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Found 56 results

  1. Have been using Biobizz and Canna Professional Plus soil but with ''Canna'' nutes. These are not organic. Thinking of changing to organic based feed Do plants find organics easier to uptake? Canna hasn't given me any problems, but it is probably the ''Pedigree chum'' of plant food- It used to be heavily advertised in the old weed mags- and I am a sucker for a good advert Has anyone moved over from the ''Dark side'' to Organics, or did most of you start out 'Organic' in the first place? Was there a 'Learning curve' and were the results noticeably different? Many thanks
  2. High all, here we go then make ya self comfy. A massive thank you to @HSO-Mark for these seeds. Looking forward to watching everyone else's diaries develop too. Gonna be a bit (or alot) of California Sunshine in the UK for the late winter blues I had 5 Lemon Thai Kush and 5 Chemdawg feminised seeds arrive, and they were put pretty much straight into compost... Chemdawg Lemon Thai Kush all the LTK popped up, and 3 of the Chemdawg's did too. Happy with that. I had a spare 1.2m roof qube empty (been waiting years to say that!!), so they're already out of my little veg cab, in the tent under 600w of hps. They look happy, and are growing quickly now they're in the big tent with lots of space, airflow and light. Just given water uptill yesterday. I thought i'd try some root stim. Went with biobizz as i'm using thier grow and bloom. Didn't clock that it's fecking £40 till after i bought it it better be good!! Just tweaked my set-up a bit, and i'm extracting both tents straight outside now, instead of 'vaguely poiting towards a window' and it feels much better all round. Not sure how i'm going to play this grow yet. My self imposed constraint is that i would like to try and get both tents in sync, harvesting one every 5/6 weeks. For that to happen, i would need to flip this tent to 12/12 in about 4 weeks. I have various cuttings from my previous and current grow i can add to or replace with. For now i'm thinking to add 4 plants from my cut's. That should work out about right, aiming for twelve plants in 7.5 ltr pots Also hoping to get the same seeds but in regular versions and get hacking, but for now, i'll focus on these. Nice one, Tigs
  3. Casa Rural Semillas Da Bolsa - Male 2

    From the album M.A.C v2 Test Grow

  4. Bio Bizz in stock now We're happy to announce we have the full range of Biobizz nutrients in stock for next day delivery. https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/collections/bio-bizz for new customers Code UK420 gets you 10% off. If you have made an order before please contact us before so we can discuss getting you on our customer loyalty program. All products listed below for easy access Biobizz Acti-Vera https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/activera Biobizz Alg-A-Mic https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-alg-a-mic Biobizz Bio Heaven https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-bio-heaven Biobizz Bio-Bloom https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-bio-bloom Biobizz Bio-Down https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-bio-down Biobizz Bio-Up https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-bio-up Biobizz Bio-Grow https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-bio-grow Biobizz CalMag https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-calmag Biobizz Fish-Mix https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-fish-mix Biobizz Leaf Coat https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-leaf-coat Biobizz Microbes 150g https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-microbes-150g BioBizz Pre-Mix 5L https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-pre-mix-5l Biobizz Root Juice https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-root-juice Biobizz Top Max https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-top-max Try packs also in stock Biobizz Try Pack - Hydro https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/trypackhydro Biobizz Try Pack - Indoor https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-try-pack-indoor Biobizz Try Pack - Outdoor https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-try-pack-outdoor Biobizz Try Pack - Stimulant https://ledgrowlights.co.uk/products/biobizz-try-pack-stimulant Thanks Adam
  5. i do a outside grow and use bio Bizz fish mix and chicken pellets with the pellets going down first for 8 weeks then the fish mix for the rest of the time BUT someone told me to use bat guano instead i have never used it and wondered which is better to use any advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hi all! Apologies if this is in wrong section. Prior to joining this forum I had settled on doing an auto grow as a first time grower. I found a grow on YouTube and decided to follow their compost mix. This is what I purchased: Biobizz × 1 Frass × 1 2L Malted Barley Powder × 1 2L Wormcasts × 1 2L Grow AUTO × 1 2L Bloom AUTO × 1 2L Neem × 1 2L Rockdust × 1 800ml MycoBoost × 1 800ml After some advice from some great folks on this forum, I’ve decided to go with a reg grow for the first time. I’m wondering if I can still use the Grow Auto and Bloom Auto mixes. Their ingredients are: Grow Auto: EM1 Infused bokashi bran, Volcanic rockdust, Mycorrhizal fungi, Northern Atlantic Kelp meal, organic Bat Guano, Alfalfa meal, Wheat bran. Bloom Auto: Organic Bat guano, Northern Atlantic kelp meal, sterilised bone meal, mined sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime, Diatomaceous earth. All advice welcome! Thanks everyone!
