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Found 746 results

  1. Runtz Auto 9.5 weeks old

    From the album 1st grow - Runtz Auto

  2. Due to a DWC disaster of a grow 4weeks due to root rot as I just can't keep water temp low without 300 on a water chiller I tried hydrogen peroxide treat meant but it ain't worked Today iv decided to give up on DCW rip em down and start again in soil as ill never get the water temp in range in a location without spending hundreds on a water chiller so off I when to hydro place decide to try and solid grow with Auto pots wanted a two-pot system but they did not have any in but the noise chap let me have a 4 pot system for the price of a two so ill have 2 units complete spare for nothing 1, I know I need clean nutrients for auto pots so they don't sludge up so I got a litre each of Canna Terra Vega and a litre of Terra Flores 2, I know ill need to top feed for a 7 to 10 day or until roots are established but I have a few questions? 1, I see about air domes in auto pots so are they a good idea or not 2, if they are, would chuck the air stones in the reservoir do the same or be a good idea or not 3, any advice from any one can offer re auto pots would be much appreciated
  3. Preparing for my 2021 greenhouse autos grow with two Girl Scout Cookies and one Sour Diesel just about sprouting. Pots filled ready for them and have a double LED growing light coming for keeping them inside on the cold nights before the last frosts. Have three more GSC autos and a Cream of the Crop to start once the current seeds are going.
  4. Firstly my apologies to Panik for the delay in getting this journal up. I was kindly offered a couple of free seeds from Panik and i said i would get a journal up as a thank you, numerous months later after a pc nightmare i can now get some pics up I was kindly sent a 6 pack of RGSC Auto Mazar & Auto Gelato - up until this grow i had never grown any RGSC strains - this will change next season as both the strains ran were outstanding and i will be running a few RGSC autos next season. They both yielded more than any other auto i have grown , the end product is very nice with the Gelato being very very nice in respect of flavour and effect. Both strains were easy to grow, no dramas other than both being light feeders. Both strains easily beat my go to auto strains and as such i will be swapping over next season. I was plagued with slug & snail attatcks resulting in losing 1 of the 4 i was growing with 2 others getting badly nibbled upon, however they seem to bounce back happily where others died. I have over 600 pics to wade through and resize so i will pop these pics up here for now until i get to resolving all the picture dramas
  5. Hi....relatively new grower here... I'm hoping that someone can help me figure out a problem I've had growing autos. Specifically, I've grown several autos but despite growing well in veg, the plants effectively 'stopped' mid-flower and did not fully mature. In addition, very little smell which seems to suggest that something was 'wrong' despite appearances. The bud was nowhere near the quality I'd expected although the overall volume of dried bud was good (appx 400g per plant). I've had this issue with several autos - it does not appear to be a one-off. I kept a grow diary with regular photos so can supply further details if required but here are the basic details of my most recent grow: Strain: Dutch Passion auto White Widow (also had the same issue with Dutch Passion auto orange bud). Growing environment: 1x1 metre area grow tent with oscillating fan & air extraction unit 11 Litre airpots Substrate: Canna Coco Pro Plus with appx 30% perlite added. Nutrients: Canna Coco A & B, Calmag, Rhizotonic, PK 13/14, Boost (all from the Canna range) Lights: 2 x SF-1000x Spider Farmer LED's (each @ 97 watts power draw) + 1x150watt HPS. Light schedule: 20/4 then 18/6 for the final 4 weeks. Water: RO water with calmag added to bring typical water ec to 0.4 (target) Watering schedule: twice daily after veg got underway and then three times daily when in flower. Always watered to at least 30% runoff minimum. Input EC and output EC checked at each watering. When in flower, typically flushed once per week as output EC tended to drift too high suggesting nutrient buildup within the coco. EC typically back within acceptable range (i.e. no more than +0.4 ec compared to input ec) after flush. Nutrient schedule: broadly in line with Canna recommended schedule. No major issues with leaf burn although a little leaf tip yellowing did occur. In general, I tended to go a little under the suggested Canna 'light' schedule ec values. Defoliation: minimal. LST: None - essentially left the plants to grow naturally. Temperature & humidity: typically 20 to 25C. Humidity in tent was usually around 40% during flowering. Problem description: Flowering started off as expected at approx 8 weeks after germination but did not mature as expected - no amber trichomes even after 17 weeks when I did the final cut. Some leaf yellowing did occur but regular inspection of trichomes suggested that plants were not developing as expected. One theory is that because the plant was relatively large, the nutrients supplied could not support the plant through to full maturity although this is little more than a guess. I got a big volume of bud off the plant (400 gram dry weight) but quality, as stated earlier, was very poor. Would have happily settled for a much lower yield but decent quality! I researched the requirements for growing autos and am reasonably confident that the overall growing environment was roughly 'correct'. No obvious signs of disease or pests. Can anybody suggest what my problem is? I'm sure if the growing environment were inherently poor then I would not have managed to grow the plants through veg stage and into flower. Thanks in anticipation!
  6. Runtz XL Auto® A 6th Generation autoflowering strain. This is our extra large, autoflowering version derived from the Runtz genetic line (Zkittlez x Gelato). The strain is notable for its delicious aroma, strong effects and high yields. The Runtz strain has revolutionized the Californian marijuana scene and it is one of the most aromatic and potent genotypes on the West Coast of the USA. Runtz XL Auto® (SWS88) is the product of crossing a carefully selected Runtz clone with handpicked individuals from our Sweet Gelato Auto® (SWS76) strain. It contains high terpene concentrations, which lends the buds their very intense, delightfully sweet and fruity bouquet. It has a short life cycle, with just 8 weeks from the appearance of the cotyledons until harvest. Its effect is powerful and well-balanced, producing peaceful, relaxing vibes, while stimulating creativity and the imagination. Variety SWS88 Indica: 47,1% / Sativa: 52,5% / Ruderalis: 0,4% THC: 17-25% · CBD: 0,5% Indoor Yield: 400-550 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 50-175 g/plant Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination Height: 60-120 cm
  7. Hi All These are likely stoopid questions - but one's gotta learn LOL. Just trying to get me head around a few things. Photo-Periods: As I understand it they'll not switch to flowering-stage until day/night hits 12:12. In UK it appears this doesn't happen until the end of Sept. So seems for outside grows this puts the buds at a much greater risk of mould or rot, right? Autos: I've been a little disappointed in the growth of my Autos - though been growing outside (I fully understand that they can be grown under lights at 20/4 or even 24/0). However, as I grow outside I was wondering if anything had been done in the field of breeding to extend the growing period of Autos? Or has this been done and I just need to look for longer finishing times? Also, if an Auto goes into flower at a set time - What happens if you try to stop it - by pruning off buds? Will it simply die? Struggle to flower and keep trying? Or get stressed andturn hermaphrodite(sp)? Semi-Autos: I've seen mention of these. Do they exist? If they do, how do they work? Many thanks in advance
  8. Do these girls look like they need a stronger feed ? Kinda look pale to me opinions?
  9. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Went to squeeze it, and it’s rock hard, the plant was from a friend who was going to bin it due to its small form, so took her on in a bit of a ropey state, and tried to bring some life back to it, plant seems to being doing ok regarding its circumstances, just interested in what’s going on here.
  10. StarDawg Automatic by FastBuds Seeds

