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Found 191 results

  1. Hiya people, ive got some auto flowering green crack and pineapple express growing out door in pots, im about 3.5 weeks in and was wondering what fertilisers i should use. for the rest of vegetative period u was looking at biobizz bio grow (NPK 4,3,6) and for flowering biobizz bio bloom NPK(1,2,2) was wondering if this was a good shout or if anyone had any other recommendations or advice using these products. thanks
  2. Hey All, I'm planning on trying some autogrows this year in a small-ish wooden growhouse, maybe double the depth one of those pop-up green plastic things which I'm going to try and squeeze six, 10 litre poly pots in (pots will fit snugly side-by-side) I have some anxiety that I want a natural way of fixing so will be growing feminised autoflower CBD heavy (I hope) strains. Initially I did very little research and was a bit over-enthusiastic about purchasing seed, which isn't unusual with me and seeds… I got some ShortStuff fem'd Blue Himalaya (came with a couple fem Auto-Assassin and a Dr. Feelgood) and have since added some SweetSeeds fem'd Sweet Nurse Auto CBD which are on the way. I'm planning on two grows, first will be started in May directly in their pots in their final and only growing position if weather permits and will start with the Sweet Nurse first (will probably chuck in the two Auto-Assassins at the back so I won't be putting all my eggs in one basket which will probably be for someone else as they are sativa dominant) I have limited head height after taking the pots into account, if allowed to grow to their maximum, they'll stick out of the top, I've read that you can't always completely rely on what it says on the tin too so I'm planning on doing a low-fi LST to restrict the height a bit, I would like to try and confine them to their own pot diameter as they'll be a tight fit with their neighbours. Will Start the second batch late June to first quarter of July depending on how the first batch is looking, I have another space that should be free by then so they'll be able to sit there for a couple of weeks while the first batch finishes, and if the wait is too long, can be modified to be their forever home. I'm going to use an enviromesh clone to keep out the bugs, it allows in 75% of the air and 90% of the light but will give it an opaque look when I need to open all the doors and lid at peak summer so should help with neighbours glancing over. The medium I'm planning on using is a 35 litres of filtered-stream-peat based multi-purpose compost, 20 litres worm castings and 5 litres of either vermiculite or perlite, with organic feeds later in the grow if necessary. Is an LST grow confined to it's own pot unrealistic? The front row (or back) can be trained slightly forward allowing more space for the both rows as I have little bit of depth to play with. Could I train the front three low and back three slightly higher with LST to maximise light for back row? I've trained grapes, fruit trees toms and other assorted vines and plants in the past and will again but am I mad wanting to train with LST outdoors at all on my first real grow? Advice and questions are welcome Thanks a bunch, spent many hours browsing the site already (haven't visited the site in a very long time) Pariah. Lat 51
  3. Charlotte's Angel (Autoflower) 1/3

    From the album 2018 - Lowryder auto, CBD White Domina, Charlottes Angel (photo/auto)

    Here's my autoflower version of Charlotte's Angel. I decided to do some training of the stem a couple weeks into veg and then forgot that flowering basically begins strait away lol. I will more or less let her grow as is at the moment as I don't want to damage any flower sites with fumbling fingers. It will be interesting to compare the auto to photoperiod. Bags.
  4. lowryder auto (flowering)