  7. Hi all! I hope we are all doing well. I have a quick question before I begin this year and that is what are people’s favourite nutes? Had a fairly good year last year but feel like the nutes I used let me down so I’m just curious as to what people think are the best. I’ve heard a lot of good about biobizz, can anyone confirm this? just want something g reliable and to help out as much. Thanks in advance guys
  8. Howdy all, quick questions to gauge how much I should be watering and how often. I ruined my last crop starving the poor girls but this is a different setup so I'm none the wiser. I'm aiming to achieve wet/dry cycle from day 1& I'm using AllMix soil in 12ltr fab pots. I was thinking 1 gallon every 4-5 days but I'm clueless rn so looking for opinions please P&L Flav
  9. Once more unto the breach.. Come one, come all and join me on this wintery auto adventure. Firstly, I'd like to say a big thank you to the Sweet Seeds guys for sorting me out the seeds to compete. Hopefully this becomes a diary to be proud of. Now, when I first joined this forum I trawled through diaries expanding my knowledge and found Sweet Seeds kept popping up! So I focused in on SS diaries and came across @McHazy's competition diary! "McHazy's Quest for a Sweet Seeds Grinder" (Think of this as a tribute ). Which intrigued me; how special can a grinder be ? Needless to say it's an elusive cop &Winning it certainly adds to the mysticism of it. Since then I've found myself longing for it, my tattered old grinder seemed to do the trick, before I found out about the SS grinder.. Now onto what we're all here for! The Lineup My official, final lineup for the competition is: Cream Caramel auto, Cream Mandarine auto & Blackjack auto The Setup 60x60x140 tent (soon to be a 75x75x200) 4" extraction/filter (RAM/Rhino) Passive intake 1' Tube heater (hopefully that'll cut it ) Biobizz AllMix Biobizz Grow/Bloom 9L fabric pots Considering this is only my 3rd grow and 1st attempt through the winter, I'm not very prepared for what I'm about to face. It's also safe to say I've got next to NO IDEA what I'm doing! BUT HEY-HO IT IS WHAT IT IS. Thanks for stopping by! P&L Flav
  10. Hi all, looks like I'm becoming a frequent visitor to this sick plants thread Looking for opinions on a recurring problem. 3 Sweet Seeds autoflowers About 3 weeks into flower 9L BioBizz AllMix Per pot 2L water each, every 3/4 days 0.5ml Grow 0.5ml Bloom per litre every other watering (5/6days) 75x75 with Lumatek Attis set at 240w around 19/20 inches from canopy level temps 26-28 Humid 50%ish Any inputs appreciated, bless up!
  11. On biobizz all mix it states to mix with warm water and sit in a warm dark spot for 3 days to allow the microbes etc to activate. How much water am I supposed to mix in with the soil.? What consistency does it need to be, and what temperature is ideal.? Thanks for the help.
