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Found 24 results

  1. I've grown mainly barneys over the years with always great results, pineapple chunk, critical kush, phantom og, tangerine dream, gorilla skittles, glookies (amazing), gelato. now started wedding cake. Ive done a few Dutch passions and G13 labs, they were both good. I see a lot of people mention hermies from barneys, was after peoples opinions on them. Ive done a few HBO freebies but they're always slightly longer flowering times than I'd like, always squeezed in 5 to 6 grows a year and want to continue mainly indicas with a short flowering time and good yield. I dab so convert a lot to oil and when you dab, even a blunt doesn't really hit you anymore so go through a lot. Ive seen some breeds called FAST which I know are due to the crossing with a male auto but wondered how this impacted the quality as some of the auto buds ive seen arent as nice as photoperiod plants, always look a bit airey.
  2. Hello everyone! As i am in the first week of flowering ( week 9 ) on my fourth organic soil grow I am experimenting and trying new techniques. One such technique is defoliation. I did have two very small defoliation sessions during the veg period but i was too scared to remove many leaves (not even close to 20% of each plant). I did some research and growers do defoliate during flower as well (which is something i thought was not to be done). I will attach 3 pictures so you can have an idea of what is going on in my grow tent and maybe some of you can help!
  3. Under the trellis net

    From the album 4th grow

  4. Canopy

    From the album 4th grow

  5. 31/01 (W8)

    From the album 4th grow

    Week 8 of veg
  6. Hi all A bit of a weird topic with a poll and a thread but I just wondered if anybody has grown any of the strains below in the picture (my current stash) and if you have do you have any feedback on smoke report, plant growth and timeframes. I have never done any of them so I thought I would ask the community. I want to get them popped by the end of the week, so I have a few days yet for people to respond, I posted the picture in my current diary but nobody seems to pop they're head in much, bit of a lone diary but its all there to see. Also, am I okay germinating on the windowsill or do you think a 125w CFL in my veg cab would be more ideal? My house is always above 20 degree so I think it would be a nice environment to do on windowsill and not use the bulb until they're established somewhat. I would like to do 8 plants under one 600hps in flower. But I feel I should always pop 10 incase some fail to germ. The poll may well decide what medium I should go for, I have heard so many people say soil gives a far better smoke than coco but I am familiar with coco. I am currently doing one plant in my diary in soil and I really want to make the change over to mud, but fear of slow growth and poor yields holds me back. I didnt include DWC on the poll as its out of the equation in my house altogether. Thanks everybody MMT
  7. G13 Haze Dat 62

    From the album Grows

  8. Pineapple Chunk.

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Barneys Pineapple Chunk. Day 58 of Bloom.
  9. Pineapple Chunk Day 58

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Barneys Pineapple Chunk. Day 58 of Bloom.
  10. Pineapple Chunk

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Barneys Pineapple Chunk day 48 from 12/12.
  11. Pineapple Chunk

    From the album Diary Pictures

    Barneys Pineapple Chunk at day 48 from 12/12.. Been a trooper all the way this strain.. Had some germination problems as only 3 of 5 germinated. The other 2 were just complete no shows. But they have made up for that with yield.
  12. G13haze

