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Found 71 results

  1. advice

    Looking for some advice on autos. First time growing autos and I've got them on 20/4 lighting in a dwc system with 2 led lights all same strain, sweet mango auto, 4 plants in a row. So middle right is well under way budding looking nice, far right looks behind in development/flowering stage, middle left looks even further behind and far left even further behind. Is it normal they are at different stages of flower? Basically just making sure the ones I suspect are behind in the flowering stage and not fucked up some how, like they have established bud sites but are producing more bud sites. I'll add pics of each one to show what I mean. FYI don't judge how bushy they are, had mad root rot and had to cut all the roots off just before flower and was scared to stress them even more. Thanks in advance
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for strains available in seed for depression or mood boost?. personally im finding stuff thats abit to narcotic doesnt help but i aint a big fan of the fruity mild stuff currently growing fromage blue (bluecheese) and looking for effects at the moment rather then taste and flavour. peace
  3. So this is the thing with autos. THEY ARE SHIT! Frequently no mold resistance. If you look at the more experienced growers on the site you will see they have little time for autos and it is largely because they are shite. Controversial but still, shite. The extra ruderalis genes make them a weaker smoke too, not to mention the tiny yields as befits miniature plants. Its incredible the seeds are the same price as photo plants. I know its all about the early smoke and I had decent results in 2012 of all soaking wet years. It was a slugocalypse and just rained and rained. I was surprised to witness Sour 60 seeds I was given by a fellow GG (bred by MDanzig) totally smashing it. There will be the odd one come along. However I really don't think autos are worth it. The smoke from the Sour 60 was way weaker thanKC 36 or Easy sativa. Read a few recent posts abound rotting autos. This is one of the driest summers ever but just wait one or two storms and the stupid crap autos will nearly all be turning to mush.... If you are gonna get out and do prep and take that risk then grow some thoroughbred monsters instead I say. I mean just look at how superior KC 36 and P Maroc are as examples. I am not running any autos this year thank fuck and will not again. Oh I know I will go do a load of back breaking work and take risks just to grow some tiny, weak, mold prone, extortionate abberations of nature. I am too impatient to wait for the sun so I will get some 'automatic weed'... super, semi, ultra, uber, HYPER-autos that are far better than silly old patience... Auto = impatience! Some will say photos grow too big for my garden/ balcony, um Helloooo this is why it is Guerilla Growing because its not in your garden or on your balcony! That is the great benefit of the wild places whether between industrial units and trains tracks or right out in the sticks. So you can go grow some potent monsters.... Thing is Loamy there is literally NOWHERE to grow around here for full size plants. Umm just look properly or widen your territory. But I can't be arsed/too busy. So just 'man up' a bit..., stop wingeing and go do it for fucks sake. Autos = Laziness! The breeders are laughing their tits off. Buy them twice in a season! Buy more to get a higher overall yield! Autos = stupidity! And the prize for being Impatient, Lazy and Stupid is..... 'YOU THINK AUTOS ARE GREAT WHEN THEY ARE ACTUALLY SHIT' ...please re read that last line at least 7 times out loud. .... autos :rofl: What a load of wank...
  4. Afternoon all, Looking to build a Fallponics/UCRDWC system. Finally located some 35L Black Really Useful Boxes (Nightmare trying to get them delivered to non-mainland part of the UK) and now just wondering where people picked up their plumbing parts (And exactly what would be best [pipe guage wise] for the system). Currently using a 50L Wilma with the arses cut out of the pot holders to allow the roots in. The tent is a Budbox Pro 120 and I am using LED for lighting. I'll be using 5x35L Really useful boxes (Just to get setup but should be good for the 1.2m tent for room, allow extras in like humidifier, etc.) - may upgrade to a larger header tank down the road. Have a Hailea 300A winging its way to me for next week (Although I dont think I'll have time to set this up for fresh grow - 4 seedlings already starting to show 2nd leaves so probs give the Wilma 1 last run). Any advice on decent place for plumbing supplies (and again, best bits to use - I am no plumber so foolproof would be great here) would be greatly appreciated. If @badbillybob still about on here and willing to give advice, I'd really appreciate it. Saw some great info on threads and looking to see if anyone has made any improvements/advancements through trial and error. Thanks in advance all!
