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Found 776 results

  1. Howdy folks, welcome to my diary for Seedstockers Mac & Crack Autofower kindly donated by @Seedstockers-Mark Ive popped 3 MAC seeds into a glass containing 1% hydrogen peroxide (made by diluting 12% HP with warm water at 20'C ) and allowed to soak in the airing cupboard @ approx 23'C After 48hrs the seeds had sank (with a tap from a finger), the seeds were removed from the soaking solution and placed onto a damp piece of kitchen towel. The towel was folded over to cover the seeds, placed in sealed tupperware container and put back in the airing cuboard @ approx 23'C. I didnt expect much progress, so didnt check for 48hrs - after opening the paper towel I was in for a bit of a suprise. Ive never seen anything like it, massively long tap roots, one was 2 inch long after 48hrs - unreal
  2. 20231030-190926.jpg

    Amnesia zkittle auto
  3. So. I'm thinking about where to go with my next grow. I've only run autos up to this point, and I'm still very much a novice, but I'm getting more and more feelings edging me towards trying out photos. I run a very small indoor cab, room for one plant only really so regular seeds aren't really viable, I'd need fems but that's not a problem. My question I suppose is regarding plant size. Can I, in theory, flip light schedules to 12/12 at an early stage to keep the size of the plant in check? Is that basically how it works? @MindSoup I'm looking at you here mate, I'm sure you ran photos in your little cabinet, didn't you?
  4. Sooooooo, It's been 23 years since I last threw some beans in the soil, and i decided probably foolishly, to have a go with an autoflowering strain Banana purple punch, from FastBuds. bear in mind, 23 years ago autoflowers weren't even a thing, Ruderalis was almost unheard of, unless you were in the know, and by in the know, Ruderalis was pretty much ignored So I've decided to chuck a few pictures up of the "progress" or not and hopefully you guys can give me a little help on figuring out if she is going okay, to me she seems real small, so I'm guessing I've stunted her, but you may disagree, in fact I HOPE you do It's a real basic setup at the moment, a 1.5 x 4 x 6 ft, with 2 random brand LED's @ 100w a piece, just to see if I can get back into the groove and then decide to start uprating things if I have any luck Seed planted direct into my own soil mix on 21.05.23 , possibly a little hot looking at the few browning tips, hence I haven't given her a feed yet, just ph corrected 6.3 water Have a butchers, it's going to be a little image intense, so i apologise for a load of very similar looking photos.
  5. Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine auto - in the garden.
  6. Hi , i was asked by a fellow Old Git grower ....how would a late planted outdoor auto attempt end if he could provide it with some shelter ????? Answer i gave - Theres WAY too many variables to call it , you would also be reliant on shorter daylight hours , less sun intensity , less heat , more humidity ....just for a start Run a fem too and see whats what. Reply - No , i just want to run an Auto as i would like to do more and test them thoroughly in later bad weather as i will prob just stick to them in the garden. An auto is what i want to try. No probs With a start of grow in the last 10 days of July , in whats been to date a colder / wetter aso called summer wet season. So being an inquisitive Old Git , he asked if i would start an auto off for him , i said no worries and on Friday evening i placed a DP Auto Euforia seed into soak in a room temp water bath to soak. And we shall run this little experiment and report week by week , until it either gets rot and gets binned or it makes it home Either way it will play out here , step by step for you to see Mission - To grow a late planted Auto out , priding it protection in an East facing , Home made clear acrylic & timber frame Lean To against the brick wall end og building clad in dark pvc So an auto grow , outdoor & under cover enclosed quite late into whats shaping up to be a wetter season .... what could go wrong !? We shall see. Friday 21st July 5.30pm - a DP Auto Euforia wentinto soak. Sunday 23rd July 2pm The seed had sunk / seedopened / tap root just beginning to emerge - it is a rather evocative pic ! The joy of things yet to come Pics up shortly folks. Your predictions , thoughts ....and of course humour more than welcome folks @Antonio_DutchPassion
  7. Morning guys, a few of you may have seen my grow diary here. For those of you that haven't, I have 2 girls that are into flower (Day 68 & Day 54) and I'm unsure if I should defoliate. Everywhere I look I'm getting mixed information Naturally, I want to increase yield as much as possible and reduce the chance of rot. The girls are in a small popup greenhouse with the front door constantly open.
