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Found 92 results

  1. Hey guys, firstly id like to offer a big thank you to all the contributers on this forum, this is my first grow (be gentle with me haha) and ive learned a lot through trawling the archives...the site has also been a great distraction through this whole lockdown ting, so yea..been lurking for months..thought id chip in! Planted 3 x Auto Mazar and 3 x Auto Ultimate (Dutch Passion) on 29/04 in a small polytunnel, in retrospect this might have been a little earlier for my location which is quite mountainous and judging by other plants (foxgloves etc) seems to be about 2 weeks behind nearby areas at lower altitude. They were slow enough to take off and i quickly realised my inexperience was going to be an issue (particularly in terms of medium - i used a half n half blend of topsoil and compost) So after a bit more research, back to the drawing board with a batch of new seeds. (5 x Dinafem WWxxl and 3 x Dutch Passion Colorado Cookies..both Autos) soaked in water for about 18hours, straight into a variety of plastic pots from maybe 7-11 litres..just whatever i had laying around...the key difference was the soil, mixed up a new batch with about 20% rich topsoil, 30% compost, 30% Farmyard manure, 20% perlite..the widows popped through 4 days later (20 May) while the CC took an extra day or two..but 100% germination for both which was pretty sweet...so everything was going really well in the polytunnel..a couple of slug issues..(made some spikey collars from beer cans and copper tape..pretty much sorted that out) Suddenly had 13 happy little plants, sun was shining..thought we would be in for one of those rare, special summers in Ireland, but then the weather patterns changed and seem to have been hit by rain and wind and generally dreary, grey weather ever since haha...the polytunnel turned into a kite and landed up in a neighboring field on more than one occassion..lost a couple of plants along the way, but more or less managed to salvage the operation, Got some nutes going..Biobizz Fishmix graduating to Grow, Bloom, Top Max, Heaven and Acti-Vera (i know..."all the gear - no idea" haha) started on quite low dosages, but have increased steadily..sort of half following the biobizz schedule, half winging it while trying to read each individual plants progress and needs. The biggest concern was the weather, the pounding wind in particular..i was lucky to have an old window and frame laying around which i repurposed into a kind of ghetto coldframe using some old crates for supports, the addition of 4 fence panels helps break the wind while allowing a bit of air movement as the humidity in this are is pretty insane..this setup has been a lifesaver, allowing me to easily move the girls into the open when the weather allows and giving some protection from deer, rain, wind...on that, i lost a couple of plants due to wind damage which broke some branches allowing for stem/bud rot to enter the system..i was pretty ruthless in dealing with this, cutting off colas and taping up the stalk..i managed to salvage a couple of under ripe buds, but pretty annoying..had a few spots of powdery mildew form on fan leaves when left in "The Fort" for a few days, but have treated them with milk and water..not a major issue so far... ive harvested 2 Ultimate and 1 Mazar...which may have been a little early..but this has given me a chance to test a couple of drying methods, half ending up in brown bags the other half wet trimmed and hung in a shed..both seem to be ok, no mold issues..good experience for when the bigger, more developed plants mature..so yea...thats basically where im at now...got 4 and a half White Widow XXL Autos at 80 days, 3 x Colorado Cookie Autos at 78 days (and one little Dinafem Gorilla Glue photo for the craic) I would have to say the Dinafem WWxxl are the best of the bunch IMO..i might be wrong here, but looks like 2 phenos, one stocky Indica type jobbie and one lanky Sativa leaning one..(again, total noob, so might just be my enviroment etc) here are a couple of photos of the project, would love any feedback
  2. Time for me to start a diary of my first grow. Firstly I want to thank @Dinafem-Markfor accepting a complete novice like me in this Seeds4Diary - really appreciate the seeds and hope I do it justice. I also want to thank everyone who's helped me get my grow room set up and with the numerous questions I've asked along the way Grow Room 75 x 75 x 130 Cultilab tent Lumatek Attis 200w LED 5" RVK & CarboAir CF extraction and passive intake Tube heater on an Inkbird 306T Fan Grow Details 1 x White Widow XXL Auto 1 x Cheese XXL Auto 11L pots H&G Bat Mix Old Timers Grow & Bloom ---------------------------------------------------------------- 24/6/20 (5 days ago) I planted the seeds in Jiffy 7 plugs and put them in my propagator in the tent lights off. Temps were 25-30 and RH around 70 which I tried to maintain. 