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Found 480 results

  1. Hi UK420ites I am hoping someone will be able to help me identify what is going on with this plant before it progresses further. The spots are a bit more orange to the naked eye. I am growing a couple of Blackberry Gum Autoflowers and a Gorilla Glue Auto. The plants are just standing in an insulated loft, not a grow tent, and I have a temperature controller which will turn on a heater if the space drops below 24C during lights on (target temperature of 26C), or 18C during lights off (target temperature of 20C). In practice the room is usually 24-25C during lights on, with a max so far around 27C, and 20-21 lights off, with a minimum reached of 18.7C. I have an air circulator 16” fan and small oscillating fan, which move the leaves but aren't pointed directly at the plants. I don't have extraction set up at the moment but have a filter and fan in the space sucking the air through. The loft hatch is open all but a few hours a night so there should be plenty air getting up there and I imagine I replenish the CO2 quite well with all the time I'm up there ogling them. Plants 2 x Seed stockers Blackberry Gum Auto started around 20 September 1 x Gorilla Glue Auto free seed from Herbies started around 30 September Lights 2x Mars Hydro SP3000 LED lights, now at just over 3 weeks since flowering they are 12-16 inches above canopy and near 100% power. 18h on / 6h off light cycle Environment 19-21 Lights off 24-27 Lights on Humidity 50-60% Nutrients I am using Growers Ark Coco Soft water Nutes. Currently feeding about 0.5ml/L Boost, 2.5ml Bloom A & B and Extra Traces, 2ml Root Tonic. My tap water has background 0.35EC and this solution is 1.35EC. Every couple of feeds I also add about 0.5ml/L Cal Mag and dial back the base nutrients accordingly, keeping EC to 1.3-1.4 (I have also strayed higher to 1.5-1.6EC but the plants looked a little overfed, so backed off again). I only do this as the instructions for the light say that more Cal Mag is needed than usual to grow well under LED. Plants are in 10L fabric pots and are fed twice a day to a good run off of 30% or so, there are no wild fluctuations in EC or PH with the run off. This problem is only showing on one plant on several leaves and the rest all look ok. I don't think calyx production has slowed but then again it always seems to take forever when you look at the plants 10 times a day haha. I think maybe I went for too many firsts with these (First time using LED, first autoflowers indoors, first time doing LST, first use of Growers Ark nutes) and am suffering from information overload from the amount of reading I've done, so maybe I am missing something obvious? Sorry for the essay, thanks in advance for any help you can give me, if I've missed anything off please just ask.
  2. After my two photoperiods are done I would like to switch my lights back to 18/6 however I have two autos that I started under 12/12 to get a head start ready for the next grow. Will I be okay to change the lights immediately back to 18/6 in the tent after chopping the photos or should I change the hours 1 hour per day at a time to not stress the plants ? Thanks !
  3. Hi, I planted 3 autoflowers, specifically ‘Quick One’ by Royal Queen Seeds on the 8th September so 2 months ago. However they have not got any buds at all as of yet, is this normal? The plants are not in the perfect environment however they do seem to be growing fairly decently. I can’t see any pistils either maybe the odd few but I think there should be a lot more at this age, can anyone help please??? Please see pics below
  4. Hello growers! So after a few weeks of research and slowly getting all my grow bits i started my first ever grow, i was doing a diary in another area but have a lot of questions as i go and see people get a lot of help here in the autoflower section so im going to continue it here. Here is my setup: 80x80x160 tent 250w dual spectrum HPS lamp Fox 6inch extraction kit with sound muffling ducting & carbon filter 2x desk fans for circulcation 2x termostates with HR ( different makes ) 2x 5gal fabric pots Lumelite heavy duty 600w timer Biobizz root juice Biobizz grow Biobizz bloom Plant magic plus supreme soil Yesterday was day 20 and it seems the auto amnesia has started to enter her preflower? Start of flower? Noticing a few pistils forming, pot felt light again so watered 2L of 24hr sat tap water with 2ml of Biobizz grow and 2ml of biobizz Bloom. Shes bushed our nicely and my LST has seemed to have worked, ive pulled down the main stem again to even canopy more however am concerned that i should stop LST now that pistils are growing and let heads stretch, would this be a good choice? As for the auto white widow yesterday was day 15 and shes starting to grow quicker, have been tucking leaves and done sone LST to open up those lower branchs to some light, her pot is still heavy from last water where she had 2L tap water with 8ml of biobizz rootjuice and 2ml of a generic calmag
  5. Blue Hash - Raised Cube