  8. Auto Mandain Panties Outdoor , seed soaked 01 / 04 Taken down well cooked , today 23 / 07 2 Diff Phenos from 3 plant run outdoors , 2 medium talll slender colourful , a medium tall slender pink Yield not measuered as got zero interet , class it as an averge auto in harvest , zero dramas and seemed happy & content outdoors and during prolonged adverse weather conditions. Quite poss and most likely would offer more yield under better weather conditions !! As its def not been weather for cooking autos recently , she did hold out for a goow 10days from where i would have been happy to chop her in the earlier stages of the window of opportunity. Performed well in poor weather conditions. kept the rot at bay on all 3 plants in 3 various outdoor spots 15 mile radious of each other. Lat 52 53. Odour wise - sweet fruity in early stages, undertone of chem cleaner mid flower onwards , all 3 stayed discreet enough for close quarter garden grow However im basing this on 3 grown in inclement conditions and could be totally diff if cooked out under the natural summer sun ! So variables will change. These 3 were low odour , performed well , avergae yield, again will change in a better summer outdoor grow. Im very happy with how the performd , more is always better , weather hampered and not fully tested in all honesty , but im certainly happy with what they all offered up All now down and drying. Nueegt pics once jarred . 2 of the 3 plant pics below , will add the other when it arrives from Fellow Old git. Bottom line - Would i run outdoors again - Yes , been totally hassle free , all 3 plants have beat the rot in adverse season and wet stuuf in late flower , yields reflected in weather , worth it for the colours alone Smoke report after a good long burp and cure .... speak to me at christmas
  9. Hi folks, New grower here. On my third grow and been lucky so far with healthy plants and no real issues. I have a question about yield though. I've been growing autos under 200W LED. I chose autos for ease (although from reading this forum perhaps that's the wrong thought process) and also because I have a height problem. I'm growing in a crawl space and so can't get more than 1m height from light to floor. I understood that autos are shorter and therefore would suit me best. I also just wanted one less thing to think about so after reading up on easy-to-grow strains went for Blue Dream Auto from MSNL. I have had more success with the free Lemon Haze Autos that have the Blue Dream with tasty bud but the yield on all plants so far has been very low. 1 - 1.5oz per plant. I've had four plants in a space 1.5mx1.5x each time and they've grown up to a few inches below the light so I think the space I've given them is fine. I've started with Biobizz light mix and gone easy on the feed, building it up each grow but have not noticed any difference in yield. Biobizz grow, bloom and CalMag. I've tried a bit of Top Max and Fish Mix in the latest grow but again can't see any difference TBH. The one thing that reading this forum has shown me is that I think I am underwatering. I read so much before starting my first grow about overwatering so I went really easy with it but now I'm thinking too easy. I've never noticed any signs from the plants that they aren't getting enough but I think I should be giving them more. To give you an idea, I've been growing in 3gallon fabric pots (3/4 full with light mix) and once established am only giving them about 500ml each, even through flowering, once every other day. The plants seem happy and are ready for another water pretty consistently 48 hours later but I know the yield could be much better. Is this too little? Should I be saturating them and then leaving them longer between feeds? Any help appreciated. JT
  10. Hi potheads , doing my first Autos but they just dont look right ?? . been growing constantly sine 1978, , nuff said !. Only photoperiods tho ..They are healthy as a butchers dog but no flowers ??. I've got 3 strains going Royal haze auto, from royal queen seeds which is fine about a foot tall a month old and flowering nicely. But the two others Runtz auto and glue gelato auto both from barneys seeds are well over a foot tall and a month old but no flowers at all ? ,, just the single pre-pubescent ones at internodes up and down the stems. Its supposed to done in 70 - 80 days from sowing and as i'm half way there with no signs of bud I'm getting a bit concerned. vipar LED's very mild nutes and 18hour days.. I wondered if some photoperiod had got mixed in at source at first but surely not two different stains ? . Unsure wether to try 12on12off or sit tight ?. can anyone tell me at what age they should start to show little moptops please. tried to attach pics but no go .Any ideas or hypotheses also welcome. Cheers y'all
  11. Hola all, Hope everyone is good, their grows are blooming and all are enjoying the summer! Not had a chance to update diary this week. My Critical Neville Haze auto has started getting yellow tan leaves this week. She’s 92 days in… She smells lovely, the pistils are brown and as much as I can see the trichomes are milky. I’m thinking she must be getting about ready to chop? Perhaps another week or two when I see some amber? Is the amber very pronounced or easy to miss with a loupe? I have to go away at the end of July for 10 days unexpectedly, so earlier would be better or much later around the middle of August. Either/or situation. Could I ask for a second or third opinion - should I give her another feed now or just start flushing for next couple of waters? I’ve cut a bud and drying to sample… First proper grow, so obviously a bit nervous… Many thanks, A.