26/6/20 (3 days ago) This is where I ran into my first problem. You can see in the pic below the WW's tap root was coming out the top of the Jiffy, not good! After seeking help I very carefully dug it out and re-orientated it tap root down. I suspect I didn't plant the seed deep enough which caused this so my first mistake and probably not my last. 27/6/20 (2 days ago) The Cheese has only gone and done the same thing (no pic) - tap root coming out the top. Again I got the tweezers out and re-orientated it carefully. This was more difficult than the WW as the soil was more compacted. At this stage the WW had broke the surface and was looking good although the seed shell was clinging on to one of the leaves. Luckily I had read about this in other posts so knew what to do. Lights switched on at this point 40% (80w) and around 40cm away. Today, Monday 29/6/20 The WW looks to be unaffected by the re-orientation and appears to be progressing well but the Cheese is still to break through. You can just see it in the middle of the Jiffy where it's slightly exposed. I'm a little worried I've stressed it when digging it out but I think it's worth giving it a couple more days before abandoning hope and reaching for another seed. The prop lid is off in this pic but I've got it sitting over only the Cheese to keep humidity up leaving the WW uncovered, if that makes sense. That's it for now, hopefully at my next update the Cheese will have made an appearance and I can call it day 1. All help and thoughts are appreciated
  3. Well with the summer fast approaching I thought I’d use up some of my seeds that I’ve had in the fridge for a while I don’t like doing autos indoors I like the photoperiods as I scrog in rdwc. I’ve gone with the following World of seeds-Afghan Kush Ryder G-13 labs-fro-yo humbolt seeds Org - Fast Flowering OGKZ Delicious seeds-Northen light blue Exotic seeds-Green gummy. I had a few others but see which of these beans pop up if any fail then I will add some more. I soaked them in water for 24 hours and today put them into root riot cubes. fingers crossed they all come up, not sure what size pots to put them into probably go with 15litres which they will go straight into from the cubes. I’ll be feeding them with plant magic oldtimer nutrients. here they are waiting patiently peace.
  4. HELLO TO YOU ALL. I have 3 Autos. AND ONE WAS NOT AS VIRGOS AS THE OTHER 2 DUE TO OVER FEED I AM THINKING , NO PICS SORRY .THEY are IN 11 L FABRIC POTS AND ARE JUST SHOT OF 4 WEEK OLD FROM SEED. THE 1 WHICH WAS Not GROWING PROPERLY I HAVE FLUSHED WITH PH WATER 6 IS THIS RIGHT ? HOW long should i leave to feed again ? They are in pure coco under a 250w hps at the moment no ec pen just a ph pen and cana A,B rizo cal mag got sum canazym not uesd it yet, Does any anyone know how to progress sorry for the text billy nw
  5. So here we go again, this is indoor grow number 6...ish? The seeds... (All Autos) 1 x Fantasmo express (freebie left over from last grow) 2 x Frosty Geleto (freebies left over from last grow) 1 x RQS Royal Jack 1 x RQS Royal Creamatic Only really got room for 4, so we will see what pops and take it from there. Same set up as before but i have now bought a thermostat for the heat mat. (set at 21c) 240w Dimmable quantum board LED 2 speed extraction Heat Mat and thermostat Canna terra pro soil mix Fabric air pots Biobizz root juice, fish mix and Cal mag. 21st February Seeds did 12 hrs in water then put into home made toilet roll seed trays, then put straight into the final pots. Soil temps are a steady 20 - 21c thanks to the thermostat, the last few grows i had been using a timer with the heat mat so this takes the guess work out, much easier! Drobe temps around 22c (using the light for heat) only using extraction twice a day for 15mins to retain the heat as its still damn cold in me shed! Humidity around 60%
  6. I'm looking to utilise my 60x60x90cm tent for autos. What short (height) Indica dominant hybrids are there that would fit? Are there any CBD autos, 1:1 that grow short? I currently have Sweet Seeds Creme Caramel auto and Dutch Passion Auto White Widow and Blue Auto Mazar. Could any of these fit? Thanks in advance
  7. Decided to give this jazz cabbage growing a bit of a go. As such a friendly and welcoming place, thought id keep a journal as any advice is more than welcome. Have got my seeds (all autos) and hoping they are going to be alright as didn't look hugely in to this (main part i should have looked into). Have got myself some Bomb seeds- Cherry bomb and cosmic bomb Royal queen seeds- Northern Light and Seedsman- Auto blue berry. Anyone grown any of these before? Planning on germinating a seed possibly tomorrow or the next day, just waiting for my biobizz light mix soil. Then the plan is to stagger the other seeds, perhaps one or two being germinated on 420 and then one more in May. Made myself a growbox of types (MDF a cardboard box, LED lights and a fire blanket thrown together) . Planning to start the girls off in here inside for the first 3-4 weeks then into the greenhouse. Havent yet got any nutes and was wondering if any of you would recommend any specifics, looked to getting the outdoor biobizz pack but no where seems to stock it. Any advice is hugely welcomed. Hope you are all well in this crazy time, peace!