  12. here is a comprehensive go-to for your favourite nutrients. have nutes but dont know how much to use and when? or have you heard of a particular brand and want to know how they dose? check out these charts.... charts for: ADVANCED, BIOBIZZ, BLOOM, BHUDDAS TREE, BOTANICARE, CANNA, CHEMGEN, CX HORTICULTURE, CYCO, DUTCH PRO, EMERALD HARVEST, EVOPONIC, GENESIS, GH, HOUSE AND GARDEN, HYDROTOPS, IONIC, MILLS, PLANT MAGIC, SHOGUN, VITALINK they have recommended dosing for each week of the grow from 2 weeks @ seedling, 4 weeks veg and 8/9 weeks flower
  13. Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading this great forum loads and particularly Serpents guide to growing autos in soil to help me get started with my first grow. I have got 3 Lemon auto seedlings from Seedsman in a prop in my tent (120x120x60cm) up in the loft now. I cracked the seeds in tap water (ph roughly 7.2-7.4) and then placed them in Root Riot cubes and placed them in my electric prop. After a couple of days, they had popped so I turned on my 1000w Philzon Cree COB LED on the half-beam setting at a distance of 24 inches, 24hr schedule. The following day there was a long root poking through the bottom of the Root Riots so I transplanted them into small pots (the ones that came with my prop - think they're about 0.3L). I sprinkled the Root Riots with myco funghi and filled the pots up with neat BioBizz All-Mix that I lightly sprayed with tap water beforehand. It's now been 6 days since they popped and I am worried that they will not be ready to transplant into their final pots at the 7-10 day mark. They have not seemed to do much for the last few days and the leaves on 2 in particular of them have started to look curled and crispy on the edges. I have been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle of tap water and at a steady temperature of between 25-27c. I know my tap water ph is a little high, but I read a thread on here by OldTimer1 that mentioned that my soil should buffer this to a more acceptable ph. I do have a bottle of ph-Down on hand in case I need to lower my ph. I have also read that Biobizz All-Mix may be too nutrient-rich for seedlings. Should I go buy some Light-Mix and quickly transplant them into that perhaps? Can any of you esteemed growers give a noob some advice on what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated. Pictures below for reference; This is the healthiest looking of the 3; This one is not looking so great (the wire is a probe for my electric prop); This one is not rooking so good at all now;
  14. Afternoon all, Just have a question about the best way to approach this. I have the following ready - - 70ish litres of used all mix already mixed with perlite - 2 x 60 litre totes to 'cook' in - 40L BioBizz Worm Humus - 5L Biobizz Pre-mix - 1L Ecothrive Charge So do I just mix in the appropriate measurements dry and leave it to cook or do I add some water when mixing to moisten everything so it can break down? Do I add cannazyme to breakdown the roots?? Thanks as always!
  15. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker for a while and thought it best I leave a diary, or at least outline how my first attempt is going! You'll have to excuse me as I've been a bit lacklustre in terms of keeping everything up to date and I still haven't figured out how to upload pics But I'm now on day 18 since germ so here's my private notes so far: CITY SEEDS KOSHER KUSH GROW Equipment: Tent 60x60x140cm Mars Hydro TS1000 LED 4" rhino/ram filter+fan combo 12"oscillating fan 1' tube heater for lights off Plant level: 9 litre fabric pots Biobizz light mix+all mix Biobizz rootjuice/grow/bloom/topmax Days 1-10 I followed @Serpent how to grow autos in soil guide and it helped massively so shoutout to you buddy Day 1: 23/03 Germinated: Damp paper towel in ziplock (closed) in airing cupboard Day 3: 25/03 TAPROOT 3-5mm Into solo cups (Biobizz light mix - pre wetted) covered with cup, sprayed with water to increase humidity until soil break In airing cupboard Day 4: 26/03 (around 21hrs later) SOIL BREAK Temps 24-29 humid 35-55 Into tent, kept moist, under 24hr lighting. Still covered with sprayed cups, Day 5 Still moist Temp: 27 Humid: 40% Using wet shirt to increase humidity Not much progress - hoping ^RH% will help Day 6 Temp 27-29 Humid around 65% Given very light watering with spray bottle but leaves starting to fade? Day 7 Leaves more faded Day 8: 30/3 Temps 27-29 Humid low 40 high 77 steady average 68-70 Finally got fan+filter setup. Cups moist, soil lightly watered Day 9: 31/03 Temps 27-29 humid 50-60% Final pots in tent to acclimatise soil 2L water+0.5ml rootjuice for pre-wetting final pots Day 10: 01/04 Temps 27-30 humid 60-70% FINAL POT TRANSFER Leaves were starting to droop slightly - due to rootjuice overfeed ? Given 1L water (very small amount of runoff to flush rootjuice) Day 11: 02/04 Temps 27-30 humid low 55 High 70 Recovering from transfer really well, good new growth - 3rd set of cotyledon leaves showing Day 12: 03/04 Temps 27-30 humid 55-65 Added oscillating fan Day 13: 04/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-55 Big growth on 2nd set of leaves Day 14: 05/04 Temps 28.5-31 humid 55-60 WATERING 1L per plant No nutes Day 15: 