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Found 7 results

  1. Hello folks, Just joined up this site, I've got a few grow's under my belt but in no way an expert and would appreciate if I'm doing anything wrong or what someone will pipe up and let me know This is my first Auto grow, hopefully it works out and won't be my last. I am currently on day 22 from seed but have pics from every week which i will bombard on after this post along with how I've been feeding and stuff. My kit- 1.2x1.2 tent 600w hps 4x15 Autopots, Using gold label 60/40 clay pebble/coco mix Ionics range. Before i add the photos and stuff i'll say just now i think the look abit like cabbage ! Tell me what you guys think though.
  2. Greenhouse Seeds Auto Big Bang 10 days.

    From the album Badbadgers Burrow Grows..

    This is my Big Bang Auto on day 10.It's been on 12hrs 400W HOS and 12hrs 150W Full Spectrum LED.It's smelling rich and looks great.Feeding weak Seaweed as needed.
  3. big bang auto day 11

    From the album big bang auto flowering

  4. please advise me guys im growing 3 big bang auto flowers. (first grow) 1. 3x 15 litre pots 2. bio bizz light mix ( was recommended by a friend to use as very light and min nutes) 3. south england temps are lovely 24-30 degrees 4. bio bizz root juice, bio bizz grow, bio bizz bloom when should i start feeding my plants ? how much should i feed them ? how often should i feed them ? thanks for help guys will be uploading pics of plants when got advise
  5. hi guys im not sure how to put pics up on here and last time i put a link for my gallery on it wouldnt work but its day 53 and im wondering if my little babys are ok,because they have had no bloom nutes whatsoever and this is my first ever grow kinda wondering if im doing something wrong as they were supposed to be done around the 60 day mark (i know not to listen to what the sellers say but they seem behind to me) any help and input appreciated thanks in advance guys happy blazing
  6. ok guys so my 2nd go at it got 4 big bang and 1 peperjack autos huge improvement to my first one theyve been in about 2 week now and there extremely bushy under a 400 watt light my last ones were under cfls for around 3-4 week and were taller (my pepperjack i snapped the tap root) its about 3 inches tall but im guna use it as an experimental one as its branching ook my problem is there about 1 ft tall but extremely bushy will they strectch a bit when they bloom or will they stay short? i was thinking about turning off the 400 wat and just putting 4 11 watt cfls around 2 ft above the tips so they stretch abit over one or two nights wud this work or just fuck it up ? thanks in advance will try nget sum pics up tnite guys
  7. big bang auto

    From the album GHS superbud Auto

    nft424 vitalink max canna pk bud xl