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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys i have another question about autopots. How do you maintain a good root temperature in autopots? I like the idea of heat mats but im not sure it would work with them or if it would cause other issues. Im only using a four pot set up in a 1.2 x 1.2 Any info helpful even just general autopot talk or tips
  2. Hey 420, I’m wondering what medium to use. It says on the auto pot website to use a 50/50 mix of coco or soil with perlite or clay pebbles. I’m wondering should I mix canna professional plus with clay pebbles or buy/use the gold label 70/30 mix. it would be easier for me to just use the 70/30 but wanted to see what you guys would suggest... does anyboday have experience with either of these mediums in auto pots? Thanks
  3. I have been growing with ionic for years and can achieve some nice quality but just not the best yields. I am growing in a 1.2 x 1.2 tent and everything is for personal use so I'm aiming more for quality but the maximum yield I have achieved has been about 15oz dried. I have read a lot about growers aiming for 1g/watt and am pretty sure I will never get there with ionic. I have grown in soil, coco and recently switched to the autopots all using ionic and I'm thinking it's time for a change. I have done a lot of reading and think I'll go with canna, Dutch pro or growers ark, for base nutes at least. Does anyone have experience using these preferably with the autopots? Also is there one additive/supplement that you wouldn't go without? As I said I'm looking for quality over quantity but the best of both worlds would be nice haha. Cheers
  4. Basically my problem is what the title says, after 16 hours of light my plants are always dropping it's nothing too bad but I don't have a clue why. At the moment I'm using: 6 pot autopot system 400w metal halide (running 18/6) ionic coco grow green fuse grow (stimulator) superdrive formulex 60/40 coco/clay pebble mix temps 68-70 lights off 72-78 on humidity 40-70% I don't run extraction fan during lights off to raise humidity a bit during veg. The plants are looking perfect apart from the last 2 hours of the day when the leaves start to droop, it's not extreme but noticeable. Only thing I can think is it may be over watering as it's my first time using the autopots and from what I can see there's not much time for the roots to get oxygen once the pots are dry until they fill up again. I can try to upload a couple pics of the difference between start and end of day if that helps. any ideas?
  5. Hello folks, Just joined up this site, I've got a few grow's under my belt but in no way an expert and would appreciate if I'm doing anything wrong or what someone will pipe up and let me know This is my first Auto grow, hopefully it works out and won't be my last. I am currently on day 22 from seed but have pics from every week which i will bombard on after this post along with how I've been feeding and stuff. My kit- 1.2x1.2 tent 600w hps 4x15 Autopots, Using gold label 60/40 clay pebble/coco mix Ionics range. Before i add the photos and stuff i'll say just now i think the look abit like cabbage ! Tell me what you guys think though.
  6. 4 weeks old