  13. Barneys G13 Haze.

  14. Some pics of my 2nd ever grow. Barneys farm blue cheese from seed. Along with a bit of a write up and smoke report. Popped 6 out the pack. All germinated into root riots. No worries about any of my ladies bein' a man in disguise or 'owt 'cos I use femmed seeds! These are into their 7th week of flower. Not sure how long left yet. Some are ready I think but some are most certainly still only on white pistil territory so........we'll see. Some ain't going to make it to full maturity possibly due to time constraints and the fact that growing from one reservoir gives me limited individual control over specific plants. I have to treat them as a whole one crop which gives pause for thought and makes me think about other systems which do have the capability of removing single plants at any one time. These were grown out under 2 x 600W HPS plus 2 x Prakasa 90W LED. 2 X 2 X 2M tent. In Amazon sprinkler/aeroponics unit. SMS fan controller with RVK 6" fans for inlet and outlet. The cool air inlet was used to cool the 600W HPS lights with cool tubes and to supply the cool air to the tent in one go, whilst the outlet took away the hot air. Temperature maintained at a very steady 26-28 degrees C, after some alteration to the cooling system. I had initially had the outlet fan pulling warm air past the lights to cool them before the air was passed out through the filter. I then had a brain wave to increase the temperature of the air coming in using the cool tubes to heat it before it got into the room. That seemed to work well and I think it helped the controller figure out what was going on as I had nothing but problems with the SMS rallying the hell out of the fans and it sounding like a jet was landing in my bedroom before changing round! It then seemed to settle and every hour or so you could hear it going through the motions/gears to do a complete room air change and then settle off to a low, controlled speed. I used advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom throughout along with superthrive, small amounts of H2O2 and pH down for slight control over water quality. I always fill up my water barrels and leave for a minimum of 24 hours to get rid of excess chlorine. Don't know if it works but it seems to work for me! Oh and forgot to mention, I used a little Rhizotonic to promote root growth from around 2 weeks of seedling into around week 4. So 2 weeks once they had been in the Amazon system, they had no nutes just water (ph'd) and Rhizo. At the onset of flowering, I began to use Big bud, Bud candy and Bud factor X. I ended up doing some light LST along with a sort of scrog to fill my space with the 6 I had. Bear in mind I'm not a natural green finger. More a curious schoolboy home scientist! Problems I had with this variety: 3 different sorts of plants (pheno's?). There was 2 really fucking tall ones that grew taller than me. 3 meduim size ones that had the broadest fan leaves I have ever seen. I am not joking. These fuckers were like something out of Jurassic Park rain forest mofo's. Then a real dwarf, runt of litter grew like a grapevine one. I bought the seeds before reading any recent reviews and wanted to return them when I had read a few! But I went with them any way.........and all in all I am pleased with the outcome which completely disagrees with majority rule. Then again, I do tend to disagree.......generally with just about everyone! ! Now, I ain't really the sort who could start an argument on my own in a phone box about nothing or 'owt but.............. It might sound stupid because these plants are all over the place genetically by the looks of it. The reviews were terrible and it seemed that people were really bashing this variety and Barney's in general, I ain't no weekly visitor to the Dam so I don't much care for views on the over commercialisation of the coffee shop. Or the view that every seed should contain an identical plant. In this mixed up mash up of cheese and blue's I have had a real lively, eventful and enjoyable grow. I have battled spider mites from about week 5 so that was really mid-veg onwards. I managed to keep control using the smoke bomb type of pest control and very minimal spraying of infected leaves with trounce. As my temps lowered a little and I got the ventilation under control, the mites seemed to die off and I only found a couple now and again throughout the whole cycle. Problems arise with my judgement of veg time and how the plant should look prior to induction of the flowering phase. I seem to always get it wrong and veg too long. They end up huge and I end up with burnt tops! It happened last time! They always look small to me for some reason so the stretch always has me done stitched right up. That was my reasoning behind using cool tubes this time around. At least a sudden spurt of horizontal growth would not burn me bestest budwahs! It worked. They touched the glass and did'nt so much as singe a pistil. Impressed was I. But I can definitely say that although I was chuffed with the effect of cooling on the lamps by the cool tubes, I was well aware of a loss in lumen output. My lights just were'nt as bright, vivid or warm. It seemed to decrease the area over which the light reflected and I believe a lot of light was lost reflected back down the actual ducting itself. The narrow area available for the bulb to shine through just did'nt seem enough to me. Again, this pushed me into reconsidering my set up and to use my brain to solve problems. Thus I added my twin Prakasa 90W LED UFO's to try and give me an extra light boost. I'm now not sure if 1200w HPS was enough to start with in my tent at the beginning anyway. It's hard to get over that though as 4 x 600w would be something that I may not be comfortable with anyway. Apart from electric costs, it would definitely create a heat signature that would concern me. And 2400w power draw flicking on and off as regular as clockwork for perfectly timed cycles may catch the eye of the electrity supplIer maybe? (I know it's only the same as 1200w doing exactly the same thing, but somehow it seems.....I don't know?!? Well I do know! ! Just trying to persuade and blag myself into believing that they would'nt notice the 1200w that i'm drawing as opposed to the 2400w that the other guys pullin' out the grid! Innit' funny how you make excuses to pacify that little prick? The little prick in your brain that keep's laughing and saying , "They'll be here soon" and "You'll get caught if you do that.". There's always a soothing word or two that puts him back in the box ain't there? "They won't even bother with me. I've only got a few plants" or "They'll never get me cos I do's it like this see........"). Doubling