06/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-50 FIRST ATTEMPT AT LST I've no idea what I'm doing - tied main stem down and started tucking leaves maybe too soon ? Day 16: 07/04 Temps up at 29/30 Humid up 60+ Day 17: Temps 29-30 Humid 50-55 1 or 2 big leaves leaves starting to curl - one leaf showing rusty tip Day 18: Temps high 29-32!! Humid 45-55 Raised light to highest point and lowered intensity to 50% (as advised by Mars Hydro) Temps concerning but extraction on full blast Noticed a couple vaguely rusty spots One minuscule tear/hole in a leaf I know my temps and humidity are moving mad but it's dependent on the time of day and I'm struggling to regulate them both It's just nice to be able to share my progress with like-minded enthusiasts and to know there's a vast wealth of information and knowledge to take in so thanks for stopping by and hope you've enjoyed the long read. Pop in occasionally for updates and to see how these babies progress! (If I can figure out pics ) PEACE AND LOVE
  16. Hi and welcome to another year of Sweet Seeds fun in my little corner of the world near London. I have been growing in a 10x8 shed at the far end of the garden. The back 1/3rd of the shed is partitoned off and insulated with 10mm foam and double bubble metallic insulation foil - All staple gunned to the shed walling. There is an 8" acoustic box using phonic ducting to extract the air from the partitioned grow area into the rest of the shed - Not directly outside, the shed door is lame with a 1/2cm gap all the way around it and this has served well in ensuring decent fresh air exchange without the loss of all that lovely warm air which keeps the grow area a lush 25-32 depending on what power I set the lights or extraction to. There is an 8" passive intake hole within the shed to the grow area. With the lights I have two ballasts with simple reflectors, 275w-660w and a 400w-1100w but I have been and shall continue to run them at 400w each for the veg cycle. The bulbs are Sylvania blue for veg and first two weeks of flower then its on to using the Sylvania dual spectrum bulbs. I shall be sticking with the BioBizz stuff with the addition of Plagron Batmix for the final pot up. i have been using the following: Rootjuice, Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, TopMax, Alg A Mic. Well I think that's the main points of the setup, now to let you know they just went in to 12/12 I took some clones from the last grow I did which was associated with last years Sweet Seeds Grow Competition and so I have 4 Green Poison and 5 Sweet Cheese. Here they are from back on November 3rd all pushing roots and ready to pot: Sweet Cheese at the top, Green Poison beneath. And here they are in their first pots in my little 40x40x180cm tent which I also have within the shed - This has a 125w CFL, no fans, no real intake or outake. I dumped one of the Green Poison, you can see which one above didn't get potted I'm sure Fast forwards two weeks of them being in this tent here they are: I needed to keep them in this tent as long as possible due to my grow area being full of their parents and more. I also had Gorilla Girl in there and now kick myself for not having taken clones from this also considering how awesome a smoke it is - I have been smoking it this past two weeks and its brilliant! Sweet Cheese and Green Poison are lovely smokes also but I just found a preference for Gorilla Girl... Fast forwards some more to 14th December, they have been repotted into BioBizz All mix (I only add plagron batmix when going into the final 11 litre pots) and they are now in the main grow area: Along the way I have been topping them, lots. All the lower growing tips removed as early as possible, really only allowing the best branches to grow and keeping things all tights on height. 24 hours lights on! Moving on to some time later in December things are taking off: And then bringing us to today where I have just set the lights to 12/12: Green Poison 4 are on the left, the other 5 are Sweet Cheese. I will take the time to put up a few shots without the red ambience from the bulbs, plus some bud shots from their mothers since I have a couple of bags full Until then sweet smokes, I shall mostly be smoking Gorilla Girl and waiting on my competition seeds which are Gorilla Girl, Sweet Amnezia Haze & Sweet Pure CBD - This one I will be doing for my two friends in need. Insp
  17. Hello learned lot So I've got some calcium problems 3-4 w left, I've given them a mag boost a couple of times through the grow. Calcium is still obviously an issue, all caused by using rainwater with biobizz! Just given a dose of doff seaweed plant tonic at just over half strength. I'm guessing it's too late to add lime or gypsum? I'm not sure how long calcium carbonate would take to deliver either. I would of brought a calmag (was told as I was using rainwater not to bother by shop) I'm so near end now I don't know if it'll arrive in time if I did order. Does anyone have any ideas? Will seaweed have a calcium boost? Or is it too late as they're well into flower and are only pushing flower sites and not new leaf growth Help or advice is much appreciated! I'm guessing they'll be some busy gorilla's this weekend, stay frosty!