    From the album GrowNumber2

  11. Thought I would have a go at the coco, I have a couple of autos that are 41 days old and one has started to show what looks like a calcium deficiency on some of her upper leaves, had a butchers at the run off and it was quite a bit lower than what was going in. 1.4ec in, 0.5 out the other girl was 1.4 in and 0.8 out. I’m in a soft water area, tap ec 0.0 and are being fed on Dutch pro soft water by means of custom Blumat drippers drip to waste 5ltrs in 3 out. Temps 26c root zone temp 23c leaf temps 22c and running 55%rh . Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi guys, got a slight yellowing on some upper leaves. Not the youngest ones but deffo on the upper part of the plants. Pics below are from one of my Pineapple Glue Auto, other from one of my Purple Sunset auto. Strange thing is my water is very hard. Very very hard (around 500ppm, EC is around 1.5). And even if I don't know the Ca/Mg ratio, I'm sure there's a lot more Ca than Mg in (I live in chalky area). Plants drink around 4L with 1.5ml/L bloom every other day. My guess is my soil being too much acidic. It's 60% pure peat compost, 30% sphagnum moss and 10% earthworm castings. Had the same problem around the same time during my last grow, with a slightly different soil (85% pure peat compost, 15% vermiculite). So here are my questions : - 1st do you identify this as a calcium deficiency ? - 2nd : if it's Ca def, would add some lime resolve the problem ? I don't think Cal/Mag would do the trick, as I know there's already a lot of Ca in my water so if it's a Ca def, it should be caused by a lockout. And it's not my environment (air temps between 24-27°C, soil temp 24-25°C). Will make an entry in my diary too : Had that on another plant, thought it was caused by drops of water, but it could be Ca def too :
  13. Welcome to my second grow diary and first competition entry, this time growing a solitary dark degenerate from Satan himself.. Strain: Sweet Seeds Dark Devil Medium: Plant Magic Supreme Soil Nutes: Old Timers grow/bloom Lighting: 250w/400w hps Tent: 120x60x110cm - this miniature netherworld is squished for vertical space so the plan is to LST her into a bushy savage fit for any pot smoking Satanist. Sweet dreams.. p.s. I've only got a single Dark Devil seed so if this doesn't germinate we may well see a switch to a very different Sweet Gelato theme
  14. auto

