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Found 156 results

  1. here is a method for training auto flowering plants ive used it on auto's that go from seed to flower in 8, 9, 10 weeks 12L fabric pots and coco, if that matters. its really easy - there's only 3 stages and it works. massive growth, but everything keeps really low. its ideal for anyone struggling with height. how low? well most plants are in the 300-500mm (from top of pot) and ive had 1 that was 600mm but that was a big-genetic type tools and stuff you'll need are some soft rubber w/wire. I use the thick soft stuff you see everywhere, make sure its got the wire in the core though first stage, being stage 1, is at 10 days from when the seedling has come out of the coco and showed its first true leaves get the main stem down/over only. nothing else and most if not all of the time it just ends up being pulled to one side, but thats ok a lot of people might say that 10 days is too young to be pulling on the stem, however I mean really gently. the reason that I do it now and not at 2 weeks/5 nodes is that even at 2 weeks ive found some stems to be too stiff and I end up manhandling them more than id like to bend them over. I just find its easier at 10 days when the stems are still bendable, and ive found no issues with doing it this way. at all. next is step 2, done at 21 days/3 weeks here is before and again get the main stem down again then, working around the pot from one side of the main stem, bend 5 of the best branches spread out like fingers on a hand, spread out around the pot you should have 6 now including the main this is where you'll need some ties and here's a different plant also at this point ill remove most if not all of the leaves and other stems that are inside of the pot all the leaves are growing into each other not to mention down into the coco how to get the main stem down? slowly. and carefully, supporting all the bend point with as much fingers as you can then what I do is if you look at the tie on the main stem, I get most of the tension, as much as I dare so its nice and tight, in the first tie thats closest to the pot, get that secured, and newest growth is easier then to bend down and fix in place with the second tie at this point, most of the branches may not reach the sides of the pot, but thats ok - we're just pointing them in the direction, and at the height, you want them to be keep the middle well clear - you'll thank me later 6 stems including the main seems to be optimum - ive tried more but it gets packed enough as it is last bit is step 3, at 28 days/4 weeks before get the main stem down again going round the other branches, bend the ends down to make them longer. they should have reached the sides of the pot but even now dont worry if some haven't bend everything down and out again I trim up a couple of nodes again on each branch and the main stem like so here's another and this is a shot of the next day, 4 ladies done. there nothing else you need to do now like I said growth is massive. but managable a bit like this the reason ive put the tutorial up now instead of when the plants ive shown being trained are in full flower, is because im impatient. and someone asked for it. ill be back in a couple of weeks to show you how they are in flower mode mystic
  2. Photone Autoflowering DLI Chart