  18. Hey All, thanks for dropping in! Thought I'd try and put together a bit of a "lazy" diary of my Noobie/first attempt at a grow. (Making the most of lockdown). STRAIN- 3 x Tangiematic - FastBuds SETUP- -Bay6 tent- 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.0. -Kind L.E.D k3 600 (370w from wall). -8" inline intake fan. -8" inline extraction fan. -12" oscillating floor fan. -6" oscillating wall fan. -Fan speed control x 2 (cheapy ones) -Scorpion Carbon Filter -14 Litre Round Pots (plastic). Grow Medium & Nutrients -Biobizz Light Mix. -Perlite. -Clay balls. -Biobizz Grow, Fishmix, Bloom, Topmax. -Canna Rhizotonic. -Xtreme Gardening - Mykos. The Story So Far Got off to a pretty slow start with the TangieMatic seeds (6 days to germinate).... yes, i really did say 6 days!!! And to top it off, two of the five beans decided to commit 'seedicide'. So needless to say I started this journey a little bit deflated! Anyway.... Things got more more productive as time went on, the 3 babies came on well... One of them was a little bit 'special' but I showered it with love all the same and it's catching up with it's sisters now. Unfortunately I didn't document any photos of the seedling stage to post but will keep the thread regularly updated as time goes on from this point. Currently on - DAY 27 FROM SPROUT. Employed some LST to the ladies over this last 5 days, flattening and tying them down and every time I 're open the tent the next day they've all stood back up and bushed back out thicker. Going to give them another good flattening/tying again tomorrow as they're literally just starting to show preflowers... So I'm trying to train, expose and force as many potential, even flower sites out of them as possible before the stretch! Started on 0.5ml grow P/L Now up to 1ml fishmix & 1ml Bloom P/L Will introduce minimal dose of Topmax to next feed and slowly continue to increase feeds while alternating between grow & fishmix to support the Bloom. Here are some photos of the girls DAY 27- Ready for another Bending in the morning! (Green is darker in reality- camera seems to make it lighter) Thanks for reading, any tips/info/constructive criticism is more than welcome! One Love! TT
  19. I'm having a go at growing my own pure CBD strains (I've been dabbing crystals for a while now but miss the process of rolling up) and as its my first attempt I figured the easiest way of succeeding was choosing auto flowering seeds. I did my research and have spoken to someone at biobizz regarding any nutrient adjustments for auto flowering (using their bio-grow, bio-bloom and top-max), but my plants are now about 6 weeks in and I've noticed brown spots appearing on a few of the leaves and a couple have some weird trails on them. Does that sound like nutrient burn? Any help / input greatly appreciated.
  20. hey yall does any body have any advise for us using canna terra nutes in there canna terra professional soil mix doing 6 autos 3x LSD25 BY FASTBUDS & 3x GORILLA GLUE BY FASTBUDS in 7.5lt pots under a 600w hps with a dimmer set to 250w in a 120cmx120cmx200 tent with a big intake fan enviroments pretty perfect to be fair just wanna know what are the best booster to use with the terra range should i grab their canna boost? ive got canna terra vega + flores im also doing a bio bizz grow so ive got bio grow + bloom root juice alg a mic topmax bio bizz ph - /+ would i be able to use any of the bio bizz product with the terra range ? has anyone here done so ? let me know should i ph with the terra as i dont with bio bizz but when i do some kettle water with tap water to get it the right temp to water the plants the ph is at 6.5 im with adjusting anything just normal tap+hot boild water my ph pen sound off ? or im very lucky aha im in a area where my water is very soft thats what its say when ive checked anyway
  21. Hey. I have decided to give growing a try. I have been smoking weed for years but I think it's time I stop breaking the bank. It's time I also get my friends to stop breaking the bank, so learning how to yield high will be very important to me to learn. However, I have got an autoflower for my first grow to gain an understanding of the basics of growing marijuana before I move onto multiple expensive projects. Pot: 6Gallon fabric pot Light: 600W Light from Amazon - Soil and Nutrients purchased/planning to use: BioBizz All Mix soil BioBizz Root Juice BioBizz Bio Grow BioBizz Bio Bloom BioBizz Top Max Aim of this harvest: To learn how to grow safely. And I mean safely because I want to experiement in the future and make sure it was my fault if it goes wrong by having the previous knowledge. I was told that I don't need to give no nutrients till the fourth week as it's an autoflower that could get nutrient burned? Basically, I don't want to hear from people who think my weed is doomed and give me advice I should have done. Or if you have advice that don't work here, then you're waffling and you're making the process longer for me to understand. That is called a smartass. Help me ahead and if you want to completely steer me off what I'm doing and make major flaws then have a better plan that has guaranteed results. Thank you.
