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Found 67 results

  1. HI The BHO thread was very very intresting I used one of those insullated corporate gift bottles drilled a hole fit the gas nozzle and it works great The Bottle does not freeze zo you can give it a few good shakes and you can plug the nozzle with a match stick So I trimmed my plants a bit to improve light and airflow, I was orriginally going to use and dry for tea but why not play with gas given the chance;) So I filled the bottle with dried offcuts ..added a bottle and a half of butane.. shook for about 10 minutes and poored it in a saucer that is further evaporating as I type I have some really nice golden brown rings setting in the plate I am familiar with smoking cannabis I am familiar with using tincture medicinally BUT not with BHO Now I figure since i used leaves and stems I have less residu than if I would have used buds.... but the strength should be about the same weight for weight BHO? So anyone please How do I iuse this stuff and in what quantaties
  2. BHO

    From the album outdoor

    BHO from last year's outdoor plant's
  3. Hey everyone, I'm getting into concentrates now & I'm waiting to buy a Driptech 10T Press for Rosin, but they aren't taking 220V orders until aftwr the 12th due to DHL holidays or something? Anyways, while I'm waiting for the press, I thought I'd blast some trim & get some BHO. My methods are crude & using kitchen stuff & cans, so as modest as they are, I am proud of my results so far: Below is some Master Kush BHO out of the freezer, she produced an oil colour like I've never achieved before. Next up, some Dinafem Gorilla "toffee" Gorilla again, at room temperature, just starting to melt. Master Kush again, still purging out the butane in this shot. Finally, some very nice indeed BHO, made from the trim of some Smile F2 strain I got as Subby Seeds from UK420. I can't wait to order my press though, as @FarmerPalmersNT has made me drool at the 10T set up he has from Driptech, so I'm ordering one soon
  4. Probably worth showing you guys my little budget BHO column, this is like a step up from a coffee pot/kilner jar but not quite up to closed loop. i did look at a few closed column systems and realised that its really easy to find the parts and make your own for less than half the price (this one cost me £70!) Mine is made from a 1 3/4" triclamp sanitary flow glass, i found this much easier as you an physically see how much gas is in the column and watch the magic happen, this way i can run 3oz of pollen on a single large can of butane. on a safety note, be careful when deciding on which sight glass to use this one has a pressure rating of 145psi, i also had to ask the seller to provide different seals so they were compatible with Butane which they did no problem. On one end there is a blank cap that has been drilled and tapped to take a MB (also called Mad Bull) valve, these are actually used on airsoft guns for refilling CO2 but work perfectly for use with aerosols of butane. obviously there is a seal and clamp that end, the other end has a seal with a built in 150 micron filter, below that is a 1 3/4" tri clamp to 1/2bsp adapter with a 1/2" BSP gas safe ball valve and a 1/2" to 8mm hose barb fitting to act as an outlet (use "yellow" PTFE for assembly ;-) ) . if assembled correctly this is 100% leak free and relatively safe to use. If there is much interest i can share how i do my runs and the best way i have found of getting the most from it.
  5. Hi all, first of all I have to say how brilliant this community is! So much useful info all in one place. So I am very close to starting the process of creating medicine for my nephew who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time, this time in his neck, stomach and chest. He has had chemo each time and has beaten it but this time it has come back worse hence turning to cannabis medication.I have done endless research on the different ways to create the extract and it seems like every way has its own risks involved so after much consideration I have decided on the method below and just want to run it by the experts before I get going.So here we go...... 1) lightly grind and decarb the bud in the oven between sheets of grease proof paper (will double check times and duration before hand) 2) Leave to cool and grind to dust3) load dust into extraction tube using coffee filters over the open end secured with tape/rubber bands? (Any more secure method anyone could suggest?)4) blast the product using DEXSO - DIMETHYL ETHER near zero impurities into a Pyrex tray(This is one of the main things I would like advice on, does anyone know much about this product? I’ve looked into it as much as I can and sounds as though it would be a much healthier option than butane, it’s even used to collect natural oils in certain food preperation)5) soon as the oil/dexso mix stops dripping from the extractor, move the Pyrex tray to a hot water bath for the mix to evaporate until it stops bubbling6) collect the oil with razor blades on to grease proof paper spreading it thin and even(the nice and messy bit!)7) place collected oil on the g/p paper into a vacuum chamber 8) place chamber on a gentle heating device and turn on vacuum pump. (Not sure what to use yet as the heating device but I have my laser gun thermometer ready to make sure the oil doesn’t get to hot)(Should have mentioned that I have made oil (BHO) before but not for medical use hence the extra precautions this time round. I’ve always purged only using heat before so from the vacuum chamber onwards it’s all new to me)9) oil will bubble and expand which I plan on just judging by eye when to stop the pump, letting the oil decrease in size, popping the large bubbles with the tip of a razor and repeating until I am happy that I have got out every impurity that I can.10) place final product in fridge to solidify (I am hoping for something close to the consistency of shatter when cooled so that I can snap and weigh easily, if the final product is too soft I will most likely opt for empty capsules to easily control dosage)11) weigh out doses that will also be left in the fridge12) take doses as you would a tablet with ice cold water so the oil doesn’t start to liquify until it’s in the stomachAny advice from anyone that has solid knowledge would be much appreciated, especially on the solvent (dexso) that I plan on using and anything else that I could improve to create as clean of a product as possible.Thank you for reading.
  6. Just got one of these, they come with some kind of round nylon filter that fits inside the tube. There's not much info out there on these , should I wrap a coffee filter around the outside too ? all opinions welcome cheers guys
  7. extract from 2lb Of dried trim 002