  12. Hi all, hope your keeping well Ive managed to get my greasy mitts on some of some of @brock1 new autoflowing seeds Ive popped 3 x JOSHUA seeds - these were dunked in a glass of room temp tap water, they sank in 4 hours (shows how fresh these were) and left these overnight to have a decent soak. These were transferred to a damp paper towel, put between 2 small plates and sat somewhere warm (23'C ish)
  13. Hey everyone, Back on uk420 after a hiatus from green fingers. I've only ever done small scale stuff before, pc cases and plastic tub micro grows for fun but at my new place i have a spot i can stick a tent in a built in cupboard. I've ordered a 70x70 tent from spider farms, their fan and filter kit and their recommended light for the size tent to get me started. My plant is to do 4 plants in 16 or 20l air pots. All Fastbuds, the california snow, gorilla glue, zkittlez and forbidden runtz! I'm gonna stick to what i know and have used previously as i like to stay all organic so ill be going for plant magic soil mix and then their old timers grow and bloom nutes. I also grabbed a bottle of a spray on plant health booster, was a spur of the moment thing and not sure i'll use it without further research but i generally trust plant magics products and it sounded like something worth having on hand. Got a little camera and smart extention cable setup to use so i can timer everything and monitor everything from my phone without needing to intervene unless i need to water or empty/fill the dehumidifier and humidifier. I used to do a lot of LST as i was always using a small space and i'm going to do this again so i can manage the canopy and keep it even and get the most out of each plant. I'm also going to pick up 4 usb powered full spectrum 20w strip lights to add a bit more juice as im unsure the 150w led that the sell with the tent is going to be enough for 4 plants, but i figure with that extra 80w positioned cleverly it should help! Now i've purposely selected strains which grow a little more stout and bushy rather than tall so i can train them to the size of the tent and get a big yield, but im wondering if 4 plants is just going to be to much if they do well in that space? its a 70x70x140, and will be doing a lot of clever LST so im not concerned about the height, just more that the canopy could end up being to dense and could end up without enough air movement. I'm considering maybe doing 4 and as they grow if it gets to much just putting one outside at my friends place, so it wont be the end of the world, and i know people have done 4 in a 70x70, but i also know some of these new genetics are producing some mega plants. Kinda feel like i'm waffling a bit now and tbh just wanted to make a post and say hi im back, i was under a different user when i was most active that i forgot the name of, but rejoined with this profile during my last grow run a fair few years ago. Glad to be back and finally having a place to grow some autos without size restrictions in tiny pots! Just wish it was legal for those of us with a medical prescription already. If i'm prescribed a strain then i should be able to do it freely at this point in my view and im sure you all agree haha! Cheers, Samgam
  14. Hello my cannabis community ime looking for some help today I have done a few outdoor auto grows in the past years but they have been exotic strains and snot produced a great deal of yeild so I was wondering what is a good outdoor strain for the uk would stardawg auto be ok
  15. Hi everyone, I'm looking for seeds of a balanced (1/1) yet powerful CBD/THC auto strain, with at least 10% of each, and easily ordered within the EU. Some recommendations to make you guys and girls ?
  16. Sup Just a photo dump for reference in the future.. Tent -60x60x140 Strain -double grape and forum stomper Medium -soil (30% clover compost, 30% worm castings, 30% Coco coir and scoop of vermiculite) Pots -8l I think Light -marshydro 150w Dry amendments -living soil auto grow and bloom. This is my first attempt at autos so excited to see the outcome April 28th Seeds in paper towel for germination. Popped withing 36 hours. Watered the pots 5% of total volume (barely a drip in hands once squeezed) then coverd with cling film. A pinch of bio char and mycorrhizal fungi was added to tap root when planting. Forum stomper on the right popped out first. Covered with black plastic to retain moisture (bit of experiment) 1st May both out. For argument sake i will call this day one. 5 days later.. Forum stomper Double grape Day 10 Topped up pots with coco, worm castings and grow dry amendments. Day 15 Gave plants first watering 500ml each and put on mulch cover. Day 18 Double grape / forum stomper DG FS Decided to start lst on day 18. Bent over main stem and removed a couple big fan leaves Day 22 Just over the 3 week mark now so decided to do more training. Bent over branches and removed shading leaves. Also fed dry amendments of 1 tbls grow and 1 tbls bloom with 8tbls worm castings Day 23 Watered 800ml to each plant
  17. Photone Autoflowering DLI Chart

