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Found 61 results

  1. Just wanted to put a few pics of how my plants are looking after 35 days. This is only my 2nd grow and first with autos. Ive been doing my best to follow @blackpoolbouncer excellent diary. Doing this training malarkey is very addictive. Got myself the orange buckets haha. These 5 are in bio-bizz all mix but I’m about to pop 4 more seeds in Clover Multi Purpose. I thought these 5 would be a lot wider but I’m not on that level yet so that’s why I’m planting another 4 seeds. To fill them holes in the tent. Suffered a bit with cal issues (soft water) but I think it’s under control now hopefully. There was a few yellow tips on new growth on two of the plants early on about 21 days but that’s stopped now as well.
  2. right you lovely and knowledgeable folk ive just bought well about a month ago got a pop up greenhouse of the online market site to be fairs its not that bad. Any way in order to insulate it im thinking bubble wrap any other ideas on how i can heat the inside please ??? Im wanting to start one royal dwarf in there come aprial which on being a 9 weeker would mean i can be down and have my first bit ready by June. Ive also got some broad beans on the go at the moment as well as some tulips and various other bits in bobs. I was looking at a small parrifin heater but not sure if thats such a good idea with it being of plastic :/ any tips or advice be apricated
  3. I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to autos. I've done a few in the greenhouse and had a couple of aborted attempts indoors. I help a mate do some autos for his first grow and that went really well. It's about time I had a proper go at it. I'm going to try a run of autos in my outdoor growshed this winter. It can get very cold out there, so 20 -24 hours of light should keep it toasty for the plants. I've had a good look about and settled on 3 Bears OG from Mephisto Genetics. I've heard good things about Mephisto and seen some pics of impressive buds. I probably won't start them for around 6 weeks so any information or experiences on 3 Bears will be useful in the meantime. I bought 7 so germination rates would be particularly interesting. I've had some very poor germ rates with previous auto strains I've tried.
  4. So this is the thing with autos. THEY ARE SHIT! Frequently no mold resistance. If you look at the more experienced growers on the site you will see they have little time for autos and it is largely because they are shite. Controversial but still, shite. The extra ruderalis genes make them a weaker smoke too, not to mention the tiny yields as befits miniature plants. Its incredible the seeds are the same price as photo plants. I know its all about the early smoke and I had decent results in 2012 of all soaking wet years. It was a slugocalypse and just rained and rained. I was surprised to witness Sour 60 seeds I was given by a fellow GG (bred by MDanzig) totally smashing it. There will be the odd one come along. However I really don't think autos are worth it. The smoke from the Sour 60 was way weaker thanKC 36 or Easy sativa. Read a few recent posts abound rotting autos. This is one of the driest summers ever but just wait one or two storms and the stupid crap autos will nearly all be turning to mush.... If you are gonna get out and do prep and take that risk then grow some thoroughbred monsters instead I say. I mean just look at how superior KC 36 and P Maroc are as examples. I am not running any autos this year thank fuck and will not again. Oh I know I will go do a load of back breaking work and take risks just to grow some tiny, weak, mold prone, extortionate abberations of nature. I am too impatient to wait for the sun so I will get some 'automatic weed'... super, semi, ultra, uber, HYPER-autos that are far better than silly old patience... Auto = impatience! Some will say photos grow too big for my garden/ balcony, um Helloooo this is why it is Guerilla Growing because its not in your garden or on your balcony! That is the great benefit of the wild places whether between industrial units and trains tracks or right out in the sticks. So you can go grow some potent monsters.... Thing is Loamy there is literally NOWHERE to grow around here for full size plants. Umm just look properly or widen your territory. But I can't be arsed/too busy. So just 'man up' a bit..., stop wingeing and go do it for fucks sake. Autos = Laziness! The breeders are laughing their tits off. Buy them twice in a season! Buy more to get a higher overall yield! Autos = stupidity! And the prize for being Impatient, Lazy and Stupid is..... 'YOU THINK AUTOS ARE GREAT WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY SHIT' ...please re read that last line at least 7 times out loud. .... autos :rofl: What a load of wank...
  5. hi all, Using biobizz all mix and have noticed a green substance on top layer of the soil , is this algae and is it harmful? What causes it? thanks for your help
  6. Hi guys, I’m growing a couple of autos blue mystic and OG Kush in a large Argos plastic greenhouse. There are in soil bio mix light. Looking healthy, But they are only getting about 8 hours a day full sun on the greenhouse. The rest is in the shade ( because of a bloody large oak tree and the house) I think this is why they are slow growers. My OG are on there fourth set of leaves and these are nearly 4 weeks old the blues are on there 3rd set and 3 weeks old. Because these are autos will they start flowering soon? Even though they are still small? Or do the plants have to get to a certain size? Also do you think I would be better staying away from autos with my current set up? Any info would be great thank you
  7. Hey! I'm just wondering has anyone else grown Fastbuds autos? had some gorilla glue and stardawg(5 of each in 12l pots) on the go in coco 2x600watt hps 18/6. It's kind of hard to believe there are only two strains in the tent, some of the plants are humongous and others are short and fat they have all that the same feed etc but 2 of the stardawg especially seem to have vegged for 6/7 weeks and the others are almost ready, needless to say those two are like trees it's just made everything difficult because we don't know what to feed them as we are flushing some and feeding others. Have other people encountered this or could it be something we've done?