  6. The seeds have arrived! I wont be germinating until april/may as my greenhouse has been destroyed so no early plants this year. This years grow will be a garden centre job i think ill probably still keep it organic which means i get to go poop shopping anyway these are the seeds i ordered (nice 1 @Dinafem-Mark) no doubt ill run other dinafem strains as i have plenty of others
  7. Hello everyone, this is my first time growing indoor and I am very confused because I found too many information, but after days of researches I think I came up with something good: - 3 Quick One RQS autoflowers: 8 weeks, 60 cm max height - BudBox Lite - 0.6m x 0.9m x 0.9m - Grow Tent - 3 Air Pruner Fabric Pots 8 liters 20cm X 20cm X 23cm - BioBizz Light-Mix Soil 20 litre (plus some extra perlite) - Mars Hydro TS 1000 LED I think that 3 Quick One with a max height of 60cm will fit good in a 90cm height tent, also the light seems to be appropriate for 3 autoflowers. I will then add 2 fan (1 in, 1 out I guess?) and that's it. What do you think ? Am I missing something ? Thank you for your replies <3
  8. pandora

    From the album blog

  9. Strange leaf structure? or am i trippin :D

    From the album My pictures

    Pretty unique ive not seen anything like it (im no expert) looks cool though haha Random Autoflower Mystery seed pack don't know what she is.. Let me know what you think the leafs look super super strange..
  10. So I've killed off my spidermites that I had on these two plants in the greenhouse, and wanted to finish off in my new tent. Having never grown before and a tent being the best option for me, I thought I'd start with a Gorilla loft tent (needed the tapering to fit in my shed). Got a whole kit with 600W HPS and 125 Rhino Carbon filter/inline fan combo (see pics). Finished setting up the tent, moved the plants from my greenhouse inside, cranked on the light and left for 18 hours. Now what I believe has happened is that my light is too close to my plants, and has given them heat stress, however I can't move my light any further up, as the fan/filter sits above it. Any suggestions? I've turned my ballast down to 400W, which seems to keep the temp to about 30 degrees (still too high, but at 600W it was going up to 45 degrees in the day!). I would like to get some better airflow into the room, but can't feasibly do this. Disclaimer - this still isn't my grow, finishing off my mate's plants. My diary will begin when I have these plants out of the way and I can begin my own.
  11. Germinating.jpg

    From the album 0.5 Grow

  12. I'm sure many of you have experimented on different mediums. I brought a few blueberry autoflower seeds. Dont have the space or bollocks to grow loads at the same time. Currently have 4 on the go, 3 autoflowers and 1 photoperiod (bonsai mum here we come) This one is my summer outdoor grow. A month old hidden amongst my chilli plants. Blueberry auto in soil
  13. hi guys and gals, I've been growing this plant for a couple of months and recently its started flowering... bout time... I've noticed a number of leaves are curling in on themselves. Not sure why, can anyone advise. Not able to see any bugs on the plant
  14. Blueberry auto hydroponic 12 weeks