  5. Long time lurker, thought I’d join in the fun this coming season and try my hand at some guerrilla growing. I live in a tiny village in the Midlands which is surrounded by farms, crops, fields, small patches of woodland etc, but there are a few issues; 1. HS2 has a major site running through a significant amount of the local land/woodland which obviously rules that area out. It also means workers, security etc are around, so trying to keep well away from that. 2. The vast majority of the rural land is private, with public footpaths through, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of areas where you are well away from a farm building or house/cottage etc. There isn’t much derelict or disused/overgrown land anywhere (that I know of). 3. The 6-8 decent spots I have found are already being grown on, and the majority last year by the look of them. So obviously trying to keep out of the way of what they have going on as well. So I’ve been out walking/searching a lot over the last few weeks, and using google earth as I go, to try pinpoint some areas of interest to have a look at. But I’m just not finding anything, other than those already occupied. What should I be looking out for? Build ups of nettles that I could hollow? following the river maybe? There’s not really any vast areas that you can walk and disappear into, so really it’s looking for things off the footpaths, maybe bits I can break off etc. Would appreciate hearing how you guys go about finding spots and things you look out for on those scouting missions. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places or perhaps not thinking creatively enough. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I'm coming to the end of harvest and starting to research some more energy efficient ways of growing. Also with the heat from my 2 hps i feel like i would be at an advantage running LED. Has anyone had any experience at all, good or bad with the viparspectra p2000? They seem a nice little light for the price. Any advice would be welcomed, cheers. Wb
  7. Hello wonderful peeps. I've had a cheeky back garden grow this year, sparked by a friend giving me an autoflower seed. I grew in pots so I'd have the option to hide them from certain guests (hello, mother!) I've grown (and chopped) a set of other autoflowers since starting, but this one has taken forever to start flowering but grown enormous. Now, it's starting to really get going, just as things are getting colder. Is it worth keeping this outside, do you think? I figure I could just grab a 250W CFL and finish it off indoors in a cupboard. What would you do with this potential bounty? (she's currently in the conservatory cos the wind keeps knocking her over) Love to you all, Bravura
  8. Hey guys, I'm going to receive probably this week and I want to try GGing. First off, is it too late to grow this year? Also, I did some recon today and took pictures of a spot I found, it's remote in the woods off trail (about 150m from a path through the underbrush following a tiny creek) . It's a wood exploitation forest but all the stumps seem overgrown with moss and I have seen 0 marking on the nearby trees which leads me to think this area is going to be peaceful for a while. Without further ado, What do you think of this area? Does it seem fitting for a grow? There is a canopy that lets sun through but provides decent aerial cover. The area seemed undisturbed and hard to access. Lots of trees roots but I think I can dig some holes for plants on the banks of the creek. I've never grown so am welcoming all advice, observation, etc... I'm not in the UK but very close with similar weather.
  9. Hi guys I've settled on an area of the house I can use for growing. By that I mean my wife has . I've the space of a standard undercounter cupboard (slightly deeper maybe) so I thought I may as well do a cupboard grow. At least then it should blend in with the rest of the room. I've ordered a 4inch fan with carbon filter and a friend is lending me a 50w LED cob. I plan to grow autos for now Do you guys think the 50w will be enough for that space? Do I need an intake fan too? Any rough guesses on what yield I could expect with that wattage and growing area? Any other tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Hope you're all staying safe! Oswrick
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first time grow. Im transplanting afew photos into bigger pots because I think they are root bound, like a newbie I had them in small pots so I need to transplant them into bigger pots before flower. Atm I can't get to a local hydro store or buy any soil with nutes in ect, but I have at home some bags of (peat free compost) and I have a load of dry amendments for compost teas ect. So I was wondering if this would be suitable for transplanting if I add my own perlite and nutes. I'm transplanting 5 plants so would anyone roughly know how much ammendmets I would use in the soil. Thanks guys
