July, 5 BLUE HASH were put into jiffy pellets, and a week later 3 had popped and looked like this; 11th July saw 5 BLUE KUSH put in, and on the 14th there was this sight to greet; Vegetative Period. Usual growth in veg, topped a few times, nothing really exciting to report. Flowering. They were put into flower around the middle of August and then they stretched. On the 7th of September the BLUE HASH looked like this; While the BLUE KUSH looked like this; They continued to grow and ripen until we reached the point where they got cropped. The BLUE HASH; The BLUE KUSH; (Week to chop) Smoke Report; Blue Hash, nice daytime smoke, little to no heaviness and a taste of long drawn out days. Kept wanting to get more but it just never got there. Pleasant, not formidable. Blue Kush; Different ball game entirely. Functionality slows, mental relaxation is found and a pleasing taste all lead to an enjoyable time. My mate liked this, he is a fussy one, but he liked it enough to bag a handful The Kush will be grown again at some point. Stretch aside, maybe scrogging her would be better, she is pleasing to both grow and smoke. I seriously doubt I will run the hash again as it just does not have that oomph (to my mind). All in all, an enjoyable grow, some nice plants to look at and smoke and a relatively stress free one too. Whack the feed in and grow em. Any questions and consider 42 to be the answer Cheers ALBUM (containing a few more pics) http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?app=gallery&album=9242
  17. Blue, 3 days.

    From the album macros 2014

    © pier09

  18. blue at 4 days.

    From the album macros 2014

    © pier09