    From the album Blueberry auto hydroponic tent

    Week 12 of growing in Hydroponics and she is already starting to flower!
  15. Hi guys, this is my first grow and first time posting. Any tips or advice be much appreciated have no experience but got to start somewhere! will update this as i go have been late starting this diary have been meaning to get it done but not had time recently so here it goes! It may seem like im going on and asking alot but as said just looking to see what people think and if any pointers as no experience! My setup: 1.2x1.2x2.00 Budbox pro with silver lining LUMii Black 600w Digital Ballast with 230V Phillips Greenpower BulbAdjust-A-Wings Medium EnforcerAgrolab Hygrometer1x 6" RAM Clip on fanRhino Hobby 125/3005" Systemair RVK extraction fan So I have 3 BCN Critical XXLS in 12ltr Fabric pots on the right side and 2 Nothern Lights, 1 Candy Dawg in 8ltr Fabric pots on the left. As can see from the photo they are quite far on already as i write this they have just entered there 6th week yesterday. Criticals are planted in PlantMagic Supreme and the other 3 are just planted in John Innes Multi Purpose as didnt have enough PlantMagic left so just had to get the only thing local garden center had! Plant progress/photos so far Critical1 Critical2 - This plant has been slower than the rest running about a week behind buthas started to take off now! Critical 3 Northern 1 Northern 2 Candy Dawg So far upto around week 4 they were only given water and around 1ml per litre of PM Bio-Silicone every second watering then once hit the 3/4 week old i started to give them 1.5ml of PM Oldtimers Grow again this was only every second feed i fed this alongside Bio-Silicone. Entering week 5 when started to pre-flower i dropped it to 1ml grow and 1ml PM Oldtimers Bloom per litre on every feed however last few feeds after speaking to someone who has previous experience switched to only 1.5ml Bloom on every feed! I am currently doing the wet dry cycle with the 12ltr pots recieving about 2ltr every 2/3days once the soil is dry. Also which im away to go into in a moment i started to add cal/mag 1ml per litre as had notice some markings on some leaves which started with Critical 3 but since adding the defect hasnt seemed to progress any further! Light has been constantly hung between 12-18inches. When seedlings i started on 250W the increased to 400w once had 2nd set leafs and then upto 600w around the 3 or 4 week mark. Deficiency's: Critical 3 So i started to notice these little spots on my plant Critical 3 towards the end of week 4. I dont no anything about deficiency or stuff like that but all other plants were fine and after have a search on google put it down to a calcium deficiency and started to add calmag 1ml per ltr to all plants. These dont seem to have progressed that i can see so im hoping my guess at the calcium deficiency was right! However today when was feeding them as can see on middle photo i noticed a few lower leaves are this very light way around the edges which im unsure as to why? Northern Lights 1 Today when feeding i noticed these very large random brown spots on this plant these have just appeared and the plants are being given calmag and bloom so again unsure as to the cause of this or if its anything to be worried about? Could it be water sat on the leaf from a previous feed thats caused it to burn or something else? All Plants across all 6 plants ive started to notice the tips of the leafs especially new leafs are very long thin and some twisted again is this normal or something to be worried about? Ive tried to add in everything i can remember, have done and come across to make this as complete as possible and to try help you help me haha. Will keep this updated as i go! I also did have 24 plants outdoors in a forest these were started in the tent for 2 weeks in small plastic cups then taken to site, i just dug holes straight into the ground and filled with soil from local garden centre and re planted into that! All was going perfect with them but last week they catapillers found them and pretty much munched every leaf of of 20 of them and only 4 they didnt touch! i amnt going to make a diary for these purely again due to the fact i didnt get time at first and now there in a right mess so will probably post photos of the end results of them! went back out to them the other day and wasnt as bad as initial damage assesment of only 4 being salavagable it seems there are still 15 i might get return of off so heres hoping but will see how it goes im just expecting the worse now so if does turn out its a bonus will keep posted though! Cheers for taking time to read threw this
  16. I opened my DIY grow cabinet this morning to see the far left plant bent over, no idea why this happened, but will it survive or should i get rid? I previously overwatered so i have been leaving it to dry out for a few days, thats why there is a bit of algae on the top layer. Also there is currently no ventilation in there as i heard it was possible to get away with just opening the cupboard doors a few times, not too sure i believe this so ill be installing 3 PC fans. Or would a inline fan be better? Smell isn't too much of an issue as i smoke in the same room. If anyone has any tips for ventilation in a grow cabinet please advise. Medium is BioBizz All Mix soil and i have 3 600w LED lights above (100w true power)
  17. I've been growing the "quick one" autoflower from RQS. It says 9-10 weeks start to finish, Currently on week 10 with no buds appearing. I have a blueberry that is budding, not sure why this one isn't. Any ideas guys?
  18. I opened my DIY grow cabinet this morning to see the far left plant bent over, no idea why this happened, but will it survive or should i get rid? I previously overwatered so i have been leaving it to dry out for a few days, thats why there is a bit of algae on the top layer. Also there is currently no ventilation in there as i heard it was possible to get away with just opening the cupboard doors, not too sure i believe this so ill be installing 3 PC fans. Or would a inline fan be better? Smell isn't too much of an issue as i smoke in the same room. If anyone has any tips for ventilation in a grow cabinet please advise. Medium is BioBizz All Mix soil and i have 3 600w LED lights above (100w true power) IMAGES -
  19. Better late than never!

