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Found 369 results

  1. Hi chums, nice to be back, a big thank you to Sweet Seeds for providing the very best seeds available, I decided to grow 2 Sweet Trainwreck as it is about two years ago that I last grown and smoked this great weed. Another simple grow planned, starting in John Inness Seed Compost, germinating with tap water adjusted to ppm 350, EC .5 with Calcium mono nutrient @ 5ml/10 liters of water and 5 Grams Epson salt/10 liters of water, PH adjusted from 7.3 to 6.5. They will be placed in my usual 1.5 liter pots for first two weeks, then transplanting into new 10 liter pots that are wide and lower than most pots I have used, starting under 400w dual spectrum bulb in a Diamond reflector, after two weeks the plants will be going into House and Garden Bat Mix Special, this mix is supposed to have a constant PH of 6.2 and watering PH zone is 5.5-6.5, I will be watering at 6.5 again and hopefully my plants will settle into it nicely. If I have to feed I will more than likely give a top dressing of fish, blood and bone, plan on adding this possibly after the plants have been in Bat Mix for two weeks, @ 4 weeks old. The John Inness is a loam based soil including peat and nutrient, the Bat Mix is an all peat mix with nutrient and Perlite. Now its a waiting game, I will be counting the days for sure, not grown or smoked any weed for over two months, when I start smoking again I plan on smoking in moderation, none of the 2-3 grams a day I used to smoke. Now for some pictures. Seeds. Germinating between cotton cloth which does not get clogged and allows better access to air. Humidity Chamber, yes it was from the Chinese Chippy. My seed propagator, my old reliable friend. Humidity chamber wrapped in a scarf for darkness. Well that is about it for now, feeling good, Grow Chum.
  2. Hey guys lost my other account on here Ive always grown autos had some good success from them Wanna try photos now ! I currently have 11 autoflower in my grow room (have loads of space in there for more) I have 2 fem photo seeds here (tagarine kush and critical kush) I want to take cuttings/clones from. Could I start them now and put them in with autos on 18/6 till my autos have done (around 65-70 days left) So could I take clones from these in 65-70 days ? And will they be ok in the grow room with the autos?
  3. auto

    Hello, I am about to start growing again in one week ( or whatever my tent and lights will take to deliver) I am about to explain what i want to do ,and i would really appreciate some pointers,or constructive criticism ,if i am about to make mistakes,please let me know. I chose to go with Northern Light Automatic from RoyalQueenSeeds, ( got 10 seeds,just in case something goes wrong) Planing to fit 5-6 in a 120x120x200 cm tent. I will let them germiante and grow a bit ,forl ike 10 days total,then move the girls to the final pots (11L airpods) i will be using 600w MH for vegetative stage 1 day after i move them to the final pots (is that too much from the start?should i start with maybe 250w MH,or a 125 CFL? WIll let them like that on 20/4 light schedule till they start flowering. When i see the flowering stage begins,i will use 600w HPS + 600w LED full spectrum lights same light schedule: 20/4 (is the combo ok?) I am planning to feed them only after they start flowering ( cana coco A + B) Will try to keep the temp at around 26 C ,and the PH at 6.5- 7 . Please let me know what you think about my " plan" and thanks in advance
  4. Hi all, I'm about to start my first grow and I got some seeds of Sweet Nurse Auto CBD (5-10% THC/10-15% CBD). I found this lovely time lapse on youtube that rose some questions. (The uploader seemed to left the plants alone with no topping and/or LST. Also the website where I got the seeds from states harvest 8 weeks from germination) Am I wrong saying that this strain needs no topping, LSTing or scrogging? You just put the seed and let it grow? (or, due to the fast flower/harvest, when would it be the best time to top/lLST?) Also, as it's an auto strain there's really no need to change the light cycle right? So, in theory, it could stay in the same tent with slower growing strains which would be still in veg (18/6 light cycle) while it already flowers? Finally, last but not least, I'd like to go as "organic" as possible, avoiding chemical nutes (even because they require flushing and water is kind of an issue on the island where I leave). I do make my own compost (coffee ground, tea leaves, egg shells and all the veg waste from salad, greens, fruit etc...), would you use it when potting? What else you suggest to use as an aid?
  5. Dutch Passion - Auto Colorado Cookies

