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Found 13 results

  1. Five things you may need to know: 1. Output voltage: Usually, the ballast has four dimming output: 1100W, 1000W, 750W and 600W. It’s better we can adjust higher than the rated voltage under some specific scenario. 2. Power factor: should be higher than 0.97, the higher the better, however, it’s impossible to equal or be greater than 1. 3. Case temperature: should not exceed 50°C. 4. Voltage drop range when starting: 5000-6000V. 5. Launch time: 3-5mins, the shorter the better, if it's less than 3mins, it will provide high initial voltage which may shorten ballast lifespan.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm super fascinated with the 1000w DE Bulb comparison I read on growershouse a long time ago. I'm going to run my own trial soon but I was thinking, is the ballast choice just as important. Or is the variation too small? I currently run an adjustawatt, and from their review was planning to trial the Phillips Greenpower 1000w 400v DE bulb. It's £160, so was curious to the impact of upgrading my ballast as well. What do people think? I can't find any ballast comparisons online sadly.
  3. The title is the question, I would want a digital one over a standard one if you can really get them cheap, Looking online, all the kits come with HPS bulbs which I dont want. Gumtree = nothing I dont know what is cheap and whats pricey in the 250w range, but I have a small cubic space but can do much better than the 125w CFL im using now, problem is I was thinking the 250 HID way would be way cheaper than a chinese blurple. Quantum boards well out of the price range, for some reason I was thinking I could do it under £40, as it is only £60 for a 600W digital. I have no idea, but is there a section on here where people buy and sell equipment? I wouldnt know if this site allows that or not, I know we dont talk about our percy material entering the market, and rightly so but equipment different maybe? All feedback helps MMT
  4. I have posted a similar question before but was hoping it may been seen by more people who can help in this catagory. Going against the correct advice given here not to buy a complete set up, I did buy a complete set up. I wish now I had listened to the advice and not bought it. The equipment is all very well made but the 250w with 250w ballast HPS light is too hot for a tiny 50x50x100cm tent where I will be growing one plant. After setting it all up and leaving a thermometer inside I left the light and outlet fan on for an hour or so and the temperature rose to 35c/95f. I think this is too hot for what I need. After reading about how to cool things down I bought a 6 inch desk fan which has done nothing to cool the tent down. The ballast is on a shelf outside and above the tent and I have a 5" extraction fan. I thought of buying a lesser wattage bulb (maybe 150w) but it will not be compatible with the 250w ballast. It is strange as it's been very cold and the room/cupboard where the tent is kept has a temperature of 15c/60f. I am at a loss especially as the people where I bought the kit from are very unhelpful. Should I sell everything and start afresh listening to the advice i've been given on this forum or does anyone know other ways to cool the tent down?
  5. A wired Philips BSN K407 ballast

    From the album Electronics

    A correctly-wired Philips BSN K407 ballast with ignitor and capacitor.
  6. Hi, I´m am from Norway and is new to this forum. I´m not into growing Cannabis, but it´s you guys who have the knowledge about indoor growing, so I hope you can help me out. Have decided to get a magnetic ballast because they seem to be more reliable, last longer and are easy to fix. The prices for electricty is low in where I live, so the savings with electronic ballasts are to low to be counted for. When I researched about ballasts, I found that traditionally, HPS ballasts contain an autotransformer, a capacitor and an ignitor. Whereas a ballast for MH don´t have the igniter. As far as I can see, there are magnetic ballasts with a switch, which I guess flips the iginitor in and out of the circuit. When I look at the ETI ballasts, they state that they are both for HPS and MH, but as far as I can see they don´t have a switch. Does that mean that if you use them with a MH bulb, they will give the same ignition. And if so, will that shorten the life of the MH bulbs?
  7. Hello Herbalists, So i purchased a Solis-Tek 1000w Dimmable Digital ballast and im looking to run it paired up with a double ended reflector and bulbs. My tent size is 120x120x230, and i plan on running a 600w MH bulb for veg and a 1000w HPS for flower. im just after some advice on what bulb brands are the ones to go for as i hear some bulbs do not like the high frequency of digital ballasts. also, im looking for a little help sourcing a DE reflector and the DE 400v bulbs as im not having much luck. i assume links are not allowed so just the name of a place will do,here or pm. am i correct in thinking that MH bulbs are not dimmable? Thanks.
  8. From the album First Grow Coco Unknown Cuts Sep 2014