  22. Hello everyone, Have been absent for a long time but after my first (semi-failed) grow i have started my fourth grow a few months ago. First time using feminized seeds (BF liberty haze, glookies and pineapple chunk) instead of autos and finally growing in a proper tent instead of a stealth pc build. I am using soil (Biobizz light mix), first time properly using nutrients and i am currently on week 8 of the veg period. I have used Biobizz root juice, bio grow, alg-a-mic and molasses until this point in time. I was planning to use Biobizz Top Max and Bio Bloom. After speaking with a few growers and doing some research online i was told to use Advanced nutrients Bud Candy as well with the two previously mentioned nutes. I also have AN Big Bud (wanted to try it in my next grow). Lastly i was gifted a bottle of Atami bloombastic which is apparently very strong. My question is the following: Can i use this two different brands together? For example can I use BB bloom and top max in conjunction with AN Bud candy? Also can i fit Atami Bloombastic in there? (It is stated in the box that it should only be used during week 4-6 (8 week period)) Thank you in advance!
  23. Welcome to my new thread which will be used to document my fun goings on down the back end of the garden for the remainder of this year. Current status: The Sweet Seeds competition has ended and I have a variety of plants in various stages, plus competition-winnings-seeds to germinate. A Cream Caramel clone who nearly died months ago, was waterlogged and took forever to root, the others were fine but this one I have nursed and nursed - Now she has rooted, taken off and I have topped her twice and had some bonsai type fun. I hope she will, in the end, bring nice large half metre long sticks of lush sticky buds: The Cream Caramel clones which did take off well, there were three, are well into flower, I think week 6 is now completed, could be week 7 I am unsure. There is also a single Cream Manderine which rooted well but its other 3 failed to take, so on the left side of my shed I have these four ladies: There are also four smaller Cream Caramel clones nestled in the middle of the shed between the larger Cream Caramels and my new Crystal Candy ladies which were sprouted from seed when I made the original clones. Here are the Crystal Candy ladies, I tried some LST but they were just unwieldy and two grew real high and fast for the sky Here is the largest bud forming up well: Since all of the above are a month from being cropped I have put on some new seeds, Sweet Cheese (on the left), Green Poison (middle row), Gorilla Girl (right side): Here they are in the tent, I had to take out one of the four legs to fit the box in as it is too big but with some black awning covering it - No light escapes. That's just a 125w CFL to keep them happy during night time. During the day the box is moved into the garden to get the best the sun has to offer That's where I am at right now. Fingers crossed ! So my setup is 2 x 400w Sylvania bulbs, not dual spectrum, brand new. Biobizz All Mix soil. Biobizz nutes: Grow, Bloom, Fishmix, TopMax, AlgaMic, RootJuice.
  24. I'm relatively new to growing, as this is only my 4th grow. Currently growing Fastbuds StarDawg and Pineapple Express auto in soil. Both popped 11 days ago, but the stardawg maybe stunted and wondering if its worth keeping? It had a difficult start, I had to remove the seed case and later open the Cotyledon manually as after 5 days it hadn't opened itself. In the picture below the stardawg at top has shown miniscule growth over the last 6 days and it may never get to anything I guess though it seerms strong and healthy despite size. Environment: Soil, biobizz allmix (Nutes will be when needed, biobizz grow, flower) Day temp 75-77 Night temp 65-68 Water from tap about ph 7.2, not +-ph'd as I understand biobizz buffers to 6.3-6.5 5" plastic pot at this stage, to be moved to 8ltr Air Pots later. My last grow I started Sour Orange and Stardawg in 8ltr Air Pots successfully so wanted to see how well they would do starting in the 5" pot. 60x60x140 tent 2 Viparspectra 300w lights (hope to replace these with an hlg 150w board from diyleduk in a few months when finances allow) 4" extractor+filter 50w 12" tube heater Any ideas if stardawg will eventually burst forth? Or I'm thinking of replacing it with a Critical Kush photoperiod if it doesn't.