  11. Hi everyone, I'm a first time grower so any advice is helpful. I got given a few seeds off a mate what I was told to be star dog autoflowers, and after doing research the plant usually is done within 3 months. I'm at 2 months and 7 days now but I don't see any clear sign off buds, well I don't think I do I'm unsure if its in flower now or if there autos or photos I am inexperienced in this. I also would like to know if I can veg autos in the same tent as my flowering autos, I'm tight for room so I have 3 vegging with my others maybe this can cause my plants in flower not to flower cause I have plants still vegging? I'm completely unsure and any help/advice is appreciated thankyou. These are some pictures of what I thought are autos flowering but I'm unsure, I have 6 plants like this and also another 3 vegging. Like I said any advice is greatful to determine if they are autos or photos. These are the ones that are vegging and the first picture it's the first 3 left ones in veg and 6 in flower. Thankyou for yiur time guys
  12. Hi Guys, So Im a noob grower but have always liked the idea of a GG, so gonna have my first pop over whats shaping up to be a decent summer. Not going crazy at all, as it's more about having a project than anything, but would like to see some results so looking to the community for some tips and advice on what to watch out for. My site is at 53 Lat and I've decided on RGSC Lemonade OG x Freezeland seeds to start with as from what i gather the semi-autos should be some of the more forgiving of any cock ups from me. They're germinating as we speak. I have been browsing for a few more seeds though as the way the summers shaping up i reckon its a solid investment! If anyone's got any recommendations then im ears. I'm pretty happy with the site and confident that its gonna get as much sun and security as Ill find. (There are actually a few decent spots nearby so very tempted to spread my bets at this point). It is next to a large warehouse, but round the back, well above ground level and amongst a grove of trees so even though there's the occasion artic lorry drive past i'm sure they wont see it at all. Other than that there's noting around. and the route to get there is a nightmare. so doubt anyone else would do it for fun. It's up on a bank so should see the majority if not all of the day's sun and it's very near to a river so that's any water sources issues sorted. There are rabbits around so ill chicken wire the ladies, and i anticipate a fair few slugs so will take some measures there. My hesitations at this point are; How should I start off my seedlings, with a view to get them out out over the weekend of the 23rd May? RGSC site mentions ''Can be temperamental in Indoor conditions when starting seedlings , we recommend not giving less than 20hrs of light in vegetative stage and not planting out before the spring equinox, plant out mid May onwards for best results.''. I was thinking of using a 75w led grow light to get them going, would this be alright? Could @panik help me out here? Should i consider any feeds for either stage of growth? (I would like to keep it organic and not spend a load of cash on feeds in an ideal world so to be told that rain water and bat crap will suffice would be music to my ears). Would you advise using multiple sites that are pretty close to each other, or would this just raise the profile of the entire area? Am I better keeping them concentrated to the one site I'm pretty comfortable with? But really; as I'm new to this and completely flying blind, I was hoping that ANY TIPS on what to watch out for, or what could trip me up at any stage of the journey could make a huge difference and save me falling short! Cheers for the help and i'll look forward to some lessons.
  13. Hi, I'm a first time grower and 8 days ago, I planted an Auto Northern Lights and Auto Blueberry. Here is my set up; 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m grow tent Viparspectra LED 300w 5" RVK Extractor fan (with speed controller) Tent vent for passive intake Root!t 40w heat mat (with thermostat) 40w tube heater (with thermostat) Automatic humidifier (with humidistat) 7" oscillating fan Lights on temperatures - 18-25c Lights off temperature: 14-18c Humidity level: 60-68% (I live in England, so the weather isn't that great). I'm on day 8 of my grow, and I want to know what people think about my plants. They look like they are starting to turn a little yellow, and the new leafs growing from the middle of the Northern Lights plant looks a bit brown. I have a feeling that it might be because my light was too close. My light height was at 25" from the plant canopy. I moved it up this morning to 30". I saturated the soil before planting with PH 6.5 water, and have only feed them 500ml of PH 6.5 water each since then. I do spray the soil if it looks a bit dry on top. I don't think it's a water problem. A second opinion, or some advice would be greatly appreciated. (Please find pictures below) Many thanks Auto Blueberry Auto Northern Lights
