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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all. Forgive me if I sound dumb, I have never done a full major run in soil I have just done one experiment at minute alongside some coco plants to see the difference, and that was simply lightmix then into allmix, which is working fine and given me the kick I needed to go further with it. So I will be potting up soon with my 5 choc mint OG and I have been scratching my head listening to others about what to put in my mix. So will the following work ok, I know deep down it will but I dont want to pot up and burn the plants because the mix is too strong for them: Im guessing the Biobizz will make it non organic, although it says so on the bags... 1/3 of Plagron batmix 1/3 of Coco cior for airation 1/3 of 50/50 Light/Allmix (just what I have left) Mix in recommended dose of Ecothrive charge (Organic beetle shit) Leave for a day or two Pot up plants with a good watering Feed with Ecothrive Biosys every 7-10 days (for those micros), then use Oltimer organic bloom if needed in flower as and when. Maybe a wet/dry cycle, but Im having joy with the current soil plant being watered daily. Its far bigger than the coco plants. I don't really have the capacity to buy new stuff at minute, a friend recommended BAC nutrients to mix in but Im maxed out cash wise so this is what I have been aquiring over time. But if the ratios could be changed I'm open to suggestions as the seedlings are only 5 days old and need some more time before going into a proper mix. Thanks MMT
  2. Thinking of switching from all mix to batmix for next grow,anyone use either from the title or even both at some point? Ill be growing autos and intending to make a 1 litre well in the 3 gallon pots of batmix with light mix or all mix for the seedlings so its not too hot, any pointers cheers
  3. Hi all. This has probably been asked and answered somewhere before, but can't find anything, but can I re-use my Plagron batmix and BAC lava composts from a grow that's just finishing ... I used some Mycormax when planting to stimulate the micro herds, and heard that when you crop, you can leave the finer roots in the soil, mix up a bit, then use again, as the soil is now 'alive' Would save a chunk of cash if so ! I've been growing organically btw, with BAC nutes and fishmix SF
  4. My second grow in my new space hasn't gone too well so far and really want to bring them back to health before 12/12. I cooked the roots early on with underfloor heating issues. I have now isolated the room but I think this may've prevented nute uptake, I got yellowing so thought they MUST be hungry so fed 2ml of Oldtimer Grow and burnt them. Lost a few lower fan leaves. I'm in Plagron Batmix so thought they should have had plenty of food for vegging without me having to add any so I was very cagey about feeding. I didn't riddle the Batmix (didn't have time and to riddle a bag of this stuff and break down all the lumps, twigs and timber would take an hour or 2 I reckon with my little sieve!) but can't imagine this is the problem and I did try and break it up by hand and with a trowel. I potted up a few days ago to 3.5lt using Batmix and PM Granules (is it wise to mix nute brand's 'ecosystems'?). They were topped at the same time. Because I have dropped to one light I now have 9 girls-3 Cream Caramel and 6 Psychosister. They are all smelling good but a little pale. Next I realised I have very soft water compared to where I grew before so on the last watering I just added 0.5ml/lt PM+ Magne-Cal. -My temps range with a thermometer in the shade at root level is 22°C-28.5°C. -Lights on 20/4. -Airflow is 200mm out the window with a reducer to a 250mm outlet and 150mm in from the room running off an SMS Hybrid. Both with oversized carbon filters. -I have them sat on a 100mm sheet of Celotex too for good measure. -Also have an oscillating fan and 2 clip-ons churning the air in the tent. -Bulb is about 2 feet/40cm away but I should measure it to be sure. A couple of pics that hopefully show what I mean... Cream Caramel The Final 9 Do I wait and see if the pot up helps them recover or am I missing something obvious? Heeyeelp!! in my best Penelope Pitstop voice.
  5. Like the title says, what is the best soil I can use for an auto grow? I'm looking to try something new as I was using Canna Terra, but I like the looks of Plagron Batmix or Plant Magic stuff. I know loads use the PM stuff, interested to hear from auto growers who may have used both or just the batmix. Muchos Gracias
  6. Hi folks, I just riddled my way through a 50l bag of batmix and it was a nightmare, the high volume of what I think is coir, constantly blocked my riddle which then had to be cleaned, basically it took ages. How do others riddle this stuff, any tips? Finally I am left with about 8 litres of compost laced coir here, is there any use for this waste, starting seeds possibly? Thanks in advance people