my power seems like a bit of overkill and a fast way to the blue brick. Maybe half my tent size again. But the grief last time was too much. Lost a crop to mites, burn, loss of faith and not trusting myself. It's real hard work to get round your plants in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent. If you need to work on the ones at the back say or whatever, it is so hard that sometimes it's just better to not treat it because of the damage to the rest you will cause by trying to get to the first one! ! The 2m x 2m tent was heaven to work in. I could get round all sides of the Amazon unit to work on any plant I needed to and had plenty of space for equipment. I could literally get in it and walk round. It got harder later on during flower, but it was the most space I have had to grow in so far, and it was far more pleasurable and far less stressful. I have come to the conclusion that I need some high quality LED units. I could draw less power, create next to no heat and put far more units into my tent. I used the twin Prakasa 90's on my first attempt and got a better yield than a buddy with the same clones in a very similar 1.2m tent set up. He was using a single 600w HPS. I was happy, no extremely surprised. In fact, it was a fuckin' revelation to me what it did with those LED's. But that aside, because that is another debate, I know that this set up must go LED. Smell is high in the list of problems with this one too. It started smelling very early and has never given up since. It has gone through a multitude of aromas from earthy, floral, fruity like berries and now heavy musk cheese. Sometimes on the odd occasion I swear I can smells a bit of horse shit/manure in there somewhere and there's now't organic round these parts mush! The fact that some are finishing up at 7 weeks and one looks like it may go 10-12 a bit of a predicament but that presents it s own debate and asks it own questions about equipment choice and set up type. So, pests, stretch, mungrel plants and environmental disasters have all reared their ugly heads during this one. I have learned many a valuable lesson on this one and I had no expectations on yield so what I end up with is just what it is. Always room for a bit more though!!! ! I have sampled a few of the smaller buds from the bottom and just let them dry in the air at room temperature. I think with a proper dry and a good cure this will be some proper pukkas. It already has a good taste and smell with just an air dry so.........and yeah, it's strong as fuck too. I used to be a proper caner of the highest degree but i've become a it of a joker smoker with age. This battered me. I smoked half a small roll up size joint and let it burn out to leave for later. Mental head high but gladly that broke within half an hour to a very long lasting, 'wheres the time gone?' sort of buzz. Happy and mellow. Felt like I could do something really cool, but felt too good to move to be bothered about doing it! All the buds are different sizes, different colours, different aesthetic resin levels, different densities. There is not a hat full of anything uniform, noticeable similarity or any two traits apparent between plants which might dare to suggest stability in the BFBC line. Yet all of them have shown at least one desirable and much admired trait or quality that was worth the effort of growing. A 6ft tall sativa dominant with a main cola two feet long and the circumference of a pop bottle. Indica dominant bushes with the biggest, broadest leaves ever. Throw in a couple of mungrels, neither Sat or Indy dominant, that had noticeably beautiful and vibrant flourescent green flowers with incredibly ginger orange pistils. And a particularly resinous, darker leaved variety which grew in a most vine like manner. Maybe Tarzan would have been proud of this one. Can't see getting caned and swinging round on vines catching on though! Might have a think about it......or i'll just pick these last few buds before I swing over. You know like...it'll save coming back later! Gone off the subject again but a busy brain is a smokers prerogative. Yeah, this one was seriously resinous. Covered thickly in fine frost which was a nice visual contrast set against the dark green velvety leaves. Also seems to be the most cheesey smelling when compared just by a quick snuffle with me snooter. I ain't a bloodhound but this shit stinks like cheese wrapped in sportsmens socks and left in an incorrigible and encouraging atmosphere. Even i'm beginning to think i'm a bit stark raving mad thinking that something I can compare to smelling like the above smells kinda nice! In fact, it has the sensory centurions in my suspicious snifter sending invisible communications between high speed neural pathways that begin to form words, sentences, questions such as "It's gonna be well pukka if it stinks like that It must be. Nice...I think i'll have to try that. Just one lii' bud won't hurt. I owe it to myself. Anything that smells that strong must be the bomb man! In fact I better try if before some other lucky brother cops a lungful and claims the whitey!" See how nice I am! Thinking of the other folk. Always a beacon of conscientous responsibility me. Or just how easily I can blag myself into air bud mutilation! And at the minute, that is what I am getting stoned on. Cheesey vine air bud dried in the sunshine. No two week dry yet, no 2 week cure to release the oils, strengthen the high and develop the flavours. Still full of excess salts prior to flush and full of chlorophyll. And still a good smoke. Not particularly harsh either considering a poor trim and speed dried, poorly developed air bud. So about 6 more days till I chop the rest and put it in to dry. Properly, slowly and to the book this time. No rush, no push. Just dry and cure. Patience and discipine. Oh and i'll be using final phase as of tomorrow, Sunday, just to leach out the excess nutrients if it can be done. The science says yes and no on the subject and no one anywhere is any wiser whether its worth it or not or even if it is actually possible for the plant to lose excess nutrient from the roots into a solution. I have read as much as any man and can't be sure. So £20 for a bottle of stuff that they've spent millions on research and promotion for, seems like the way forward to me. So that's me then. Started this thread Thursday and now it's Sunday. Just about to go out the house now and do a reservoir change to the final phase. I don't know what's gone wrong but it has uploaded 2 of every picture in my gallery album for this topic and will probably do so when I link the said pictures to the thread. Can't find a way to delete yet. Help appreciated.
  15. Seeds