    From the album First grow - The Quick One

    Better late than never! Eventually she has started flowering! Its only taken 17 weeks to get there.
  20. WELCOME! Id love to say "I'm back" with another micro grow but i have had to make a new account due to stupidly using my old user name on lots of other sites. Not gonna lie, it sucks a bit as i was a active user of the forum about 6 years ago and ran a few grow diaries then but ended up not finishing the threads. Now i come back to do another and realised a new account must be made, which means i lost my subscriber status oh well, start new! So here is what will turn into my diary for my current grow, its been 6 years since my last attempt, and again i'm just fed up of spending a fortune on what i know i can grow at home! Enough chit chat, lets get into it! For this grow i will be using a 92l storage tub, lined with diamond mylar (not very neatly if i do say so myself ), a LED light unit i purchased from a guy online who makes them (holy shit is it bright), inlet fan, exhaust fan pulling through a home made carbon filter box, 6" pots and i will be growing the sweet seed mohan ram using a good amount of low stress training to keep the plants low and bushy! This worked wonders before when growing in PC cases so i'm hoping it will contain them nicely in this box, as the light is a lot more powerful than last time and the pots are bigger so i'm sure they are going to fill the space right up!! I have grown the mohan ram before and its a great plant for small spaces due to the way it stays nice and bushy! i decided i would start the diary today and i have just about finished building the box and the seeds are almost ready for the soil! So first, the box itself! Its a very simple bodge job set up i have pieced together from random cheap bargains online, but considering my last grows were inside PC cases im gonna have way more space to work with! Its not pretty, used lots of hot glue, double sided tape for the mylar application and my trusty knife to cut rough holes for the fans to pull through. Being someone who doesn't do a great deal of building stuff though, i'm pretty happy with how it came out! The 2 fans are just 140mm PC fans, wired onto a 12v 1a power adaptor, took me an hour or so to work it all out last night but its all working now! (The fans wires were marked very weirdly so trial and error took a while to get them paired up right!). The light is a LED unit that the seller says produces 12k lumens of full spectrum light and uses a metal fin design to dissipate the heat. Each LED has 8 reflectors around it too so the light coming off of this bad boy makes the 80w CFL i was using in the PC cases look like a low battery keyring torch. Here is a couple images of the box from the outside! Now that the box is ready, the light is mounted to the top of it i decided to bang 3 seeds into some water! They all cracked nicely over night and then this morning have been put on some wet paper folded over to help them show a good root, then ill be putting them into the soil later tonight or tomorrow morning! Exciting times! I could bang them right in the soil now as they shown a nice start just in the water, but i think ill let them go another 12 hours in the tissue just so i have a good established tail before planting! The idea is going to 18/6 for the whole grow as they are autoflowering. Medium is biobizz all mix, nice and simple, i went with the plant magic last time so i thought id switch it up and try the bizz this time, and i also grabbed their try pack of the 3 organic feeds, veg bloom and topmax! I'm aiming for an OZ per plant dried if i can, then if the smaller 3rd makes much thats just a bonus! as working it out, 2 OZ would last me nicely until i could have another couple of plants ready for the chop on round 2, if this one goes well! The plan was originally just to do 2 plants as space is tight in the box, but i popped 3 seeds in to make sure atleast 2 would germinate, but all 3 are doing great so one will be going into a slightly smaller pot and either joining the other 2 in the box if the space doesn't get to tight, if down the line i start to get short of space then it may well have to be a conservatory girl if it stays nice and small. Not really a lot to add at this point, but hopefully in the next 7 days we'll have some pictures of some girls poking out of the soil and getting started good and proper!
