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Found 49 results

  1. I’m pretty sure that these haven’t changed at all at least over the past week or possibly longer . 2 plants, one of which still has the white things ( forgot their name ) Are they done ?
  2. Hello people. I have a question. I am growing this year 3x blue cheese autos and 3x Northern Lights autos, and 1x Royal Gorilla Auto. Which I started Apr 17th. They are all coming into flowering now. Started off with PM soil grow, and now moved onto PM Soil Bloom. giving 4ml per 7l of water and feeding each plant around 3 litres. Growing in my usual 11L pots with PM supreme soil. I use regular tap water which has a PH of 7.6-7.7 I have heard that if you grow in soil I don't need to worry about PH levels. as the soil should bring PH levels down. is this true? If it isn't true what is the easiest way to bring down PH levels. Might be a little to late now though. If it is then why are my fan leaves turning yellow and drying up. bottom upwards. I am also feeding each time I water them, as the soil is very dry by the 3rd day. Someone mentioned and I have read to feed them each time I water them. I haven't used any calmag this year as I have also read that, if you live in a hard water area which I do, then there is no need for calmag, as the water contains enough minerals in it already
  3. Hi everyone, I’m very new to it all from equipment to auto flower, but I’ve done some research and as much as I am confused on so many methods I’ve decided to go at it, I am at almost reaching week 4 from planting my seed, seed took 5 days to pop out which was slow process to what I have been reading and it seems my blue cheese autos are growing very slow compared to pictures I see out there, at first I had my 100w fullspectrum way to high when it was at seedling so it stretched a fair bit, I brought soil from the edges of pot to surround the main stem so it don’t fall in future, I got a 600w full spectrum which was only a cheap one on eBay and not sure of the actual power as they do not say in description, iv been keeping the 600w above plant about 55cm, my soul at the bottom of plant pot is wet so I tried piercing holes on the sides near the bottom for more airflow but it doesn’t seem to be helping much, thought about getting the fabric pots but I wouldn’t know how to transplant from a 10litre plastic pot to a fabric one. Can anyone have a look at my picture in gallery BY Twist90 and let me know all that you think is wrong with my plants, I feel like the leaves could be a little light in colour, and I have one 3 finger leaf that has a little droop on its left side. This is almost 4 weeks old from planting seed. Thank you in advance for all help.
  4. Day 10 from first true leaves. Got a think different seed from 2 years ago, didn't expect it to grow as its old but it has. I've got it in a started plug from root it. It came out nicely and is now on the second week from first true leaves which showed up on the 1rst January. How is it doing? I'm using masterblend, calcium nitrate and magnesium sulphate and some benifcial bacteria Mycorrhizal inoculant. TNC Mycorr hydro is the name of it. It done wanders for my other herbs like basil In dwc. The roots have started growing very fast. Ph is at 5.9 at the moment. And around 1000 ppm but I do have a cheap tds metre so not sure on accuracy. My water is between 200 to 300 out of the tap. I leave it for 24 hours to evapourate most of the chlorine before I use it. I mix masterblend first then magnesium sulphate then calcium nitrate. My tent stays around 24°C Which I read maybe a little high but it is stable. I did have a very weak nutrient water at first, I'm now following the table I have put up which is grams per litre of water. I am using week 1 at the moment, sorry for my hand writing. Anyone see if I'm doing anything wrong or a better guide for masterblend for a grow such as this.
  5. auto flower outdoors

