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Found 4 results

  1. Hi gardeners, with the warmer summer months approaching us rapidly here in the uk im about to switch to my air cooled set up. The garden is in a well built loft space. Last time it was a pain in the arse hanging 4*600w 2*2lights in a square individually. I was wondering weather any ones already got a set up made, or can help me design a pulley system so i can move all 4 lights up and down at the same time, same hight etc so i just pull 1 rope/chain and the whole rig moves together. It really would make life so much easier. Any help, advice or pointers would be great. Thanks in advance. Mr.T
  2. I've just setup my first indoor grow , I've got 5 auto flowers plants that are roughly a month old seed in pot 15 th September , repotted from party cup to 11ltr pots 27th september , have been under 415 watts of CFL lighting while I set up my new system , my new system is running 600w Hps and is air cooled at the moment the lights are approx 2ft away from the canopy , Im basically looking for optimal light distance ? I've had a look a light distance calculators and they are getting approx 7321 lumens , is there another chart for optimal lumens in plant growth stage ? So showing what amount of light they should be getting at each stage of the plant ?
  3. Hello uk420. I am seriously considering purchasing the sun system xxxl 6'' inch dominator reflector. Any one currently using one? Does any one have experience with this make reflector or ones similiar? Also will the lead supplied fit into the 3 pronged connector looks like a kettle type on the sunmaster fx digital ballast ok?
  4. Hi there i have a 400w mh bulb on at the moment and would like to add another light in the tent either adding a 600w or a 1000w and taking out the 400w 4 Plants Tent - 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Temp - 18c in tent and 25c at canopy lights on and 15c lights off intake fan - 6" rvk fan bringing in cold air from outside clay pebbles 2x 90litre oxy pot bubblers with 2 plants sitting in each is anyone using a 1000w in this size tent ? or even a 600w and a 400w ?