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Found 110 results

  1. hi all,just a few pics of the autos i grew this year,from start to finish now that they're all chopped and dried. only using chicken shit,q4 and sulphate of potash for flowering,very minimal effort. thanks again @Seedstockers-Mark and the rest of the team for the seeds this year i was sent, 3 thunder banana, 3 sticky fingers and 3 mack & crack. 19th april. all seeds germed real quick in 36 hours,sadly i lost 2 mack & crack though (my own fault for not getting them into soil quick enough) the seedlings went under a cfl for about 10 days or so. i decided 2 plants were going into builders buckets and the rest into the ground in my poly tunnel. buckets were filled a 3rd of the way with cheap compost a layer of chicken pellets more compost abit of q4,plants in and watered and leave 10th of may. sticky fingers and thunder banana 17th may. sticky fingers at the front .. 30th may. sticky fingers thunder banana 1st of june..starting to stretch thunder banana sticky fingers 10th of june.. S F. T B.. 23rd june S F T B 6th july S F T B 13th july T B 14th july ( chop day. 80 days from seed) not huge buds on this lady but she smells real nice and quite frosty,tiny bit of rot,hardly worth mentioning tbh the sticky fingers carried on fattening up .. 14th july 18th july absolutely stinks! fuel/fruity 21st july couple of tiny bits of rot,again hardly worth mentioning,did well in the shitty weather had this summer chop day 30th july, some dry buds i'll get the poly tunnel pics up over the next couple of days.
  2. Hello people, I need some advice on Curing please, I managed to jar up my harvest yesterday. I have a Hygrometer in each jar, checked and burped the jars this morning, most of them are already reading between 45%-63% rh, which is in the normal humidty range, which is what I should be aiming for in the jars. I know if the humidity levels were higher, maybe 70%+ then I need to open the jars to drop the humidty, but if the jars are already in the normal humidty range do I still need to burp the jars daily, if I do how long do I keep the jars open for, or is it a quick, open and close, just to change the air inside the jars. Thanks
  3. as we all are, looking to do a quick run of an auto or 2. auto gelato or auto candy kush what would be your best bet for a quick run??
  4. Hi everyone hope you are all doing well. I'm growing 2 autos outside in coco coir and john Innes seed sowing compost with some vermiculite chucked in as well. So germination went well and I have now moved them to their final pots we are just a week into growing and I've just been using water (As autos don't like too many nutrients) I'm looking at adding some nutrients next week (Diluted down than what it says on the tin). What nutrients do you guys suggest I was looking at Biobizz - Outdoor Pack which contains Biobizz FishMix, Biobizz Bio-Bloom & Biobizz Top-Max then I read because I am using coco coir I need to use Canna Coco 1L A&B Bottles Set. Again it's a minefield out there can anyone shine some light, please To be honest I'm buzzing (See what I did there) that I've got this far As always many thanks in advance
  5. Well here goes first time greenhouse grow, first time soil grow, first time auto grow.. Not really expecting a lot but willing to give it a go. I'm growing 2 autos which are Dinafem White Widow auto fem, and Delicious Seeds Northern Light Blue fem auto. The plants started life under a cfl 250watt lamp for 2 weeks, temp in greenhouse during night is now stabilising around 10c, during the day it gets to about 40c depending on the day. So today plants have gone into the greenhouse.
