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Found 5 results

  1. Afternoon all , I'm growing in soil first grow I've been using canna Vega and canna Flores I've got girls in the attic I posted a pic just over a week ago of my girl that looked sick I learned that it could of been over fed or too much cold ive put some double foil bubble foil under in and around the tent now and girls seem ok the one I that was sick I decided cut all the yellow leaves off I started flushing her on 10th Jan she seems ok no signs of mould or pest she not fully flowerd , I was wondering if any one could give me advice if I should carry on with flushing or could I give her flores or anything else I could use or is it too late I've put up some pics I would appreciate any advice please is she a keeper or do I need too get rid of her before I cut her she was ,like this after cutting she looks like this
  2. So, I've currently got a CBD Therapy grow going on in a 1 x 1 x 2 metre tent, which is going nicely. However, I now have the availability of a greenhouse in which to try a few grows in. I put a Therapy Clone in there last week & after just checking on her she looks really healthy indeed, like she's loving it in there!! I guess that now, in the UK at least, is the best time to be getting your pre-established plants outdoors if you can. I read somewhere that early June is the ideal time to get your plants outside & that once the summer solstice passes on the 20th June (which is in a few days time!!) the plants will naturally start entering the flowering stage. Is this so, even if I only just put the plant out in the greenhouse last week? I put a couple of new strains into seed a month or so ago and I'm currently vegging them in my holding tent with the intention of transferring them into my flowering tent once the CBD Therapy that's currently in there has been harvested, but now, based on seeing how the Therapy clone is taking to the greenhouse, and the natural, full spectrum light, I am wondering whether I'd be better served transferring these new strains into the greenhouse asap, ultimately looking to harvest sometime around mid October. What do you think fellas, what would be your advice on where to put my currently vegging strains now that I have a greenhouse available? The new strains that I'm asking your advice on regarding the growing environment are all Sativa dominant strains, all 75-25% Sativa's; Super Silver Haze, CBD Mango Haze & Strawberry Sour Diesel.
  3. I'm a soil/compost grower, organic usually with EWC teas etc and Plant Magic nutes - all well and good but I want to try a Hempy bucket with coco on my next run alongside the compost grow just to see if coco gives better results. My question is, can anyone recommend some good organic coco nutes? And, is it ok to beef up the microheard with teas etc. like you would with organic compost? Sorry if this has been covered before, I've had a good search round but can't come up with anything definite. I'm leaning towards BioBizz at the moment... Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Just finished my 3rd grow and what a disaster that was! I think I over fed and due to high temps too the plants had some sort of lockout and didn't do anything for about 3 weeks. I'm tearing up my grow schedule that I have been using and starting with fresh ideas to see if I can improve results. Anyone using the same soil and nutrients and could advise me please I would be greatful.. I'm using Plant magic supreme soil, Bio Silicon, Plant magic granules, Old timers grow and bloom. I've read that you can start to use Bio Silicon almost straight away? My seedlings are a week old..would they be okay with 0.5 Bio? When and at what dosage do I start using grow? (think I have been starting too late and at a too high dosage.. I usually start about week 3 from seed and at 2ML per Litre) Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks in advance KS.
  5. I'm growing 10 super skunk plants and they will be 4 weeks on Wednesday. All growing great apart from one. Best way to describe upper leaves - like cabbage leaves with red undersides. All of the plants have red stems but that hasn't affected other 9 plants Problem started 10 days ago on the 1 plant and growth has stunted. Growing in canna coco professional plus Using AN 1/4 doses plus cal/mag Feeding every 2-3 days with 15% runoff In 5 gallon pots Temps maintained between 21-28 Using 600w air cooled x2 Humidity 40-55% Ph'd to 5.8 using blue lab ph pen I was thinking possibly nitrogen or phosphorous deficiency because of red underside leaves but the overall look of leaves has me stumped and I've googled the hell out of it!!