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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, a late addition to the party I have been struggling to load pics like a few of you , hopefully now sorted I had a few of DP's bits out in the garden courtesy of Antonio , sadly i been struggling with one or two , mainly slug munched autos and a fem i couldnt get going. At present i have Shaman fem , Euforia auto , Forbidden Cherry auto. Anyway , this is how we stand at the mo , i have a Shaman thats just been potted up into 30 ltrs and topped , shes very fruity smelling and seems very happy. I will get pics up of the autos in the next few days. Also working on the other fem i struggled with , updates soon.
  2. Hi , i was asked by a fellow Old Git grower ....how would a late planted outdoor auto attempt end if he could provide it with some shelter ????? Answer i gave - Theres WAY too many variables to call it , you would also be reliant on shorter daylight hours , less sun intensity , less heat , more humidity ....just for a start Run a fem too and see whats what. Reply - No , i just want to run an Auto as i would like to do more and test them thoroughly in later bad weather as i will prob just stick to them in the garden. An auto is what i want to try. No probs With a start of grow in the last 10 days of July , in whats been to date a colder / wetter aso called summer wet season. So being an inquisitive Old Git , he asked if i would start an auto off for him , i said no worries and on Friday evening i placed a DP Auto Euforia seed into soak in a room temp water bath to soak. And we shall run this little experiment and report week by week , until it either gets rot and gets binned or it makes it home Either way it will play out here , step by step for you to see Mission - To grow a late planted Auto out , priding it protection in an East facing , Home made clear acrylic & timber frame Lean To against the brick wall end og building clad in dark pvc So an auto grow , outdoor & under cover enclosed quite late into whats shaping up to be a wetter season .... what could go wrong !? We shall see. Friday 21st July 5.30pm - a DP Auto Euforia wentinto soak. Sunday 23rd July 2pm The seed had sunk / seedopened / tap root just beginning to emerge - it is a rather evocative pic ! The joy of things yet to come Pics up shortly folks. Your predictions , thoughts ....and of course humour more than welcome folks @Antonio_DutchPassion
  3. Got given these...... put straight into coco coir and after a few days..... 3 weeks under a zeus 465w led at 50% and after a week in the polytunnel... just been given a watering can full of nettle and comfrey tea each.
  4. Hi Fellow growers, We are going to still throw it in a little late to the show, but better a bit late than never right anyone interested in joining our 2023 Outdoor growing competition, please just reply here and send me DM with the title: DP Outdoor Growing 2023 The strains Pick one Dutch Outdoor strain from the following cultivars : Hollands Hope / Shaman / Frisian Dew Strictly auto growers/enthusiasts can pick Auto Euforia What we need from you Make a full separate diary of the variety of your liking with regular updates/pictures, at least once every two weeks with some pictures and info, and share the best pictures in this overall growing thread as well. You can win Top 3 best diaries will win a seedvoucher for the Dutch Passion webshop (selection will be done at the end of the year in December). 1st place 100 euro 2nd place 75 euro 3rd place 50 euro Only growers that do regular updates and complete the diary from start to finish are eligible to win! It is as simple as that, last year we have seen some pro's and first timers doing very well, so hopefully we will get some of you on board again! But anyone is welcome ofc! Any questions, please let me know... I'm looking forward to welcoming you here!
  5. 4 Auto Euforia 600 watt hps BioBizz Allmix BioBizz Bloom,Grow,Fishmix Scrog Two 11 litre and Two 6 litre pots Light cycle 18/6 Two Shower fan intakes 24/0 Rhino fan and filter extraction 12 inch Desk Fan 24/0 New grow time again i put the seeds into 1 inch pots with seedmix soil, few days later all 4 had cracked i left them grow for an other week in those pots then into final pots 3 WEEKS LATER............. They went mad in the last few days with an almighty stretch Two 6 litre pots are at the front Left side ... Right side........... They really have stretched like mad in the last few days i gave them 1 mill grow last watering next time will be 1 mill grow and 1 mill bloom They look a little yellow but am putting this down to new growth stretch Well thanks for looking