    Can't post the small vid clip of the light flickering straight off when powered up
  9. Hello kind people I've been researching for a good month now and spent most waking hours (many when my mind should have been on other tasks, of course), reading and thinking, designing and redesigning.... Having (actually) perfected the design, I just need to figure the ballasts and bulbs. I'm getting impatient now and what I can find on these is mostly slightly dated so I'm tired of trawling and want to hand over to people who would just know - I don't run on diesel and my head hurts. I need: 300 - 500 w during veg. . 800w during flower. Spread over 2 bulbs Fluoros are, for various reasons, out - even as supplemental This necessitates dimmable ballasts. CMH look too good to pass on. But quantity is, unfortunately, a concern (first grow, probably stupid to treat it as anything more than a learning exercise - but I've invested enough mental energy to care now). Would they do for the whole grow, or should I switch to HPS (maybe dual spec.) for flower? Future grows are a consideration. If I'm going to switch, should I just get MH for veg. as they work happily with most newer ballasts? The footprint from the lights isn't really going to cross over so running 1 hps and 1 mh/cmh for flower would be of little merit except for experimentation. So basically, I'm asking for advice on the compatibility of bulbs and ballasts - are there now any digital ballasts that can handle CMH or any CMH bulbs that can handle a digital ballast? I read that lumateks don't work well with certain bulbs due to their frequency and/or striking voltage mismatches. Any knowledge on this? (I'm leaning towards lumateks bt haven't gone so far in researching due to aforementioned headache). Complete ballast and bulb combinations suggestions most welcome. No absolute limit on spend but I'd obviously like to spend as little as possible to achieve my goals. Energy efficiency is also a significant consideration of mine - partly why I'd like a ballast of a newer design and so partly hence this post. Suggestions of places to buy (in UK) also welcome. I can't help but marvel at the generosity of spirit on these pages, and when I am learned enough I fully intend on reciprocating. But for now, I'm still a comparative dunce and would like to lean on the community's knowledge - I know I could find proper conclusions to these questions with more fishing but would really just like to get on with it. Thanks and peace
  10. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has any idea whats going on in my grow room in terms of my Hps lighting. So... 600w sunmaster dual spectrum bulbs in cool tubes from ebay, second hand powerplant magnetic ballast (manufactured late 2008). The cool tubes are not connected to any form of extraction and are hung horizontally so im wondering could the bulb of overheated inside the reflector? This is the second bulb that has failed in under 200 hrs-ish now. First time I didnt see what happened but I went to switch on the lights today and the two electrodes closest the cap were arcing like plasma with white flashes which then proceeded to glow orange and fail. I think the first bulb may have failed due to the ballast's internal connector block being charred badly to which the wire had barely any connectivity (fixed). The internal tubes connecting points (marked by yellow arrow) had decayed both sides and looked like white ash... litteraly. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated. The FiSh. P.S. How do I post photos?
  11. Second hand 600w power plant ballast

    From the album Premature HPS life

    The second hand ballast that I have aqcuired that is the potential reason for the bulb's failing.
  12. Hi guys, It is my second grow in a tiny tent. To give a bust to the buds, today I have plugged a 100W Sylvania HPS to a new 400W magnetic ballast. But the light is flickering each 3 secs for a about 2sec and then stablize agina. This cycle continuse for a few hours now. I don't know whether it is normal, and if not, what may have caused this? If it is not normal, I am going to buy a digial ballast for the 100W hps. It is my second grow and first time that I try HPS. So I appreciate your help to choose a decent one. What brand/wattage would you suggest for my setting?