    From the album multiple strains plus cheese LST

  8. Hiya guys been a while So, regarding the question of whether it is crucial to first dry the trim before making bho, can someone provide a definitive & accurate answer, pretty please? Some say you cant use fresh trim at all, and then some here say you can and that it doesnt make much of a difference whether dry or fresh at all...Naturally, Im not sure which is right so.... Also, in general regarding hash and oil making, can you use fresh trim or is it not worth it. Again Ive heard and read opposing opinions so I would really appreciate a once and for all kinda answer, Anyways, thank you in advance and oh, almossst forgot how much of a gem this place is. Keep rockin!
  9. Hi guys was wondering if anyone who has used CLE could give me the heads up on what's required. I've extracted bho before but want to try something that'll make be more productive. I'm planning on using it with plants from this years GG. Any help is always welcome.
  10. Cannabis Boom: Why Brits Are Risking Death-By-Explosion to Get Stoned The aftermath of a Butane Hash Oil explosion in a house in Birmingham You probably associate drug lab explosions more with rural Missouri than suburban Newcastle. And that would make sense: historically, the majority of drug lab explosions have been tied to bad crystal meth chemists doing bad science, and Americans have always had a more voracious taste for meth than the British. But drug lab explosions are now on the rise in the UK, thanks to bad chemists trying to make something new out of the UK's favourite illegal drug. Last month, the BBC reported on the increase of explosions caused by people trying to turn cannabis into "Butane Hash Oil" (BHO), which is essentially pure THC (the stuff in weed that gets you high) concentrated into little gold slabs (which some people call "shatter") that you smoke in a vaporiser. To make it, you have to use a large amount of butane – the stuff they put in lighters, i.e. an extremely flammable substance – which can pool and explode if ignited. The BBC's investigation found that two people have been killed and 27 injured in the UK since 2014 as a direct result of this process. So it's clearly a dangerous, and complex to carry out – especially if you're doing it in your own home, as opposed to a heavily controlled lab environment. But one thing the report skimped over is exactly why people are taking these risks. Why flirt with a house fire when you can just buy a ten-bag? "It's the most ideal form of cannabis for medical patients," said Alex Fraser over the phone, from his home in Brighton. Alex is Events Director at the United Patients Alliance, a group that campaigns and lobbies for medical cannabis in the UK. He treats his Crohn's disease with daily doses of cannabis oil. "I just took a small dab now as I got home from work to deal with the cramps," he said. "Instead of sitting down, rolling a joint, smoking it and then potentially rolling another, I can just have a quick dab in a matter of seconds and deliver the right amount of THC for the pain relief." Some solidified Butane Hash Oil, or "shatter" (Photo courtesy of Smokey) With much of the reporting on BHO, there's a focus on how dangerous it is to produce, rather than why so many people are choosing to produce it – which they appear to be, given the increase of these accidents. Alex said his detailed explanation on the medical uses did not make the final cut of the BBC report, which dubbed the concentrate "super-strength cannabis". "I know lots of people myself who now make it – they provide for patients. It's a very dangerous thing to be doing, but people are doing it because there is a demand from medical users," Alex explained. "It is such a pure product, and therefore dosages of THC can be measured properly. And for someone who has a condition which needs a high amount of THC or CBD [another active chemical in cannabis] for treatment, smoking so much weed would not be a healthy way to ingest it." The cannabis community has known about the medical uses for cannabis oil for a while, but it wasn't until recently that pharmaceutical companies starting taking note. Last month, GW Pharmaceuticals – the first company in the UK granted a license to cultivate cannabis and study its medical uses – carried out phase-three trials involving cannabis concentrates and epileptic children. The chief executive, Justin Gover, recently stated that their cannabis concentrate-based medicine Epidiolex "has the potential to provide a