  8. Hey! I'm just wondering has anyone else grown Fastbuds autos? had some gorilla glue and stardawg(5 of each in 12l pots) on the go in coco 2x600watt hps 18/6. It's kind of hard to believe there are only two strains in the tent, some of the plants are humongous and others are short and fat they have all that the same feed etc but 2 of the stardawg especially seem to have vegged for 6/7 weeks and the others are almost ready, needless to say those two are like trees it's just made everything difficult because we don't know what to feed them as we are flushing some and feeding others. Have other people encountered this or could it be something we've done?
  9. Just a quick bit of advice please all. I've got my 2 emergency outdoor autos and they're looking ok so far and about 4 weeks or so into flower. The problem is I only left them is smaller spots smaller pots for stealth but then larger one is needing feeding every day. Is it too late to transplant and if not how to best minimise shock
  10. Dinafem Auto Collection

  11. Hi this is my first post I'm new to the game, like most people I'm sick of spending bare dollar so decided I want to grow my own stuff I want to jump straight into growing autos hydroponically with the DWC method as it seems to be more beginner friendly, however it does appear to cost slightly more but I'm sure it's worth the initial investment! Things intend to purchase: (please advise me if I could change something to make it better) - x2 Pre made DWC buckets with air pumps + stones from eBay. - x1 spare bucket (for regular cleaning) - FloraMicro/Grow/Bloom all 1L bottles. - VIPARSPECTRA Full Spectrum 300W - Grow tent - Air fan - Canna AQUA Clay pebbles for growing medium - x2 rockwool cubes - PH / PPM tester - Water temp tester - x2 Auto seeds I get how the system all works... what gets me with DWCs is the nutrients, I think I'm kind of understanding however I have a few questions if anybody knows some may be daft but we all start somewhere gimme chance 1) Do you put nutrients in the water once you've put your seedling into the rockwool and into the clay pebbles? If so how much is recommended for an auto plant? 2) When water levels drop should I fill it with just tap water and add nutrients every few days or when I clean the buckets every 10 days? Or should I fill it with both water and nutrients and keep in the PH range of 5.5 - 6.5 I'm aiming for a constant 5.8 as I believe this is a perfect ph for hydros? 3) How regularly should you put nutrients into the water? 4) Should I use an automatic water heater? Or would this cause more harm than good? The temp should be between 15 and 20 degrees celsius right? 5) How would I know when to turn the lights to 12/12? 6) Recommendations for 2 auto seeds with my 300w LED preferably two different types? A 50/50 mix ideally a social high not one to knock me out 7) Finally what size grow tent for two autos on 300w LED? I wasn't too sure where to put this so if it's in the wrong section I apologise I went completely off nutrients and onto other shit, I'm pretty baked haha Cheers
  12. Hi Once I get my head round uploading pics to here I'll share what's going on in my cheap greenhouses! I've spent less than £30 on them and less than £40-50 on seeds, soil, fertiliser and pots. In fact the bulk of the cost is pots! I have two auto's and 3 fem in right now, 3 more fem's germing and another 5 waiting to germ once this other 3 have gone into soil. Theres nothing fancy about this at all, just my first go and me muddling through it! It's so interesting reading everyone's journals and seeing the differences and problems people come up against. Excited to see this journal through!