    From the album Diary Pictures

    High hopes for these beans.
  6. Anyone know why there is no heaven used with the white auto schedule found in google? Am imaging weed won't be that great without heaven, anyone know how much to use?
  7. I'm about to start growing. I have finally decided on Royal Critical Auto (5 plants) indoor in soil (Plagron lightmix) Would buying Advanced Nutes: BudCandy be good? I have done some research on it but I can't really see if its any good for soil.. what difference would it make to the plant? I see the reviews for hydro growers but no soil. Any advice? Thank-you
  8. Anyone understand if there is any bioheaven added to the auto feeding schedule seen on google. I'll try and post it ( doesn't seem possible tho, help with that too ?) If so, how much? I can't image having much success if there's no heaven.
  9. Hi guys.. My first post, 1st indoor tent set up and 1st attempt with auto Basically here is white widow auto already 13 days after popping out from soil and not showing much of growth. As far as I have read thru forums, autos start flowering at specific time not when veg period is done. My question is wether it is just slow growth or it looks like there is something wrong and I should start over with new bean and not waste my time as I want to smokkkeeeeee germinated in wet paper tissue in dark (2 days) put in soil for 2 days, popped out very beautiful then put it in the tent under 60w CFL (second day maybe too close as small small end of first fan leaves tips very bit yellow then i moved it 1 or 2 cm away and next day they were fine) first set of fan leaves stayed small and never really got bigger altho next leaves already coming out after day 8 I replanted in bigger pot and fresh soil and turned on 360w double chip LED at about 28inch distance the plant started showing little response so from day 6 to day 13 fist fan leaves have not change their size much but the new leaves in the middle are coming out no watering since repoting does pH play huge role in this growth process for autos as main was 6.8-7.0 or could this be because roots dont get air as I didnt put perlite in the soil and also yesterday white powder appeared on top the soil which I assume is mould, but i havent watered after repotting which I did on day 8 humiduty between 50 to 60 and temp day 28 - 30 night 23 - 25 soil is organic with no nutes and I use 360w LED I hope you understand all factors and I havent missed one for the best judgement of what is happening here. Thanks guys
  10. Sweet Seeds gives you the chance to acquire a small but excellent collection of 10 of its 100% feminised autoflowering seeds at a great price. In this Mix you can find several genetics. From an autoflowering Cream Mandarine to some of the latest purple varieties developed. The seeds are packed in a single tube. ★ Buy Sweet Mix Auto ★
  11. Hi everyone, this is going to be my first time grow. I've got pretty much everything planned but I'm a bit torn between whether or not I should plant my auto seeds straight into the final location (outdoors in the ground) after germination or plant them in pots first before transferring once they've grown for a while. The reason I ask this is because I've read in multiple places that auto strains don't take well to be transferred pots, and it can do more harm than good in comparison to just planting into the ground directly. Any advice from personal experience/things you've read would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have never grown an auto before. Well that's a good start! I have read a little bit about them and was kinda sold the idea of growing them outdoors by @inaction man who mentioned this Canadian dude @912GreenSkell who grows them big in the soil. I was aware that transplanting autos were not the done thing and reading about microbes and beneficial fungi being our plant's best mates I thought of making a paper mache pot as an experiment. Why would that be a good option? Papier mache is basically water, sweet flour and news paper. I remember seeing this dude on the tube who was inoculating his biochar with worm castings and flour (being a source of food for microbes etc). I also have a small wormery and they are avid readers. They love news papers! And so the idea sprouted.... An experiment was in the making! Maybe somebody out there has done it before? I would love to hear your story and results. So here's what I did: I took a 3 L pot, flour, water and strips of news paper Cut a circle the size of bottom of the pot Cut a ribbon the with of the pot and long enough to cover the pot. Paper is dry at this stage. Dip your strips of newspaper in the batter and place so that the ribbon lines the pot with excess left to hang on the edge of the pot. With your fingers make sure you tuck the paper in the bottom of the pot so it's nice and tight following the surface of the pot. Once the pot is cover with vertical strips, add a second layer but this time horizontally starting at the bottom of the pot (no need to add to the base as it's thick enough) fold the sides towards the inside of the pot making sure you leave the edge protruding slightly. Smooth inside with fingers and let dry in the sun Remove the pot when it has stiffened (the first lining of paper avoids the the next layer to stick to the pot (mistake I did the first time ) Once fully dried, fill with a bit more than a 1/3 or 1/2 of super soil (if you've made any) Then put some compost (here I 've used some Thatchers with perlite, a pinch of fish blood and bone, 2 pinches of bone meal, a pinch of dolomite et voila) insert a small pot so hat the top is slightly below the rim of the 3L pot. Fill around the pot with remaining compost (I find it easier to fill up the small pot as well) Remove small pot and fill with sifted jacks magic (removing any big fibres and fertiliser balls) Pop your seed in and you're good to go
  13. Cookies and Pineapple Express x2