robust and clinically meaningful reduction in seizures", according to the latest results from the trials. As GW continues to conduct new trials with cannabis concentrate-based medicine, and people continue to make the product at home, it's clear cannabis concentrates aren't going anywhere. I met up with "Smokey", one of many people around the UK producing high quality branded concentrates. He is what is commonly referred to as an "extract artist", and has been making BHO and cannabis concentrates since 2007. With his numerous international cannabis cups and awards, I figured Smokey was one of the best in the UK at what he did. "I have loads of patients with a range of conditions, from MS to rheumatoid arthritis. There are so many compounds in cannabis that have medical benefits, from THC to CBD," he said. "Anybody who says cannabis is not a medicine is so misinformed. I have plenty of patients who can tell you first-hand how their lives have changed." Smokey went on to tell me how there is a lot of cannabis oil being made in the UK, but not all of it holds up to a medical standard. "Someone like myself who does things properly will have over £20,000 worth of equipment," he said, adding that he's got experience making concentrates in less illegal settings, after being flown out to labs in Spain and the US. "At the end of the day, it's a dangerous thing to do. You could be a mechanic, you could be an electrician – you just got to know what you're doing," he said. "The problem is: you got so many people thinking they are going to do extractions without much knowledge, when, really, it comes down to being a scientist." Smokey blames the recent explosions on the individuals as opposed to the process: "The problem these days is everybody thinks they're an extractor. In the hands of someone unexperienced, it is literally a ticking time-bomb." He's seen the process gone wrong before, and heard plenty of horror stories that didn't reach the 9 o'clock news. "I know someone who had a serious accident doing this, and not only are his face, arms and legs burnt; he is psychologically scarred and can't even be in a room with people smoking. It's ruined his life." Smokey studied Mechanical Engineering at university. He's an educated young man who didn't necessarily need to dedicate his life to making cannabis concentrates, but decided to do so partly out of his passion for fighting current legislation and making the medicine available to more people. "I think it's important to fight the unjust laws through education," he said. "I think we're on the path to legal cannabis; just a week ago the NHS began testing CBD concentrates in vaporisers for the first time." Beyond the medical demand, Smokey says there is another obivous reason why BHO has become so widespread: profit. "Material that used to be chucked away is now literally being turned into gold," he said, referring to the parts of the cannabis plant – such as leaves and stems – that historically were destined for the bin, but now, with BHO technology, can be stripped down for every cannabinoid compound they contain. The "gold" he refers to is what the final product should look like: a solid golden shard that can go for around £50 to £60 a gram. A member of the London Cannabis Club told me how he sees a big future market for cannabis concentrates like BHO, as they are so versatile and can be placed in any product from a vape pen to food. "Whether for the recreational or medical market, these concentrates allow for more measured and consistent cannabis products," he said. "More importantly, it also means none of the plant is wasted." The world of BHO and cannabis concentrates is clearly one that will continue to expand in the UK and internationally, regardless of the law. However, where there is a legally regulated industry in the US, you don't often hear about problems with BHO production. Just like any other dangerous process, leaving it in the hands of untrained people looking for a quick profit is likely to result in big problems. http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/explosion-of-butane-hash-oil-uk Something needs improving? We're all ears.
  11. hi there peeps.bk once again for some more advice .i have purchased a new 2litre acrylic vacuum extraction chamber with pump to totally purge my bho but what i was wondering is what can i use for a heat source underneath acrylic chamber./...any help would be appreciated and yes i know i should of bought an aluminium one but cash was tight .
  12. The end result... yummy