  13. Howdy folks. Just looking for some advice on feeding for my 3 autos. They are from Paradise Seeds, Strains are: Wappa, Whiteberry and Vertigo. Have them each in 11 litre pots in soil (had John Innes in it). They have reached the 3 week mark now and I have some Terra Flores I'd like feed them with. First time growing autos, but I am growing them in a kind of sun room/conservatory. But I put them outside when the sun is out (they've really thrived with the great weather here in Ireland the last week). Would anyone know roughly, how much Terras Flores to use with how much water? Complete noob here and worried about damaging them. From what I have read, less is more. Start ut with very little and see how they react and then up the feed from that point on. Have a rough estimate to start out on 1ml Terras Flores with 2litres of water for the first week of feed, about twice a week. Then up it by 0.5ml next week. Does this make sense or m I talking out my ass? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hi everyone, great to be here. Im on week 6 of My first grow, Ive got an Auto Speed, Auto Girl Scout Cookies and a Cookies Kush (not Auto). The two autos have gone into flower. Here's the thing, the first time i fed them any form of nutrients was a few nights ago and that was Maxicrop seaweed fertilizer. They noticeably loved it. They appear to be doing okay, although i've never grown before so I have no previous points of reference... They are in a type of compost i've used for growing regular vegetables with great success, its called Carbon Gold, which contains activated biochar, wormcastings, etc. which according to the theory, should mean that nutrients will be available in abundance. Getting this far with them, i've decided I am going to feed them some foxfarm bloom or something like that. By the looks of it, how do you guys think its going... would you say the biochar must be working if plants are looking like this with no added nutrients? Heres a photo with some notes for reference. The pots are 8ltr pouches, im using a diy LED light, similar specs to the SF2000. All opinions, advice etc. highly appreciated since im a "newbie" at this and i really love these plants so i want to do the best for them. Thanks!
  15. Both shd and some veg

    From the album 0202

    © Ccs

  16. 5eb683433ba3b-062-opt(1).jpg

    From the album Same seeds.... ?

    3 Candy Fruit autos Same light...nutrients and soil. 2 are well into budding the other is way behind...any ideas?
  17. Good Morning you beautiful people!! So to cut a long story short ive stopped growing for a good few years now, house move, kids, new job just life in general! When purchasing our new home one of my requests (demands) was that is was south facing for growing in a greenhouse. Ive got a lovely big yard with a 6x4 greenhouse set up which gets the sun from sunrise to sunset nearly. Now back then i was a total newb grower (£20) plastic greenhouse from BnM or something like that. Enough of the speal, i want to start growing again (itll be autos). Since its been many moons since my last (failed) grows and was just after some recommendations. Ive got some Canna Terra and Mills Dna left over from a few year ago are they still a viable growing medium or are there more superior soils out there now? Ive also got some Jiffys left (somewhere) do growers still use them? Rockwool? straight to pot? Airpots? fabric pots? standard plastic pots? I want these autos to take off with minimal handling. If any other greenhouse growers (preferably autos) would like to post there set up in the comments section i will be following and heeding there advice.
  18. What’s up guerillas. I’ve tried to stop asking as much questions so I don’t come off as one of them people that expect everything spoon fed but I really need help on this one, as it’s my second attempt at guerilla growing and I’ve not much experience. Is June too late to plant out an autoflower ?? Due to this lockdown I don’t think I will be able to plant out till this is over. Peace guerillas edit: I’m in Ireland so with the way we’re dealing with this we’re expecting to be corona free by June
  19. Hey Guys and Gals , First time grower and afternoon a bit of advice. Growing SensiSeed White Label, White Diesel Haze, I’m getting close(ish) to harvest and I’ve read trichomes is the best way to time your harvest for max strength and yield. Now I get the thinking behind it, just wanted to know what stage you wait for before you start flushing. Im growing in coco, so I’m thinking a 10 day flush, a lot can change in 10 days. So I’m wondering at what stage trichomes colours do you begin the flush to time it right, not too many ambers, nice and milky. here’s a few pics of my trichomes , these pics are from the actual bud , not the sugar leaves as I’ve heard the leaf trichomes mature earlier than the bud. Just want you opinions and thoughts on timing the flush
  20. hey guys , im 4 weeks into flower and i've just noticed a few browning leaves near my buds , the rest of the plant is looking fairly healthy ... the humidity is always within range 40-50% just wondering if there are some expert eyes in here could give me ideas on if this is the start of bud rot , or if its something else and i'm just being paranoid ?