  5. Hi guys hope all is well I’m in desperate need of help.... I had some auto flower Sensi Skunk growing in greenhouse but to cut a long story ( plant ) short my dogs ate them..... devastated my first grow too, I was wondering what’s the best auto to grow outside in a little greenhouse for the uk climate.....like I said I’ve tried sensi skunk but thinking of trying something different
  6. Hi guys first time grower here been a bit curious as to ask or not incase I end up sounding like a idiot. here are two seeds I got from sensi seeds they’re autoflower Sensi Skunk, I have them in their final pots ( germinated in root root ) and I am using a mixture of perlite and jOhn Innes number 2 about 70% compost 30% perlite now..... I know that these were started off too early as I mixed my dates up. one of them seems to be doing okay and the other one just seems so small and so far behind they are now 3 weeks old I was just wondering wether they will be any good or not as a lot of people have said that by 30 days they should show signs of flowering..... these two are nowhere near that lol.... I’m in Norfolk in the uk and have my two little babies in a greenhouse ( not glass ) I will try attach photos but don’t really know what I’m doing to be honest aha.... all natural no fertilisers
  7. Hi, First time grower here growing in a 60x60x140cm tent with a 250hps dual spectrum growing in westlands multipurpose with john innes fabric pots after reading good feedback, I am growing three different strains all autoflower from royal queen seeds, white widow, northern lights and royal jack (jack herer). I am very happy with everything so far, light cycle of 16/8, I planted 20/4/18 after germinating in kitchen paper and planting as soon as the white tail appeared, no nute feedings yet, plan to give them a small dose in the 3rd week. Temps stay around 25-29c humidity around 50-70% going maybe to mid 80% at lights off overnight with temps of 18-19c. Watering when dry about every 3-4 days and watering till slight runoff, then will drain an hour later. Despite having everything go smoothly so far I am concerned about the Royal Jack in particular, it sprouted a day after the white widow and northern lights but the leaves look kind of patchy in colour and maybe slightly crinkled, could it just be genetics or a dodgey seed? Or will this be something that needs my attention? First of all here are the healthy plants im happy with. here is my white widow Northern lights And the Royal Jack, hopefully you can see why I am concerned, look at the edges along the leaves and the kind of patchyness in colour Am I making a fuss over nothing or is there something I should do? Thanks for taking your time to look at my post, hopefully the images are okay.
  8. So here maybe a new idea for you all. ive come across something called the Kratky method. A hydroponics system with is just a bucket filled with water and a basket In the lid filled with perlite. Plant in the middle add nutes to water and grow outside. And it works! People have mentioned that stem rot and things would be likely but from what I’ve seen it works amazing and the buds come out beautiful. gas anyone else done this or is it just a lucky break he had? Also thing for Guerilla Growing purposes it’s amazing. Hang a bucket in a tree with an auto.
  9. Sick Plant - Autoflower

    Very unhappy girl, over 2 weeks from germ and under 300w dual spec CFL
  10. week 7 - 7/7

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    plant in flower, this is 7 weeks in from seed
  11. week 7 - 6/7

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    plant in flower, this is 7 weeks in from seed
  12. week 7 - 5/7

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    plant in flower, this is 7 weeks in from seed
  13. week 7 - 4/7

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    plant in flower, this is 7 weeks in from seed
  14. week 6 - 3/7

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    plant in flower, this is 7 weeks in from seed
  15. week 6 - 2/7

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    plant in flower, this is 6 weeks in from seed
  16. So my mission begins, a big thanks to all at Dinafem and a big to Mark, once again pulling out all the stops for us seasonal growers I've suffered a real lot the last few months, after herniated disks in the spine, quacks discovered I have aggressive PsA, never experienced so much pain before hence my GG selections are for once..My own saviour. I've chosen Original Amnesia Auto for that personal favourite heavyweight hit and I'm gonna sample OG Kush Auto CBD as my second selection. Also have a few tins of Critical Jacks and other strains from the Dinafem catalogue that I've collected the past few months. I'll be germing in clear pint cups, bottoms removed and placed in coloured cups, transplanting made easy for autos. Pics and video to follow on that. Soil is all native with very little in the way of amendments. Will update on that as I go, just getting started here, well when all this snow retreats Wish you all the best for 2018, may the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face
  17. week 5 - 7/7

  18. week 5 - 4/7

  19. week 5 - 3/7

  20. week 5 - 1/7

  21. week 4 - 1 of 3

  22. week 3 3/3

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    angle 3
  23. week 3 2/3

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    angle 2
  24. week 3 1/3

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    height check
  25. Lowryder week 2 - 1/3

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    What are these?