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Found 13 results

  1. So I’ve spent the last few weeks sorting the loft out again. I have a 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.8 green cube tent up there for past couple of years. It always felt a bit cramped and the plants were only 6” off top of the footloose I just did. So I’ve fucked the tent off and lined the walls. Upgraded to 10” fan and filter. Getting 2 more CMH to go with the 4 I’ve got. Ive been hand watering in mud since day dot but I’m now moving on to coco. So I’ve also got a dripper system which I’ll put together soon or hopefully when @GSZZ puts that guide up if you get some spare time. Also got a medusa drain to waste so no more waiting for run off to come out then sponging it all up in a bucket. Im well happy with it. All it needs now is my cuttings off a mate of mine in next week or so
  2. Hello all, I have a classic attic access hatch that drops down, the type with the "boing-oing-oing-oing-oing" ® type springs that echo across the house. Every time I go up there I can feel the wife's side eye coming through the walls like an infrared death beam. Any tips on silencing these suckers? Thanks
  3. When growing cannabis in hydro (RDWC), does it matter if the air temperature surround the leaves/stem/buds is high (e.g. 22-35 degrees C), if the roots are bathed in chilled water (at 19-20 degrees) constantly? I am starting a hydro attic grow soon, and my attic gets quite hot. However, I have a hydro water chiller that can keep the water at a constant temperature of my liking, and I have plenty of circulation fans. I can also, regularly mist the leaves of the plant if needed. However, is there any point at all in starting an attic grow if I can only control the temperature of the water reservoir?
  4. Hi all, I've been growing on and off for the last 8/9 years, been awol for a while and now back again, been reading loads on this forum for years, just came back with a new handle. The house I live in has a secret room accessible through the attic, I'm currently in the process of turning it into a grow room. I have a few questions so feel free to give advice on any/ all of them. I have been cleaning the room up as it had what seems like 100 years worth of dust up there. I've also extended the ring main in there meaning I have a 32a ring main just for this room and another room with 2 double sockets in with low electricity usage. For now I've just put a double socket in and have connected 3 x 25w cfl's to a plug and screwed them to a beam so I have light up there. The room looks up into the loft but I will be boarding that up giving me a 2.7m height, but I'll lose a small amount when I put the floor in. I will be running C16 timber perpendicular to the current floor joists to add more strength, I will add insulation between these and then put tongue and groove chipboard flooring down. I have started filling some of the holes in the brickwork and need to get this painted, I need some advice on what to use, I've been looking at Dulux trade weathershield masonry paint as it "contains a fungicide to inhibit mould growth on the paint film and help it stay cleaner for longer" it's £25 for 7.5L and I'll probably need 2 of them, is this overkill paintwise? if so please feel free to advise me. I need to paint the roof battens and other wood up there, what would be best? something like cuprinol? For insulating the roof I have 170mm rockwool loft insulation, the roof battens are 78mm so should I just screw some 100mm timber to some of them and put the insulation between them? I would then put plasterboard over this for more insulation. I plan on venting out the chimney via the loft and intake fresh air from the house. Black-Beard
  5. Hi guys, just a quick one. Thinking about putting a 250/300 litre water tank up in the attic for a new set up. Only thing i'm worried about is the weight load over the small distance. Do you think the joists will be able to take it? Any suggestions? Kind regards. Jason.
  6. I'm considering my options versus costs.... I have only a tiny attic access hole (rented prop). If I Celotex the attic, how much (roughly) would it cost a roofer to remove some tiles for the 8x4 sheets to be hoisted up and in? And would it raise any odd looks? The entry point would be relatively private (ie not pointing towards the road). Otherwise, it's a lot of cutting and chopping of the boards, only to reconstruct them inside the attic. (Notwithstanding the smaller pieces that go in between the rafters...) Thank you muchly.
  7. Hey UK420, First and foremost great site ! I have experience growing using the secret jardin tents namely dr60/90 using 250w / 400w light setups. I used to have a vent in a utilty cupboard which I used as an inlet with a PC fan to control temps and had it dialled in. I recently have moved and run my dr60 / 250w setup fine in my upstairs spare room. I have just bought the kit listed in the thread title and need some help with ventilation. I have a 6" Rhino filter and an adjustable 6" TT fan. Currently I have the following config - CF / Fan / Hood / Out of tent. The heat builds up in my spare room and does not sufficiently keep the tent in an acceptable range. Last night when doing a test temps hit 90F :-( Now I have been reading and decided / realised I need to either arrange an intake (active) or / and venting the tent exhaust out of my spare room. Using the window isn't really an option due to stealth and needing access to the window. My only real option is venting into the attic. It is a new build house so the ventilation up there appears to be pretty good. My fear was it getting damp up there and creating mold etc. I spoke to a mate that ran a 1000w in his attic and he said this wasn't an issue BUT i don't want to have the tent up there. I plan on growing either 6/9 autos in 11L pots. I am about to go and have a good poke around up there (giggidy) to see what the deal is but would really appreciate help from those who have experience in these matters. TIA BtS
  8. AtticStairs

    From the album Loft_Grow

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    From the album Loft_Grow

  10. AtticLeft

    From the album Loft_Grow

  11. Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. Doing a grow set up for a mate in an attic, I have maybe 10 grows under my belt. Only done a year in an attic, winter was easy, summer brought botrytis through my in ability to control heat / humidity. So I've got to plan well this time and I don't have anyone to talk it through... So here I am. I'm planning a sphere of scrog using 4 plants around a vertical 600w or 1000w in a cool tube with out a reflector as I've read this is best for lumens reaching the plant as there's less reflected light and I can get the plants closer. I had success with my modified scrog from one plant, flattening it out into a hemisphere and putting it at a 45 degree angle opposite my 600w with a reflector behind. I got average of 17oz per plant. With regard to heat and smell I'm thinking about either having the cool tube running its own feed from fresh air out the roof to fresh air and using co2 enrichment to reduce my need for air exchange. I figured a small 4" carbon filter with inline fan ramped down low to keep a negative pressure on the tent vent that to a separate small tent in which I'd have baffles to make the air travel further, an ozone generator, some ona gel maybe an odour neutralising spray and another 4" carbon filter and fan venting up the chimney. I'll use air con / dehumidifier in main tent as necessary. Either the above way or ditch the co2 enrichment and have massive air exchange using a 5" filter on the end of the cool tube venting into the aforementioned separate tent when my ozone generator and all that stuff is. Any thoughts and criticisms would be greatly received. Tent size and equipment is all changeable as it's not all bought. Thanks in advance
  12. So I go to check on my plant two days ago and there was a dead wasp on top of the soil. I go up tonight, and another wasp is dying on top of the soil. Not too worried yet, if there was a nest up there, there would be loads yes? perhaps the first one released a scent and the 2nd one came to check it out? Anyone else got wasps just now?