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Found 1 result

  1. Hi fellow growers! Would like to start of by saying what a brilliant forum this is and excellent advise and ideas put forward by everyone and ive leant a lot from this forum in the process. Im going to make my post as short and as concise as possible so I don’t bore anyone to death! So im an absolute newbie, never grown a tomato! however have been reading for some time and have leant in the ins and out (compromises) of each growing method now and have decided to grow via RDWC (DIY) as I can’t justify the high prices for ready built systems. Will be building a 650 litre (total Volume) RDWC (x18 35 Litre Buckets, appropriate chiller, inline water pump and x2 or 3 Hi blow air pumps with 3 inch pvc pipes with bulkheads not uniseals - I know it’s a big project/operation for a newbie!) The question I had was relating to the Water Tank (Top of Reservoir) Im currently reading into and understanding the nutrient solution mixture process and different methods and causes of readings of PH, TDS, PPM etc to go up and down. As far as im aware in a RDWC system you need to have minimum Auto Top of Reservoir Capacity equal to the system Volume (in my case 650 litres) plus if possible another 10% The problem I have is that the way the room is shaped I am unable to fit a say a 700 litre flexi tank or something similar in there due to the size of the tank itself as well as the room shape. I am also unable to adjust the buckets configuration to be able to fit the tank even reducing a row of buckets. As far as I have read you mix the nutrients in the reservoir (according to water volume of course) and then this feeds the epicentre with the required solution according to the auto top of valve via gravity in order to maintain system volume and nutrient solution for the plants. I also believe the more water you have (ie bigger system with more water) the easier it is to maintain PH fluctuations etc. Coming back to my question – Everywhere I have read everyone says minimum tank volume should be the same as system volume. What I want to try and do is say try and fit a 300 litre res tank in the room instead of 700 litres as it is smaller of course. Is this possible on a 650 litre system? To me common sense tells me that you would mix nutrients in the 300 litre res tank same as a 700 litre tank but obviously with less of each as it’s smaller. I know I would be refilling the res tank more often (especially in later stages of growth) or doing a nutrient solution change more often as I have smaller tank than the system itself. But again I am unable to find an answer as to why you are not able to have smaller tank then the system volume? Or Can you? Just to add, I am aware that putting the res tank outside the grow area is recommended (keep water temps in check – from the Hps lights) but I don’t have another room next to the grow room but I could keep the res tank away from the HPS lights if kept in the same room – smaller tank though! Some parts are here and working on the rest. Would like to do a build diary when all bits are here and put together hopefully. Would greatly appreciate any feedback/input from members ( especially BADBILLYBOB!) to help me out with this res tank dilemma I have! Thanks in advance and keep growing big! Cheers Frosty Green