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Found 17 results

  1. Got a few autoflowers on the go in my new setup and have run into an issue it seems. Nothing major, looks like the plants are doing well and will recover no problem. Just hoping to get some of your opinions to determine the problem and discuss any fixes. Background 80x80x180 (Homebox) Soil: Biocanna Bio Terra Plus Enhancers: Worm Castings (around 20%) Nutrients: Guanokalong Organic Dry Amendments: Vegetal Fertiliser (5-4-5) + Complete organics (2-5-3) Mixed 5 tablespoons of the 5-4-5 and 3 tablespoons of the 2-5-3 into soil before planting. (considerably less than the recommended feed) Can amend by top-dressing and/or compost teas. Attis 300w (currently set to 180w and 63cm from the plants) 125mm TT strapped to a carbon for exhaust Strains: 2 x Strawberry Banana (Fast Buds) , 1 x Wedding Cake (Barneys Farm) Day 16 since seed Temps: 25-26 Celcius on average Humidity: 55% average Watering has been on a good wet/dry cycle of every 5 days. Started LST and some leaf tucking just yesterday hence their wonkiness. Generally growth has been good, new growth has exploded since yesterday and their on the right track. The leaf discolouration has gradually gotten a little worse, take a look: 2 x Strawnannas on the left. 1 x WC on the right Strawnnanna #1 #2 Yellowing leaves on strawnanna same here WC general colour is a lighter green than the Strawnnanas: And has a similar yellowing issue. Thanks for dropping in LD
  2. Hi all, looks like I'm becoming a frequent visitor to this sick plants thread Looking for opinions on a recurring problem. 3 Sweet Seeds autoflowers About 3 weeks into flower 9L BioBizz AllMix Per pot 2L water each, every 3/4 days 0.5ml Grow 0.5ml Bloom per litre every other watering (5/6days) 75x75 with Lumatek Attis set at 240w around 19/20 inches from canopy level temps 26-28 Humid 50%ish Any inputs appreciated, bless up!
  3. Hi All, so my girls are now roughly 26 days old. Some more than others but they are showing pistols already? They have only had 2 feeds, one root juice diluted about a week ago and had their first grow nutes today, also quite weak. Iv only just started to Lst which is going well. Is this normal with autos?
  4. I would like to go for a 200 x 100 x 200cm grow tent. What size intake and extraction fans would be suitable for this size tent. I already have 4 inch fans. Which are quite powerful, I will want to use carbon filters, I have seen online I can get some to use with these fans just by connecting with ducting. Would I be able to use 4 inch fans for this size efficiently. I have multiple so I could use 2 for intake and 2 for extraction and adjust the speeds accordingly? Also how many plants would be suitable for this space using autoflowers. Thanks
  5. Hi, I planted 3 autoflowers, specifically ‘Quick One’ by Royal Queen Seeds on the 8th September so 2 months ago. However they have not got any buds at all as of yet, is this normal? The plants are not in the perfect environment however they do seem to be growing fairly decently. I can’t see any pistils either maybe the odd few but I think there should be a lot more at this age, can anyone help please??? Please see pics below
  6. Hey guys, Im currently growing 4 autos in coco (70/30) and using GH tri-part nutes. All around 6 weeks in. Growing under an SF2000 LED. Only in 6 litres pots due to limitations. Temps regulated around 25 daytime and 20 at night with around 50% Humidity throughout. Two are in earlyish bloom (Cheese & Amnesia Haze - RQS) and two are in preflower (Bluematic & Northern Lights - RQS). Im feeding around half the recommended dose from GH along with Rhizotonic, Cannazym (and Boost on the flowering plants). Nutes are PH'ed to 5.8 before watering. Ive been recording the runoff ppm and Ph and the Amnesia Haze is slowly drifting up from 6.9 a week ago to 7.1 today. It looks a bit short and some of the leaves are a bit blotchy. I know I made a few mistakes early on (under-watering for a week and flushing with non PH'ed tap water). Heres a canopy view: Amnesia Haze Auto The PH runoff for the others is fairly consistent and they all look healthy and larger: NL - 6.7-6.9 Bluematic - 6.7-6.8 Cheese - 6.5-6.6 Is this likely a PH issue? Seems i might be getting nute lockout. What is the best way to deal with this drifting PH? Is it a bad idea to flush when in early flowering stages or are there any other options/suggestions? I know some people dont bother with monitoring the runoff, but I have been as this seems like it could be a PH issue and i want to keep it under control as much as possible.
