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Found 517 results

  1. Hi guys, Unsure if posting correctly, so hope ok l got a lil grow for personal use. First time with autoflower (i failed with other kind - photoperiod? - just got puffy low grade plant-like buds) Going better this time, actually looks like bud! It's firm in places, and smells good (not as strong as I thought tho) - but it just looks bit off to me Some cabbage kinda like things also, or loose buds maybe idk, in places. And also loads of new white pistes still.. I cut back some big fan leaves as they yellowed and wilted (but apparently I shouldn't trim autos much/at all?) And I've given up trying to remove the crispy dead leaves (most tips seem afflicted now, maybe heat/lights or nute or wind burn?) Its been months since popped seed. I have to be honest I haven't kept track (I tried properly with diary etc on first attempt. But it was so draining and got no reward so was hoping autos just 8 to 10 weeks!) But I just found a pic dated 5th Feb of me holding seed, so would have popped and planted soon after That's over 4 months now. So basically. Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong, or on right track? Also, I found one section of worrying growth Maybe it's just underdeveloped or something. Should I pull it off? (is it hermie?! Also, if I chop off, is it usable for anything?) - or is the bottom of the plant less mature, and just needs more time to grow, and maybe an eventual part crop, top down? I started using just water to flush it - and have also started giving it prolonged periods of darkness (started 15 - 18 hours on, then last months 24 on, but since its hotter weather now, and struggling to keep below 29 degrees, I turn off in day so back to 16 ish on), but worrying if it's too soon now, as tricrhomes look clear or cloudy to me, altho it looks more Amber from afar I'll try attach a few pics (do I have to remove geo tags etc?) Apologies, I'm high, taking photos and typing and trying work this out! haha Be great to hear your thoughts.. Also, any pointers or tips generally? (auto sour diesel from ice seed bank. Ph within normal levels for soil - mixed with coco and perite and vermiculite... I even added some of those "wonder fungus" type root enhancer things, and put worm casing soil all around seedling root plug.. I usually give 3 or 4x 5ltr bottles of nute water, followed by 1x 5ltr plain water to avoid buildup, but just plain water last 2 or 3 weeks, and darkness 10 or even 12 hours a day now for last week or so.. All water is ph'd, but I'm likely an over waterer tho, with my impatience!)
  2. During my current grow, which is currently at week 4, I accidentally snapped the main stem while performing LST. Attempts to splint it back in place were immediately unsuccessful as the break was just above a node, literally just a couple of millimetres. I couldn't hold the top in place to graft back on. So I inadvertently topped the plant, but she's doing fine. I took the top, popped it in a tub of water to try and keep it alive. I then placed it in a small amount of water in a ziplock bag in the salad crisper in the fridge. My thinking is to try and make a clone of this plant because it's a nice strain with vigorous growth. Having done some reading, I know it's possible to clone autoflowers, but with the caveat that the genetic clock is still ticking. I'd like to try it as an experiment. I got hold of some rooting powder, and I plan to try and root the "cutting" in compost. I just checked in the salad crisper, and no-one has eaten the cutting, which is good. (Labels in capital letters saying 'NOT FOOD. LIVE PLANT. DO NOT OPEN!' probably helped). Also she has perked up from the wilted creature of a couple of days ago, looks really fresh. Whaddaya know? Salad crispers work! So Operation Clone is Go. As there will be no room in my wee grow cabinet if the cutting roots successfully, I bought a small tent in the sales. I have a spare fan, filter and ducting, also my backup InkBird, heat mat and circulation fan can be put to good use. I also have a spare grow light, which believe it or not I picked up in a charity shop last year. Unused, still in packaging, basically brand new. It's another interesting design by Chinese manufacturer Fecida. Basically consists of four 'sunlike' full spectrum COB style LED boards, rated at 50 watts each. I tested one and it draws 47 watts. Now what I like about this design is it is modular. All four units can be used individually, or daisy chained together to make a larger lamp. You can just use one, or connect two together, or go for all four. I think four would be too much in my small tent, so I'm going to join two together giving me 94 watts of LED. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll start the cutting off in compost in my heated propagator. I'll just set it on a table near the window, out of direct sunlight. Then wait. If it roots successfully (and signs are good as the cutting looks healthy) then this will be my first ever tent grow, as well as my first attempt at cloning. That's why I started a separate diary, because it's not very stealthy, and it's not in the cabinet! Thanks for reading and I'll post again when I start the rooting process. Link to my diary of the current grow if you want more background:
  3. Budvengers: End Game

    From the album Fat Banana Auto (Royal Queen Seeds)

    Update! Nut burn and deficiencies aside I feel I've done alright. Slightly airy buds but the lord loves a trier.