    From the album Tools & Charts

    Photone Autoflowering DLI Chart
  3. Just wondering if anyone is growing autos in a poly greenhouse. I started mine beginning of June outdoors, al was going good, until the weather turned shit, so then I brought a poly walk in greenhouse as the temps where starting to get a bit low. I am just a little concerned about the lack of sun we are getting. how will the lack of sun affect the grow. Is there anything I can do, apart from getting a indoor grow tent, as this is not feasible at the moment.
  4. Hi people I hope someone is able to advise me on PH testing the water, when I water my plants. I purchased a PH tester last night for £30. After reading a few reviews , people where saying not to buy they £10 ones. so I went for Dr-meter, hopefully I will be able to get spare electrodes, when needed. Anyway I was just wondering, Is it best to test the water with the feed mixed in the water, or test the run off mixture after watering. I am growing in 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. I have read when growing in soil the water PH level should be between 6.0-7.0. The feed I use is plant magic soil grow currently, I will move onto Plant Magic soil bloom, once my auto's begin to flower. The reason I brought the meter is because I have noticed my cash crop Auto the leaves are starting to yellow, which may be due to PH levels, as I have never tested the PH, before watering. I just use normal tap water, and where I am in the UK the water is quite hard. I started my autos from seed at beginning of June out doors. And due to the crappy weather we are having here in the UK, I decided to buy a poly tunnel. At least this way I can control the watering, and they will be protected from any high winds, and rain. I just wish there was more sunlight, which I cannot do anything about, what B******T UK summer. If I have been watering my plants with high PH levels, how do I fix the issue, or is it to late. The autos, are still currently in Veg state, and it is only my cash crop Auto which has yellowing leaves, and it is still a young plant considering when I planted them. My Northern lights, and Skunk 1's seem ok and I have been using the same water, so if the PH levels were high why are not the other plants affected. Also how often do you need to calibrate the PH meters. I use 2ml feed per litre of water, so altogether I use 14ml feed for 7 Litre of water. Using about a 1 litre of water per plant. I have 7 plants in total, in 11 litre pots. Any advise is much appreciated as always.
  5. Hi All I am growing 7x Autoflowering Plants outdoors this year. I even Germinated the seeds outdoors. I planted the seeds directly into pots i am growing them in. I planted in black 11 litre pots, so i won't need to transplant them into anything else. This year i am growing 3x Northern Lights, 3x skunk 1, and 1x Cash crop, which was a freebie. All the seeds came up, due to the excellent weather, we have been having here in the UK. They get full sunlight from 8AM till about 7PM. My only concern is the temperature of the weather. What temperatures are to hot for Auto's to grow in safely. People say give the plants as much sunshine as possible, but surely if the weather gets to hot, won't that do damage to the plants. My plants are in black pots sitting on concrete slabs. What do you guys think.
  6. Hello ! It's the beginning of the month, so it's a new promo coming from our dear Paradise And this time it's the very very very famous 1+1 !! With 3 strains, yes yes, 3 beautiful girls on promo, could be good to have a look, we never know..... Sow for Summer Harvest! 1+1 Auto Deal You don’t have to wait until Autumn for a big bud harvest… Enjoy a summer crop with our 1+1 Auto Deal - seed to harvest in just 70 days with Paradise autoflowering varieties! We have 1+ 1 on three classic Paradise auto strains:: Vibrant indica brings the flavour of forest fruits and a ‘complex’ effect. : Diesel taste and perspective changing effects from this 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid.: A fast finish auto (60% indica/40% sativa) with a fruity taste and a balanced effect. Enjoy the month of May with Autoflow blooming in Summer !!!!! See you !
  7. Hi everyone and nice to finally be a member. I have to be honest, I've been hesitant about joining up considering the legality of this stuff but now I could really do with some help. First post so please go easy. The situation: I've got an auto Girl-Scout-Cookies in my house on day 22, by far the best plant I've grown to date. I mean, she's enormous for her age and looking lush. My landlord is pressing for a full electrical inspection and it's unlikely I'll be able to put it off any later than early to mid-April. Obviously the grow set-up needs to be taken down and packed away. During previous property inspections I've managed to hide plants in either the garage or the loft but these guys are going to need access to both because they've both got electrical sockets. With work commitments this means that my set-up is likely to be out of action for at least three days and it isn't going to be possible to set something up on the outside patio for security reasons. So that leaves me with two options: Kill the plant then drink myself silly with sorrow. Transfer the plant to an outdoor spot. I have a reasonable spot in mind not too far away. So my question is; if I put it outdoors before the middle of April in early to mid-flowering, will she survive and is it worth it for the hassle? I'd need to seal the whole plant in a bin bag for transportation but not for any longer than 20 mins. I'm down in the south west and haven't seen any frost down here in April before. Sorry for waffling but please help.
  8. Yields of Autoflowering seeds as big as a crop of feminized seeds in the same time period ? Who tried ? Boost Cannabis Autoflower Yields
  9. Hi all, I'm a first time grower. Planted an autoflowering seed in June, and it started to flower around 4/5 weeks ago. Development has been slow. I'm worried the heat has caused flowers to 'popcorn'. Trichomes looks white & pistils are brown but not much growth in terms of cola formation. Not sure whether I could cut my losses, harvest now and make do with what I've got/use it for hash, or wait it out & see if the colas form bigger buds. Any expert eyes would be greatly appreciated! Peace
  10. The title of this thread could just as easily be 'oh my god what am I doing how did I end up here' Some Background I grew photoperiod seeds for around a decade under HPS, made plenty of mistakes, grew some average weed, stopped taking so much well meaning but poor advice and eventually got to the point where I was getting OK bud and OK yields and some of that improvement was down to lurking these forums. I grew so much in 2018 that I haven't done a grow for just over a year. However, those jars full of Trainwreck and Burmese Kush are now running low and it was time to start back up. Why LED? My old stuff was looking quite tired and the tent was too big for what I was doing, so it was time for new kit. My research on what was recommended nowadays landed me back here and I saw plenty of great reports on DIYLEDUK kit. Even better, pre-orders for the new PAR+ boards had started and seemed to be a great price so I ordered the 550 package. The whole 'plug and play' promise really appealed as I am not especially handy and the prospect of giant meccano kits makes my eyes glaze over. A lot of grow diaries had shown some brilliant results and the fact that you can dim the lights easily at the turn of a button instead of being restricted to whatever options your ballast had seems to be advantageous. I also hope to be able to grow decently during the summer months with LEDs and avoid suffering from the heat problems I encountered with HPS. Why Dinafem? I distinctly remember growing 4 Dinafem Critical + and 2 Dinafem California Hash Plant photoperiod plants in the past. All of them were strong, healthy plants and they were all ready for chop at 50 days into flowering, more importantly they smoked nicely. Again, lots and lots of good reviews on these boards helped my decision. Why Autos? Those of us who are married or in long-term relationships will know some things are just non-negotiable. I'm away on holiday with my wife at a certain point and while I can leave plants drying with the house/pet-sitter here, I wouldn't want them to be looking after plants for the best part of a week when they are late in their cycle. I'd actually already got a load of Dinafem Critical + 2.0 photoperiod seeds in, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought that I was probably going to have to compromise too much on veg time and still leave myself no contingency time. My knowledge of Autos was pretty outdated (I thought they were all tiny yielding dwarf plants still - how wrong can you be?) so again I did some reading up on here. The Amnesia XXL strain is one I'd love to grow as Amnesia is a favourite of mine, but the comprehensive lifecycle time quoted and the diaries showing 100+ days meant that it was a no go for me this time around. If I had that sort of time, the Critical + 2.0 would already be up and running..... The 70-75 days quoted for the Auto Cookies looked about perfect for me so that's what I bought. @diyleduk @Dinafem-Mark
  11. Cookie69bud.jpg