  7. hey i just want some info on using the canna range terra vega and terra flores ill be growing 3x gorrila glue auto by seedsman and 3x lsd 25 by seedsman in a 120cm x 120cm x 200 with a 600 w dimmer set to 250w and moved up as growth grows i be germinating the seeds straight into there pots 3 will be in fabric and 3 will be in plastic 10lt the medium im using is canna terra pro..not the plus as i hear it too hot for seedlings should i ph using canna? also ive got some plant magic bio sillicon and plant magic mage cal will they be okay using with the terra range i live in a area with very soft water so i feel the cal mag is needed ive also got bio bizz top max biobizz alg a mic and their grow and bloom aswell as some root juice are these okay to use with the terra range im really unsure any help its much appreciated thanks regards buddahbuds
  8. Following on from my previous post I've got my head around the equipment side of things the only thing now thats stopping me is what medium and nutrients to use for autos. Theres many different types of nutrients out there i dont know what ones or how many i can feed my auto. Ive seen people use cal mag will i need this as im growing with led lighting?
  9. Ongoing Dinafem Specific Diary - Going to be growing the new CBD Autos from Dinafem with a Remo Chemo that is currently mid veg. Thanks to @Dinafem-Markfor the opportunity. Never grown or tasted anything CBD related so pretty chuffed to sample the what CBD can do, hoping for some anti anxiety meds and help with Glaucoma.
  10. I have a slight issue if anyone can help!? Have you ever had your roots grow out the top of the soil? My pots are absolutely packed with roots can see them everywhere under drain holes etc, and now coming out the top, but not like 1 or 2 root heads, its like a full cobweb of roots slowly appearing, i have been reading its a sign pots to small but damn im in 10L pots and they’re ament to be autos?! Any advice? Already at 28” tall start of week 5 been in flower for one week, any idea how tall they could get little worried im going to have plants touching the ceiling soon!
  11. Hello fellow growers, This is my first grow and I am having problems with my plants. I planted them 2 and a half weeks ago and until now they seemed very healthy, but for the last couple of days, the leaves on one plant are turning yellow. I haven't used any fertilizer yet and I water them approximately every 5 days. Also, the plants seem a bit short, is this normal? Any advice would be very welcome. Here is a picture of the sick plant. Many thanks
  12. Hi sweet growers We have a new video on our Vimeo channel of the amazing Jack 47 Auto®. Hope you like the video fellas, this plant is really tasty and the smell is fresh, sweet and very delicate. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel! Pd: sorry but since the changes in the forum, I don't know how to embed the video into the post... I appreciate if something can help me Sweet smokes! J.
