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Found 5 results

  1. HK01.JPG

    From the album Gonna Be A Good Summer!

    She's getting pretty bulky now!
  2. HK02.JPG

    From the album Gonna Be A Good Summer!

    The magic sparkles are starting on this one.
  3. Hi, I have just started my first outdoor grow, I have 4 auto fem frisian dew seedlings in a propagator sitting at the window. I have my soil sorted out am using canna terra with perlite and I have a decent spot facing south with decent coverage of nettles and bushes. My main question is about nutrients, I have read that autos don't really need much added and I am looking to use organic nutes if needed. I am just looking to get the best out of the grow. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi all, i am preparing for my first attempt at a grow. After much consideration over the past few years and lots of research over the past few weeks, i feel that im ready to commit. After finding a lot of the information daunting at first i now feel like all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and im not finding myself confused by all the jargen as much as i once was. I would however like to hear what people's opinions are regarding my proposed first set up. Im thinking i should do a hydro grow using an oxypot/bubbler (ive seen available to purchase for around £20) as i feel i have a reasonably good understanding of how it works and how to operate it. From what i have read the air pumps provided with them should just be set aside and forgotten about.. i like the look of the cylinder shaped airstones ive seen advertised on youtube-any recommendations for a pump and airstone system to use with the oxypot would be greatly appreciated. Im going to try 1x autofem at first and see how i get on (strain not yet decided-will just go for the fastest highest yeild i can get for the first go.. any suggestions welcome) I already have a 600w hps light with ballast and euro reflector so i plan on putting that into a secret jardin 1.2x 1.2x 2m tent as i understand they are a good brand and it will essentially be what is holding up the light & filter/extractor.. i only plan on growing 1 or 2 at a time but ive gone for a larger tent as i have no cool tube (safety first!!). Im undecided on the extractor/ filter any suggestions on what would be suitable for me/the tent and light + 1 or 2 plants would be much appreciated. I plan on housing an automatic fire extinguisher inside the tent (the smaller cylinder shaped ones that cost around £40) im looking at onablocks aswell for in and around the tent. I suppose the main worry i have is.. am i being a bit over ambitious by attepting a hydro grow for my first go? From what i have read they are reasonably straight forward and cheap nowadays and i would probabaly just need certain processes explained in beginner friendly terms like transferring from rockwool to the oxypot, feeding and flushing (i feel reasonably happy with these processes but it would be good to hear some dos and donts and to generally know if ive understood it or if im overlooking anything - i plan to seek specific advice when the time comes).. other things ive been looking at are pest control.. i rarely see people posting about this when describing their setups. Bug blockers on inlet fans- are they worthwhile? Do people use them? Any other recommendations for pest control for beginners would again be highly appreciated. Also electrical safety.. ive seen people on american forums talking about afci arc circuit interruptors? As far as im concerned they look exactly like what i would call the fuse board located under the stairs.. but im no spark so if anyone could confirm that would be handy.. from what i have read ive never seen it mentioned by anyone doing a uk grow.. i dont need a massive explanation on what it is or what the difference is between that and my fuse board if there is one.. i only really need to know if it is necessary or not. Sorry if ive missed out any key points regarding the grow.. let me know if i have and i will fill in the blanks. Thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read this and obviously thanks in advance to anyone able to give any advice.. i get that this is the same old story of " its my first grow please help me" but i guess we have all been there :-). Im looking forward to producing some lovely smoke for me and the Mrs and being involved in this lovely online community :-) also i hope that i havent posted in the wrong subforum- apologies if i have- i couldnt seem to find one that fitted the bill any more than this one!
