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Found 7 results

  1. The autodog's first and second grows are posted on the Autoflowering pages and I loved seeing my project on the screen, meeting some top growers and sharing the joy of home cannabis growing. I'm grateful to uk420 for this and also to Dutch Passion for hosting what I hope will be my grow diary for late winter into spring These are the autoultimates above, shown at 7 days, now at 22 days Below, the auto night queen seeds going into coco/compost mix The auto nightqueens are showing their first pairs of leaves now. 4 autoultimates 4 auto night queens most excited about the ducklings These are fems and all three are popping up their heads. Above, my planting kit Hoping these babies will be growing in my garden and gorilla patch in april, cloned if we can get that far I ve wanted to grow these since I heard about the purple flowers and cunning ducks foot leaves which I believe should blend in with the shapes of the native plants round my garden. I ordered these and the autoultimates direct from DP and paid the extra for the uber courier service, swift efficient. The auto night queens were obtained local retail, cheaper Here is the grow room Autoultimates a few days ago, seedlings under mesh sun screen. Plenty of space for the autodog to sunbathe Good seein your comments and advice and any random stuff Thanks for lookin, talk soon dog
  2. AutoUltimate Grow Hi all , Time for an other grow again .This time an going to try 3 AutoUltimate Indoor Outdoor Feminized cannabis seeds Greenhouse 70 days Indica/ Sativa Ok set up is , 250 watt Metal Halide 400 watt Hps 2 shower fan fresh air intakes 1 Rhino extractor fan and carbon filter 12 inch desk fan 1 1000 watt oil filled Rad with termostat on wall away from rad Nutes are Plant Magic Bio Silicon Bio Bizz Bloom Bio Bizz Fish Mix Temps are 28 lights on 21 lights off Humidity is low at the moment but have trays of open water and a wet towel in box ,cant be helped just trying to keep it as high as i can My package came in the letter box this morning OK i put 3 seeds into shot glass and will leave them there for few hours then into wet paper towels over night Then into 2 inch pots of allmix and cover with cling film for 24 hours Then under 250 watt metal halide for 1 week then 400 watt hps Will be using 3 different pots size pots:) 7 litre round, 11 litre square,and have bought a 10 litre Airpot Will see how the airpot does against the other pots Am going to give 1/2 mill per litre of silicon at 2 weeks ,no bloom till week 5 at least i think if you give bloom to early with autos it stunts them and they dont reach there full growth level Am looking forward to trying the airpot ,i think i have it up side down though ,so off to look up web to see how to put it together properly Thanks for looking in
  3. Day 44

    From the album Tdam autoultimate

  4. Day 47

    From the album Tdam autoultimate

  5. Check out the photo's from a preview grow of our AutoUltimate variety, seeds should be available around April. This is the auto version of our photoperiod best-seller called The Ultimate. Just like the photoperiod version, the auto version produces big yields and very strong pot. This preview grow was done using airpots, Plagron Light soil and LED If you want to see more pictures and a full grow report then please read our weekly blog, link is here http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/news-and-development/dutch-passion-autoultimate-grow-review/ enjoy the pictures, and ask yourself in all honesty. Would you prefer the vacuum cleaner or the plant next to it