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Found 387 results

  1. Welcome to my lazy diary Here are two tins i got my seeds from Here are two seeds germinating in kitchen paper one is i will let you guess what strains they are
  2. So my mission begins, a big thanks to all at Dinafem and a big to Mark, once again pulling out all the stops for us seasonal growers I've suffered a real lot the last few months, after herniated disks in the spine, quacks discovered I have aggressive PsA, never experienced so much pain before hence my GG selections are for once..My own saviour. I've chosen Original Amnesia Auto for that personal favourite heavyweight hit and I'm gonna sample OG Kush Auto CBD as my second selection. Also have a few tins of Critical Jacks and other strains from the Dinafem catalogue that I've collected the past few months. I'll be germing in clear pint cups, bottoms removed and placed in coloured cups, transplanting made easy for autos. Pics and video to follow on that. Soil is all native with very little in the way of amendments. Will update on that as I go, just getting started here, well when all this snow retreats Wish you all the best for 2018, may the wind be at your back and the sun upon your face
  3. April 2018

    From the album 2018 - Lowryder auto, CBD White Domina, Charlottes Angel (photo/auto)

    Charlotte's Angel auto (left) , Charlotte's angel photo period fem (middle top) , Lowrider auto (right) , CBD White Domina (bottom)
  4. week 5 - 7/7

  5. week 5 - 6/7

  6. week 5 - 5/7

  7. week 5 - 4/7

  8. week 5 - 3/7

  9. week 5 - 2/7

  10. week 5 - 1/7

  11. week 4 - 1 of 3

  12. Lowryder week 2 - 3/3

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    Another angle
  13. Lowryder week 2 - 2/3

    From the album Lowryder auto - Baggins420

    Fresh growth
  14. Hi all, my autos are starting to preflower at around 3 weeks old and the leaves (mostly on the new growth) have begun to droop and curl down. Everything I can find online points to overwatering but I've been cautious not to overwater and have only fed when the pots have been dry and light. Could they be underfed? The soil feels slightly moist and quite loose but definitely not dry. Up to now they've had plain water, a 1/3 strength feed and a 2/3 strength feed (Biobizz schedule). Also struggling to keep the humidity above 20, could this be causing them to curl like this? Thanks in advance to any experts that can diagnose from these pictures
  15. Got 2 Dutch power autoflowers in my tent. 120x80x180cm 600W lamp Extractor fan & desk fan one of the plants is fine and almost ready to harvest. the other (2 weeks younger) all the fan leaves have gone yellow but she's still growing buds fine... It started from the bottom leaves up at about the same time I changed lights & tent, they started in a 40x40 under a 125w CFL. Fed with seaweed extract, tomorite and tap water. Any ideas?
  16. whats wrong?

  17. I have 2 Autoflowers growing 2 weeks apart, one at 6 weeks in a 10L pot and one at 4 weeks in an 6L pot. my grow space is only 40cmx40cm and the girls are really pressed up against the tentwhen I zip it shut, they've had no training, just fed and watered, running 20/4. Attached a photo of them both in the tent even though I have taken the younger one out so the older one can continue to flower. both are Dutch Power by Kera Seeds. running a 125w CFL at the moment but will be upgrading that, just wonder if I need a bigger tent too? any feedback greatly appreciated.
  18. too little space?

