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Found 83 results

  1. Has anyone grow the new cheese or blue cheese big Buddha recently re released under their new name? Just wondered how close to the original from back in the day it actually is. I have purchased a pack of bluecheese but can’t grow any till next round as I just planted the next lot so will be a while before I find out myself. but I will report back here when I do them how they turn out. They do 6packs of fems at a reasonable price. Don’t get them confused for the old big Buddha apparently they are no longer affiliated with milo anymore an it’s run by different people now. big Buddha family farms is the new name. (I nearly made the mistake of getting the old big Buddha at first so figured I’d mention it) I couldn’t find anything online about the new one, just a bit on instagram really a those comments are possibly heavily moderated etc. Has anyone done either one yet?
  2. fb1.jpg

    From the album FB seedling

  3. Hello people. I have a question. I am growing this year 3x blue cheese autos and 3x Northern Lights autos, and 1x Royal Gorilla Auto. Which I started Apr 17th. They are all coming into flowering now. Started off with PM soil grow, and now moved onto PM Soil Bloom. giving 4ml per 7l of water and feeding each plant around 3 litres. Growing in my usual 11L pots with PM supreme soil. I use regular tap water which has a PH of 7.6-7.7 I have heard that if you grow in soil I don't need to worry about PH levels. as the soil should bring PH levels down. is this true? If it isn't true what is the easiest way to bring down PH levels. Might be a little to late now though. If it is then why are my fan leaves turning yellow and drying up. bottom upwards. I am also feeding each time I water them, as the soil is very dry by the 3rd day. Someone mentioned and I have read to feed them each time I water them. I haven't used any calmag this year as I have also read that, if you live in a hard water area which I do, then there is no need for calmag, as the water contains enough minerals in it already
  4. Hi guys, need some help/advice this my first time growing anything so been trying my best, had a bad start with these babies and tried to slowly help it get better unfortunately it hasn’t been so great, could you guys have a look and let me know what I can do to make sure the budsites I do have on my small auto will create some nice buds?, the plant is only about 12 inches tall, it’s in a plastic pot that has been terrible for letting soil dry out or receive enough oxygen. This has been a lesson learned for me as the soil I used (John innes no2) combined with the plastic 11litre pretty deep pot has been horrible and never dries out fast enough and had issues being always wet at bottom in the beginning , I believe I’m about 1 week in flower but I’m a total newbie so not sure exactly when it started,and help or advice appreciated and also let me know if the bid sites you do see would have some potential? My light is mars hydro ts1000 working at 150w 18inches above plant as it’s started it’s flowering, humidity 55%. Also about nutrients.. I’m using bio bizz nutrients... how much bloom, and grow do you guys suggest feeding my plant at this stage in the soil I’m using? Thanks for your time all
  5. hello again and welcome to another great adventure in watery wonderland. i am gonna be doing some cheese varieties in here, in my green qube 120 by 120 tent (great tents, buy one). i will be doing them under good old fashioned HPS and ultra modern LED, a 600w HPS and a 240 watt LED. the bottom left has the LED driver, top right is the Ballast and variac fan controller....its tidy in here eh? the rdwc is a home made one, an update from my 2 pot system which i last had in here, its got 2 maxijet 1000 pumps, feeding some hose which goes into two tees just under the lid of the totes. its also got 2 airstones per pot, fed from a big 60 litre airpump, the green thing in the pic below its a simple system, and should do well enough. the seeds are leftovers from my other grow, they are Dinafem blue cheese and cheese XXL autos. ivegrown both of them out before and they are good. heres the rdwc set up, first the res, 2 pumps, aquarium heater and floom returns from the pots.. a tight squeeze. HPS on left, LED on right. feeds are my old faithfull ionic, i went a bit nuts, they are at 0.8 ec, which is really way too high, but im not sucking out 40 odd litres now. ph is 5.8. i also added silicone and silver bullet roots. system leaked when i first set it up, not much but still annoying. i drained it all down, mopped up the mess and added extra rubber gaskets on 2 of the pots. filled it again last night and so far its looking ok, no water, so lets hope it stays that way.. should be fun, aye...... nearly forgot, heres the plants, this is day 1 blue cheese and cheese xxl and lights
  6. Hi all can anyone give me an idea what could be wrong with her, if there is anything wrong? From first look can you see signs of any problems please let me know, I feel it’s very light green. I can defiantly say she is a slow grower. she is 3 and half weeks, any help greatly appreciated, Started with 100w full spec led and saw leggy seedling so bought 600w full spectrum (eBay cheap) 80x80x160 tent using John innes no2 soil and plastic pots with like 5 to 6 drain holes below (soul at the bottom always wet need help with this if anyone can) been feeding it fish mix at half ml per litre for the last week and half but been seeing mostly outdoor growers use fish mix? Should I continue or switch to bio grow instead? Anything else you need to know please ask, really feel something is wrong with them, thanks all
  7. Hi everyone, I’m very new to it all from equipment to auto flower, but I’ve done some research and as much as I am confused on so many methods I’ve decided to go at it, I am at almost reaching week 4 from planting my seed, seed took 5 days to pop out which was slow process to what I have been reading and it seems my blue cheese autos are growing very slow compared to pictures I see out there, at first I had my 100w fullspectrum way to high when it was at seedling so it stretched a fair bit, I brought soil from the edges of pot to surround the main stem so it don’t fall in future, I got a 600w full spectrum which was only a cheap one on eBay and not sure of the actual power as they do not say in description, iv been keeping the 600w above plant about 55cm, my soul at the bottom of plant pot is wet so I tried piercing holes on the sides near the bottom for more airflow but it doesn’t seem to be helping much, thought about getting the fabric pots but I wouldn’t know how to transplant from a 10litre plastic pot to a fabric one. Can anyone have a look at my picture in gallery BY Twist90 and let me know all that you think is wrong with my plants, I feel like the leaves could be a little light in colour, and I have one 3 finger leaf that has a little droop on its left side. This is almost 4 weeks old from planting seed. Thank you in advance for all help.
  8. From the album Twist90 blue cheese

