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Found 23 results

  1. Bloom discoloring

    From the album 1st grow - Runtz Auto

  2. Bloom discoloring

    From the album 1st grow - Runtz Auto

  3. Does anyone use PK Warrior. I have read that it's pretty potent and is best used lightly from week 4 -7 at 1/4 strength of recommended dose than what it suggest on shogun charts. Has anyone used this? Thoughts ?? Results & any alternatives?? Thanks
  4. here is a comprehensive go-to for your favourite nutrients. have nutes but dont know how much to use and when? or have you heard of a particular brand and want to know how they dose? check out these charts.... charts for: ADVANCED, BIOBIZZ, BLOOM, BHUDDAS TREE, BOTANICARE, CANNA, CHEMGEN, CX HORTICULTURE, CYCO, DUTCH PRO, EMERALD HARVEST, EVOPONIC, GENESIS, GH, HOUSE AND GARDEN, HYDROTOPS, IONIC, MILLS, PLANT MAGIC, SHOGUN, VITALINK they have recommended dosing for each week of the grow from 2 weeks @ seedling, 4 weeks veg and 8/9 weeks flower
  5. Hi guys, new on here.. im trying to work out wether or not it is worth me buying some Fulvic and humic acids in addition to my existing nutes. I’m using terra aquatica tri part- micro bloom and grow, I’ve also got a gold label root exeluator and I’ve got advanced nutrients overdrive for my late flower stage. I’ve read lots of contrasting opinions about the use of humic and fulvic acids and many growers say less is more... sticking to a more basic set up will work well however I also feel that manufactures would bother making the product if it didn’t add something to our arsenals. Anyone on here used them before and had better results compared with a grow previous without using acids. ive for coco coir and perlite in 30l fabric pots. Using 2x small led fan driven lights with a veg and bloom setting and have 1x Mars hydro TSW2000. I’m running a comparison to see the different results in each half of my tent. I have a humidifier and heater in my setup to keep everything exactly where I want it and also have 2 XL co2 grow bags hanging towards the bottom of my tent by an inlet. I’m fairly new to this so any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards
  6. Hi Folks, thanks for dropping in, please do leave comments, whatever? So, The situation with growth is way grand for circumstances, The "mainlined" and topped plants were a slow start but now have thrived after 9 weeks to become tall and bushy. Planted in Biobizz all-mix in 7 Gal fabric pots, plants get watered every 24-36hrs constantly, sometimes sit in 2 inches of runoff overnight, mostly well soaked for the next day ahead. Temps have been very high and pots cool to 22-24C at night but rise to 32C in the shade of noon despite covering pots with netting and reflective sheets to keep sunlight off most of the floor area. Have been adding minimal G & B nutes (by BAC) all along due to understanding all-mix is full-on which seems a good idea, tried and tested formula, but, I have now become aware that I am a bit clueless in regard to it's (all-mix) true intended properties and may need to be very careful with what is added to the feeds, so far the level of G & B feed combined has been at a fluctuating level of between .15 up to .35 of EC (not much?) with .15 of Cal Mag and Silica added, all combined to measure an approximate EC of between .28 and.50, my water is currently filtered to an EC of .02 (yes it's that low with rinsed and new filter)... So... So far no problem, the buds are starting to show their hairs for the last 5 days an all seems good... except, I am concerned about the future feeding, in particular to deliver the correct doses of Nitrogen!! I felt it's good to build up an outdoor plant that gets thrashed by cyclonic winds and needs to endure harsh Spanish sun, grow them well nourished and green, I thought no deficiency should exist, no struggle for the plant when trying to build up at night? (my fancy thinking again) Damn, must run upstairs and erect the darkening covers to block the street light reflections....it's all go Here, a few quick photos, wondering about nodes space and stretching??
  7. I have 8-9 week auto seed PM Magne cal+ PM Ignition PM Root stimulant Bio buzz Grow Bloom Topmax Can anyone help me with these needs Pot size Feed schedule for my above items