  6. So this is the thing with autos. THEY ARE SHIT! Frequently no mold resistance. If you look at the more experienced growers on the site you will see they have little time for autos and it is largely because they are shite. Controversial but still, shite. The extra ruderalis genes make them a weaker smoke too, not to mention the tiny yields as befits miniature plants. Its incredible the seeds are the same price as photo plants. I know its all about the early smoke and I had decent results in 2012 of all soaking wet years. It was a slugocalypse and just rained and rained. I was surprised to witness Sour 60 seeds I was given by a fellow GG (bred by MDanzig) totally smashing it. There will be the odd one come along. However I really don't think autos are worth it. The smoke from the Sour 60 was way weaker thanKC 36 or Easy sativa. Read a few recent posts abound rotting autos. This is one of the driest summers ever but just wait one or two storms and the stupid crap autos will nearly all be turning to mush.... If you are gonna get out and do prep and take that risk then grow some thoroughbred monsters instead I say. I mean just look at how superior KC 36 and P Maroc are as examples. I am not running any autos this year thank fuck and will not again. Oh I know I will go do a load of back breaking work and take risks just to grow some tiny, weak, mold prone, extortionate abberations of nature. I am too impatient to wait for the sun so I will get some 'automatic weed'... super, semi, ultra, uber, HYPER-autos that are far better than silly old patience... Auto = impatience! Some will say photos grow too big for my garden/ balcony, um Helloooo this is why it is Guerilla Growing because its not in your garden or on your balcony! That is the great benefit of the wild places whether between industrial units and trains tracks or right out in the sticks. So you can go grow some potent monsters.... Thing is Loamy there is literally NOWHERE to grow around here for full size plants. Umm just look properly or widen your territory. But I can't be arsed/too busy. So just 'man up' a bit..., stop wingeing and go do it for fucks sake. Autos = Laziness! The breeders are laughing their tits off. Buy them twice in a season! Buy more to get a higher overall yield! Autos = stupidity! And the prize for being Impatient, Lazy and Stupid is..... 'YOU THINK AUTOS ARE GREAT WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY SHIT' ...please re read that last line at least 7 times out loud. .... autos :rofl: What a load of wank...
  7. Hello there, First time poster, Beginner grower, (July 21) About to wrap up 3rd grow. Auto's in soil, 16 lt pots. All three grows used Biobizz nutes and i'm pretty happy with results. Nute's about to run out so for next grow considering trying a different brand. Any advice/suggestions? Also any thoughts on lower cost alternatives e.g. house plant/vegatable feeds with correct npk ratios, As they seem much cheaper than specific weed nutes, but the ones i've looked at don't seem to have the right npk's. Cheers.
  8. All my autos are flowering now. One, a critical banana smoothie from taste budz is already done. All my filtered spaces are full though. I had to move a sweet berry cough into the area I was going to dry in as it’s almost the same height as me. I don’t know what plant is what, I had written it on the pots but it’s seems to have rubbed off. I had a few watermelon punch in there so I think I can tell them apart. Other than that there is a gelato and a back to the future 2. it’s like opening a tent door to Christmas
  9. Alright folks! Hope this finds you well! So awhile back the good people at Dutch Passion @DutchPassionTony gifted me some auto seeds to run, I usually do a few autos over the winter as its easier to leave the lights on that faff about with heaters etc.. So here's what they generously sent me, So first I prepped some pots, once again I'm reusing the ecothrive soul, broken up and recharged with some plant life cycle and charge, like so.. These were left to sit a few weeks before I put a few seeds into soak, After an overnight soak I popped them into some jiffy plugs and stuck em under the T5 to sprout, 12ish hours later we have life! Once all 3 had chucked there shells and had leaves out they were transferred to the 12/15(i forget) L fabric pots and placed upstairs in the veg tent under the 4000k Sammy strips on top of a heated blanket, Excuse the crap pictures, new phone/camera and still learning.. Anyway a few days later, Now 4000k strips are great for veg but I figured something more appropriate for flowering would be necessary, with that in mind I took out 2 of the strips and replaced with 3 x qx75w boards supplied by our fantastic sponsor @diyleduk these boards are full spectrum with more deep and far red in the mix, So 1 75w board per plant plus a bit of crossover light from the strips, the boards are on a separate 185w driver so slightly under run, I may upgrade that later.. Here are the girls yesterday, If they look a little sad it's coz the temps in the loft have bottomed out these past few days but I have a plan to remedy that (a dodgee one not the cunning sort). Anyways if you got this far thanks for reading! As always looks/laffs/bantz is what this diary is all about and hopefully showcasing some amazing new genetics from our friends at Dutch Passion. Please feel.free to steer me right when I appear to be going wrong! It will happen! Thanks for looking, nice1 ta
  10. So I'm looking to try my second grow this year with some Pink kush CBD plants. Just growing 3 of the ladies but interested to do a little experiment with the different soil set ups. I have some biobizz light mix left over from last year which I will use for one. I then plan on making my own soil for the others, I was wondering what base of compost you would recommend? Just looking for something cheap and organic, I then plan to add worm casts from the compost bin which has only had fruit and veg placed inside. In one of the pots I would then add some mycorrhizal fungi. I plan on only feeding the plants organic nutes, we have worm juice which is very rich, do any of you think this could be too rich for the sensitive autos? I have then read about comfrey and nettle teas and can top dress with more worm casts and the ladies develop. The 3 plants would therefore be: Biobizz light mix with worm juice added as nutes Compost (yet to be decided) mixed with worm casts, worm juice and nettle and comfrey tea used as nutes Compost (yet to be decided) mixed with worm casts and mycorrhizal fungi, worm juice and nettle and comfrey tea used as nutes All the plants will be grown in the greenhouse. May sound like a waste of time but am keen to see the difference in yields due to different factors, Particularly interested in the difference between the plant with mycorrhizal fungi, becoming more and more fascinated with the fungus world. Any tips from you experienced growers would be welcome.