  8. Coming to the end of our first auto grow in coco, just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on how to flush these, I am unable to remove them from the tent. Some of the plants are ready and some are going to need another couple of weeks which is annoying. Thanks in advance!
  9. Is it ok to pick the larger fan leaves that are untuckable off autoflowers in flower?
  10. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  11. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  12. Anyone tell me if this light "LED Grow Light, 600W Dual Chips Full Specturn Grow Lamp Red Blue Plant Light for Indoor/Garden/Hydronics/Vegetable/Flowers Growth,UK Plug(10W leds)" on amazon will do for 2 plants?
  13. Well I'm coming to the end of my auto grow maybe another 10 days left I have been growing auto diesel by black skull I had 4 under a 600 watts HP's with bio bizz bloom and roughly guessing weight is 1 oz each I have had a tester and it wasnt good so the next grow will have to yeild more and better suggestions cheers
  14. So I asked on here a while ago what feeds to use on autos. The answer was bio bizz. The schedule on google doesn't include heaven. So I experimented and didn't add it. At week 6 there was hardly any buds, compared to the last crop which used heaven, and there was 6 oz easily from 3 plants. This time round it was 5 plants on 4 litre pots. Maybe too small but they seem okay. The results of using the google schedule, advice from here and online and using bio bizz has left white haired, airy buds ( if you can call them that) with no THC. I wouldn't advice anyone starting out to use this schedule found on google, bio bizz or folk on here saying bloom and grow is enough. It's a complete waste of energy and money.
  15. Done the whole google earth thing, found a lovely south facing spot near a sewerage works (I thought great, it will camouflage the smells and who goes near them anyway lol). Get down there and on first inspection the site (lovely and warm in the sunshine) has been used by a grower as soon ago as last year, very unstealthy how they left it too unless it was ripped off. Man, it was perfect too. Ah well, I must be doing something right, off again tomorrow to inspect plot 2. There's so many public footpaths round my way it is hard work, anyway....*fires up google for plot 3 search*
  16. Hi all, New to the site, and already picked up loads of advice just from reading diaries ect and wanna just take a moment to say how amazing you all are! So it's my first set up, I've got 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent with 600w hps and 5" extraction I've potted up in soil and perlite mix, straight into there 12l pots which after reading I'm not so sure that's the best idea, happy to say I've got 100% germination success rate with 3 x RQS amnesia haze auto and 1 RQS royal cheese auto. I had them under my 600w and quickly learned that's gonna cook them and based on advice from my local hydro shop got 2 x 24w T5s, my question is now is that enough as my temps have dropped down to 20 degrees. Any and all advice welcome!
  17. Anyone recommend any high yielding autos? I previously have 2 once per plant with NYC and as little as 20g with Pineapple Express, that was 3 oz for 5 plants, - pretty rubbish I reckon. But, it was India dominate and they tend to be more. I've had a look online but struggling to see 50 or 60 gram plus plants. Any recommend any ?
  18. Hey guys, just like to know what are your favourite auto strains and what breeders would you recommend(why?)
  19. Last season, I took advantage of DP's 3+3 offer on the AutoMazars. I bought them from a distributor, who removed the original packaging for 'stealth' reasons and as a result, I ended up with some duff seeds, only 2 out of the 6 germinating, which is not like DP at all. After a whingy grovelling email, @DutchPassionTony gifted me some replacement beans. This diary's by way of thanks. 3 x Auto Colorado Cookies 3 x Auto Brooklyn Sunrise And I'm doing these 3 ways (I like Masterchef, ok?) .. one of each outside in my new sun-plot (I use the term 'sun' lightly), 2 more in my greenhouse grow-pit, and the last 2 in Airpots, also in the greenhouse. Both the outdoor plot and the grow-pit in the greenhouse have been prepped months in advance, and in the grow-pit's case, last year. Mainly bonemeal, fishbone and blood, home-made organic compost and 9-yr old rotted horseshit. Just add sunshine and water! And I'll be using Plagron Royalmix for the Airpots .. Germination First off, I just want to point out that these seeds are now a year old, having been stored in the fridge since last summer. It was too late in the season to grow them last year, so they're in the first run this year. I've germinated these in a solution of Formulex at 1:200 .. the packets were opened at roughly 2pm on Sunday 23rd April. By 10am the next morning, they were all split open and showing their little white tails. Germination rate was 100%. They were potted in a mild seed and cutting compost and by 10pm the following evening, were breaking the soil's surface. Seedlings will be under T5 flourescents for as long as it takes for the fucking sun to shine, which it's not doing much of at the moment. This is just a week after opening the packets, day 4 since birth .. AutoBrooklyn Sunrise: Colorado Cookies: The one thing I've learned about Autos, you have to get them started off faster than Lewis Hamilton! Or Seb Vettel if you're F1 savvy!
