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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all , ive decided on doing a grow journal seeming this is my first dwc grow as traditionally I've mainly grown outdoors in the northern tropics of Australia,there we call outdoor weed "bush weed" and not to be underestimated if anyone's tryed some good ozzy bush the'll know what I mean by that ..anyhow this is my first dwc grow and just a small one mainly due to space restrictions.here's the gear il be using.. .x2 auto ultimate from Dutch passion .x2 dwc 20 Ltr buckets .400 watt mh/hps . 1.2x60x5 grow tent . Axel flo extractor from black Orchard .canna aqua nutes and big bud, with cannazyme and rhyzotonic .Pen style ec and ph testers .normal tap water testing in at 8.0ph Well seeds are in after soaking in a glass of water over night and off to a good start in coco plugs ready for the dwc buckets that I've left sitting for 24 hours to get that crappie chlorine out feeling really good about it as it only took 3 days for the ladies to emerge from seed it's now been a week and they have some nice strong roots showing out on the Base of the plugs. Im just going for a simple grow as I'd like to avoid things I feel are just pissing about like using ro phd water for popping seeds etc, Forgive me if you like messing with stuff like that,we all have our own ideas on what's worth doing and what isn't and so forth. I decided on auto ultimate obviously due to the enormous yields from these autos!! I can't wait to see how these little powerhouses go and how the smoke stacks up...I do have a question about nutes though for anyone that can help.. I've read that autos need less nutes than regular plants but I'm also aware ultimates can handle alot of nutes so I'm stuck as to my feeding schedule.if anyone could let me know that would be awesome I'm leaning towards regular feeding amounts. Here's some pics of what's going on and il update weekly on this little grow,cheers 🍻 ;D
  2. StarRyder..Think Different...2 Auto Ultimate Here we go again with an other grow i just love doing diarys Ok my package came in the post yesterday was a lovely package too:) Nice stickers ,rolling papers, catalogue,labels and of couse the seeds "Colour mix Number six" 2 StarRyder 2 Think Different 2 Auto Extreme 400 watt Hps...might be upgrading to 600 watt 2 shower fan fresh air intakes 1 Rhino extractor fan and carbon filter 12 inch desk fan 1 1000 watt oil filled Rad with termostat on wall away from rad Nutes are Plant Magic Bio Silicon Bio Bizz Bloom Bio Bizz Fish Mix Soil BioBizz All Mix Temps are 28 lights on 21 lights off Will be putting on 1 StarRyder and 1 Think Different only from the pack as i have 2 Auto Ultimates on nearly 4 weeks I put the 2 seeds into a shot class for 12 hours then will put into root cubes and small bit of light mix soil After the seeds are up will give it a week then put them into their final pots ...2 10 litre airpots The Auto Ultimates are weeks ahead but i can see the other 2 catching them up and they should be all finished together Thats the plan anyway I will be tieing the 2 AU down later here is a look at them I think thats all for now I do Love a bit of StarRyder