  11. cop

    From the album Dutch passion girls

    © bluntz27

  12. Hi everyone, my 4 autos are now day 32. They still had 0 nutes, only tap water. There are two Purple Sunset and two Pineapple Glue. I find than some of the big upper leaves of the Purple Sunsets begin to get a bit lighter, with a kind of yellow green around the veins. Is it time for nutes ? And if, should I begin direct with bloom, or make a 50/50 grow/bloom mix ? Here some pics :
  13. Hi all, posting on behalf of a friend. She wants to grow autos in greenhouse for edibles. Can anyone recommend a strain that will produce good yields, medium/high thc, low/med cbd? thanks for any advice
  14. Just completed my first grow which was Dinafem White Widow XXL and Cheese XXL autos and whilst I'm over the moon with the yield (11oz), I'm really underwhelmed with the potency. Dinafem state 80 days for these strains and I took the WW at day 87 and Cheese at day 89 but still think I may have chopped too early. Widow has been in jars for a week, Cheese is drying. I had a fat blunt on Saturday after 10 Stellas which with dealer weed would see me hugging the toilet. Not with my home grown, had a mild buzz for a bit but could easily have smoked 2 or 3 more. Trying to figure out where I've gone wrong. Is this to be expected from autos, did I chop too early and lose potency or will it get stronger with a cure? It's not tolerance related as until this grow I hadn't touched weed in over 5 years.
  15. Hi Everyone, this year I’m thinking about doing my first outside green house grow. I have only ever grown in tents with lights before so I have a couple of questions. Seeds Can I please get a couple of recommendations for seeds please, I live in the south east UK. The green house is about 7-8 ft high at the top of the apex. preferably something not too smelly, the neighbours are always blazing away in their garden so probably wouldn’t notice anyway but obviously I’d rather they didn’t know. High yielding would be nice. Should I use auto flowering? Ive never tried autos before. When would you put them out if using autos? when would you put them out if using normal seeds? Spiders There is a couple of big spiders in there, one of them I’m sure is a false widow. I was going to clear all the spiders out but then thought maybe I should leave them as they might kill any insects so your thoughts on that would be much appreciated. If I only get one bit of feedback from all that then I would love a recommendation on the strain. Thanks a lot guys
  16. Hi everyone I'm growing some autos under a 150watt cmh light, about 10inches from tops, temps at canopy at a constant 25-28c. Humidity is around 40%. I have a heatmat linked to inkbird set at 24c. They are all 39 days from seed. One plant (Black Jack auto from Sweet Seeds) has what looks like burnt tips up top aswell as some fading lower leaves. Now there is some fading on upper leaves too just around the edges of leaves. I have been feeding this one with 3ml fish and 2.5ml bloom for the last week, to combat the yellowing lower leaves. Dropping down to 1.5ml fish and 2ml bloom the last one as the tips seemed to get burned. It had a one off feed of epsoms last week also at 1tsp for 2litres. BJ is on the right Thanks! If I've missed any info please let me know
  17. Time for me to start a diary of my first grow. Firstly I want to thank @Dinafem-Markfor accepting a complete novice like me in this Seeds4Diary - really appreciate the seeds and hope I do it justice. I also want to thank everyone who's helped me get my grow room set up and with the numerous questions I've asked along the way Grow Room 75 x 75 x 130 Cultilab tent Lumatek Attis 200w LED 5" RVK & CarboAir CF extraction and passive intake Tube heater on an Inkbird 306T Fan Grow Details 1 x White Widow XXL Auto 1 x Cheese XXL Auto 11L pots H&G Bat Mix Old Timers Grow & Bloom ---------------------------------------------------------------- 24/6/20 (5 days ago) I planted the seeds in Jiffy 7 plugs and put them in my propagator in the tent lights off. Temps were 25-30 and RH around 70 which I tried to maintain. 