  20. Hey guy, got 9 bubba kush auto going, stating to show signs of a deficiency either cal or may or both, but anyways I'll get right to it. 9 bubba kush 10 litre plant magic supreme biobizz nutes fish mix grow bloom also pm magne cal. 600w hps goood extraction 24 hr light, perfect temps 25/27c 1 or 2 week of flower and they are starting to show signs of something wrong, I've been giving magne cal with every other feed the last 3 weeks which seems to have delayed the inevitable problem, which seems to always happen with my autos. Switching between fishmix and grow too alternating. Can you tell me what is wrooong guys, I have Epsom salts at the ready and I think I seen other plants start to get this problem. Hope this is enough for a diagnosis They may have a lot little too much N. They are bad pictures I'm sorry but they don't look as dark as they are in these pictures. Thanks in advance.
  21. so wasn't sure if I was gonna do a diary and this one will be less detailed than the last. but these diaries are what really helped me through my first grow and if anything I do helps one person that's what really matters, or just learn from my mistakes. last year my photoperiods from female seeds did really well despite a bit of mold. this year a couple autos are my main focus, DP auto Durban and auto duck. will be doing a purple maroc and one of my free seeds, not decided yet. but those will go out end of june. so far only drama has been the little duck, been slow to start and I had to surgically remove the seed pod as she flopped over and was very pale. she is up and doing just fine but it was a scary moment. Iv still got them under the t5's as the weather has been so bad. my cucumbers in the greenhouse have really suffered. I can see a change anytime soon for the weather just got my fingers crossed cause the lights are on maximum hight!!!!
  22. Looking to do some autos outdoors this year in N.ireland, remember a friend telling me about a Scottish breeder doing autos in highlands can't remember there name anyone know anything of these breeders? Thanks Snydgrow
  23. Courtesy of the very generous sweetseeds I have 4x blow mind,killer Kush & devil cream autos . Massive Thanks tommy &jaypp! I popped all the beans in a glass of water (separate of Coarse) because The pots weren't Ready and I was eager to get them started ... everyday counts So yesterday I potted them in pm soil I used 5l pots and a few bigger but only filled to roughly 5L. I'm be using pm grow&bloom plus rootstim & a little silcone Iv got a 600w parabolic waiting for them to sprout Sweeeeet!
  24. firstly a big thank you to the seedsman team and j trich for setting up this fantastic competition and of course for the chance to grow some great genetics so, here is a run down of my set up, seeds, plan, nutes n soil....... set up: stealth cab, inside measurements: L 82cm (2ft 8"), W 31cm (just over 1ft), H 112cm (3ft 8"). so as you can see not much room to work with!. 150w CMH 942 lamp for veg and early flower and (yet to buy) 830 lamp for rest of grow 4" rhino pro filter 4" rvk boxed and outside of cab str variac on setting 3 or 4 passive intake 120mm pc fan for air circulation cab open, since changed the light and osc fan ( please note: plants in pic are NOT of seedsman seeds) cab closed seeds: 3x auto lemon 3x cali orange (yet to germ) plan: as my circumstances have changed since signing up for this competition, im unable to use my tents to run 12/12 (at the moment , any way!) im now having to grow autos only in my stealth cab that i converted originally to grow my seeds, clones, mums and early veg in. i have done just 1 grow in this cab and found that topping kept the height down (topped one and was 6" smaller!) so i will be doing the same again this grow. i can fit 3 6.5L pots in there so i will be growing all 3 and going to train them as well as topping. i will be starting them in 3" pots for 10-14 days then in to finals. soil and nutes: keeping things simple and using pm soil supreme, pm root juice, pm ot grow (if needed), pm ot bloom and some equilibrium for cal/mg. so on the 30th dec 3 auto lemons hit the dirt, straight in no messing about with paper towels or anything never had a problem doing it this way until now. usually my seeds pop within 3 days, 4 tops, but we are now on day 5 and only auto lemon #1 has shown any movement and shes sprouted tap root up by the looks it . only thing i can do is give them another day or two if no action then i will pop either some auto chem bubbly or more than likely auto blue cush, both seedsman strains so will be able to hopefully carry on with this diary..... beautiful looking seeds! auto lemon#1 hitting the dirt auto lemon#2 hitting the dirt auto lemon#3 hitting the dirt group pic and here we are today, 5 days since hitting the dirt auto lemon#1 and a close up.......... [/url'> auto lemon#2 auto lemon#3 and a group pic from this morning..... so, until something happens, thanks for popping by peeps, till the next episode.............. coys