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Found 2 results

  1. Epileptic youngster is guaranteed prescription after doctors deny newly-legalised cannabis medication SEVERE epileptic Alfie Dingley will get cannabis medication despite being initially refused the newly-legalised treatment. The family’s long fight prompted the legalisation of the use of cannabis to treat epilepsy in the UK, which came into effect on November 1. But the law change saw the Kenilworth youngster’s previous licence revoked and new restrictive guidelines meant doctors were unwilling to prescribe the medication. Alfie’s supply has now been secured though after medicinal cannabis expert Professor Mike Barnes intervened. The seven-year-old has a rare form of epilepsy which affects just nine children in the world. It can cause up to 30 seizures a day or ‘catastrophic clusters of seizures’ which are unresponsive to anti-epilepsy drugs. Earlier this year the family had travelled to Holland, where cannabis treatment was already legal, and they saw an instant improvement in his condition. But after funds started to dwindle, they were forced to return home to Kenilworth after which Hannah campaigned tirelessly to access the drugs for her son. Home secretary Sajid Javid finally approved the medication for Alfie in June. Another high-profile case involving epileptic youngster Billy Caldwell fuelled the debate and the UK government finally announced medical cannabis would be legal from November 1. But doctors will not prescribe the drugs because guidance from the Royal College of Physicians says there is no strong evidence cannabis can help with chronic pain. Hannah has vowed to fight for families who are denied the medication despite it now being legal. Following her long battle for Alfie’s licence, she was invited to join an the all-party group of MPs to encourage the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. She also created the pressure group known as ‘End our Pain’. She said: “Alfie is now safe after a couple of weeks of us being very worried. But I am very mindful of the fact this doesn’t change anything for anyone else. I get to enjoy my son who is very well but the 17 families I help and many others are still suffering. “Everyone I have spoken to says they have been told no and it breaks my heart to know this medication could help children who are seizing every day. “It’s not good enough, I won’t accept it and we will not allow this to happen. We fight back and carry on, I assure you ‘End our Pain’ is working hard to make our voices heard I won’t stop doing what I’m doing until that happens. Hannah has launched a petition against the refusal of prescriptions for medical cannabis which has gained nearly 363,000 since it was launched a week ago. A spokesman for the Royal College of Physicians said: “The public would expect us to only make recommendations based on quality evidence and at the moment there isn’t any. We would welcome high-quality studies into the use of cannabis-based medicinal products for pain treatment.” He added some 100 observational studies showed ‘statistically, the risk of harm was greater than the potential benefit’. https://leamingtonobserver.co.uk/news/epileptic-youngster-is-guaranteed-prescription-after-doctors-deny-newly-legalised-cannabis-medication-9882/
  2. As most regulars here know, due to beng given the boot by my dear ex-to-be-wifey, the PFNC had to cease all growing and other illegal activities. Honestly, at first I felt angry, bitter and then betrayed (especially when finding she was already in someone else's bed). But hey, its just the sort of shit life throws at all of us from time to time. OK, when I go to bed and the light's out, my brain kind of lets rip and all sorts of super-emotions flood through me; from anger, and rage through to maudlin self-pity which I fuckin' hate in anyone, me particularly. But I threw myself into packing and sorting my shit out in readiness to come and live here in the South with my daughter, her hubbie and three kids. What a family I have, I never expected this. Figured too, that I had tasted love before, but this, from my family, has blown me out of the water. I have a grand pad to live in, my own wetroom included. But most of all, I got three wee grandaughters who are so lovely, loving and full of childish innocence and fun I have no time to get maudlin. The wee rascals giggle non stop, never have I seen such twinkling eyes, such joyful faces ~ dammit, I never tasted such free love and acceptance! And they've just taken me in without any reserve ~ already playing pranks on Grampa like creeping up behind and then shouting "BOO!" down my lug'ole! Before retreating in howls of laughter Well, I got some pranks I can pull too. Oh, they're gonna have some fun with me, I can tell, and vice-versa! Any pot-lessness is more than compensated for. I'm learning in real life what I already knew in my head, that Pot and getting high is not the be-all and end-all of life. Sure, right now as I type this at nigh on 11:00 at night with the gigglesome Threesome safely tucked away in their beds, a spliff would be Oh, so nice! But a stiff measure of JD over my meds is mellowing and sleep inducing too! I can't grow, or smoke here. Even if the family were to say "Go for it", I would not. Don't mind some dumb-fuck police twat kicking my teeth in