    From the album Greenhouse haveagrow

  14. I'm about to embark on my first grow, I want to Guerrilla grow. I live about lat 51 in a quite remote, south facing spot. I'm having trouble finding a strain suitable for my requirements (I think I'm being too picky): * Short germination to harvest period (auto flowering). * A relatively high THC level I know this can be tricky seeing as a lot of the strains I've been looking at are mixed with ruderalis which I believe is quite low in THC. * Fairly easy for me to grow. * A decent yield I couple of quick flowering strains I've looked at are Royal Queens Seeds' Quick One and Royal Dwarf. Sensei Seeds' Early Skunk looked like a strong contender however some people on the forum said the seeds were dodgy. Thanks for the help:)
  15. First time grow was hoping for a few tips on further strain section for the year, open to both auto and photoperiod. 4x dutch cheese is 3 weeks old still on pure water until the pot dries up and considering first feed, they look a little small to me but i'll leave it to a few experts to let me know if it's ready yet. 4x auto blue mazar are germinating but taking their time 3 days and just about cracked, 20 seeds I wish I'd never bought!! my patch is in a hollowed out gorse bush about 5metre squared deep in a woods at latittude 51° holes are 2ft deep and 3ft squared filling in with gold label 60/40 indoor soil and using canna terra flores and vega along with pk13/14 and maybe some boosters if needed later on if you guys recommend it:) I have 12 more holes to fill and would appreciate any advice on strains that work well in the uk in our unpredictable weather and finish around November with a half decent yield. This is my first time grow but have seen it done a few times indoor. All my plants are currently in a 3metre squared wardrobe under a 150w veg cfl on 18/6 temp and humidity is all good so far. I started the 4 dutch cheese on the 15th of March and intend to keep them under light for another month and a half minimum. Will post picures as soon as possible:)
  16. P1010789.JPG