    Hello! New to the site so please let me know if I have made any mistakes I’m planning on doing an outdoor grow this summer with a few autos, I’ve been looking at “fastbuds seeds” stock and most of their stuff looks good does anyone have any recommendations? Can be with other breeders I just want something decent to smoke, Fastbuds lemon pie and blackberry autos have caught my eye, just looking for any tips, information, etc. As there’s pretty much nothing on YouTube
  6. Hi guys, I’ve got 11 plants growing currently. 8 Do Si Dos auto flowers from Barneys farm and 3 x White widow x big buds autoflowers. So far they are growing well. Are around 10cm tall and filling out with leaves nicely. I’m at day 24 of seeds being planted. They went straight into rock wool cubes in a prop box. I have topped each plant once (controversial in autos I know) and have just began low stress training. Tent is 2.4 x 1.2 x 2.0m tall with 6” charcoal filter and a 2 speed inline fan. I’m using 1 x Mars hydro TSW2000 (300w led) and 2 x lunar fan cooled leds (120w each). The tent internal temp is 28deg c (or 80f) and RH is maintained by a humidifier and sits between 55 and 75% RH. I’ve got 30L fabric pots and plants are in a 70/30 mix of coco and perlite. plants are being fed once daily (as recommended in coco) using a few different bottles. Shogun Cal/mag 1ml per litre, Terra aquatica micro terra aquatica grow terra aquatica bloom (all as advised on bottles) Diamond nectar (fulvic acid) 1ml per 10L A wetting agent 1ml per litre, Roots exelurator 3ml per 10L and PH down where needed. recently I’ve noticed that the White widow x big buds have started sprouting some very strange looking leaves. Very wrinkly, very crinkly, very strange indeed. The look almost like mint leaves im unsure how to link photos on here but have photos of the plants. Other than the surface texture of the leaves I would say they look healthy. Not brown, brittle, curling, or showing any obvious signs of nute burn or deffiency. I am measuring ph before every feed at 5.5-6.5 and the water temp for feeding is exactly 21deg c (or 70f) im very new to all this and doing my best to learn what I can but the leaves have stumped me. any advise would be great. Thanks in advance
  7. Hey all I’m going to be doing my first auto flower grow soon using plant magic soil and 15/20l air pots. I’m just wondering what light schedule worked best for everyone and I’m using Dutch pro nutes how would I go on with the measure off the nutes should I stick to the guide or give them less than what i did for photosynthesis plants. All help would be appreciated
  8. Morning folks! So lately I’ve been doing a lot of research into growing my own plant. Just one or two to start with. I understand most of the growing process in theory, but there are a few things I need help on. First, what nutrients and soil is best for growing in the UK? A lot of growing videos I come across are American and I’m struggling to find some of their products over here. Second, how badly can I expect one or two plants to smell, and are there any ways of reducing this? I am looking at growing inside a cupboard with a tent inside and the inside walls lined with plastic sheets to contain the smell some more. Also, the strain I have chosen for my first run is Barneys Tangerine Dream from Grizzly Seed Bank, this is because it is one of the shortest autos I can find while still having a good THC content. Anyone with experience of growing this strain, tips for the plant would be greatly appreciated! Lastly, just any tips and tricks that a beginner might not think about would be great, as I really don’t wanna mess up too bad on my first try, cheers fellow Ents_\|/_
  9. Hi everyone, this is the later stages of my first ever grow, I suffered with all sorts of problems along the way but managed to deal with them. unfortunately this one has me stumped, it started on the very lower leaves and I assumed it was them dying due to lack of light or age... the plants about 5-6 weeks into flowering now and the buds don’t appear to be developing anymore I assume due to this issue. if anyone can help me prevent this in future that would be a great help. the plant has been grown outside in b&q verve, feeding fish mix & bloom when flowering started at a rate of 2ml/litre of water, tap water I might add, we live in a very chalky area in the south east. any help greatly appreciated and hopefully I can avoid this in future grows! You guys have been a massive help throughout and hopefully one more bit of advice is on its way!
  10. Thought I would update you all with my progress well I’m waiting for my led lights to finally come but been Using good old sunlight so far ones been two weeks grow the other two days please can you tell me what else needs to be done. Going to transfer them to a bigger pot later 5L if not mistaken.
  11. Hi, so thanks for the help, I’m loving it so far have 2 NL AUTO’s royal queen seeds.. one plant is 4 weeks old and one is 2 weeks, staggered due to only one seed germinating originally so used a third seed.. so basically guys this is my first grow, when I started I was pretty certain that with autos it would be simple with no need to restrict light at the flowering stage and I would have seed-harvest in 9-10 weeks ish.. but since Iv been reading a lot of conflicting info as to times, some people claiming there auto’s have waited to October to flower ? just wanting a bit of clarity really on what to expect in terms of timing and yield. I know it’s all obviously dependant but il list as much specs about My grow as possible - -Northern lights auto flower royal queen seeds -11ltr fabric grow bag -biobiz all mix soil -6.5ph distilled water -quarter measurement of tomato feed (older plant) -sw England in a greenhouse with DIRECT sun about 8 hours per day thank you!! Joe
  12. Now then forum, wondering if anyone else is using the IWS flood and drain system for their autos. I have some Pineapple Sativa in at the moment about a week old being flooded twice a day. getting a lot of mixed answers when reading for the water cycle going forward, does anyone have anything tried and tested or advice in general? ta
  13. Hi everyone! This is my first grow and I'm pretty much obsessing over every little thing These are 4 days old and I'm just wondering if they look ok and conditions in tent are good enough? I'm running 24/0 Appreciate any input/thoughts
  14. What is the general consensus on how much light an auto flower should get to maximize yield, is it 24 or 18hrs? Should the plant be given a few hours darkness, although not entirely necessary, and have chance to recuperate?
  15. Hello fellow growers, After a long think, I’ve decided to go for a selection of Dinafem seeds as my experiences of growing their cheese has been a good one. I find them easy to grow, they look great and the final product always lives up to expectations. I also like the fact they sell single seeds and the Annesia seed was free. Set up is: 1.2 x1.2 x 2.0 tent 5 RVK extraction on a Rhino filter 4 RVK intake on a low setting Omega HPS 600W adjustable ballast 1 x oscillating fan Coco mixed with pebbles & ecothrive charge. Canna A + B + Pk 13/14 With current temps, I will go with a 24hour light cycle until it warms up a tad. I will probably tie down the main cola on all the plants to get that even canopy. I will be posting new pictures frequently as the grow progresses. This is is my fifth grow so I’m beginning to get quite good at this yolk. As ever, any advice and input is most welcome. Peace.
  16. Hi guys. I have a few photoperiod soil grows under my belt now and have improved every time. Just out of interest and wanting to expand on my knowledge, I have bought some gorilla glue autos. I’m wanting to also try coco now for the first time. Usually I use biobizz and have had good results but I know coco is an inept medium so no microherd (or this is my understanding correct if wrong). So I have ordered canna a+b. Do I need a calmag and if so which one suits the canna. Also any tips for autos/coco would be great.
  17. Please Advise