  14. Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve grown. Previously I had success with a coco run to waste system system using canna nutes according to their schedule. i want to start a little 1.2 x 1.2 tent with 4 pots ( im thinking 18l) but I’m not up to speed on which soils and nutes to use. Looking at some of the hydro shops they sell several additives and nutrients for their soils with a feeding schedule that looks like they feed with every water. Although reading this site there seems to be people using a soil with just one food and that’s it. Here are my questions:- 1. Which soil is good? 2. Do I need a full nutrient schedule as per canna brand grow guides 3. Should I be feeding on every water 4. is a case of just water every few days? thanks
  15. Hi guys, so just started my first grow. im going budget and organic, auto northern lights grown in greenhouse with biobiz and tomato feed. so the guide I’m following for these seeds says 18hours in distilled water until they sink then 36hrs warm dark place, same water but in damp kitchen roll, then plant. Iv just now put them in kitchen roll so 36 hrs takes me to 8:30pm Sunday night but silly old me got my seeds in the post and get going instantly forgetting my 11ltr bags for planting arnt arriving until Tuesday at the earliest..... so question is what’s my best option? Does it matter if I leave them germinating for an extra 2 days ? Or can I plant in egg shells then when my bags arrive plant the egg shell filled with soil and seed ? Or have I failed at the first hurdle thank you for any advice!! Joe
  16. Hi fellow growers! Apologies if I have posted this in wrong bored as I'm new here. During this lockdown I have decided to grow my own auto flowers to keep me occupied. I am growing in a tomato green house outside and will be planting in a 11litre pot once germinated in light biobizz soil mixed with 30% Perlite. The seeds I will be planting are called Think Different by Dutch Passion as I have read that they tend to do well in UK climates. Below I have listed all the nutes and extras I have acquired to grow my plants.. 1.General Hydroponics Flora, Grow and Micro 2. Plant Magic Evolution Spray 3. Plant Magic Bio Silicon Is there anything else I may need or may be of help? I will be leaving to stand 24hours prior to each water before bringing my PH levels to 6.5 to help evaporate any chlorine etc. I am posting on here for any tips and advice as I cant seem to find any direct answers as to what I wish to know. 1st thing is how often should I water my plants? Every 2 days? and 2nd question is when should I start feeding each different nute and how often? Also dosage recommendations as I have seen people suggest using only half or less than half the amount stated on the bottle. I only plan on growing one plant to start off with as a tester before I go planting all my other seeds. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi Guys, first post in a while. I smoked for years but just wanting to dabble in growing as for the first time I own property with some outside space and current lockdown restrictions are making if difficult to get any where I live at the minute. so where I’m at is I have a west facing balcony with a 2 small greenhouse in which I already start veg plants for my allotment and grow tomatoes. (60cm wide 30 deep and 120 tall each, Room for 1 more if needed) And iv ordered 5 auto flower northern lights seeds, open to trying 1 or 2 now and saving the rest or using them all.. so my question, what to do now. Looking for advice on germinating, soil/coco, feeding and drying. As I said it’s my first time and it’s outdoors, I’m not looking to invest masses of cash into it until iv got a bit of experience so just wanted the essentials il need to produce half decent smokable buds. thank you for any advice it’s much appreciated as I really am clueless at the minute, my seeds arrive in 3 working days
  18. G'day to everyone, I'd imagine every one is flat out prepping for a 'true guerrilla experience' during the lockdown! Was just looking for advice really, only just setup my first indoor attempt but figure in for a penny, in for a pound! I'm lucky enough to have been offered use of a super private, South facing plot which literally gets un disturbed all day sunlight with no surrounding neighbours etc by a very close lifelong friend of mine. Very secure and private area plus there are 3 big fuck off guarf Rottweilers on site too just for extra piece of mind. By the looks of it it's been a veg patch of Some sort in its lifetime by previous owners of the property so hoping with a bit of work that one of these beds can be turned into a little outdoor jobbie, Water supply there as well as a big fresh river at worst case... plenty of cow/horse shit nearby too (if that helps) Obviously bunny rabbits and foxes etc are around so I know I'm going to have to cage up etc but just wanted a few pointers on how to prep the ground and in which manner to do