  13. PROJECT: MONSTERS IN THE CLOSET by GASTATION. Hello and lets have fun watching the grass grow people!!!! For the following grow diary I would like to break it down and explain, a good way to grow for everyone that is interested to start their own garden and they lack space. I have learned and dial up that method of DWC AUTOFLOWER growing the last 5 years with great results and this time I believe everything is up to my standards of doing things…. We will create a grow room suitable for small apartments and/or bedrooms, so silence and monstrous results is our guideline for what we want to achieve. So lets start with our setup and costs: We look at total cost of equipment up to 1300$ for the first run. Room: Any 60x75x180cm closet or grow tent works. You will make your life a lot easier to manage things with a grow tent so lets go with that option, you can also place the grow tent in a closet if you are able to make one extraction hole. Setup choice: A Gorilla Grow Tent Light Line 60x75x1.80cm ( 150$), been able to withstand a lot of weight making it a really futureproof choice Lighting: We will go with LEDs for easier management of temps and humidity. (300$ - Your wallet depth) Setup choice: A mars2 1200w led, panel which I swapped the fans to something stronger and more silent (total cost 350$) Air: Consider you will also need a carbon filter for the sweet smell of your girls and a good 4inc turbine to go with it, for a good temp management. PS: A blauberg max fan that comes with thermostat for temperature and humidity cost 150$. Setup choice: Rhino filter 100mm and 12cm Inline fan with DIY silence box(350m3/h) (230$) Water: You either buy one RO filter or RO water from the market (250$+ filter, 50-80$/grow water bottles). Unless you have like the best water out of your tap I would advise against it. DWC buckets + air pump: Growing with DWC, WATER IS YOUR GOD.- been temps, oxygenation or the quality of it. Setup choice: DIY DWC buckets made out of 20L/5gal coolers… Keeping the temps under 22c for 4 days which is critical when grow room temps run over 30c. (100$ or free if you’re lucky). Haleia air pump ACO-9820(~100$) Feeding: Now that’s something up to personal preferences (bio or not) I will go once more with Advance Nutrients to make it easy and foolproof, stoners we are, mistakes we can (will) do… My choice: A+B PH perfect line (connoiseur), Voodoo Juice, B52, Rhino skin, Big bud and overdrive, Bud candy and Bud Factor X. (cost for 2 plants with 40Lin total buckets 120$) Growing method: After a lot of tries and error, DWC, individual SCROG for each bucket (DIY), Defoliation, with High Co2, High Temps and max feed all the way. From my testing that’s the highest yielding option for a room that small. Achieving up and close to 190g per auto-flower plant in previous tries. (Jack 47 auto/80days)
  14. Hello everyone have a question to ask, would like to give a shout to @@SkyRider for helping me so far ect.. I first thought i was planting autoflowers, somehow i managed to germinate and not realize for a few days that they were just fast version seeds (Sweet seeds cream caramel F1 to be exact) yeah i know right real stupid.. The most stupid thing was i was following this guide which i was telt on here wasn't that useful. To cut it short i germinated 4 photo seeds straight into 11 litre pots of coco and perlite 70:30, they are sprouted fine just now there light pale green, there not dead as i say @@SkyRider has done alot to help me so big ups to him, but hes a soil guy! Hes helping me to the best but theres gotta be someone whos done or know someone whos done this before? Anyway there on day 8/9, three of them are fine as i say abit light but number 4 is still lacking on producing any new leaves. (BY THE WAY ITS MY FIRST EVERY GROW, JS;)) I started them on a ph of 6.5 thinking they were autos i give the pots an initial soaking of that before germinating anyway i started dropping it now ive been told and read that i should be giving in the region of 5.8-6.0 ph, is this correct i have done this for the last two days just with misting the top soil so hopefully that sorts them... But since ive put them in big pots i dont know the best way about watering ive read so many claims let it dry out, flush till run off, ect i havent watered or fed till any run off so far ive just kept misting the top soil there are still abit heavy/damp so still have water in them but should i flush till run off to see if thats the problem? thats what i dont know since there only babys and they obviously wont have much roots yet? Anyway that probably sounded confusing as fuck i hate typing so bad!, im a bit stoned but everyone on here is full of helpful advice i was wondering if anyone could sort off lay something out there!! Thanks james, happy smoking
  15. Autoflowers

    Any1 know how many autos can go in to a 120,120,200 tent with a super mh bulb 600 watt for veg and 600 watt hps for 3 weeks after veg ..? I'm growing blueberry auto by Dutch passion , afgan kush ryder by world of seeds ,auto Mazar by Dutch passion and 710 diesel from 710 genetics for now , I have a 100 litre barrel I have read about putting a air stone in to airate the water but not sure as it's my third grow. And I haven't choose my soil yet ,,,, hope to get some replys
  16. Any 1 know any really juicey smelly strains that they have tested . Or any certain ways to grow tips nd tricks to share please ,