  21. Hi, I’m Serre and have been an MJ aficionado for approximately 10 years. I started out using MJ due to lower back pains for which I received heavy painmeds which I didn’t like because of its side effects. Thanks to a friend I was able to try out weed and it did give me a way to get through the day. Because I’m not allowed to buy it legally, I was catered by the black market. Due to the Corona pandemic, my steady guy was unable to supply me for personal reasons. This made me decide to get hands on with growing a plant myself just in case the situation continued. I got myself an Auto-flower from RQS, Bubble Kush auto, germinated and it sprouted in my own garden. You cannot believe how excited I got seeing the first signs of life from the misses. To get some more control on the environment, given that the weather wasn’t optimal at the time of planting it, I decided to transplant it to an individual pot. Day 4: Day 6: I bought some soil from my local garden center and filled a 24 liter pot with it. I transplanted the plant into the new soil at week 3, and fed it a few liters of water per week. In the beginning it stayed inside the sun parlor of our house. It survived the transplant well and she has been growing steadily. She was granted outside placement in the sun on good days getting up to 12 hours of direct sunlight between 7am and 7pm. Besides some spots, the leaves looked very healthy and had no real discoloration. I did noticed that some leaves had some more white areas but it didn’t concern me at first since I believed it to be from the leafs growing. Day 22: Day 24: Transplantation successful. The plant continues to grow. The soil used in the final medium. The spots I caught that were deviating from the normal green coloring of the leaf. 3 days ago, week 6 since sprouting, I started noticing 1 lower leaf (1/5 fan of five) turning yellow from the tip towards the center of the leaf. This during a period where blooming started and side branches were booming. I checked my sources online and went through the diagnostic of the leave itself. I knew I wasn’t overwatering and respected a dry/wet cycle of 2/4 days depending on the weather and how the plant looked during the day. Given the fact that this is a demanding crop, I started looking into possible nute deficiencies a plant might have. And ended up on a possible potassium problem. The plants showed her first feminine signs at the end of week 3, No signs of infestation on the bottom of the leaf. I concluded I had a nute deficiency, and expected it to be potassium related. Since it was only one part of the leaf, I waited to see if it was a local issue or a plant issue. The next 2 days, more marks started appearing on the leafs and today a tip of one of the top leafs turned brown entirely. The road the misses layed out for me, got me further into researching and found out that despite what novice growers believe, autoflowers do need extra nutes. Coincidentally I noticed that flower boosters were a thing and that they are somewhat necessary for the plants transition from veg to flowering. Since it’s week 6 the plant looks to me to be in this transitional phase so I bought a generic flower booster with an NPK of 4-6-6. I diluted 20ml into 2 liters of water and gave it to her. After a few hours the color of the little affected leafs have turned more green than before the treatment so it seems they are restoring. I also found that compared to other people’ growings outside, my plant is not as sturdy. I decided that the 4N from the nutes might be useful to the plant while stimulating the flowering. Now I’m anxious to see where this will lead her and I hope she’ll be fine. I plan to give her the same nutes every week until week 9 and will then start to flush her down in week 9 and 10. I do have some reservations on continuing the nutes because of the 4N. So at day 42 my Bubble is at 60 cm heights, showing signs of budforming and is having some nute issue but so far going strong in my eyes. What do you guys think? Is she on track? Anything I’m missing? Do you believe the cause of the plants current problem lies elsewhere? I def appreciate any feedback and I hope some other novice growers can benefit from my journey so far.