so. It's not a major drama for me to get back and too there on a regular basis as far as feeding/watering/maintenance so I don't know if that makes a difference as to how I go about ground prep/fert. Although I'm sure it would be prime for photos, I'd rather hit it hard with some big yielding autos for that faster finish making the most of our brightest and warmest months for the whole cycle. I can start them indoors and I guess ideally get them planted out late may to ensure decent night temps? I'd imagine it's the type of place that could get a little misty in the early hours. Again, not sure on numbers, genetics or prep yet so any pointers or advice would be greatly appreciated. Here's a snap of the plot at 20:15 last night. I can have as much or as little as I want but figured that middle bed would be my favoured choice and almost build a bed within a bed. Was favouring the Bakery seed co. - auto mazar due to good mould and pest resistance genetics. Have done some research on ground prep myself already but so many different options and methods I thought I'd reach out as I know there is a tonne of experience here Thanks guys
  19. Hey guys I’m growing some white diesel haze, I’ve got 2 of these going , one is a lot bigger than the other , I think this is due to me over watering the smaller one when it was young... any way I’ve noticed over the last couple of days I’ve started getting rusty looking sugar leaves on the bigger one. I don’t think it’s light intensity as the “smaller” one is actually taller and that ones fine.... any other ideas what it could be ? so info 1x1x2m tent coco , hand watered Dutch pro auto flower nutes 2ml/L Dutch pro explode 1ml/L lights : Spider Farmer SF2000 (x2) on 18/6 pH is good ec 1.2-1.3 I’ve noticed it’s spreading across the plant, it started with the main kola now it’s on pretty much all of them. im on week 5 of flower with While Label Seeds saying they take 5-7 weeks , so I’m assuming it’ll take a little longer than what they say . any advice , things to consider ?
  20. Hey Guys and Gals , First time grower and afternoon a bit of advice. Growing SensiSeed White Label, White Diesel Haze, I’m getting close(ish) to harvest and I’ve read trichomes is the best way to time your harvest for max strength and yield. Now I get the thinking behind it, just wanted to know what stage you wait for before you start flushing. Im growing in coco, so I’m thinking a 10 day flush, a lot can change in 10 days. So I’m wondering at what stage trichomes colours do you begin the flush to time it right, not too many ambers, nice and milky. here’s a few pics of my trichomes , these pics are from the actual bud , not the sugar leaves as I’ve heard the leaf trichomes mature earlier than the bud. Just want you opinions and thoughts on timing the flush
  21. Hey Guys back with another question. I'm nearing harvest time now and i'm super excited about my first grow. All has gone as well as i expected it too , there's been a couple problems, although they quickly got sorted out , thanks to some advice i got on here. so my question , i've seen a lot of videos where the grower has done a pretty major leaf thinning about a week or so prior to harvest and they've all said its so the light can hit the lower buds for a little while just whilst they are ripening up. Although i've never seen this done with Autos .... my girls are pretty bushy so i was wondering what you guys think? will it effect the plant at this late stage, am i get to leave it or do you think it might do the lower buds some good ?
  22. hey guys , im 4 weeks into flower and i've just noticed a few browning leaves near my buds , the rest of the plant is looking fairly healthy ... the humidity is always within range 40-50% just wondering if there are some expert eyes in here could give me ideas on if this is the start of bud rot , or if its something else and i'm just being paranoid ?
  23. Hey guys, i'm running into a bit of a problem , or so i think. First time growing autos. I have 2 Auto Diesel Haze growing. One has started to be real droopy with purple veins on the leaves and the leaf stems. The main stems are still green. The other one has green leaves , so i'm wondering where i'm going wrong. At first I thought i was over watering as I did start to get some fungus Gnats so i've been letting it dry out a little more before watering but the droop continues Set Up 1x1x2m tent Lights 2 x SpiderFarmer SF2000s 18/6 Medium : Coco Nutrients : Dutch Pro Auto Bloom A/B 30ml/10L , DP Explode 10ml/10L Pot Size : 20L watering everyday/every other day depending on how dry the soil is ..... average watering 5Ltrs Sorry if i've left anything out , i'm really stuff here ... oh heres some photos
  24. From the album plants

  25. Hi. First time growing autos and they’re looking really bushy . I’ve tried tucking the leaves as best as possible but it still looks like it’s hiding a lot of buds . Week 2 of flower now , can I trim leaves or will it stress the plant too much ?