    From the album 1st Grow BB Cheese

    4 Weeks into flower, just potted up to 25L pots..
  7. Its come to the point now, where I can't really continue using compost and manual watering. Physically, its getting to be too much. Not only is all the lifting and humping stuff around too much (feeling the heft of a pot to determine if it needs watering is way out of reach now), but now I have a tremor that makes watering more like taking a shower! My right hand is so weak I can't even lift a cup of coffee with it some days. As a result my GR is a dirty and untidy mess. And my plants are suffering with minimal yield and maximum distress. So I need a simpler system. But which is best? Wilma? NFT (I'd probably find this too technical)? Autopots? Airo-whatzzits? Which......? Any wisdom, 420 peeps? I will be starting my next grow in about 5 weeks. So I need to get something lined up smartish, like.
  8. A question for autopot users, I'm giving these a go this year as I'm away frequently now with work and won't manage hand watering the coco daily. I'm using a four pot system 8litre system and will almost certainly be adding a maxijet pump and airstones into the 47L reservoir for airation/agitation. I keep reading mixed views on the airdomes to place in the pots as well. Some say they are amazing, some aren;t that impressed. Anyway, because I'm cheap, I'm looking at alternatives for the airdomes. These are more or less £7 each so rather than doing this I am considering buying 4 airstone disks or circles instead and just placing them amongst the pebbles at the bottom of the pots. This will cost me £10 for a set of four rather than £28 for the airdomes. I am trying to consider why the cages in the airdomes are that much better, if at all, than having the stone disks, and what problems I may have with the disks. I was wondering whether anyone had any views/experience on this before I pull the trigger on ordering airstones over the airdomes. Cheers!
  9. Hope you're all in sparkling form I obviously have too much time on my hands and managed to get this contraption up and running all watertight. It started as a an idea from the autopot, then I saw those tropf blumat things and although similar principal not quite the same since auto and TBM's are gravity fed. The idea is - even although I'm in with her every night, I like the idea of me not having to decide when she's thirsty and if I were to go away for a few days then this should let me do that without worrying. Now that I've got it set up - there's a few fine tuning adjustments I'm pondering but it'll be a wee while before Mrs Bubba is big enough to fill her new shoes which means I can hopefully have it ready in time. One thing that had worried me a bit was what about the "dry" period? At present what I have is 5 gallon homebrew bucket, 15 litre round pot filled with a soil mix (approx 30 ish percent perlite/vermeculite) this rests on the lid of the homebrew bucket giving approximately half for the nutrient reservoir, 1 Fluval 1 internal fish tank filter in bottom of bucket running on a timer with the lights 1 gromit 1 elbow 1 inverted aquarium vaccum which is acting life level indicator/filling & Draining hole I just got a load of Hesi soil nutrients as I thought it best to start in dirt, keeping with the KISS moto but it doesn't look a kick in the hee haws off one of those plant-it Gemini things, however I'm broker than broke and can't afford a new set of nutes or pH pens or EC truncheons for the forseeable. Has anyone got anything similar on the go and got any advice/pointers to look out for? As it stands I'm just thinking of trying to use it like an autopot with dirt? I've not yet sussed how to upload photos but every day's a school day so hopefully not long to follow. Take care y'all
  10. Hi I started off 4 Sensi Northern Lights in a canna soil/perlite under T5s in 6 inch pots (for 2 weeks) before transplanting into 8l easy2grow autopot system (I don't need mega yields just for myself to have enough). I then used a circular 60W led to bring them on further with the vegging (useful light penetration was a 75cm circle. (heat and cost are both an issue so I'd rather wait an extra week or 2 for them to fill out and save on the 400w light - not an issue in winter but my flat was 24.5 degrees ambient over summer) I am using flairform nutes as they are soluble and don't settle, however on the feed schedules it says half the strength of feed if watering every time by hand. The way I have it set up is semi hydro and semi soil - need advice on how I should be feeding them as I assumed they would just take what they need. Loving the fact that when I am away with my daughter I can forget about it and not have my mate overwatering them on a daily basis, just want to clarify the above point. Tried the search box but I'm either too blonde to see the post or the info just isn't there. Thanks for the advice. KR Steve ps Roll on 420
  11. Hi everyone. I was hoping some of the coco heavyweights could answer a few questions for me as I'll be starting a coco autopot grow in the next fortnight using Barney's Critical Kush. For the seedling stage I have coco pellets to start them in, Canna Coco Pro+ as the substrate they will be transplanted into and some Canna start to feed the young plants( I have Canna Coco A+B and Rhizo for later on). These are my questions( all help much appreciated): 1. After my seeds have sprouted in the jiffy pellets and have sufficient roots showing ready for transplanting, do I need to wash the Canna Coco pro+ before using it and If yes then should I saturate it with a half dose of Canna Start so the coco has some nutes in it? 2. Should I transplant the jiffy pellets into a 100% coco mix in a small 1l pot before transplanting them to their final 60/40% coco/perlite 8l pots? 3. Does anybody know when I switch from Canna start to A+B and Rhizotonic? I can't seem to find much info on the Interweb. 4. Any other Autopot growers up in this bish? Thanks.
  12. AMS1

    From the album A.M.S and El nino

    34 days from germination

    © me

  13. El nino

    From the album A.M.S and El nino

    about 50 days from germ, had some delays due to inexperience.

    © me