  8. Hello everyone, Have been absent for a long time but after my first (semi-failed) grow i have started my fourth grow a few months ago. First time using feminized seeds (BF liberty haze, glookies and pineapple chunk) instead of autos and finally growing in a proper tent instead of a stealth pc build. I am using soil (Biobizz light mix), first time properly using nutrients and i am currently on week 8 of the veg period. I have used Biobizz root juice, bio grow, alg-a-mic and molasses until this point in time. I was planning to use Biobizz Top Max and Bio Bloom. After speaking with a few growers and doing some research online i was told to use Advanced nutrients Bud Candy as well with the two previously mentioned nutes. I also have AN Big Bud (wanted to try it in my next grow). Lastly i was gifted a bottle of Atami bloombastic which is apparently very strong. My question is the following: Can i use this two different brands together? For example can I use BB bloom and top max in conjunction with AN Bud candy? Also can i fit Atami Bloombastic in there? (It is stated in the box that it should only be used during week 4-6 (8 week period)) Thank you in advance!
  9. Evening UK420 hope your all enjoying the weekend, quick question I’ve just flipped to 12/12 and wondering when should I change the res to the bloom nutrient. I’m due a weekly res change tomorrow but unsure to stick with grow for a week then swap over. Im using advance nutrients sensi line if that makes a different or not. thanks in advance
  10. Had to repost because my original was in the wrong category. Hey guys, a little confused atm. I'm using ghe nutes, my plants were planted on the 17th and 23rd of december. I was giving them preflower nutes and now flower nutes for 2 days. On other sites I read from some experienced growers that autos should be kept on veg nutes atleast thru week 6 to help them last 10-11 weeks regardless of whether the seed comp says they need 8weeks. So I was wondering, should I go back to veg or preflower feed? Also, was thinking about adding PK and Mollasses later on.
  11. hey folks, I went to the hydro shop today to buy nutes but they didn't have any biobizz stuff left so I bought vitalink grow and bloom, has anyone used them before? and are they decent nutes? I also bought a bottle of canna rhizotonic, all they had was a choice between that or the PM root stim and iv already tried the PM stuff so thought I would give the canna a go, is it any good? or should I just have not bothered with it? TIA
  12. Hello, I consider myself a new member still. Only posted once before and still a relative newbie. I have a decision to make and wonder if anybody has done this before. I flicked to flower to weeks ago. I have one 600w air cooled hps and one mars hydro 600W hps equivalent LED. Environment is good and plants are growing, dark green BUT, I think I could have been underfeeding them. I tried bottom feeding them on this one, using KISS as simple as could be, but maybe I was giving them way too little volume, and the stems just arent that thick, nor have fully turned green yet, and the arms arent very strong either. New growth a plenty, and a few white hairs starting to form. I have been advised by an experienced friend to revert back to a veg cycle of light, 18/6 or 20/4 for a week or so and then restart the bloom phase from week 1 again. Spangly is the word that comes to mind when trying to describe them, plenty of arms and look in nice enough health but without any real weight behind them. What do you guys think, can plants be sucessfully reverted back with good results or is it best to carry on and hope for the best, now Ive diagnosed the cause. Since ive top fed them to get 20% run off, theyve grown a few inches in a couple of days, but Ive just hit week 3 of flower. But if I need to add an extra 7-12 days to my cycle to guarantee the right results, Im stuck in two minds. Any help appreciated as always, thanks for reading.
  13. Right quick question tap water ec is 0.9 and i know people say start bloom at 1.2 ec but my plants been vegging a good 7 weeks from clone and feeding on ionic grow at ec of 2.1 that was including background of 0.9 so 1.2 worth of grow add to tap water ec , now they just starting 3rd week in flower so empty res and filled with water same ec 0.9 added bloom upto 1.9 should i go higher or will that be ok? Thanks barney
  14. Right quick question tap water ec is 0.9 and i know people say start bloom at 1.2 ec but my plants been vegging a good 7 weeks from clone and feeding on ionic grow at ec of 2.1 that was including background of 0.9 so 1.2 worth of grow add to tap water ec , now they just starting 3rd week in flower so empty res and filled with water same ec 0.9 added bloom upto 1.9 should i go higher or will that be ok? Thanks barney
  15. Good evening all, i've been given a sample bottle of Dutch Pro Explode and so was wondering if anyone has used this in soil and is it any good? I grow in Plant Magic soil, nutrients are PM Oltimer Grow and Bloom. Any advice on amounts per litre and how often would be much appreciated. Says on the bottle its suitable for every irrigation system, culture on soil, hydro and coco, dosage is 100ml per 100 litres water. All the best.
  16. Guanodiff Bloom