  4. Hey folks, great to read about all the grows going on here. I'm not part of this year's competition so apologies for cross-posting/spamming the sub-forum. However I am growing a Dutch Passion strain this summer. Seeds were paid for from my own pocket, not sponsored in any way. Technically outdoors, but in a polytunnel. I have an Auto Duck in its sixth week at the moment, and I'm so pleased with its progress, I just put another seed of the same strain into soil. Aiming for a staggered harvest in August and September. Diary is below, feel free to take a look if interested.
  5. Hello everybody and welcome to my new diary, I have popped a set of seeds 36hras ago which have been kindly donated by @brock1 These are the SHD x Guerrilla Exodus - which I think a lot of the outside growers use, so its going to be interesting in a 140cm tent but @brock1 assures me they're not too tall There girls tails are showing and "were off"
  6. Hi all, I need a little help and advice from those versed in using light measurement to grow autos. My problem is basically, very short, squat plants and zero stretch at flower. I veg with light at 18" above canopy and when flowers appear, I drop light down 1 inch a day till it reaches about 11/ to 12"". I was assuming that as my plants werent growing in height, that my light was too weak and so moved it closer. Now Im beginning to think that maybe my lights are to powerful in my little tent 60x60x140 tent (only 170W) and / or Im bringing them too close to fast. I havent had any light burn, well not up to 10" away but I havent dared go closer. Does anybody have a DLI chart or a PPFD chart for autoflowers to give me something to aim for, or give me any pointers would be much appreciated.
  7. So just going to start a first grow and I've got all the goodies bar the seed (autoflower Fat Banana) for now and I'm a tad confused about nutrients ml/l measurements and just want to be safe with the gal. Now my understanding is that for example 4ml per liter (definitely not using the manufactures guide for measurements!) and I have a 9l fabric pot for her so if I'm correct I'd need to add 36ml for the plant if it's going off of 4ml per litre or am I just overthinking it? I know you're supposed to start off around 1/4 or 1/3 of the recommended as most growers seem to say. And another cheeky question is, if 36ml is the max (per 4ml//liter of pot size) would splitting it between bloom/grow 18ml per bottle or something to that affect be safer so it's not nuking the roots / plant. Using Adv Nutrients Bloom/Grow if you're wondering but suggestions are welcome! Appreciate it
  8. Hi guy So after installing the new ladders to the loft I have drawn up a diagram of an insulated lung room for the attic. Unfortunately because of the loft truss beams I can only fit a 140cm tall hydo tent. Is there a good reliable auto flower that I could grow that does not grow tall as the tent is 120cm/3.9ft. I have read a few dairies and some seed companies can be better than others so any advice welcome. Cheers.
  9. Hi all! Apologies if this is in wrong section. Prior to joining this forum I had settled on doing an auto grow as a first time grower. I found a grow on YouTube and decided to follow their compost mix. This is what I purchased: Biobizz × 1 Frass × 1 2L Malted Barley Powder × 1 2L Wormcasts × 1 2L Grow AUTO × 1 2L Bloom AUTO × 1 2L Neem × 1 2L Rockdust × 1 800ml MycoBoost × 1 800ml After some advice from some great folks on this forum, I’ve decided to go with a reg grow for the first time. I’m wondering if I can still use the Grow Auto and Bloom Auto mixes. Their ingredients are: Grow Auto: EM1 Infused bokashi bran, Volcanic rockdust, Mycorrhizal fungi, Northern Atlantic Kelp meal, organic Bat Guano, Alfalfa meal, Wheat bran. Bloom Auto: Organic Bat guano, Northern Atlantic kelp meal, sterilised bone meal, mined sulphate of potash, Dolomite Lime, Diatomaceous earth. All advice welcome! Thanks everyone!
  10. Seems like autoflowers have significantly improved over the past few years and perhaps even attitudes are changing towards them. With more and more people picking up growing I can see why autos have exploded in popularity, they're more approachable to the novice grower I reckon. There used to be limited options just 5-6 years ago when going through auto catalogs, much different to today. So what autoflowers have you grown in the past couple of years that are worth a mention?
  11. For anyone who uses Ionic Soil nutrients, can you please help me in understanding the feed chart? This is to grow autos. The chart says to feed 7ml perL throughout the grow phase, I expect less for an auto, but this doesn't seem right. Every other nutrient brand shows the concentrations gradually increasing as the plant grows, which makes perfect sense to me. Unless these nutes work differently. Am I missing something?