26/6/20 (3 days ago) This is where I ran into my first problem. You can see in the pic below the WW's tap root was coming out the top of the Jiffy, not good! After seeking help I very carefully dug it out and re-orientated it tap root down. I suspect I didn't plant the seed deep enough which caused this so my first mistake and probably not my last. 27/6/20 (2 days ago) The Cheese has only gone and done the same thing (no pic) - tap root coming out the top. Again I got the tweezers out and re-orientated it carefully. This was more difficult than the WW as the soil was more compacted. At this stage the WW had broke the surface and was looking good although the seed shell was clinging on to one of the leaves. Luckily I had read about this in other posts so knew what to do. Lights switched on at this point 40% (80w) and around 40cm away. Today, Monday 29/6/20 The WW looks to be unaffected by the re-orientation and appears to be progressing well but the Cheese is still to break through. You can just see it in the middle of the Jiffy where it's slightly exposed. I'm a little worried I've stressed it when digging it out but I think it's worth giving it a couple more days before abandoning hope and reaching for another seed. The prop lid is off in this pic but I've got it sitting over only the Cheese to keep humidity up leaving the WW uncovered, if that makes sense. That's it for now, hopefully at my next update the Cheese will have made an appearance and I can call it day 1. All help and thoughts are appreciated
  18. Hello fellow 420 lovers, hope you're all doing well. After an initial failure with my first set of seeds and after receiving some invaluable advice from some very helpful users on the forum here, I have learnt from my mistakes and started again with some new Green Crack auto seeds. I thought I would start a diary for my first grow. I am keen gardener, having grown many a vegetable in my time, but I am new to the world of growing weed and growing anything indoors in a tent. So any advice from you guys would be very much appreciated. My setup; Tent = Hyrdolab 120 - 120x120x60cm (not very tall. I don't have much height to deal with in my loft, annoyingly) Lights = Philzon 1000w Cree COB LED (currently running at 18 hrs on, 6 hrs off) Extraction = 5 inch RAM mixed flow inline fan, set to low speed. Heating = greenhouse tube heater + small oil radiator Air circulation = 7 inch RAM oscillating fan Pots = 12 litre fabric pots Soil = Biobizz All-Mix Nutrients on hand = Biobizz Grow, Biobizz Bloom, Plant Magic Bio Silicon, box of epsom salts Seeds used in current grow = Seedsman Green Crack Autos x3 Here are my 3 Green Crack babies today - 17 days after germinating; Closer views of the middle pot (the healthiest looking of the 3); Closer views of the left pot (the tallest plant, looking healthy but seems a bit of a twisted/distorted shape in comparison); Lastly, the smallest plant in the right pot. (this had to be replanted shortly after germination due to the taproot growing the wrong way, so it is about 5/6 days behind the other two); I have been following Serpent's guide to autos. I am currently watering with about 2 litres of tap water every 3/4 days (when the soil feels dry and the pots feel light) and adding 1ml of Plant Magic Bio Silicon per 2L of water. I water using a pressure sprayer on the surface of the soil and I pour some into the saucers - for the soil to wick up the water through the bottom of the pots (I never allow the pots to sit in water for longer than 10 mins though). My tap water is about PH 7.0-7.2, but my soil has buffered this to about PH 6.5-7.0 according to my PH meter. I am ensuring that the tent holds at a steady 23-28c during lights on and lights off, whilst running my extraction and circulation fans 24hrs a day. My current light cycle is 18hrs on, 6hrs off, at a distance of 24 inches (which is the highest my LED can go in the tent) I have not added any nutes yet (other than Bio Silicon) , but plan to bypass Grow nutes entirely and start using my Biobizz Bloom at the 28-30 day mark. I plan on doing some LST once I get to that point (hopefully soon). I am hoping LST may alleviate any heights issues I may face with such a short tent. How do you guys think I'm doing? I am still very new to all this, so please give me your comments. If you think I am doing something wrong, please tell me
  19. Hey! I'm just wondering has anyone else grown Fastbuds autos? had some gorilla glue and stardawg(5 of each in 12l pots) on the go in coco 2x600watt hps 18/6. It's kind of hard to believe there are only two strains in the tent, some of the plants are humongous and others are short and fat they have all that the same feed etc but 2 of the stardawg especially seem to have vegged for 6/7 weeks and the others are almost ready, needless to say those two are like trees it's just made everything difficult because we don't know what to feed them as we are flushing some and feeding others. Have other people encountered this or could it be something we've done?