and busting my ass, but there is no way on God's green earth that I would risk my wee grandiddlies having the scare of their lives as some over-armed bunch of thugs take their lovely home apart! You listening, PC Busta Grower? No weed here, just fine whiskey (10 Yr Mcallen, JD, and some private collectors special stuff that you wont get in any shop), so go bust some other poor bugger. Or resign, in the knowledge that one day you too might be in dire need of weed. (oooh, that McAllen, I've had it ten years myself, making it a 20 year old single malt. Just poured me a stiff two fingers, talk of delicius this is damned heavenly. And on top of the Oxycontin and Morphine is reay quite interesting Might need another, amybe a "Buffalo Trace", I like Bourbons and Sour Mashes. That said, I plan on making contacts down here in the fine and tree filled county of Hampshire and maybe helping someone set up a grow and make it a shared operation. That's the long haul plan, and I've already started sniffing around, and am following up on a lead already. I guess the point of this thread is to document how that plan unfolds in action. And in the meanwhile, if things get really tough, A very good smoke awaits me at the end of a simple train journey. So you know what, I don't give a shit about being kicked out. Plus I reckon there's another good woman around here somehwere looking for a new bloke....... Or maybe not! Solo life has real advantages like being free to do what the f you want to! Its been over a week since my last spliff. No withdrawals, no problemo! Not even aftre 20+ years growing and smoking as much as I wanted to. But I can feel two symptom sets re-appearing slowly as the THC drains out of my system. The pain levels in my legs has begun to increase daily, due to the Spinal Stenosis (Google it if you need to); and I can sense a struggle within my head against depression ~ my life-long bete noire. But love, hugs and cuddles with my three little angels sorts that out in a flash. Not seeping at all well, but again, this will pass perhaps. Its a typical PD symptom, so wat did I expect? All this has give me time and space to write more and I have been getting more involved in political activism, and supporting the call for decrim of drugs. Been following the story of wee Alfie Dingley. And getting mad at my new MP, who will soon regret the day I moved into her patch! I'll be bustin' her balls regularly over this and that! I really want to get stuck into the call for Decriminalisation of Pot. The time has come for passive aggressive activism. The time has come to go onto the streets en masse. I'm working on a couple of ideas I have, and will lay them out here over the coming days and weeks. Comrades, we can no longer stay quiet in our grow rooms. I'd gladly,willigly do big time for a case like Alfie's. But here'sthe thing, they cannot bust us all at once. Hold that thought. Chew on it. Look at te Alfie case. Chew on it a while ~ can you, dare you stay quiet? For years I've been saying that Growing is Activism, and in a real way - it is. But its not enough by a long long way. So, for the sake of Alfie and a boatload more, I'm coming right out of the canna-closet. I'm for taking the war to the Government! No more being quiet. I cannot smoke or grow so long as peeps are being murdered slowly by HMG, vulnerable, young peeps like Alfie (you've Googled him now, haven't you? No? Well fucking well do so! By Christ, we cannot sit and watch this happen wthout kicking off like fuck, to coin a phrase I, for one, could not smoke now without I get myself stuck well and truly into this vile war being waged against us. So watch this space. The PFNC just got serious, and will take NO MORE SHIT! Are you with me? Then join with me, and even put forward good ideas for Direct Passive Action. I have one idea, when I've worked it up a bit you will see it here. Are you with me? Great stuff! If not, fuck off and get stoned in the corner, we don't need you or want you if you don't get white hot angry about this vile injustice, this murder by slow steroid injections pumped daily into the arms of a small boy, a child. What if Alfie was your child? Think on! Today its Alfie. Tomorrow it could be your child with toxic steroids being pumped into his veins. The PFNC says "Enough!" The war on Pot must stop, it must stop here, and it must stop now. No letter writing or petition can do this. Direct Action is the only way left to us. "Get up! Stand up! Fight for the right ....." to self medicate, the right to celebrate life, to party. I'm getting ready to take my gloves off. The future will be messy. HMG have already made it so! Solidarity, sisters and brothers! Together, we can change this damned shit heap of a country into a place where folks have the freedom to enjoy the bounty of nature. Are you with me? Its time to get out of the trench and face down our enemies beore we blow the fuckers clean out the water!! It'd be a grand thing if the majority of us stood up for Alfie, to shield his back and give him our every best shot at bringing about the change he, and so many more besides, need! Watch ths space. Give us your ideas. And don't even fucking think of saying that youre growing is enough. It isn't. You're either deluded or just plain hard of heart and calloused of soul. Step aside, and let the rest of us take to the barricades.