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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, gals, hope you are all doing well! Following an idea/request from one of our buddy's on here: Please check out some of our latest posters/infographics regarding terpenes and plant deficiencies. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! I will add a poster with our complete collection on it as well, we have a few new strains this year, Auto Forbidden Cherry, a very stable and sturdy outdoor Autoflower and Tropical Tangie, a new photoperiod Tangie cross. And there are some other varieties coming out later this year, so stay tuned for more info!
  2. As the title said, it used to be ubiquitous in the Dutch coffeeshops and for homegrowers in the UK in the late 90s and early 2000s but I never hear of it now. I just searched Attitude and they only have 1 listing and it's out of stock. Any ideas/opinions people?
  3. So i was day dreaming about wishing i was in dam and i got thinking about boerejongens cause it always seemed to stand out as different from most coffeeshops there. most of there flower is Amsterdam genetics based strains. there white choco based stuff ive always rated when there but ive never seen much online about them when it comes to homegrowers. anyone tried there strains?
  4. Hi this is the good thing about growing your own am stocked up for a years grow People race to buy last-minute weed as coronavirus rules shut Dutch coffeeshops A cheerful, smiling blond woman named Dee walked out of coffeeshop Nogal Wiedes in Amsterdam Centrum having purchased a gram of hash just before the government's new emergency measures to combat the coronavirus pandemic took effect. The policy was introduced at about 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, and included a mandate that all restaurants, bars, cafes, fitness centers, saunas, sex clubs, and coffeeshops close from 6 p.m. on Sunday through April 6. She was among hundreds of people who rushed out to coffeeshops around the Netherlands trying to make one last purchase before dusk, when patrons would otherwise have to wait three weeks before buying cannabis or hash without risk of prosecution. "I came here because I've learned that everything's gonna be shut down for the next few weeks," Dee told NL Times. "I'm basically thinking that at some point I'll run out of ideas of what to do at home." Coffeeshop Best Friends tried to serve dozens of customers at its Amsterdam Oost location before staff members closed and locked the heavy, painted shutters. One staff member said that people raced to their shop once the new regulation was made clear. "There were 30 or 40 people here after the government said we have to close," he told NL Times. "And many of them did not get to buy their stuff," he added miserably. The situation was the same in cities across the country, including in Breda, Nijmegen, and Utrecht, where lines snaked around coffeeshop facades, down sidewalks, and across plazas. Back in Centrum, one person cycling down the street laughed as he rode past the long line of 20 anxious men still waiting hopefully outside Nogal Wiedes as the new restrictions entered into force. He parked his bike, looked at the crowd, and snickered as he said, "Fucking crazy, man!" When asked if he lived nearby or if he was buying cannabis, the young man replied, "I live here, and I'm buying!" He then slid his over-ear headphones past his curly black hair, laughed, and took his place in line. https://nltimes.nl/2020/03/15/people-race-buy-last-minute-weed-coronavirus-rules-shut-dutch-coffeeshops Bongme
  5. Hi folks I'm having a cheeky 2 night break with the wife the the Dam and i wondered if anyone had any recommendations for decent coffee shops (that don't just sell coffee!!) that aren't too much of trek. The last time I was there was probably 15 years ago and I ended up just buying Sweet Tooth from Barneys, the taste was amazing. I've also had some right crap weed from random coffee shops. I thought rather than trial and error I would seek the knowledge of the 420 clan 😃
  6. AMSTERDAM - A tourist who last Sunday was found dead in a hotel at the Amsterdam Vossiusstraat appears to be deceased by water intoxication. After using soft drugs the woman drank a fatal amount of water ", which is much more than a gallon," said a police spokesman. Where the woman came from, the police can not say. By drinking exceptional amounts of water reduces the salt content in the blood, after which the cells take up more and more water and swell. This also happens in the brains, which can lead to coma, and eventually death. http://www.telegraaf.nl/binnenland/25926400/__Toeriste_Amsterdam_drinkt_zich_dood__.html
  7. I'm going to try & get over to Amsterdam Mid March, I'm thinking 3 nights & 4 days, the most budget return flight from London, cheap as chips airbnb for 3 nights, £20 food & drink money per day & then some spending money on top. I'm not looking to splash out on anything fancy, just looking to do some research, exploring of the city and kicking back chilling after a days wandering. How much do you think I should budget for? Any advise on places, websites or other ideas where I can save some money would be useful too please. Also, any advise on places to go when I get there would be great too please, hit me with your suggestions! Thanks
  8. So who's going??!! I'll be filming at it.... Yes... I do have permission and press passes!
  9. Amdterdam Hash

    From the album iBlazeDaily

    Hash from Amsterdam...

    © iBlazeDaily

  10. Dam view

    From the album Amsterdam pics

    View of Amsterdam skyline from hotel room
  11. I just booked my first holiday to Amsterdam, i'm mainly going to chill and see the coffeshop's but i was questioning whether there is any GGing tools/kit/accesories that are only aviable in amsterdam? Also any suggestions of places to visit for someone mainly/only intrested in outdoor weed and growing? feel free to recommend coffee shop's i dont know much about where to go for a good deal and some good smoke. Cheers
  12. Dam Sq In November

    From the album Non-grow pics

  13. Amsterdam view from hotel

    From the album Non-grow pics