    From the album Dinafem Auto under DIYLED PAR+

    Bud from 69 day Dinafem Auto Cookie
  12. Hi everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker for a while and thought it best I leave a diary, or at least outline how my first attempt is going! You'll have to excuse me as I've been a bit lacklustre in terms of keeping everything up to date and I still haven't figured out how to upload pics But I'm now on day 18 since germ so here's my private notes so far: CITY SEEDS KOSHER KUSH GROW Equipment: Tent 60x60x140cm Mars Hydro TS1000 LED 4" rhino/ram filter+fan combo 12"oscillating fan 1' tube heater for lights off Plant level: 9 litre fabric pots Biobizz light mix+all mix Biobizz rootjuice/grow/bloom/topmax Days 1-10 I followed @Serpent how to grow autos in soil guide and it helped massively so shoutout to you buddy Day 1: 23/03 Germinated: Damp paper towel in ziplock (closed) in airing cupboard Day 3: 25/03 TAPROOT 3-5mm Into solo cups (Biobizz light mix - pre wetted) covered with cup, sprayed with water to increase humidity until soil break In airing cupboard Day 4: 26/03 (around 21hrs later) SOIL BREAK Temps 24-29 humid 35-55 Into tent, kept moist, under 24hr lighting. Still covered with sprayed cups, Day 5 Still moist Temp: 27 Humid: 40% Using wet shirt to increase humidity Not much progress - hoping ^RH% will help Day 6 Temp 27-29 Humid around 65% Given very light watering with spray bottle but leaves starting to fade? Day 7 Leaves more faded Day 8: 30/3 Temps 27-29 Humid low 40 high 77 steady average 68-70 Finally got fan+filter setup. Cups moist, soil lightly watered Day 9: 31/03 Temps 27-29 humid 50-60% Final pots in tent to acclimatise soil 2L water+0.5ml rootjuice for pre-wetting final pots Day 10: 01/04 Temps 27-30 humid 60-70% FINAL POT TRANSFER Leaves were starting to droop slightly - due to rootjuice overfeed ? Given 1L water (very small amount of runoff to flush rootjuice) Day 11: 02/04 Temps 27-30 humid low 55 High 70 Recovering from transfer really well, good new growth - 3rd set of cotyledon leaves showing Day 12: 03/04 Temps 27-30 humid 55-65 Added oscillating fan Day 13: 04/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-55 Big growth on 2nd set of leaves Day 14: 05/04 Temps 28.5-31 humid 55-60 WATERING 1L per plant No nutes Day 15: 06/04 Temps 27-30 Humid 47-50 FIRST ATTEMPT AT LST I've no idea what I'm doing - tied main stem down and started tucking leaves maybe too soon ? Day 16: 07/04 Temps up at 29/30 Humid up 60+ Day 17: Temps 29-30 Humid 50-55 1 or 2 big leaves leaves starting to curl - one leaf showing rusty tip Day 18: Temps high 29-32!! Humid 45-55 Raised light to highest point and lowered intensity to 50% (as advised by Mars Hydro) Temps concerning but extraction on full blast Noticed a couple vaguely rusty spots One minuscule tear/hole in a leaf I know my temps and humidity are moving mad but it's dependent on the time of day and I'm struggling to regulate them both It's just nice to be able to share my progress with like-minded enthusiasts and to know there's a vast wealth of information and knowledge to take in so thanks for stopping by and hope you've enjoyed the long read. Pop in occasionally for updates and to see how these babies progress! (If I can figure out pics ) PEACE AND LOVE
  13. Sweet Seeds gives you the chance to acquire a small but excellent collection of 10 of its 100% feminised autoflowering seeds at a great price. In this Mix you can find several genetics. From an autoflowering Cream Mandarine to some of the latest purple varieties developed. The seeds are packed in a single tube. ★ Buy Sweet Mix Auto ★
  14. Pink Kush CBD Auto

