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Found 13 results

  1. Trying to find my number one strain, something that can consistently grow big tasty buds without a big loss in quality. My setup has a limited amount of vertical space and will have 240w of led in it. I don't really mind whether sativa or indica as i can train the plants. Big bud or chronic are obvious choices, or super lemon haze if i did lst, but my tent often gets cold and i don't know if a sativa could take it. i haven't grown for ages and don't know what is still good quality in 2021, and was wondering what has been reliably producing those big foot long colas for you and with decent quality cheers for any help
  2. Just an appreciation post for the info this site has provided, as this wouldn't have been possible without it
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  4. Ww x Bb training

    From the album Summer 2019

  5. 20190420-200646-2016x1512.jpg

    From the album Pre 99 big bud

    Day 7 of drying..
  6. 5c1a222b69b53-pre99bb.jpg

    From the album Pre 99 big bud

    day 4
  7. My Big Bud 2014

    From the album Grow images

    From a grow i did in 2014 with a fat monster yield, was very happy with the return. Unfortunately can't remember what strain it was. It's one of three seeds i bought during that time... White Widow Skunk No1 Vanilla Kush
  8. I am new to the forum and enjoy reading the opinions of so many people. I have a fair few years of growing under my belt and probably over 50 grows since 1985 when I first started. It might be more like 100... I digress! In the old days we butchered 400 watt warehouse lights and made reflectors out of any old sheet metal, normally from the skip of a local firm. There wasn't any Coco but there was soil and basic feeds from AG Shield, Pickerings or Comptons Agriculture were Pot Nitrate, Mono KP, Epsom Salts and Lawn Feed were made into stock solution etc. We used to veg for a size of about 24 inches and flower until the pistils went brown, the smoke was never flushed and it was strong stuff the old original Afghan strains we later called Skunk 1 and 2, but until about 1990 we could only get seeds out of VIZ, the comic for adults! I remember smuggling 50 JH seeds shoplifted by a 'mate' from Amsterdam, i was sick with anxiety all the way home on that horrible ferry to Hull, I never realised it was legal to buy the seeds! Most plants produced around 5 ounces with nothing more than topping and feeding your own brews out of a tomato growing book or indeed anywhere you could get a recipe from. Most farm supplies had brochures, leaflets or instructions as to the use of most chemicals, so a mixture in pounds and ounces got weighed out on mums kitchen scales of Pot Nitrate, MKP, Lawn Iron, Epsom Salts, Horse mineral supplement and Molasses, it kind of worked! The leaves were our guide as we couldn't get or we wasn't aware of EC meters until 1990? We also discovered Canna A-B around 1990 and bloom boosting with MKP and the good old Corn Syrup fed to pigs, bloody good stuff that was! Anyway the leaves yellowed, curled up, curved, swerved, spotted, dulled and went every colour from red to dark purple before harvest but the smoke was knock out and yielded well, certainly 5 ounce as an average. These days if I try hard and go 30 inch in veg with a commercial strain like BB/NL or WW then its near to 8-9 but as a normal grow in Coco with Blue its 4-6 and yeah its stinkier but commercials like the old NL were better for you're stealth as they were low odour! I have an old Polaroid somewhere (that was a photograph that developed inside a liquid folder after popping out of your dads camera for the babies among you) depicting my prize 4 plants under a single 400 with a fan the size of a 747 turbine ducted up and out of our mums old cellar! I hope I can find it because those babies were pretty impressive tops! So today we spend £35 on a base feed like Canna Coco A/B which is fair enough for 5 litres but for the 4 plant man buying a litre its £15!!! The Canna base range of Coco, Soil and Hydro are the best available in my opinion. I remember it when it was clear and contained no iron or copper sulphate. Then we have the 'additives' pro bloom booster, micros, silicate, hammerhead, bud blood, bio boost, top gun, bud candy, terpinator, resinator, pk13/14, cannazyme, zone, rhizotonic.... blimey we should be growing our own Penicillin! I am not an addict for the additives but I do love to open a bottle in my local shop of something new and miraculous that promises me big, oily, tasty buds, mega lush growth and stems the thickness of Arnies forearm... but my question is "Do they work? Do some work? Do none of them work? Or do the nutrient companies just cash in our desire for better product and our gullible trusting nature... We aren't wary of the advertisers or videos on You Tube because anyone who dares to comment with "I used it and its rubbish" gets removed! Or at least mine did... This is a little bit tongue in cheek and obviously we are all adults with a brain and can choose whether we go spend £20 on a bottle of water that contains a