  21. Just wanted to put a few pics of how my plants are looking after 35 days. This is only my 2nd grow and first with autos. Ive been doing my best to follow @blackpoolbouncer excellent diary. Doing this training malarkey is very addictive. Got myself the orange buckets haha. These 5 are in bio-bizz all mix but I’m about to pop 4 more seeds in Clover Multi Purpose. I thought these 5 would be a lot wider but I’m not on that level yet so that’s why I’m planting another 4 seeds. To fill them holes in the tent. Suffered a bit with cal issues (soft water) but I think it’s under control now hopefully. There was a few yellow tips on new growth on two of the plants early on about 21 days but that’s stopped now as well.
  22. Hey everyone Just a little thread for anyone with a favourite auto I'm going to smash some rgsc photos & semi' next year but need a couple autos to make up for the eggs and baskets and all that jazz. Anyway, if anyone has some solid thorough grow diary on any rgsc please link me Thanks anyone and everyone Guerilla fo lyf
  23. ... guerrillas Not really a guerrilla grow but all grown by that candle in the sky so thought best in this section as can't see a backyard/windersill section?.. Iv stuck 3x auto in a back garden (not mine) just thought I'd share how they are doing.. I started them in white plastic cups about half filled on the window sill about 10-14days before they went out on the 23/7/19 ..the window only gets around 6hours direct light at the very best but at the time light wasnt great and they looked rather weak &runty for 10days + but they was in minimal soil and like i said didnt get much good light.. I used recycled soil from my indoor grows I reckon about 8/10l containers with drainage holes about 1or 2 inches up from the bottom of the pot around the sides to leave a little res of water just in case ..so I crossed my fingers and left them to it... They Took quite well.. I was surprised ..bare in mind the day I put then out was day before we had high winds and storm... I gave them a dose of fishmix at 5ml /L on the 21st that was the first time I watered them before that we had enough rain to keep them going I also gave them a water on 24th as it's been scorching lately it's a pitty we are losing daylight hours now really but will see how they do ...iv got a few snaps of a few autos done on the windowsill aswel that il upload soon
  24. Hey fellow Auto growers. I came across an intersting situation which I thought I should share with you. I was lucky to get some Dinafem 'Blue Amnesia XXL Automatic seeds from the very wonderful @Dinafem-Mark, and I wasn't disappointed..... the 1st time I grew one I harvested 18.4 ounces of exceptional quality bud.... She was a MONSTER! Naturally, I thought I should grow her again, so this is how things went..... Like always, I sow my seeds directly into Coco, and for this grow, I had my Blue Amnesia along with 3 other Automatics.... Day 1 She started off just like the others (except the Double Glueberry OG) Day 7 I repotted to 25 Litre Airpots in the 3rd week, and here she is on day 20..... Nothing wrong so far. She looks great. By day 29 though, I could see that she (top right) wasn't growing at the pace that the others were..... and by day 40, although the others had started flowering, the Blue Amnesia had not.... I gave her the benefit of the doubt and carried on, I thought that because she's an XXL, maybe she'll take a bit longer in veg. Another week passed by, and still no flowers. Looking back, my previous BA looked like this at day 44........ Plenty of flowering and stretch, as you'd expect by this stage. This current Blue Amnesia was looking different though. Day 48 now...... Looking very healthy, but where's those flowers??? I carried on regardless, and on day 62, looking a bit thirsty, but still NO flowers.... Closer you can see lots of new, vigorous growth, preflowers, and I'm glad to say, no ball bags. OK I thought, she's definitely not a he. Maybe give her some PK 13/14 to kick start her into flowering.... as you might expect, no change. There was only one opton left, maybe she's a Photoperiod? I searched around, and I couldn't find much. Dinafen don't even make a Blue Amnesia Photoperiod, so I decided to get a new tent... a really cheap 1.2 x 1.2m wise, 2m high job, and cobble together some lights and extraction. She needed to be under 12/12 ASAP while the rest of my Autos finished in the old tent on the usuall 20/4 lighting regime. Here she is outside the old tent on day 67..... I was beginning to think she was a bit too big for the new tent. After a long wait for the tent, up it went, and in she went.... day 72 Yup..... Those old LEDs are up at the highest possible point. Not much room for any buds to grow. I was already using the old Photon 126 unit for the main grow.... as supplemental lighting, but now there's one less plant in my main tent, I moved it into my new tent for the Blue Amnesia.... it wasn't enough to cover her with light, so I dug around some more