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  15. Hey, this June Seedsman have something extra special for you - our Auto Promotion! For the next 2 weeks, we are giving you the chance to double your seeds when you buy any of our Autoflowering 3 packs. The freebies will be added automatically to your order when you add any Seedsman Autoflowering 3 pack to your basket. We are also releasing 9 Brand New and Exclusive Autoflowering strains so why not be one of the first people to try them?! Check our brand new strains below now! The promotion will start June 10th 11:59am GMT and end June 24th 11:59am GMT :tiphat: https://www.seedsman.com/en/cannabis-seed-breeders/seedsman
  16. Dinafem seeds

    A nice selection of Dinafem autos.
  17. Hello folks My grow tent has been empty now for 2 weeks and I’m missing the daily routine of caring for my babies. I have searched and read a couple of threads from the past but wanted to know what autos people are currently growing. I’m looking for a strain that is quick to harvest and not too bushy and small. I’m attempting 6 autos in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2.0 grow tent. I will be tying down the main stems so I think it’s doable with the correct strain. I’ve been smoking cheese and skunk for 3 months so looking for something different. Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Gracias
  18. Day 15 LST begins

    From the album C4 Grow

  19. Hi We have a new video on our Vimeo channel... Green Poison XL Auto®: We hope you enjoy it! jaypp
  20. Plants Doing Well

    So these have been grown organically, from seed, started off in my window, in pucks, once ready planted into my final pots as to not disturb roots again.
  21. Hello everyone, I've lurked here for a while, joined a couple of months ago, lurked some more before posting now. As a first time grower, I did my research but still ended up making the odd mistake, though nothing major as I have a low-expectations attitude about the maiden voyage. I feel on the verge of a potential major mistake by completely failing to identify when I should be harvesting. This is a case of a) being aware of the beginner error of seeing buds, getting excited and pulling b) reading information about pistils which suggests the majority of them turning to colour/curling in is an indicator it's ready, c) only recently getting a loupe and not really having a point of comparison for determining if the trichomes have gone cloudy or still appear clear (it might be pretty stupid that I struggle to differentiate regardless) and d) being just 56 days in on a strain which seems to average about a 70 days grow. It is a Fastbuds Mexican Airlines auto, in case that matters, 45cm tall and grown under a Mars hydro reflector 480 positioned 30cm above on a 19/5 on-off cycle. Here are some pictures. If you can let me know what you think, I'd be grateful. The last 4 waterings (1 every 3 days) have been plain water. Owed more to too many nutrients in earlier weeks than starting a pre-harvest flush. Hopefully I've got all relevant information here.
  22. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  23. Hi all, Starting up again after a long time off. I've come back and the market is dominated by expensive CMH 315 bulbs. Going to be growing a 4 pot Wilma system in a DR 90 (90cm x 90cm x 180cm). I'm torn between sticking to what I know (a 250w HPS throughout the grow), or going for a CMH 315. Obviously, the later is more expensive, due to the bulbs. I have however seen quite a lot of posts on social media etc about the benefits of 'full spectrum cannabis', although this may just be in relation to the oil extracted from it. Does anyone know how this will affect (if at all) growth of autos and their yields? Cheers!