    From the album Grows

  16. Pineapple Chunk F57 20141115 190340

    From the album 2x Pineapple chunk

    some amber trics. have taken off 4 main colas and dropped light a little for final week
  17. Pineapple Chunk F52

    From the album 2x Pineapple chunk

  18. Has been 2 weeks since I pop'd a Barneys Farm Pineapple Chunk and its yet too pop its head out. Sunk it in a jar of water for 24 hrs then in paper towel for another 24 until taproot appeared. Carefully tweasered into a squeezed out root riot cube and covered. Temps are 27 and 80% humidity I pop'd another strain at the same time and that's now got its proper leafs. I have read this can be a tricky strain but should i persevere? Thx
  19. Hi everyone. I was hoping some of the coco heavyweights could answer a few questions for me as I'll be starting a coco autopot grow in the next fortnight using Barney's Critical Kush. For the seedling stage I have coco pellets to start them in, Canna Coco Pro+ as the substrate they will be transplanted into and some Canna start to feed the young plants( I have Canna Coco A+B and Rhizo for later on). These are my questions( all help much appreciated): 1. After my seeds have sprouted in the jiffy pellets and have sufficient roots showing ready for transplanting, do I need to wash the Canna Coco pro+ before using it and If yes then should I saturate it with a half dose of Canna Start so the coco has some nutes in it? 2. Should I transplant the jiffy pellets into a 100% coco mix in a small 1l pot before transplanting them to their final 60/40% coco/perlite 8l pots? 3. Does anybody know when I switch from Canna start to A+B and Rhizotonic? I can't seem to find much info on the Interweb. 4. Any other Autopot growers up in this bish? Thanks.