  20. So all 3 of my GC auto plants are now on day 52 and all now seem to be showing the same unhealthy signs. Is this perhaps a Calcium deficiency? I have a box of epsom salts in the cupboard, should I add some of this to the next watering? Below is an old fan leaf from the smallest of 3 plants, now beginning to show similar signs as the other 2 have shown. I think it will start yellowing like the other 2 have soon; And here is a leaf from one of the 2 larger plants where the issue is more developed and widespread.
  21. Last season, I took advantage of DP's 3+3 offer on the AutoMazars. I bought them from a distributor, who removed the original packaging for 'stealth' reasons and as a result, I ended up with some duff seeds, only 2 out of the 6 germinating, which is not like DP at all. After a whingy grovelling email, @DutchPassionTony gifted me some replacement beans. This diary's by way of thanks. 3 x Auto Colorado Cookies 3 x Auto Brooklyn Sunrise And I'm doing these 3 ways (I like Masterchef, ok?) .. one of each outside in my new sun-plot (I use the term 'sun' lightly), 2 more in my greenhouse grow-pit, and the last 2 in Airpots, also in the greenhouse. Both the outdoor plot and the grow-pit in the greenhouse have been prepped months in advance, and in the grow-pit's case, last year. Mainly bonemeal, fishbone and blood, home-made organic compost and 9-yr old rotted horseshit. Just add sunshine and water! And I'll be using Plagron Royalmix for the Airpots .. Germination First off, I just want to point out that these seeds are now a year old, having been stored in the fridge since last summer. It was too late in the season to grow them last year, so they're in the first run this year. I've germinated these in a solution of Formulex at 1:200 .. the packets were opened at roughly 2pm on Sunday 23rd April. By 10am the next morning, they were all split open and showing their little white tails. Germination rate was 100%. They were potted in a mild seed and cutting compost and by 10pm the following evening, were breaking the soil's surface. Seedlings will be under T5 flourescents for as long as it takes for the fucking sun to shine, which it's not doing much of at the moment. This is just a week after opening the packets, day 4 since birth .. AutoBrooklyn Sunrise: Colorado Cookies: The one thing I've learned about Autos, you have to get them started off faster than Lewis Hamilton! Or Seb Vettel if you're F1 savvy!
  22. Hey guys. Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading this great forum loads and particularly Serpents guide to growing autos in soil to help me get started with my first grow. I have got 3 Lemon auto seedlings from Seedsman in a prop in my tent (120x120x60cm) up in the loft now. I cracked the seeds in tap water (ph roughly 7.2-7.4) and then placed them in Root Riot cubes and placed them in my electric prop. After a couple of days, they had popped so I turned on my 1000w Philzon Cree COB LED on the half-beam setting at a distance of 24 inches, 24hr schedule. The following day there was a long root poking through the bottom of the Root Riots so I transplanted them into small pots (the ones that came with my prop - think they're about 0.3L). I sprinkled the Root Riots with myco funghi and filled the pots up with neat BioBizz All-Mix that I lightly sprayed with tap water beforehand. It's now been 6 days since they popped and I am worried that they will not be ready to transplant into their final pots at the 7-10 day mark. They have not seemed to do much for the last few days and the leaves on 2 in particular of them have started to look curled and crispy on the edges. I have been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle of tap water and at a steady temperature of between 25-27c. I know my tap water ph is a little high, but I read a thread on here by OldTimer1 that mentioned that my soil should buffer this to a more acceptable ph. I do have a bottle of ph-Down on hand in case I need to lower my ph. I have also read that Biobizz All-Mix may be too nutrient-rich for seedlings. Should I go buy some Light-Mix and quickly transplant them into that perhaps? Can any of you esteemed growers give a noob some advice on what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be very much appreciated. Pictures below for reference; This is the healthiest looking of the 3; This one is not looking so great (the wire is a probe for my electric prop); This one is not rooking so good at all now;
  23. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!