and looked for my old Helios lights...... I think I got them back in 2012/3.... everyone was using HPS.... if you used LED's you'd get lynched online.... everyone telling you they are useless, don't live upto the hype, too expensive etc etc.... Despite all the 'advice' and warnings.... I went with LED Hydroponics..... I don't know why, but I think it had a lot to do with the knowledge that the main Man there has.... he knew his product, and gave the best advice on how to use them. Then I watched open mouthed as a grower called Ledbud, grew a massive Automazar with one. In those days. most growers were getting 3 to 5 ounces from an Auto, Ledbud scored 14 ounces!!! I found my old (2x) Helios 2's and one Helios 6...... the Helios 6 was my beloved first LED..... the one they all tried to shit on. But she showed them.... she showed them how to grow a kilo from 2 Auto Ultimates..... oh yes. I could not believe it...they all fired up first time! Quality gear. I'll save the Helios 2's for later, but the Helios 6 and the Photon 126 are now back together like Jake and Elwood, bathing my Blue Amnesia in pure LED goodness..... 2 days later, day 74 she was already hitting the lights, so I shoved a load of long stakes in and supercropped the fuck out of all those tall stems. .... giving me a nice flat canopy, and about a foot of space..... It wasn't enough, and by day 83, she had grown a forest of stems, all hitting the lights again, so I got that sheet of 5cm metal mesh I used in my last grow, clipped it to some ratchet rope hangers, and lowered it down, click by click by click, tucking all the stems through the mesh, till I got it down to just above the the level of the previous supercroppings.... then I supercropped the shit out of her again..... .... and I gave her a good clear out down below..... .... and here's a view from underneath. You can see some of the first supercroppings, tied to the stakes..... .... and from above the next day (day 84) you can see the ratchet rope hanger, supercropped stems tied down to the mesh with green cable ties and lots of tops all growing upwards again..... .... and YES.... she's flowering!!!!! The Autos in the main tent were just about done, so I moved the lights around and put a massive bank of Skyline LEDs in to give me better coverage over such a high canopy.... Look at the legs on that filthy Bitch! There's no more that a foot of space between the lights and the canopy... .... but the canopy is choc full of bud! That's day 96!!!! about 3½ weeks into flower!!! By day 104, I had moved her back into the (slightly bigger) old tent 1.4m x 1.4m wide, but still just the 2m height. I had reinforced the roof, so it was much easier and safer to load up with more lighting..... why not! I dunno if the tent can take anymore strain.... it's leaning to one side a little and even the reinforced mesh roof is bending. I've had to put this much lighting in because of the lack of height space... reduced spread of light coverage etc. Here's a shot of the amount of space I have, and you'll see what I mean.... The canopy is sort of sloping down as you go into the tent... the stuff at the front is taller, so I have to crawl under the plant, and pop up at the back of the tent to get a better view.... Here's looking back at the left side... ....and the right side.... A sea of colas.... I've just started giving PK13/14, and hope she's got about 4 weeks left to go. Day 116 and all going well. I had to do a plain water pH'd flush just to balance out the medium, and deal with the tip burning. I've been keeping a close check on the run off these past few weeks, the extended veg period... that's a big ask for the medium to stay stable. I'd been keeping the EC around 0.8 for a while now, pH 5.8 to 5.9, same feed, same everything apart from 5 days pf PK13/14.... also at EC0.8, given from day 103 (day 31 bloom) The run off EC was about 0.6-0.7 prior to PK 13/14. During and after PK, I noticed the EC of the run off went upto 0.9-1.0. pH was good however.... 5.8 to 6.0 I gave her a good flush... 24 hours of EC 0.1 rainwater adjusted to pH 5.8. The folowing morning, run off was EC 0.3 pH 6.0, so that evening I made up another EC 0.8 feed like the one before I gave before and after the PK, only with 0.05ml/L less A&B in it...... hopefully she'll be back on track. I think the tip burning and high EC run off was because of my temps.... all that lighting..... 