    From the album 2017

  17. 58c7b6c0860c4-P1100289(Small).JPG

    From the album My space and girls

  18. Better late than never here is my diary for Dinafem's Bubba Kush Auto for the generous seeds for diary giveaway earlier in the year. Respect to @@Dinafem-Mark for setting all this up and letting us all have a crack at their genetics Its always hard to choose strains plus I always have the medical/pain relief properties highest on my agenda but I was rather taken by the blurb on the Dinafem website on the photo version ... "Bubba Kush cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to a feminized, Indica-dominant cannabis strain that results from our elite clone Pre'98 Bubba Kush. This variety is probably one of the best Indicas in the world and we are proud to offer this legend. It is no coincidence that Bubba Kush makes part of the 10 most renowned strains in America." Then it goes on to say about the auto version.... "Bubba Kush Auto cannabis seed has been created to provide growers with an autoflowering version of this wonderful Californian cannabis strain. It is a great fast-flowering easy-to-grow vigorous marijuana plant that yields good amounts of beautiful round compact buds full of resin. This cannabis seed is suitable for growers of all levels and for those seeking a cannabis strain with medical properties." Wow I thought to myself.... it would be rude not to This will be my third Dinafem diary and I'm already a massive fan of their strains not one has disappointed indeed each has produced raised eyebrows of pleasant surprise on first spliff As well as the the ones I've run diaries on I've also grown out the Cheese and the Blue Amnesia XXL. Right so enough preamble lets get on with the main event Bubba Kush I did my usual starting process into a shot glass in the airing cupboard for 24 hours tapping after 12 hours to make her sink, then planting straight into a prewatered 20l Airpot, 0.5cm deep and lightly covered, I dont water again as the pot is still wet enough. I then cover the pot with clingfilm and put under the T5 for warmth this creates really high humidity, literally dripping wet and seeds seem to like it as I have them above ground after 48 hours without fail I will be using my own organic soil that I ammended with the following when I made the pot up: 2l Fresh worm castings, MyCorMax, Neem Meal, Ecothrive Charge, Rock Dust and a little Malted Barley Powder. The top qtr of the pot I only used MyCorMax to keep it gentle while she is a baby Once she was above ground I covered the top surface with river gravel from the river next to me to act as a barrier for sciarid flies. So as per usual she was above ground after 48 hours, the next 10 days are always a bit nerve wracking, hoping that they get out of the gates without a hitch. Every single day counts with autos is something I'm painfully aware of....so fingers crossed!! So here she is on her first day above ground I call this day 2 as I count from germination, I know many start counting when its above ground but I do it from when life begins So off to a cracking start and I'm really looking forward to trying the legend that is Bubba Kush, I do like a good couch lock effect as it helps me sleep. I will be doing a report at the end from both my wife and my POV regarding pain relief/medical effects as this is my main reason for growing. Thats it for the first update let hope she does well Keep it green all
  19. Hi All, Middle aged, rookie first time grower here. I am 5 weeks into the flowering period of some Auto OG Kush from dinafem.org and the sugar leaves on one of my plants are turning yellow and crispy. The second plant seems to be flowering much more normally. Here is my set up: 600W HPS lamp. Jacks Magic compost Filtered Water - I water thoroughly every 2-3 days Indoor Grow tent set up in a outbuilding I did apply Westland Gro-Sure 2L Super Enriched Tomato Food 3-4 times during late grow and early/mid flower stages. Sorry I could not rotate the picutres. I appreciate any help this group can offer me!
  20. Hello guys, well there's something wrong with my 20 days Dark devil which seems to be a bit late. i just added a cool tube as you can see in the picture. If you check my profile, you will see the description off all my equipment, style, etc. (sorry to bother you with such as stress). Yesterday I added the cool tube and today I watered with 2 LT ph 5.7 water mixed with 1 ml of rooter x, and 0.4 mg of flower power start (N11 P40 K13). By the way it's a 11 LT fabric pot with canna coco natural soil (really low additives). It was really hot before the cool tube since I switched from the 250w HPS to 400w HPS and moved the light roughly 34 cm from the plants. Temperature was around 31C* as monitored by my parrot flower power tool connected to my phone via app (which can be a bit faulty cause of the HPS light but I'm not sure. I always used it and it worked out really good). The point is my dark devil auto seems a bit weird and dry even if I water usually 2 / 3 LT of water with root x every 2 to 3 days as you can see in the attached pictures. i was wondering if that could be related to the light too stressfull for the plant and/or heat produced as a consequence. Cause I can't think about any other problem.. Any answer or advice is welcome and thanks for the attention. Cheers
