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Found 6 results

  1. Critical Sour, Purple Maroc, Auto Speed Bud: Lat 50.5º Welcome to the garden, Lat 50.5º, open once a week, resident cats included. Thanks Mr B. @Female Seeds Team Seeds arrived safely after being stuck in UK post for 10 days cos my safe addy m8 didn’t realise postage is paid on size first, then weight. The self addressed stamped jiffy I’d sent him would’ve worked if he’d only included the seed packets and not the original bubble wrap… Can do without freaking out with stress - imagining all sorts of evil shit! This season, got a mix of Autos and Fems, not all from Female Seeds, so just going to be journaling 3 Female Seeds strains. Chucked in a Purple Maroc seed, a 6 years old Attitude UFO and by jingo it came up - Easter resurrection or what? So, she’s in the diary too. Next week, adding a second Auto Speed Bud with a second batch of Autos and Fems. Germed 10 seeds 11 days ago, all up in 2-5 days. 125w Blue CFL for a week, then under 250w Blue CFL. 1-3 days old, 125w Blue CFL. 6-9 days old, 250w Blue CFL. 7-9 days old, Purple Maroc, Critical Sour 2, Critical Sour 1, Auto Speed Bud, Easter Sunday sunshine. Plot in late March. Dug in home made compost, previous grows’ compost, Chicken Pellets, Growmore, FBB, wood ash and covered with pond liner to stop weeds and warm up the soil. Potatoes break up the soil, legumes fix nitrogen, introducing cannabis this third year into the rotation. Plot now in late April. Onions and Potatoes in situ. Wired barrier against sheep, deer and rabbit as all are resident. Bugs and Slugs will require regulating, organically. Got another week under 250w CFL, then into greenhouse, harden off, pot up the Autos, plant out the Fems. Hope the weather is kind, got big cloches to protect from heavy precipitation. Autos will be in 10” pots on the patio and into the GH if needed. The plot thickens - let’s grow. M
  2. Hi folk, I already had an auto grow planned but then @Female Seeds Team kindly offered me some seeds to grow so I went back and did more prep work and added a few more holes to my plot. Thanks very much Mr B, much appreciated I'll be growing a couple of Auto NL and a couple of Auto Speed Bud to see what I can do with them at about lat 53. My usual plot on entering around mid April Cleared ready for some holes Some of the holes that were dug Expanded coco bale, about 14L per hole A bag of feed for each hole comprising of: Organic potash pellets 40g Organic bone meal pellets 50g Seaweed meal 50g Calcified seaweed 70g Chicken shit pellets 120g FBB might be added at a later date Coco and feed mixed into the back fill, then covered back over for stealth. Onto the beans, here's the ones I chose. Placed in already damp from the bag Root Riot cubes with a couple of ml of seaweed solution at 2ml/L to aid germination but not make the cubes too wet. Placed in the prop under an HLG 135w Quantum board with the vents closed. 3 days later and and 3 had emerged. The other NL wasn't showing but had germinated. The tap root was showing at the bottom so they were all potted up into nursery bags in holding pots. The mix is 50% Clover MP, 40% Wilko seedling compost and 10% Canna coco + for some added aeration with some TNC MycorrMax sprinkled on the top . I soaked the pots from the bottom with seaweed solution at 2ml/L until the Myco was just starting to get wet, then potted the cubes up. Watered in with 40ml each of the same seaweed solution. 20th May They were then placed back in the prop with the vent open and the lid moved over to the side a bit to harden them off to the veg cab. After a day one edge of the lid was propped up to allow more airflow and then was removed after another day. Here they are on day 4 above ground Temps have been 23-27C and humidity 47-50%. They've had a misting of plain water every now and then to raise humidity a bit and 1 plain watering of 100ml. I'll update in due course. Best of luck with your grows. Happy farming and be lucky
  3. x4 Female Seeds, weeks 5-8.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

    Female Seeds 2019 Outdoor Grow Diaries. x4 Female Seeds, weeks 5-8. Critical Sour Purple Maroc Auto Speed Bud
  4. Full Patch, Lat 50.5º.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

    Full Patch, Lat 50.5º. Female Seeds 2019 Outdoor Grow Diaries. Onions, Legumés, Cannabis, Potatoes.
  5. Female Seeds.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

    x4 Female Seeds Critical Sour x4 Female Seeds Auto Speed Bud
  6. Auto Speed Bud 20th April 2014

    From the album Autopussy 2014

    In paper towels 20th April 2014