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Found 2 results

  1. hHi, i usually run a sterile system, but lately ive been considering running some form of mycorrizal innoculant, such as TNC MYcorr hydro. My latest grow has got off to a piss poor start, due to too high temps in the room, and me not turning the lights down to keep them lower. i eventually did, but not before the damage was done. this resulted in higher water temps, as my chiller couldnt keep the water cool enough, it was over 24 degrees, which caused really poor root growth in some plants, and some staining, but no slime on the root. i usually have a nice big healthy rootball, but this time, its really poor. some plant roots look ok, others look really poor, little development of the root system etc Anyway, the point im getting to is root innoculants. Has anyone used the TNC one in dwc or rdwc (im thinking ahead here, for the next grow). im really wary but it says it has been developed specifically for dwc, flood n drain and recirc systems.. anyone used it? notice any difference? cheers
  2. Second time growing, learnt a few mistakes from the last grow such as just using a 3 part flora series is not enough to get the perfect taste,intense high etc. My bud came out smelling like hay and taste like it too, looked sugary all the way through but became a let down!. This time im upgrading my grow room, new tent, pumps, filters, extraction fan/inline fan. Growing under 400w/or 180w LED in a 100x100x160cm tent. x 2 plants. (full female) my tap water comes out at 0.42ppm or 0.042ppm cant quite remember, but i will be leaving these out for 24hours and use some airstones . I have researched my nutrient list but some nutrients I just cannot find within the UK or shipping costs are far to high. anyone within the united kingdom could you please send me a breakdown of your nutrients etc, where to buy. ADD NUTRIENTS AS FOLLOWS. 5.8/6.2 Ph Hydro ARMOUR SI (silica for plant growth) 1ml/4.5ltr ((add first to avoid clougy water)) CaligMagic (CalMag) 1/0/0 (4ml/4.5ltr) ((all way through veg/bloom)) FloraBlend Vegan Plant booster (3ml/4.5ltr) ((all way through)) 0.5/1/1 Floralicious plus (1ml/4.5ltr) ((all way)) 2/0.8/0.02 VEG BASE NUTRIENTS FloraMicro(2ml),FloraBloom(1ml/4.5ltr),Floragro(3ml), FLOWER BASE NUTIRENTS FloraMicro(2ml),FloraBloom(3ml/4.5ltr, Floragro(1ml) WEEK 5 OF FLOWER ADD Liquid Koolbloom (2ml/4.5ltr) - 0/10/10 BENEFICIAL BACTERIA ((use all the way through RECHARGE - Molassus etc.