    Hi there All I'm a total noob and was after a bit of confirmation on some stuff re. Autos As I understand it these types of plant flower regardless of day length, whereas photo-periodicals need a 12:12 light:dark ratio to flick to flowering mode? My query is on what flicks an Auto to flowering. I'm assuming that it's related to Pot Size, and if I put one in (totally as an example) a 1L pot and one in 10L pot that the 1L would flower way earlier, whilst the 10L would sit making a larger root ball only to flower when it had taken over the 10L pot? Is this correct? I've got my first lot of Auto seeds, and thinking of getting them sown ASAP and then growing on windowsill with a crappy LED light until they go outside in late Apr/early May. And was thinking of trying different sized Final Pots to see if I can get some staggered cropping and thereby have a bit of early drying & curing practice. Thoughts? Also, if I plan to do the above windowsill start could you advise a good size pot to keep them in before they get potted into Final 10L fabric pots for outside? Only have a windowsill and want them to remain discrete if you get my drift (Or would I be better off delaying sowing until maybe April or something?) Any advice gratefully received - Many thanks in advance MJMan
  15. Sorry guys, but I don't manage to decide about them. So would you chop them today ? My brain's stuck, seems like I'm unable to take a decision today so I really need some help. There are a Pineapple Glue Auto (day 91) and Critical Jack Auto (day 98). Pineapple Glue Auto : And The Critical Jack which has foxtailed a lot :
  16. Hi everyone, Nota : my profile is completed with informations about my setup. I've opened a few threads for different plants, but I feel they're all linked to the same thing. Had 5 plants during the last 3 months. 3 are actually harvested (one in jar, the 2 others drying). These 3 had some real stress, because I received my tent when they were 1 month old, and they've gone from my house to the cold garage, and I had only a heat blower at the beginning. So I attributed the problems to this. But the last 2 (one Dinafem Critical Jack Auto and one Pineapple Glue Auto) began their life into the tent, with the oil rad inside and they have the same symptoms : mid-flowering, some older leaves begin to yellow, and it spreads. I have several hypothesis, but don't manage to sort the good one... I precise none of my plants show any problem vegging and during the 2-3 first flowering weeks. Could be : - cold roots : my soil is around 18°C - nitrogen deficiency : but I give a little grow nutes during flowering (at least to the last two plants) - hard tap water issue : tried to give them rain water last watering (had a little from the last rain), but it doesn't stop the spreading. So I'm wondering. Maybe I should up the nutrients dose, but I don't want to overfeed the girls... I'm not really worried, because the buds are here, they're big, they smell good and are sticky. Had 51g from my 1st plant (Amnesia Auto) and it's good quality. The two recently cropped Skunk #1 auto will give more, they have really big buds (some the size of my fists), so I'm pretty happy, but I'd like to understand what I'm doing wrong. Maybe it's normal, but the Skunks had lost so much leaves I'll barely have to trim them when they're dry... Here are some pics of the Critical Jack abd Pineapple from yesterday (Critical up and Pinapple down) :
  17. First, I wish everyone here a happy new year. Hope it will be better than 2020 for our world. So this is my Sensi Amnesia Auto. Some amber trichomes, some cloudy/milky, but some seeming transparent too. I was planning to crop her this 31st, but seeing the transparents trichomes made me doubt. So, do you thing a should wait a few days more ?? Here are the pics :
  18. auto-mazars-manifold.jpg