  5. AutoMaster's "StaRyder" AutoFem Grow Journal...... I am looking forward to tremendously to this session with the "Dutch Passion" "Fem/AF StarRyder". I have watched a couple of journey's with other growers who have had the quintessential "Bouquet" of the StarRyder in there cabs !!, in DWC (Deep Water Bubble Culture) & AP (Air Pot 25Ltr). I recon 85 day's to 85% cloudy. It's my 1st run with DWC, although it already feels like it's my 15th !!...........chemistry !!.............we love it.............The run kit is tuned, and set out below;.....Ps;......1st Post on LGF !!..........lets go;..........good luck to all who sail in her AP's & DWC's !!.........somewhere around Sunday 24th November.........so bang on cure for the "Crimbo Cuver" which will bring the Auto Strain tally in hibernation at -5c, post 40 day cure at 62% Boveda RH, to 4no strains cured in storage. here's the Tuned Kit (TK) List, For the "StarRyder" grow Journal; DWC TK; (Note; All EC readings will be "EXCLUSIVE OF BACKGROUND EC") (Background EC 0.5 or 500ppm) Tap Water TDSalts, mainly calcium carbonates NC03's.... DWC; 25Ltr Home made, with Ltr graduations on water level tube. And water tight seal to 12mm O/d High Pressure air hose. No "Lid" acess hole for light to creep in through. 150mm/65mm ceramic airstone AA. for 6mm I/d HP air tube, thick wall. Foam mounted 35Ltr?Min 9720 Halea airpump inc 30mm brass non return valve. Nutes; (So called "Potable" (Tap) Water Used, Background EC 0.5 ie 265ppm) + starting nute Ec 0.4 gives total ec of 1.4 & starting ph of 5.6, end ph 5.9. Using Genesis 3part "Mush" equal mls of each in res, plus rizotonic root stim, nitric acid ph down in veg phos in flower.. No beneficial's being used in DWC, "Sterile" grow with oxyplus 5ml in 10ltrs each res. latex glove used to prevent fingertip bacterial DWC contamination, during treatments. res and all in it inc stone and tubing, scrubbed oxyplus 25ml ltr each 5 day's or res change. 1st res check last night, she is eating already, ph up ec down !!..... (AP) Airpot set up 6no; (With extended reservoir blank lip to prevent water run out post soil sag) AP 15ltr Soil john inns seedling ph 6.5 low nute, made upto 20ltrs with; (Note; 20ltrs goes in with 5ltr "Compression" in airpot when filling with 5ltr layers.) 3ltrs perlite 3ltrs zero lime horti sand 2ltrs 6-8mm course lime free gravel 5tbls RHS rootgrow 5tbls caster sugar 5tsp Epsom salts westlands 5tsp Potash weslands Nutes; genesis 3part mush inc rizotonic. pk13/14 in last 14days pre 14day flush, all with RO water, ph start 6.1 end 6.6. start ec 0.4 (No background EC with RO) LIGHTING; LED Note; (This Journal, Is Not An Endorsment of any product or company used, and should not be interpreted as such many thanks AM) Led's Deployed, In different combination throughout grow; 1no 1000w 6 spectrum custom built unit. 2no 240 evaders 240w ea 2no 189 photons red case mk1 21pot led. 567w ea 1no fanless 145w side lighter 2no ufo 135w sidelighter mk1 white type In 3yrs the truth is i have replaced 1no driver on one of the photon 189, and 2 100mm fans, and 1no 80mm fan on and evader, not bad for 27955hrs of service, aint lost a whole one yet !!. service is good from the company i chose to use, so far no "Total Stoppage" problems with service or units used..to date... ATC 100mm thermo controlled extraction with tickover, 450m3 at full blast, room is 9.75 cubic meters (M3), air in filtered from outside and from indoor for tuning Celsius. Pheat carbon filters, 2no twinned on a "Y" piece and collared up to 150mm from 100mm ducting, after and before the 1mtr lond 100mm silencer, to give very slow air transition time for correct carbon filtration residency time, filtering at below "RH 65%".......as above 70% RH, odor VOTC or (Volatile Organic Terpenes compounds) removal drops in highly cintered carbon (Mongolian or Australian) by 45-65% as sintered carbon pores block with "Moisture" and fail !!.....which leads to external failure..!!...... Room Air treatment/conditioning; Bionair 1700 carbon filter hepa filter, with treated air ionizer (ozone 50ppb) air treatment unit, superb unit so far.....bicabonate co2 generation to 600-800ppm at air during lights on. 18/6. Here are the 6 day, 10 day & 30 day update catchups pics.......StarRyder a stunning little autofem.........by AM, a (DPPremG)........ Day 6 from 1st wet of seeds (Direct In Soil Germination, under condensators) Ec 0.8 Ph AirPots PH 6.4 Water/Feed 250ml day/1/Ea Day 10 1000w six spec custom unit at 36' above unit gives 15850 lux. medium light plants require 4k to 8k photo shock at 30k-40k Day 30 3 of the StarRyders showed sex at day 20-24 StarRyder DWC, bigger than soil !! EC (NuteOnly) DWC 0.8 Ph 5.6 Drinking 400-550ml per day, Ph up Ec Down Take off 5 days for germ and popup, and these are just over 3wks old now !! Vigor and integrity is easy to see !!.... I am Already enjoying these greatly !