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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone..not sure if correct section as planning on using soil but seen other posting about autopots in here so thought I'd do the same I'm sure someone can move it if in the incorrect place So im planning on geting a autopots system but never used one before and could do with some advice ,wanted to use soil and organic nutes as think I read they have a autopots system for organic nute .. will this be ok has anyone done this? Has anyone used the fabric pot system and is it any better? ..Iv read a few times now to put couple inches of pebbles in the bottom but will the fabric pots help even more to prevent root problems? ..Or do you just end up having to refill res more often because of evaporation and end up fighting humidity ?.. If I do use organic bottle nutes is it ok to just mix nutes as normally would when hand watering in soil put in res with a oxy stone and good to go? Any advice would be great thanks
  2. I'm currently looking for the best nutrients to use with auto pots. I generally use plant magic as I like to try and go as organic as possible but upon reading I've heard that using organics in hydro can clog the system. I'm not sure how bad auto pots are for this as it's going to be my first time using them? i have also not used plant magic for around a year now which generally I have been impressed with but am now reading the brand has changed its products a bit and people seem to be stating it's not as good as it once was. so I'm realy looking to grow for quality and taste over yield so wanted to get opinions on what nutes people would suggest with this setup the nutes I'm interested in using at the moment is:- -plant magic -canna/canna bio -growers ark -fox farm -bio bizz My setup will be a 1.2x2.4x2.2 tent with 4 315w cmh and the 8 pot auto pot
  3. Right quick question tap water ec is 0.9 and i know people say start bloom at 1.2 ec but my plants been vegging a good 7 weeks from clone and feeding on ionic grow at ec of 2.1 that was including background of 0.9 so 1.2 worth of grow add to tap water ec , now they just starting 3rd week in flower so empty res and filled with water same ec 0.9 added bloom upto 1.9 should i go higher or will that be ok? Thanks barney