  12. Hi guys, My autoflowers (strain: Auto Ultimate from Dutch Passion) have been stretching and are the largest of them are now starting to take on a yellow colouring. I've been pouring over the deficiency charts that are readily available but can't home in on what the problems are. Especially confused as I'm seeing signs of both deficiency and excess (yellow tips) so unsure what the best course of action is. Here's some details of my grow: * Seeds geminated 1st September, so in week 7 of the grow at the moment. * Light schedule 18/6 * PH stable at 6.0 * RDWC system * Plants are drinking well * 2.4m x 1.2m tent * Under 3 x Telos 10 LED lights * RH constant at around 60% * Temperature 26 degrees (day) and 22 degrees (night) * Background EC of 0.7 (water is hard here) * Shogun Hydro Bloom A+B 1ml/L * Shogun Calmag 1ml/L * EC stable at 1.2 I'm way under the feed schedule suggested by Shogun - but I figured that since i'm still seeing nute burn (on new growth) then I shouldn't be adding more nutes. But then I'm seeing signs of what I think are nutrient deficiiencies in the yellowing leaves, so think I could be unwittingly starving them. I'm seeing this happening in leaves about mid-way up the plant and up. Lower growth doesn't seem to be affected. In a word.... stumped! Appreciate any thoughts that you can give!
  13. Can anyone tell me what to look out for when Auto's need feeding when growing outdoors in pots. I know when to water, if the pots feel light when lifting, but when should you feed them. I read that if you use good soil, they shouldn't need feeding. But some of my larger fan leaves are turning yellow, and when i posted some pictures, on here to ask why, someone said they are hungry and need feeding. But surely when the when fan leaves are going yellow, it might be a little to late. I know there are many reasons why leaves go yellow, but going by my knowledge, it isn't due to over watering, as usually you would see leaf droop, due to leaves holding excess water. It isn't due to PH levels as this mainly affects Hydroponically grown, I am growing in soil, which should balance out the PH levels. My auto's are just coming into flower, about 2.5 weeks. is it a natural cycle for auto's for fan leaves to die off to put energy into buds.
  14. Hello again all. Second grow well under way, a freebie seed Dr AK Auto, based on AK-47. Growing environment as follows: - Small cabinet - Single auto flowering plant - Blurple LEDs, c. 60W output; plus 6500k white LED side lights, c. 36W output - Growing in soil (mix of compost, peat moss, perlite and vermiculite) in a washing up bowl - Using basic fertilisers at low concentration (Miracle Gro, Doff tomato feed) otherwise plain water - Watering using classic Blumat carrots from milk bottle reservoirs - Temperatures at the very top of the canopy are around 29/30ºC maximum, to 22/24ºC minimum during lights off. Temperature falls off quite a bit lower down. About a month ago there were some higher temperatures but that was well before current problems started. Up to a couple of weeks ago, there were no problems with this grow. Now that flowering is fairly well advanced, two problems are noticeable. - excess nitrogen caused by over feeding (dark leaves) - brown leaf spots on upper surface only (worst affected leaves feel dry and a bit crispy) I had been adding some diluted liquid fertiliser into the Blumat reservoirs, which may be the cause of all the problems as I cannot effectively flush this out. I've recently emptied the reservoirs and substituted plain water for now. So no new nutrients going into the soil. Up to this point I've been assuming the problem is nutrient burn, but the leaves don't show classic symptoms like brown tips. It's possible the brown leaf spots are just from over feeding, but I also wonder if there might also be a deficiency (Calcium?) or possibly light burn also. Most of the damaged leaves are in the central area where the lights are most intense. As the plants grew, the top of the canopy got within 30cm of the lights (uppermost buds were 22cm away). Today as a precaution I lowered the plant by 17cm so the canopy is between 39cm and 47cm from the lights. Some pics below at different stages. Anyone hazard a guess at what is going on? Have I called it right, and if so am I taking the right steps to resolve the issues? --- Day 57. Dark leaves notable, but otherwise seems healthy. --- Day 64. Leaf spots on some fan leaves. --- Day 71. Leaf spots spreading and yellow/brown now.
  15. I have 2 Auto Skunk 1 plants. Both planted at the same time In 11 litre pots using Plant Magic supreme soil. Both started flowering but one has buds the other seems to be going back to vegging and become very leafy. Just wondering if anyone knows what's going on. Using Plant Magic soil bloom feed. As you can see the 1st picture of skunk 1 plant you can see the buds, but on the 2nd skunk 1 plant there are more leaves growing where the buds are supposed to be. Anyone know what the problem might be. or will it sort it's self out.
