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Found 4 results

  1. Hey So, I'm ready to start my diary (bit last minute I know!!) To be perfectly honest, because I've been having hit and miss success so far with my first round of seed popping and seedling growing(as featured in my other diary), I've felt a bit concerned, in fact even slightly embarrassed about starting my Dinafem diary, the last thing I want is a 2 page diary with "seeds went in to pop" "seeds died" but then I remembered its all a learning curve, and I have (hopefully) learned from some of my mistakes so far, enough to at least make a decent go of growing my plants My seeds arrived a few weeks ago, thankyou very very much @Dinafem-Mark I chose to grow California Hash Plant Blue Kush Auto I chose the california hash plant because it sounds like it will be good for a novice like me, and should finish nice and early. I chose the blue kush auto because it sounded like it would be nice to smoke and I wanted to try a good auto strain. My strategy for growing them will be pretty basic, germinate the Cali Hash Plants now (I put them in tissue last night ) pot them into biodegradeable pots once they have sprouted a tail, using compost mixed with some myco funghi granules, and moistened with a Myco funghi tea I got from a friend Leave them in the windowsill for a period of time, probably until they have the first set of leaves, maybe longer (any advice or guidance is welcome guys ) Leave them in my mini greenhouse in the garden for a period of time (probably a week or so, again tips or advice is welcome) As soon as possible get them in their designated plots (pics to come soon ) Planted into holes using basic prep, fairly deep holes with FBB, chicken pellets, few random banana peels and general mulch from area, topped with thin layer of multipurpose compost Around my plants, I have some Bean seeds, some marigold seeds and some chrysanthemum seeds, I read that the legumes can draw up nitrogen from the soil and the flowers can help deter certain critters or attract certain predator critters. It takes no real extra effort to plant them alongside and I have the seeds so I thought why not Throughout the season, hoping they live, I will probably feck about with them, like maybe try tying one or two down a bit, maybe taking a cutting here and there, who knows For my autos, it will either be pretty much the same as above, or if I have a successful and working veg box with light setup (not like my shitty grow shed !!!!!) then I will basically change the windowsill and greenhouse stages to time under a light. Either way they wont be started for another couple of weeks. here is a couple of pics of the seeds getting ready, I checked them today and a couple have cracked, I will check them again in 24 hours and see if we have any tails Thats it for now quick thanks once again to @Dinafem-Mark and to the whole of UK420 for helping me along Good luck everyone
  2. dinafem

    Hello all, sorry it has taken me so long to get up our NEW 2015 releases but I had to wait until we were ready and available to you all for release. We have 3 new strains that have just been released 2 photo-period strains and 1 auto we will also be releasing another strain in late September. The 3 new strains are Purple afghan kush Moby dick cbd Blue kush autodinafem These are now available on our website and should be available through all our UK outlets soon I will also get this information into the strain guide section All the best D-M..