1300W draw and 2600W output from the 4x Skyline 400's, 2x Skyline 100's and the Skyline 800..... that's made my tent a bit on the warm side.... 33°C right now.... but with plenty of air circulation fans. I get a good 10° drop in temps during lights out. Here she is on day 116, 44 days into flowering. The problem with a 73 day veg period, it that you get MONSTERS, so I had to do two phases of major supercropping, and got a mesh screen over her to maximise what little overhead space that I had. A shit load of defoliation under the mesh, and I'm greeted with this as I open the tent.... The mesh screen is 120cm above ground and about a metre above the top of the coco. I really don't have much space.... about 20-30cm between the canopy and the lights, which are at maximum height..... The supercropping has allowed me to create a massive canopy 1.2m squared. I had to be brutal, but as you can see, she responded well.... It was after the first round of supercropping was done to all the main upright stems when I put the mesh screen over, so what you're seeing under the screen is that. The second round of supercropping was done to all the shoots coming off the (1st round of supercropped) stems that grew above the net, and you might see a few green cable ties holding down some of that lot. Are you with me so far??? Anyway, getting a decent pic of the canopy is pretty tricky, I have to crawl under to the back, and pop up between the two lights at the rear. She won't fit in one frame, so this is the area on the left.... .... then the centre region.... ...and the right part..... Then I came up with the idea of using the 'panoramic' function on my phone, and got this...... .... and even then I can't quite fit her all in one frame! The buds are fattening up nicely, and are loading up with a good coating of trichomes..... pistils are beginning to brown off, so she won't be long now..... Unfortunately, the time had come to move home, this gets very complicated so skin up another doob, spark up and enjoy the final stage of this grow! Day 129..... 57 days into bloom, and there's an open house later in the day.... we're moving out and the Landlord wants the place viewable for future tenants. I've been planning for this, and I was ready to go as soon as I finished my wake and bake. Joint out, made another fat one (you know how it goes) and got to work. Here she is then.... ready to start her new adventure..... Lights out is usually 8am, so on the dot, I unhooked all the yoyos and dragged her out of the tent. I had fed her the night before, and so after 12 hours of light, she wasn't excessively heavy. I got one of those plastic dust sheets you can get from DIY shops and wrapped that around her to gather everything up towards the middle. The plant was 1.2m by 1.2m wide so getting her through doorways would be a problem unless I could get her width down to 80cm. I stuck a load of black bin liners together, 6 by 3, with some parcel tape to make a kind of tarpaulin.... over that went, followed by another load of black bags.... all held together with more parcel tape...... What a kinky bitch!!! Anyway, I eased her through the door, lugged her downstairs, staggered outside, and dumped her in the carport. I never throw shit out, so finally I had found a use for the cardboard box for a fridge we bought a couple of years back..... I doused it in orange oil spray, parked the cars around it and got back to getting the tent down for the impending open house later in the afternoon. I'm not gonna lie.... she stank! But all went well, and the rabble came and went without a hitch. I got the plant back inside, and skinned up again, the relief of not getting rumbled was incredible. We got more and more caned, I couldn't be arsed to get the tent, fans and lighting up again for 'lights on' and the next day, we continued getting caned..... it wasn't until 5pm when I decided it was time to free her from her bondage...... when I ripped open the plastic, it was drenched inside! She'd been sweating like a Nun in a cucumber patch. I had planned to use the same method again 3 days later when we had to move out... wrap her up in plastic, get her on a van and back in her tent in the new gaff by lights on...... but after the stress of the open house, I didn't fancy going through all that again, and seeing all that humidity build up in her gimp suit made me think the whole lot would be lost to rot if I continued, so I took drastic action...... Officially day 130 chop.... 58 days after flip. Have a look at that blanket of bud! It was nice and juicy, the trichomes all milky, so why not just finish this grow once and for all..... I had shitloads to do, what with moving house and packing, cleaning etc, so cropping had to be done late at night. I started my usual way, stem by stem, manicuring as I went, and hanging them in perforated cardboard boxes. 3 days went by in a blur, then it was move day. The night before, I did as much manicuring as I could, but by 3am I was still left with a mountain of bud to deal with, so I just started chopping it all down, leaves and all. I got a packing box. lined it with some packing paper, and laid out a load of stems on top. then some more packing paper, and then another layer of stems.... again and again like some kind of ganja lasagne. I squeezed it down and then continued filling the box with the stems that I'd previously cut and hung, layer by layer until the box was stuffed. I taped it up and labelled it 'spices', doused it in orange spray, and put it with all the other boxes for the removal boys to load up in the van. It took about 5 minutes for the whole house to stink of pungent blueberry. 