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Found 6 results

  1. Just wondering if you could have to many air stones in your res for young plants etc. Example 50 liter res with 120 liter air pump on 4 stones.
  2. evening chaps and chicks, Literally a couple of mins ago i was doing some investigating into why one of my buckets seems to have a whole heap of air coming through its airstone and the other 3 not so much.. Along the way ive broken an airstone while trying to remove the airline to swap it to another bucket as i thought it may be slightly blocked (2" golf ball stone, i hold the stone and pull the line) the bit that attaches to the airline has come flying off along with some small chunks of stone. Can anyone recommend me a temp fix untill more turn up (along with spares - lesson learnt!!)? Ive considered blu tak etc but i wouldnt have to much faith in it holding its place throughout the day while im at work. Luckily ive taken the airstone from the weaker plant out of the 4 and put that into the bucket which had the issues, which happens to be on the biggest plant out of the lot, - pipe with no airstone on end is now in weaker plant bucket... so worst case i loose out on the runt of the pack or she becomes even more of a runt. (Extra q will the rush of air through the airline cause any damage to its roots? surely not as much damage as no oxygen?) What im wondering really is has anyone come across any sort of standard household item i can pick up or possibly already have which will double up as a temporary airstone for now or at least mimic the action of one. As for the manifold, im now wondering if the airline without the stone on the end which is now in the bucket of the weaker plant is just blowing air straight out of the line end.. does this lower the pressure for the rest of the buckets? or would the same flow be coming through as would be if the air stone was on the end? (Initially i had all the 4 lines coming out of the end 4 of the 10 way manifold with the other 6 all blocked in a line, now i have the middle 2 out of the 10 blocked, with 2 air lines either side then the outer 2 on either side blocked aswell - this didnt seem to resolve the issue hence the airstone breakage) Anyway.. main issue is the airstone being broken, im sure ill enjoy trying to figure out the airflow issue, although any advice on that is welcome all the same. Thanks in advance for any advice... and sorry for the long one, props to anyone who made it this far :-) 4x oxypot in 1.2x1.2x2m tent 60lpm air pump 2" golf ball air stones
  3. Morning/ afternoon all (morning for me i love a saturday lie in) May seem like a silly question but its the last thing niggling away at my mind.. I have 4x golf ball sized and shaped airstones (slightly bigger than actual golfballs) to be used in my 4x oxypots with my v60 airpump.. Question is: will the airpump's output be restricted by the airlines and air stones? Does anyone with a v60 or similar output pump run it through 4 air stones? Looking at hooking up a 4 way manifold but part of me is considering keeping the 10 way that came with the v60 and having 2x air stones per bucket and just blocking the remaining 2 outlets. Thanks in advance to anyone able to help and put my mind at rest.
  4. Hi all I've just figured that my air pump has only been on when the lights have been on due to it being in the wrong plug! They only have three or four weeks left and have budded up beautifully and seem healthy. Was just wondering would this have affected my yield? Obviously I have rectified the air pump now