  19. Had these three in a 15l tub for a couple of weeks with no issue. After a few hours in 25l buckets this happened... leaves very dry add brittle . This happened with my last crop but fixed itself out, suspect the same will happen here but still distressing. Went from one mil per litre veg and went to one and a half mil per litre flower feed. Strain is gorilla glue auto by fastbuds, any thoughts what this can be?
  20. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm self isolating from other parts of this forum and hopefully doing something less boring instead... My plan is to use a Raspberry Pi to help me with my grow. Sure, it's not necessary but we each have our peculiarities. Because it's a big project I'll be splitting it down into separate, numbered threads. As far as I can, I'll be using standard stuff and not the fly by night software and hardware. I will also be making use of low tech where I can. I hope to be finished by Christmas. Feel free to contribute! Kaydog ================================ #1a - RPi to a monitor My automation project needs a monitor, preferably touch screen and all that fandanglygoogly stuff. Having gone down many costly dead ends, this worked for me: Googling "how do I connect an android tablet to my raspberry pi", I followed these instructions- Add a vnc connection: install tightvncserver to rpi install real vnc viewer for android by real vnc and so I was able to resurrect a very old, slow touch screen Samsung tablet that nobody wanted into a decent monitor. Of course, I could just spend £60 on an official monitor - which likely will happen.
  21. Hi guys, got some strange brown dots with a bit a yellowing near the ribs on some leaves of my Pineapple Glue Auto. Could it be a deficiency ? She's something like 3 weeks flowering, beeing fed with 2ml/L Plagron Alga Bloom once every other watering (roughly once a week so). Here are some pics : While I'm here, could you confirm my Critical Jack Auto has a light nitrogen deficiency, so I should continue give her a little grow nute ? Plant is flowering week 4 :
  22. Hi guys!running 3 autoflower lost track of flower!but one plants seems to be maturing good!!and the other two I think one is doing okay and the other I don’t seem to notice the maturing of the buds any guess??also attached some photos of all three flowering sites please let me know if may just be younger stages of flower compared to main one using GHE 3 parts also atami bloombastic statin is lemonberry haze
  23. Better late than never here is my diary for Dinafem's Bubba Kush Auto for the generous seeds for diary giveaway earlier in the year. Respect to @@Dinafem-Mark for setting all this up and letting us all have a crack at their genetics Its always hard to choose strains plus I always have the medical/pain relief properties highest on my agenda but I was rather taken by the blurb on the Dinafem website on the photo version ... "Bubba Kush cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from our elite clone Pre'98 Bubba Kush. This variety is probably one of the best Indicas in the world and we are proud to offer this legend. It is no coincidence that Bubba Kush makes part of the 10 most renowned strains in America." Then it goes on to say about the auto version.... "Bubba Kush Auto cannabis seed has been created to provide growers with an autoflowering version of this wonderful Californian cannabis strain. It is a great fast-flowering easy-to-grow vigorous marijuana plant that yields good amounts of beautiful round compact buds full of resin. This cannabis seed is suitable for growers of all levels and for those seeking a cannabis strain with medical properties." Wow I thought to myself.... it would be rude not to This will be my third Dinafem diary and I'm already a massive fan of their strains not one has disappointed indeed each has produced raised eyebrows of pleasant surprise on first spliff As well as the the ones I've run diaries on I've also grown out the Cheese and the Blue Amnesia XXL. Right so enough preamble lets get on with the main event Bubba Kush I did my usual starting process into a shot glass in the airing cupboard for 24 hours tapping after 12 hours to make her sink, then planting straight into a prewatered 20l Airpot, 0.5cm deep and lightly covered, I dont water again as the pot is still wet enough. I then cover the pot with clingfilm and put under the T5 for warmth this creates really high humidity, literally dripping wet and seeds seem to like it as I have them above ground after 48 hours without fail I will be using my own organic soil that I ammended with the following when I made the pot up: 2l Fresh worm castings, MyCorMax, Neem Meal, Ecothrive Charge, Rock Dust and a little Malted Barley Powder. The top qtr of the pot I only used MyCorMax to keep it gentle while she is a baby Once she was above ground I covered the top surface with river gravel from the river next to me to act as a barrier for sciarid flies. So as per usual she was above ground after 48 hours, the next 10 days are always a bit nerve wracking, hoping that they get out of the gates without a hitch. Every single day counts with autos is something I'm painfully aware of....so fingers crossed!! So here she is on her first day above ground I call this day 2 as I count from germination, I know many start counting when its above ground but I do it from when life begins So off to a cracking start and I'm really looking forward to trying the legend that is Bubba Kush, I do like a good couch lock effect as it helps me sleep. I will be doing a report at the end from both my wife and my POV regarding pain relief/medical effects as this is my main reason for growing. Thats it for the first update let hope she does well Keep it green all
  24. After my two photoperiods are done I would like to switch my lights back to 18/6 however I have two autos that I started under 12/12 to get a head start ready for the next grow. Will I be okay to change the lights immediately back to 18/6 in the tent after chopping the photos or should I change the hours 1 hour per day at a time to not stress the plants ? Thanks !