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

  13. Filter at other end

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

    This filter is simply a tea bag with the contents emptied and then taped on with BLACK ELECTRICALTAPE - getting the picture about the tape?? ITS a GOD SEND When you put the butane through, do it a bit at a time, let it soak in as it moves through - this is KEY I believe. It's also very important that the only place the pressure can vent is down through the filter - hence the need for BLACK ELECTRICAL TAPE! Once it is all in the glass lid, place it inside another glass bowl that is obviously larger, with about 1cm of Boiling water in the bottom. The Heat Vs Cold reaction causes the Butane to boil and evaporate quickly - i'm not a scientist that's just my observation
  14. Where the butane can inserts

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

    I have cut the top off a coke bottle, then pushed it down over the PVC pipe and taped on with Black electrical tape. I then just screw the lid on and off and as you can see there is a nipple inserted in to the lid (these usually come with the can of butane).
  15. From the album Butane Honey Oil

  16. Scraping it up with a blade

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

  17. Honey oil

    From the album Butane Honey Oil

    After sitting glass lid inside another glass bowl with Boiling water in the bottom to speed up Evaporation of Butane
  18. From the album Butane Honey Oil

  19. homemade bubbler

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    homemade bubbler
  20. Naranchup budder

    From the album amc98 buds&hashish parade

    Naranchup budder
  21. So my oldest son was telling me about Moonrocks. Never heard of them so he should me. Basically you take ripe cured Nugs of the diggity dank, coat them in BHO then roll them in Kief made from some other icky sticky. He said he first tried them in Washington state and got a few more from a dispensary in Cali. So the first time it was Pineapple Punch dipped in BHO made from some Humbolt Indo with a beautiful sweet fruity pine taste and smooth finish, dipped in Kief from a blackberry mama Thai hybrid. then he showed me a vid they look so crusty so tasty, all those flavours fruity resinous pine sweet Indo. I was also thinking on my mrs some high CBD nugs dipped in BHO dipped in high CBD strain kief. Has anyone one tried this, got any tips, before I go wrecking any choice nugs, I would love to hear experiences tips hints. I have a wicked vacuum sealer with jar feature so I can purge, and purge again, zero atmosphere should turn any moisture into vapour, and in theory draw resin to the surface as the water escapes due to the lack of atmosphere. Any thoughts?
  22. 20160216 170159 Not budder

    From the album High up in the Clouds

    PsychoSister whipped BHO
  23. IMG 4318

    From the album Oil domes, nails etc...

    10mm ball in a ball rig

    © original-glass.co.uk

  24. Im new to the whole concentrates thing and was wondering if anyone had previous experience making it. my one main question is: when i get to the winterizing stage, is there an alternative to using ethanol? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  25. BHO extract

    From the album First dry sift and other produce

    This is a right cocktail. There's G13 haze, 1024, super iced grapefruit and powerskunk in that