    Need help to know what is wrong with my plant, I’m totally new to this all and not sure ignoring iv been doing it right but I think there is a problem with it being a little light green, any questions or ideas please let me know all, thanks a lot in advance
  9. hello again. im back with a brand new adventure. And it should be a good one... This time im doing this fine selection of seeds. im waiting patiently for the gelatos to drop, but they shouldn't be long.... I kept back a seed from the new and ogkz from my outdoor adventure specifically for this grow. Some of you might have noticed my pathetic attempts at amateur breeding in another thread, and I have got to the stage where I appear to have finally managed after 4 attempts , to reverse some females to sprout nuts, woohoo. so this collection will be grown out to be pollen recievers, as well as some personal stash for special occasions, like,...…. say Mondays, or Tuesdays, maybe Wednesdays etc, they wont last long …... they will be receiving pollen from another couple of HSO and dina strains (|Black D.O.G , critical+2, moby dick and cali hash plant, if it survives, its looking grim, but you never know) the velvet octane and lemon citron are all new strains from HSO and the descriptions had me drooling so when I got a chance to grow them out, I jumped at it- Thanks Mark for the seeds, its much appreciated, and i'll try and do them justice. im going to be growing these in hydro, because I suck at mud and coco, but seem to get on better with water. so, once germed they will go into my mini bubbler, till by dwc buckets arrive . mini bubbler below. from here, most of them will be going into some 37 litre bubblers, and will be fed my usual nutes, which are ; IOnic grow IOnic bloom growth tech silicone Canna cal mag Growth tech ph down and that's it, that's all you need imho. more once the seeds crack. im only doing one seed of each, I need to be careful with plant numbers, so if they don't sprout they aint coming in. Stay tuned
  10. Big nug