'Oh I wish my house smelled like yours' said one bloke. 'Mmmmm' said another, 'that smells like strong stuff mate'. Then he went on about having to move 10 bin bags full of Peyote once, and how he's seen 'everything'. These Guys were gonna be OK..... I could imagine some companies refusing to move drugs interstate, but this lot were fine about it! Anyway, we made the move, and after everyone had gone, I sat down that night and thought about how I was gonna dry all this wet weed. I was sitting in the large lock up space beside the house.... everything was packed in there... piles of boxes.... and slowly it all came together in my head. I put up the new 1.2m² wide 2m high tent, hung up a filter and 6 inch extraction, and set to work unpacking the 'spice' box. I hung the longer stems in some boxes, and clipped the shorter stems to a few sock hangers. I still had a load of smaller buds and stems to dry, and suddenly remembered I had this hanging net thingy I bought and never used a few years back.... all stashed in a box, somewhere in the piles of boxes in the lock up.... found it quite quickly, and hung it up in the tent, after scattering the last of the bud over it. Being back in Suburbia, I have to be a bit more careful about prying eyes, so I came up with a solution to make the drying set up more stealthy..... Mrs Tee wan't happy about me using her precious screens, but you'd never guess, would you? Especially the bt of paper over the 'Grocell' label Then you open the screens...... ..... and unzip the door...... Some manicured stems and a few with leaves still on. .... and another, all with leaves on. I figure this will slow down the drying process as they wrap around the buds and hold the moisture in a bit longer..... So 2 boxes full, and 3 sock hangers as well. Some of it was manicured.... .... but most of it was leafy AF.... The sock hangers are great, easy to load up, and easy to hang.... I was pleased I remembered I had the drying net. I couldn't be bothered to individually wet manicure all that and brown paper bag it all. I was well knackered from all the moving, so this was a nice lazy solution. I put the extraction on its lowest setting and let them rest for a good while. On day 144, 14 days after the initial chop, I decided to do he final manicuring, weigh up and jar up. I'd probably left it a bit late, they were well dry. It was pretty easy clipping off all the leaves, and eventually I made a couple of nice piles of nugs.... The top pile of larger buds weighed 185g. The bottom pile weighed 246g. This was all the stuff from the boxes and the sock hangers. The next day I went through the stuff on the drying net..... another 91g. The bud has very nice bag appeal.... rock hard nuggets covered in sparkly trichomes...... If you tot up the numbers, you get 522g in total..... 18.4 ounces of bud from one plant.... a Blue Amnesia XXL Automatic that developed into a Photoperiod. Dinafem doesn't sell Blue Amnesia in a Photoperiod, so this is a rarity indeed. And so fucking much of it as well!!!! What do you think @Dinafem-Mark I grew Blue Amnesia Auto 2 grows ago..... this smells the same... pungent Blueberry with a deep rich aroma. Guess how much the Auto gave me in comparison..... 521.6g..... 18.4 ounces...... what an incredible coincidence! So there we have it, this was quite a grow..... I started with 4 Autos in a cardboard box. One became a Siamese twin, and another decided to be a photo. 1378 grams or 48.6 ounces all jarred up! I'm well happy with that! Thank you for joining me and seeing all the bullshit I have to deal with to get some decent smoke, and I hope you have as much success with your grows!
  25. So after a few grows using RQS I decided that I would give Dinafem a go, I'm just finishing a grow that was supposed to be all RQS but due to a couple of dodgy seeds not sprouting, I bought 2 Dinafem seeds (only one grew though, maybe my fault) but the one that did has really impressed me. (2 weeks behind the RQS and the biggest plant) Grow diary here... Anyway, I have bought 4 more seeds and plan on getting these going once the current grow has finished. The seeds are... 1x Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Haze 2.0 Autoflowering 1x Blue Critical Autoflowering 1x Original Amnesia Autoflowering Set up... Old kids wardrobe (insulated and made slightly bigger) Kingbo 300w led (120w real wattage) Topplanet 300w led (120w real wattage) (Surprised how well these 2 lights have done considering they are cheapies) 2 X modified ceiling led panel lights (4000k) 80 watts Ram mixed flow extraction Rhino 4" filter 2x 4" usb fans Heat mat 600mm X 600mm Fabric pots Soil will be a mixture of pre used (once) canna soil mix / home made compost/perlite / Coco coir. Various canna / biobizz fertilizers. Pic from current grow...it's a bit rag tag but does the job... Hoping the current grow will be finished in the next couple weeks, will get onto these then. ... Watch this space...