secret ingredient we can't be enlightened with... How did Advanced Nutrients retain their credibility when the 0-50-30 Bloom Booster Pro got dropped because people cottoned on to the fact it was just MKP, Iron Chelate mixed with some copper sulphate and then ground to a finer powder to look and smell amazing! We are now told that KP ratio should be 1-2 not 2-1 but wouldn't a big nute company like AN have known this for years? Of course they would because researching the needs of a crop is easy for a fertiliser manufacturer. Can you imagine YARA turning round after 15 years of selling the Vitamax mixture of 20-10-20 to Potato farmers saying "oh sorry chaps but actually we've got that wrong its now changed to 20-20-10 but don't worry you've only lost about 20 ton of spuds" I think you get the picture... Also can someone tell me the significance of PK 13/14 if the PK ideal is 1-2? It just so happens that the ratio of NPK showing 0-1-2 is none existent in commercial fertiliser so that includes 0-10-20 or 0-20-40 etc and why? Well because some turd at a nutrient company saw we couldn't go out and buy it from the local agricultural suppliers at £30 for a 25 kilo sack so decided to make their own and then poison our brains with a new regime of 0-1-2 as the miracle formula!!! Or am I just getting cynical in my old age...
  9. Hi guys. I am in the middle of an amazon grow (1 week into flower). I am using advanced nutes sensi grow for both grow and bloom. To say things are looking good is a little understated.....my third attempt and it really has blew my head off how well it is going. But....I am keen to supercharge this grow and would like to know if anyone has used Bud candy, Bud factor X and Big bud additives. They seem pretty f'cuckin expensive and I don't like wasting my cash. Please advise!!!! Just to let you know what sort of grow i'm going at if it makes any difference: Skunk #47 clones from a very trustworthy source. There are 8 of them in my 16 site amazon which in turn is inside my 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent. I have topped all plants and scrogged them to death. They are under 2 600w HPS lights plus I have chucked in my 2 Prakasa 180w LED's to add some extra lumens. I have an SMS temp and humidity controller which sorts out my 2 fans (both 8 inch RVK's inlet and outlet). There is a nutri-dip meter constantly monitoring the ppm, pH and res temp. Everything I have done has been to the letter with regards to environment, nute levels, room temp, res temp etc, etc and I have tried my damn best to avoid any fluctuations of the parameters. As keeping a good environment is a major part of a top grow (or so every farmer i've ever met has told me!), I have done pretty much all I can to meet the highest standards possible on my budget. I am now hoping that these extra booster nutes can add a bit of pizazz, weight, fatness, taste and aroma to my end product.......or maybe not as the case may be! Please feel free to comment if you have used the additives/bloom boosters I have mentioned whether it be good or bad. Do it speedy though as I am keen to get on using them if they come highly recommended. Thank you very much for looking at my post and here's a big green thumb up in advance for any contributors.
  10. Hey people this is the first time im actually seeing good results im going into week 6 of flower in a brummy bubbler, ive got 4 girls of an unkown strain under 1 600 they look serious, the tanks are 90l obviously filled up half way so 45l of nutrient solution with 2 barges/ toats in each bubble so 2 girls one bucket , i have gradually increased the feed over time the food i have used up untill now has consisted of Week1 Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Silicon 50ml Cal mag 40 ml Rhizotonic 80ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Superthrive 5ml Week 2 Cal mag 40 ml Silicon 50ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Rhizotonic 80ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Big bud 30 ml Week 3 Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Hygrozyme 80ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Bigbud 40ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Week 4 Silicon50ml Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Bigbud 40ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Week 5 Silicon50ml Cal mag 40ml Vitalink a and b bloom 40ml Carboload 50ml Budcandy 50ml Canna boost accelerator 80 ml Pk13/14 25ml Now its week 6 tomorrow and time for water change everythings looking sweet should i put the big bud back along side the pk and boost or just keep it like this ive also got overdrive to use, id like to know if i need to add anything else or take anything away also when to use the overdrive when to flush and if maybe i just need to run straight water throught them mid flower for a couple days,if anyones got any advice about anything im very thankful for your input but please i ask dont turn this thread into some advanced nutrients hate crime because im not interested in anything but quality buds and these are the nutients i chose, thanks for the help in advance!