    From the album First Grow Dutch Power Auto

    don't know if that's enough space so taken 1 out
  19. Hi chums, nice to be back, a big thank you to Sweet Seeds for providing the very best seeds available, I decided to grow 2 Sweet Trainwreck as it is about two years ago that I last grown and smoked this great weed. Another simple grow planned, starting in John Inness Seed Compost, germinating with tap water adjusted to ppm 350, EC .5 with Calcium mono nutrient @ 5ml/10 liters of water and 5 Grams Epson salt/10 liters of water, PH adjusted from 7.3 to 6.5. They will be placed in my usual 1.5 liter pots for first two weeks, then transplanting into new 10 liter pots that are wide and lower than most pots I have used, starting under 400w dual spectrum bulb in a Diamond reflector, after two weeks the plants will be going into House and Garden Bat Mix Special, this mix is supposed to have a constant PH of 6.2 and watering PH zone is 5.5-6.5, I will be watering at 6.5 again and hopefully my plants will settle into it nicely. If I have to feed I will more than likely give a top dressing of fish, blood and bone, plan on adding this possibly after the plants have been in Bat Mix for two weeks, @ 4 weeks old. The John Inness is a loam based soil including peat and nutrient, the Bat Mix is an all peat mix with nutrient and Perlite. Now its a waiting game, I will be counting the days for sure, not grown or smoked any weed for over two months, when I start smoking again I plan on smoking in moderation, none of the 2-3 grams a day I used to smoke. Now for some pictures. Seeds. Germinating between cotton cloth which does not get clogged and allows better access to air. Humidity Chamber, yes it was from the Chinese Chippy. My seed propagator, my old reliable friend. Humidity chamber wrapped in a scarf for darkness. Well that is about it for now, feeling good, Grow Chum.
  20. Hey guys lost my other account on here Ive always grown autos had some good success from them Wanna try photos now ! I currently have 11 autoflower in my grow room (have loads of space in there for more) I have 2 fem photo seeds here (tagarine kush and critical kush) I want to take cuttings/clones from. Could I start them now and put them in with autos on 18/6 till my autos have done (around 65-70 days left) So could I take clones from these in 65-70 days ? And will they be ok in the grow room with the autos?
  21. auto

    Hello, I am about to start growing again in one week ( or whatever my tent and lights will take to deliver) I am about to explain what i want to do ,and i would really appreciate some pointers,or constructive criticism ,if i am about to make mistakes,please let me know. I chose to go with Northern Light Automatic from RoyalQueenSeeds, ( got 10 seeds,just in case something goes wrong) Planing to fit 5-6 in a 120x120x200 cm tent. I will let them germiante and grow a bit ,forl ike 10 days total,then move the girls to the final pots (11L airpods) i will be using 600w MH for vegetative stage 1 day after i move them to the final pots (is that too much from the start?should i start with maybe 250w MH,or a 125 CFL? WIll let them like that on 20/4 light schedule till they start flowering. When i see the flowering stage begins,i will use 600w HPS + 600w LED full spectrum lights same light schedule: 20/4 (is the combo ok?) I am planning to feed them only after they start flowering ( cana coco A + B) Will try to keep the temp at around 26 C ,and the PH at 6.5- 7 . Please let me know what you think about my " plan" and thanks in advance
  22. Hi all, I'm about to start my first grow and I got some seeds of Sweet Nurse Auto CBD (5-10% THC/10-15% CBD). I found this lovely time lapse on youtube that rose some questions. (The uploader seemed to left the plants alone with no topping and/or LST. Also the website where I got the seeds from states harvest 8 weeks from germination) Am I wrong saying that this strain needs no topping, LSTing or scrogging? You just put the seed and let it grow? (or, due to the fast flower/harvest, when would it be the best time to top/lLST?) Also, as it's an auto strain there's really no need to change the light cycle right? So, in theory, it could stay in the same tent with slower growing strains which would be still in veg (18/6 light cycle) while it already flowers? Finally, last but not least, I'd like to go as "organic" as possible, avoiding chemical nutes (even because they require flushing and water is kind of an issue on the island where I leave). I do make my own compost (coffee ground, tea leaves, egg shells and all the veg waste from salad, greens, fruit etc...), would you use it when potting? What else you suggest to use as an aid?
  23. Dutch Passion - Auto Colorado Cookies

    From the album Diary Pictures

    High hopes for these beans.
  24. Anyone know why there is no heaven used with the white auto schedule found in google? Am imaging weed won't be that great without heaven, anyone know how much to use?
  25. I'm about to start growing. I have finally decided on Royal Critical Auto (5 plants) indoor in soil (Plagron lightmix) Would buying Advanced Nutes: BudCandy be good? I have done some research on it but I can't really see if its any good for soil.. what difference would it make to the plant? I see the reviews for hydro growers but no soil. Any advice? Thank-you