  16. Can Anyone tell me by looking at these picture If my plant is going hermy on me. The plant is into flowering stage but i noticed a couple of ball sacks. is this normal or is it turning. There are 2 different Plants. 1 I think is ok, but the buds aren't very big. Please advise
  17. My Grow.jpg

  18. Hi My plants are now at 12 weeks, flower week 6. Light Solar 315 CMH. First coco grow. Main plant in the full coco wilma dripper on 5 x 15min at 7ml per L of ionic bloom. Other plant is in a small pot mix of soil and coco, hand watering. I think I over did it, as the leaves yellowed and a few fell off. So letting dry out and feeding less, 1 feed bloom nutes, 1 feed ph'd water on and off. I think the main plant is getting close and thinking about flushing for 5-7 days and then chopping. I bought a loupe and that helps, images not the best though. I think the trichomes look milky and the pistils ate turning inwards with good orangey colour developing. Any advice on whether she looks ready and when to start flushing? Other plant is growing small buds on the top of the plant I think as it's too hot (it is higher than the other plant) so moved as low as I can. This plant is behind the other but seems to be stalling. I'm unsure how to feed this one as the mix of soil and coco is putting me off. Any thoughts on the below? Thanks for any help / advice! Hopefully getting close now!
  19. Do these girls look like they need a stronger feed ? Kinda look pale to me opinions?
  20. Hello! Welcome to my Sweet Seeds competition grow! I want to start by saying thanks the guys at sweet seeds for their great customer support when I had a issue with my seeds parcel, resolving the issue and getting it to me so I can join in to this competition. This new year I've decided to run a "sweet shop" theme grow including some colourful and interesting girls for the competition. For personal reasons I had to take my grow tent down this Christmas but it has given me a chance to add the build to my diary which I'm pleased about so let's start with that! I started by getting the filter system in, the use of rachet straps made this much easier to align the ducting and attach the jubilee clips while suspended. After checking the fan, filter and ducting for any leaks I moved onto the lighting, again the use of rachet straps made this much easier, I am using a 250w HPS dual spectrum and a 315w CDM lamp, to get started I am only using the HPS and will add the CDM later during flowering so they run side by side. In my last grow I had some temp issues so I've had to bring in a radiator and thermostat to keep temps where I want them. After getting the tent ready and at a stable temp of 21/22c last night I started the germination of my chosen seeds, once in the paper towel I wet them to the point they wont drip but feel moist to the touch, then they have been placed in a sealed box in the airing cupboard for the next 48hrs. Thanks for reading the build intro to my sweet shop diary! here's a breakdown of my setup in use so far: - homebox q120 tent - cyclone duel speed fan - fan speed socket - carboair 60 filter - 250w hps - 315w cdm - oil radiator - inkbird termostat In my next update I will be sowing the tapped seeds and going over what soil and nutrients I will be using during this grow. Catch you then!
  21. Doing a greenhouse grow, plants are currently 10 days old, but the temps outside are just too cold at the moment, and with the weary weather its just really not the best. Was looking at getting some cheap lights to keep them inside for a week or two then put outside once it heats up and the water gets a bit better. looks at the Marshydro TS600 but any other recommendations? Also would this be alright to do this, or could the sudden change to out in the greenhouse stump them?
  22. Here’s my setup: Light - Mars Hydro TS1000 (on 75% wattage at the moment) Pots - 3-4 Gallon Smart Pots Seed - GSC Thin Mint Autoflower Substrate - Bio-Bizz Light (top 50%) and Bio-Bizz (bottom 50%) Light height - approx 18” from plant Temp - 26°C day temp, 18° night temp (can fluctuate slightly) RH - Avg. 50% humidity Water schedule - Water every other day, water ONLY, I mist soil if it gets too dry. I took these photos today (16 days from sprout) and I noticed a small yellowish patch on one of the leaves, and a couple of the points are curled upwards very slightly. Could this be an indication of water log? I know they’re quite delicate at this stage, and I don’t want to do anything that will inhibit the growth. The curling only just happened in the last 24 hours, so hopefully no permanent damage has been done. Any help would be great! Thank you! (Temp and RH are dark period, this is just as I turned the light on again).
  23. Hi All. This is my first year of growing cannabis and im looking for some advice please. Ive germinated the three free seeds I got from RGS (am I allowed to name the company?). The varieties are Fighting Gorillaz Auto, Mazarilla Auto and Gorilla Auto. I did this a bit early on the 30th March in the propagator, in the greenhouse. Two girls germinated on the 5th and the Gorilla Auto on the 8th. Here is a pick from the 11th of March. The girls have been moving from the propagator at night to the greenhouse during the day. Its not ideal as I have to move them early in the morning and its still a bit cold in the greenhouse. I cant leave them in the propagator as that reaches very high temps during the day (the heat nearly killed my chillies). These are the girls as of yesterday. A couple of questions. When would you repot? I cant see any signs of roots at the bottom of the pot yet. When I do repot, from what I've read it would be best to go into their final pots. Due to the night temps I dont really want to leave them in the cold greenhouse at the moment, so Id like to keep them in these pots for the moment. When I report how deep should I plant? They look a bit leggy at the moment. I'm used to growing toms and vegetables and a lot of them I would plant up to the first set of leaves. Is this a good idea with these? Thanks.