    Please can someone tell me what the brown marks are, that I have highlighted in the picture. I water nearly each day, depending on the finger test into soil. I feed it plant magic soil bloom once a week. no other chemicals, apart from water which I let it sit out around 24hrs so the ph level goes down in water. I was advised to let tap water stand for 24hrs before feeding plant. Thanks in advance.
  18. hello guys! here's a photo heavy insight into my first time greenhouse grow.. soo much preparation went into it that was not documented as i only decided to take pictures etc after the site was pretty much complete.. untill i made many changes as it was my first time and my OCD's where kicking in hard when i wasn't happy with something, as you will see in the photos! i designed a self watering system and also a solar fan system. so far i have 3 strains growing.. 4 sensi skunk autos but one seems to have different genetics to the other 3.. maybe from a different mother or different strain all together, who knows! these are now the biggest and are all now flowering (for picture reference) 1 pineapple haze feminized still vegging, and 4 magnum autos not long transitioned.. ill be updating this post from now on
  19. Pandora

    From the album Paradise Seeds Strains

    An autoflower strain with medical properties this is one toke that keeps giving, with a long lasting buzz that is smooth and very soothing.
  20. 6 weeks going on 7 weeks now... The rain and humidity was a killer last week! The floor was literally puddling around my feet when i stepped inside and pools were forming in dipped areas, which made the humidity and condensation inside really bad! New level'ish floor with a new damp proof membrane, completely dried and wiped the inside and now that the weather has picked up - conditions are amazing!! Too good! (Dry and the heat) new fan system coming next week! Heres a few recent pics!
  21. Outdoor, secret greenhouse

    From the album Secret greenhouse

    5 week update! Nice little surprise when i went to see my babys today :)
  22. (UPDATE TO LAST POST) So i should probably start of by saying and should have said before, i am not really sure how this works (forums) or what to do really, but i'm sure ill get the hang of it... Me and a accomplice decided this year we would give it a go at gorilla grow for the first time and went in search for the right location, This is way harder than expected. We eventually found somewhere but again had little doubts. We tried to make the area unaccessible plus hidden with branches etc, this took weeks.. in the end we went in search for another location (i advise google maps as a base point in locating an area) and this time when we started venturing into the dense thorn and vines we found a nice open spot, we was that happy with the place (you know when you have the right location) we decided to put 2 6ft greenhouses there instead In the meantime having the babys germinating at home under a little fluorescent light until ready for transition to the new home. And also planning and designing the layout and self watering system for low cost and no electrical source.. i have many pictures to follow of the design (slightly changed to the image) and Also the babys from early days to the present. Once i figure out a way to get them on *facepalm lol.. I am pretty confident you guys will appreciate the effort and thought put into it all.. Im sure i will get criticism about somethings (my watering sytem maybe) good or bad but its all trial and error right now im sure i will find out in the near future! Stay tuned stay patient (if anyone would like to share the best way to get images on im all eyes
  23. Sweet Seeds Blow mind auto

    From the album Sweet seeds grow #2

  24. Sweet seeds Dark Devil auto

    From the album Sweet seeds grow #2