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Found 10 results

  1. I was thinking of keeping few oscillating fans inside greenhouse and I was thinking of installing exhaust fan there too, would that be overkill?
  2. Evening everyone, I've had a combination of large to small clip on desk fans in the tent. Currently, I use small 6in fans in each corner. I was thinking to get some standing venturi bladeless fans much like the Dyson fans. Just to save on space somewhat. What do people recommend? I'm trying to keep noise down to a minimum as well lately. With four big fans, I feel the noise might be too much. So was thinking a selection of smaller fans or bladeless for noise. All thoughts welcome! Tent size is 3mx1.5mx2m.
  3. Hi there, Anyone know anything about aeration of roots in a coco mix? Any particular times that are best, night time vs day time, once a week vs few hours a day... I am wondering if theres too much air being pumped as I can't imagine it being too good if that causes heat build up in the plant medium. What is the optimal temperature for the coco medium? I put a temperature probe in and the pot is currently 24°C. Is the medium too warm?
  4. DSCF0738

    From the album Sweet Seeds Diary Competition 2016/7 entry

    #2 pot is a 9.5litre airpot
  5. Stocking filter at 5 days near window opened 5mm.
  6. Air Intake Filter

    From the album KayDog's Follies

    Air Intake filter - and Why You Should Care!

    © UK420

  7. Has anyone ever thought of breathing on your plants to help them grow? as i have been doing this from the start and have been researching to see if it would actually benefit the plant much. In theory it makes sense, plants crave co2 to grow and survive, and we exhale co2. Just interested in finding out if someone else had had the same weird idea as i have found topics about it elsewhere. I have read something like the air we exhale is 5% co2 so i suggest we all get in that tent and breathe! CM *Breathing since 1991*
  8. Passive intake x 2

    From the album Fridge rebuild

    Just doubled passive intake but hope to remain negative pressure!? Fingers crossed...
  9. Hi. My question is that if somebody use CFL Dual Spec (6400K/2700K) than what king of seed would the best? I mean autos need 20/4 hours of lightning and with a dual spec bulb i dont have to change the Kelvin specialized bulb (6400veg/2700flow) and dont have to worry that the plant doesnt start to flowering. But somebody say that dual cfls works great with feminised seeds too, just switch time in right way. What type of seed would you recommend for a 250w Dual Spec CFl + E40 reflector? (+4x40w cheap E27 cfl from wallmart or etc.)
  10. Hi all I've just figured that my air pump has only been on when the lights have been on due to it being in the wrong plug! They only have three or four weeks left and have budded up beautifully and seem healthy. Was just wondering would this have affected my yield? Obviously I have rectified the air pump now