    From the album Tools & Charts

    Photone Autoflowering DLI Chart
  18. Hello all, I've got three little autos out in the wild and I'm not sure if they're ready to come down or not... this is my first grow, so any pointers would be gratefully received. I'm starting to get a little bit twitchy due to the very wet weather we're having, but looking at the buds I can't see any rot forming yet. A fair amount of the pistils have turned orange now, although on balance quite a few white ones remain... main buds a little further along than the side buds but I don't want to get so jumpy that I chop too soon Pics below, although they're not the best!
  19. 61A19120-33BD-4FCD-A261-982087EF6847.jpeg

    From the album TheFinisher

    My first attempt. week 7 auto’s outdoor
  20. Good afternoon all, I read so many different opinions on this subject so i thought id ask for what works for you? Ive got a seed ready to go in the paper towel method, tap root has come through. So what do you think is best, and why? going straight into the final pot? in my case itll either be an air pot or fabric pot around 7.5 litre. Or going into a nursery pot for 10 days or so? This plant will be going in a greenhouse.
  21. Hello everybody and welcome to my new diary, I have popped a set of seeds 36hras ago which have been kindly donated by @brock1 These are the SHD x Guerrilla Exodus - which I think a lot of the outside growers use, so its going to be interesting in a 140cm tent but @brock1 assures me they're not too tall There girls tails are showing and "were off"
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking for some suggestions on what to grow outdoors/in a greenhouse. I’m after something that has a fairly good yield (I know autos don’t have massive yields). Also what breeder to use. Ive tried some northern lights autos and I’m not too impressed. Cheers guys
  23. Hi everyone I know similar threads exist about light timing and what is best but I don’t want to start that debate here. I currently have a light on 24/0 I would like to be on 20/4 but my lights only have options for being on 12,14,16 or 18 at a time. My question is this: does anyone have any experience or ideas on what would happen if I had 2 lights with lower intensity one coming on at say 8AM and the second coming on at 10AM both on a 18/6 cycle so the 8am would turn off at 2am and the 10am at 4am. This would create the 20/4 but with 4 hours reduced light intensity, somewhat like a natural sunrise and sunset Any thoughts welcomed :))
  24. Purple Punch OG XL Auto® One of our 5th Generation autoflowering strains. This is the autoflowering version of our Purple Punch OG® (SWS93) strain. It is the outcome of crossing an elite, selected clone of Purple Punch OG® [Purple Punch (Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purple) x Star Killer (Skywalker OG Kush x Rare Dankness #2)] and our popular autoflowering strain Killer Kush Auto® (SWS56). They yield plants with juicy buds covered in strikingly aromatic resin. Purple Punch OG XL Auto® (SWS96) plants have a very high terpene content, making them ideal for resin extractions. They have a deliciously sweet, complex aroma and flavour, with strong, spicy tones of OG Kush. The effect is intense, but relaxing. Thanks to the strain's Grand Daddy Purple ancestry, some plants are notable for purple or reddish hues in their leaves and flowers. Variety SWS96 Indica: 71,5% / Sativa: 27,7% / Ruderalis: 0,8% THC: 18-22% · CBD: 0,5% Indoor Yield: 400-500 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 60-180 g/plant Indoor/Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks from germination Height: 60-120 cm VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/688821915 Purple Punch OG XL Auto® here
  25. Seedstockers Outdoor Grow 2022

    From the album Grows