  21. Now that @@botanics has finished his excellent diary on this strain and it will no doubt have alot of interest, I thought I'd start my first diary with this too thanks to encouragement from both @@botanics and @@Dinafem-Mark. Cheers lads Introduction As its my first diary of my perpetual grow I will take a little time to explain the background to my grow.... I am 52 this year and have been smoking for 38 years now, initially as recreation .....sampling the fresh hash of Stonehenge's main drag at rock bottom prices was always a delight in my youth but for the last 15 years or so increasingly as a medicinal user. Either way I've always loved my smoke and and I've never stopped bar the odd rare dry period when I couldnt score Both my wife and I are chronic pain sufferers which also causes sleep issues, due in no small part to the fact we have worked 7 days a week for the last 20 years raising our family. These issues arent going to go away, they will only deteriorate as we age..... so a cunning plan was required Our problem was that the gear available in Cumbria was shite and overpriced, for along time shitbar was all there was and that got so bad as to be THC free as far as I could tell. Medicinal grade was a pipe dream literally. That coupled with the fact of requiring an oz a week really meant the only option was to grow my own.....God am I glad I did I now have better smoke than I have ever had and I can get great relief from the right strains. My objective for the next year or so is to grow out as many potential pain relieving strains as possible to dial in which ones I will run in the future as keepers effectively. Might hack my own a bit further down the line.....ooops digressing!. Hence when I saw these about to come to the market on here, I bought some as soon as I knew they were available along with the Haze CBDs. So along with the grow I intend to report on the pain relieving properties in my smoke report from both my POV and my missus, sometimes we differ in what strains we like. So what is my setup? Perpetual Grow I grow 4/5 plants continually planting every 2/3 weeks in organic soil preferably in supersoil and in time I would like that to be no til. I'm not that far off I just need a new batch of supersoil to cook this spring. I run a worm bin and recommend it 100% to get one going if you dont have one, I love mine and the benefits to the gals are beyond any bottle you can buy I use 20l airpots with tights on them, as I've been battling sciarid flies The plants basically have 3 stations or places.... Seedlings I put them in a small glass of water in the airing cupboard for 10/12 hours then give them a little tap to sink them and leave till they crack. Then into finals usually unless I have a hold up and I'm out of pots in which case they go into a small cardboard seedling pot with the bottom chopped off in the airing cupboard until they pop up. Once a pot is available I simply place the seedling pot into a hole in the final pot and then my worms eat the cardboard populating the tap root region with fresh beneficial microbes Then its under a T5 with a small PC fan attached to keep it cool for the next couple of weeks or until they are too big for it, or a slot at the next stage becomes available. They are on 24/0 at this stage. Its not the greatest start to life but it works fine for me so I'm sticking with it Veg Stage This I do under 240w(actual draw 140w) veg LED with an oscillating fan and this brings them on nicely to the flowering stage. I do until this stage in my loft but as I only have 4ft total height, I move them to a homemade tent in a bedroom for flowering....this can prove a challenge sometimes as they can get big on me! Still on 24/0 Flowering I built a tent originally to test if the space I had in a cupboard would work so it matches that. It is 33"x33"x6' with a 6" RAM fan and carbon filter for extraction and 2 large 8" PC fans for intake (running off a 12v supply), this gives a fair bit of negative pressure. A 8" fan to move air around too. For reflection I used B&Q's finest radiator reflector stuff uber cheap and seems to work fine So I have 2 plants in here continually each has its own 240w (140w actual) flowering LED and a 90w UFO. Normally 2 plants are fine in here but Dinafem's big gal the Blue Amnesia XXL means that my living room has lots of bits of wood that somehow I need to fashion a height extension. She was so vigorous the wires I was trying to use for LST she kept pulling off a good problem to have but she is now heat/light stressed. Live and learn! I now give them 4 hours darkness in here so they are on 20/4 Right on to the main point of this diary the Industrial Plant CBD Auto I will do this in weekly posts I think until I'm uptodate ......
  22. Coming to the end of my grow now so want to start planing. Ive got 4 on the grow in a tent with a 400w hps bulb. My house turns the heating off at night and being in england can get cold around this time. Ive been using my hps for some heat in the tent, but when your drying theyre meant to be in darkness. Any ideas are more then welcome!
  23. Hi all, anyone grew White Diesel Haze Auto's before as mine are due for harvesting and ive been reading the trichomes stay clear so any advise on signs when ready ?