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Found 3 results

  1. I found a novel way to deal with the ballsache of watering 5 plants in 6 L air pots. Before I used a 1L watering rose spout, but it took ages, and always leaked out the sides. I saw someone mention a camel back pack (like motogp racers have on their back with a straw through helmet), and thought, an enema bag with the longer anal attachment (it has four holes at the end of a silicone probe - about 7 inches long) might do the trick. So I got my enema bag (i have diverticulitis so need to do a colonic irrigation twice a month), put in a litre of solution) hung it from one of the bars at top of tent, pushed probe in about two inches, and opened the valve. It's a T shaped thing, that lets you control the volume exiting the nozzle. I gave it about 15 mins per plant. Then left them for a while, disposed of run off which was through bottom of pot, and not pouring out the sides, job done. You can get different types of kits on fleabay and the other place. Cheapest one is £6.80, but has an open top so if you have a bit of a slip, the water would go everywhere. I've just ordered one that has a screw in stopper - looks a bit like a hot water bottle, so it's more secure. I'd recommend it to anyone fed up with the mess involved in watering Air Pots....... And that, gentlemen, is the only original thought I've had in decades
  2. Morning all, going to start getting my bits together for next grow. Have 3 grows under my belt now, used 18 litre square pots and tried 25 litre square plastic pots with indica dom strains. Little run down on my room. Automatic feeding with a 8 pot wilma system. 100%coco grower 3 x 600w hps 2.5m long x 1.5m wide x 2m height Tube heater across Wilma system between the 8 pots (I mention this incase it would dry an airpot out?) My plants have always had vigurous growth, I like to super crop them and tie down so the plants stays about 1.1m from top of pot. I'm about to try super root air pots for my next grow which is a dinafem critical 2.0. I was having A little research into airpots and from what I've gathered it's better to get a slightly smaller size than you would with standard pots. Now the sizes from the trusted shop I use do, 10l, 12.5l, 20l.. And so on Will a 12.5l be a worthy substitute for a 18 litre standard? I did look for 15 litre on fleebay but I'd rather go to my shop in person
  3. 0001 Skunk #1

    From the album Hippy A's Skunk #1

    Yesterday, Thursday 29th December 2016 after probably the worst Christmas ever, I met a Hippy called 'A' A smoker, dedicated grower and talks like hell after he's had a smoke....... I remember coming away with this little cutting, An old school Skunk #1 which I have big plans for as a mother, She is going to be something else and make people very happy, Currently in an Air pot in coco been fed Canna A & B.

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