    From the album Blue cheese scrog

  11. Blue cheese

    From the album Blue cheese scrog

  12. Blue cheese

    From the album Blue cheese scrog

  13. Anyone grew or smoked a good bit of blue cheese recently? With all the Cali hype in the UK its very hard to find a good bit of Cheese that flooded the streets 10 years ago, At the time it would be so pungent/sickly/ that some of the blue cheese I had back then still to this day was some of the stinkiest stuff I have had Would love to grow out some blue cheese as it was my favorite smoke at the time and it has been so long since I've smoked anything similar, some say Stardawg is the new cheese but the only similar effect I have notice was the sweaty feeling in your face under your eyes. does anyone have suggestions ?
  14. Hi everyone and welcome along to my very first attempt at growing....anything....ever! ive been lurking in this site for a couple of years but have finally went out and bought myself everything (I think) I need to grow my own bush. KIT 75x75x200 budbox tent 4” td extract fan, acoustic ducting and rhino hobby cf 660w dimmable ballast + 250w mh (veg) 600w hps (flower) 6” clip fan and 9” floor fan STRAINS GROWING 2 x Dinafem White Widow 2 x Dinafem Blue Cheese im going to be attempting to follow Nebula’s Manifold technique from the GWE site as I’ve been reading up on this for years and it seems like the way for me. I had my gear running for a few days before my seeds arrived just to make sure I could control the temp and humidity and after some hammering and sawing I got it sitting steady at 24c and 30% with the 600w lamp in and ballast cranked up to 660w. Those td fans are pretty good! My seeds arrived yesterday and I immediately planted them in little biodegradable pots 3/4 filled with coco and pre-soaked with plain tap water. Once the standing water had run out the pots I placed each seed in pointy side down and covered loosely with a 1/2” layer of coco. I then popped them into my propagator and into the airing cupboard covered with a towel to keep it dark. Temps are ranging from 18c when the heating goes off and 24c when it’s on. Humidity steady around 55-60%. They’ll be staying in there until they’ve cracked the surface then it’s out of the airing cupboard and into the tent under 250w mh with the extract running. I’m using ionic nutes but will be starting them off with some formulex until probably the second set of fan leaves then switch to 1/4 strength nutes Once they're 6 nodes high it will be time for the first top and clean up then tie the branches down to begin forming my manifold. Let them grow another couple of nodes each side then it’s one last top and clean up. They’ll be vegged until just below 1/2 my desired finishing height then it’ll be in with the 600w HPS, ballast down to 400w and increase it up to 660w week by week Ill be posting pics as I go so feel free to jump in with any pointers, criticism (good and bad) or just for a blether. Below are a couple of pics of my tent and ventilation. Next photos will be when they pop their heads through to say hello cheers for reading Tent is in the en-suite of my bedroom with the shower ripped out. Kept the sink and toilet in case I spend too much time up here with the girls ha extract rigged up to an existing, unused extractor fan which vents out through the roof
  15. Well after a successful crop last year I decided to give it another bash this year but really toned it down this time lol. Last year was a crazy jungle with greenery as far as the eye could see haha. Took me more than 3 weeks to trim those bitches. I'm down to my last couple of Oz's from my last grow. This time I only put 6 plants out and kept them smallish in 6.5 litre pots. Actually these are mothers I took cuts from and had no use for them anymore so I decided to put them outside to see what they produce as I have just put the cuttings in the flowering room indoors. I can get an early indication and get to pre-sample the goods before the ones in my flower room finish off. Anyways I have 1 Lemon Skunk from DNA Genetics, 2 Kaliman Cheese#1 (both different phenos) and 3 BSB Genetics Blue Cheddar (3 different Phenos) They were put outside early July and are looking and smelling real nice.
  16. SJJ-7208.jpg

    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden

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    From the album 2018 Garden