    From the album Happy Jam

    Guanodiff Bloom that I'll be using in flower
  17. hi all happy 420, just like to say very new here and to this so have a few questions for you avid green fingered fiends, all auto relating and mainly nutrient related, well where to begin... 1: using nutes would you scale down if you were in batmix or lightmix or just generally scaledown anyway irregardless of what soil you use..? 2: what nutes to give.. grow, root stim, bloom, nector, bloom/flower enhancers.. etc? and when to give them.. let the pot go dry?? wet/dry? or just every few days give it a lil drink..? 3: pot size 12l airpots same as 18l premium square pots.. well thats all i can think off now.. sit back light up and have a lil think,,, many thanks
  18. Hi, First of all, sorry for my english, it’s not my native language So I had ca 4 unsuccessfull round with very poor yield. As a beginner i made a lot of mistakes, for example over watering, under watering, under feeding, over feeding, adding too much kind of fertilizers, addictives. I wanted to make it organic, so i used the BioBizz line. For veg i used Plagron Grow mix soil, for flower BioBizz All mix soil. As fertilizers i have BioBizz Grow, Bloom and now i have BioBizz Alg-amic and BioHeaven. I want to open a diary soon, but i need some pre-discussion about some topic. I think one of my problem is my tap water source. It has a PH of 8.2-8.4 and an EC of 0,76 (380 ppm on scale 500) after 24 hour sitting. I used BioNova Citric acid as PH down and ph’d to 6.0-6.2. I have ph’d the plain water and the water with nutritients also. Maybe this was also a mistake, i don’t know. Then I bought now a RO system. My RO water has a 20 ppm of salts, and a PH of 8.0 by letting sit. If i add nutes the PH is 5.2. So my questions about the water source topic: What is the best water source in my case? (Tap, RO, Tap + RO) If I go with RO water and use BioBizz Alg-a-mic (plus possible BioHeaven) with every waterings, it will be OK? Will it cure the Cal/Mg deficiency? If not, what else should I buy? Should I ph my water and feed water? How can I prevent my soil of PH goes off? Can I mix something in BioBizz All mix soil?
  19. day 53 big bang auto

    From the album 53 days aa,bb

    big bang auto 21" tall had no bloom nutes or suppliment are the yellowing leaves through age?
  20. Just wanna hear what you lot do regarding nutes when switching from veg to flower, do you stop feeding the grow when switching to 12/12 or carry on? and for how long? Can someone explain.. Cheers.
  21. Day7 of bloom

    From the album smellyberry

    bunch of SB's with 2 WW at the right and one Sidi motorcycle boot on the left holding a flap (oo er) back.

    © lasouris

  22. Hi all I brought the tester Biobizz Grow, Bloom and Topmax kit before purchasing a range of Plant Magic, namely: Oldtimer's Grow/Bloom, Bio-silicon, Catalyst/Essence/Molasses kit, Root Stimulant and granules. I've so far used OT Grow and just started Bloom along with the beneficials (minus the essence and molasses). I was just curious what's in Biobizz's Topmax and can this be used in conjunction with OT Bloom and beneficials? Has anyone else tried this? I've tried a search but the results are mixed one way or another and not both together. Regards e2a: The plants in question are in a mixture of Plagnon batmix, ended up in PM supreme soil final pot (first grow). The grow in question is the +speed and Anesthesia in my signature