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Found 41 results

  1. So I have a Bay 6 XL loft tent running a Telos-0008 and only currently have a 4" extraction fan sucking through a Ox carbon filter. I am looking to upgrade my ventilation system and having a intake fan paired with a fan speed controller to keep the environment dialled in. I am considering venting into a box buried underneath the shed filled with woodchips and some kind of oil or smell neutraliser, as im paranoid that my Sticky Beast Autos are going to stink to high heaven come flower ripening time and my neighbours are going to suss me out. Has anyone ever done something like this before ? Im hoping that if I rig it up properly and get a decent fan system inside the tent and outside in the shed venting down the same ducting into the box and then out into the underneath of the shed I can kill a lot of the odour and stay stealth - thoughts please?
  2. Hi everyone, happy Sunday!! I've been growing in a 1.5 x 1.5 for a little while now. I've noticed I don't really use my 1.2 x 1.2 for anything worth keeping. I dry in there and use it as a staging tent between cycles. So most of the time, it's empty. I can set it up when I need it in the future in another room for short bursts. Wanting to utilise my grow space, I have for a while been thinking about how I can improve my yield. I grow 9 plants, Coco, feeding through a split system with a pump or by hand feeding. I have an automated drain to waste setup that runs off a weir. So the plants all have ease of runoff. I have a 1000w DE setup. I also have 4x 45w CFL in the corners that I use just under canopy height in the last few weeks. I run a cool hood setup, venting the filter through the light. It's a modified hood, allowing for a nice spread of light, not the ducting-sized cool tubes you have seen on eBay. I've been considering a light mover. My last setup was slightly too tall, which impacted my yield. I only saw 29.1oz, giving me a yield of 12.93 per m^2. But I know my mistake, so the next cycle has been turned a little shorter. My best in my 1.5 x 1.5 x 2.2 is 48oz. But I usually stay around or just below the 1gpw. So, considering a light mover to improve some heat spots as when I boosted the light up to it's 1100w setting I instantly saw issues within hours. I mainly saw some light and heat damage in the central areas which is typical on plants too close to the light. I've been considering a light mover. Bringing the two topics together, I'd like more room around my girls to check, improve my super cropping technique and improve my trimming for top cola production. I'm planning to remove my 1.2^2 and the 1.5^2 and have a single tent, 1.5m x 3.0m. By spreading out my 9, improving my super cropping, I'm hoping it still be a good layout to keep my 1000w DE, using the light mover. I don't want to replace what two lights would do - that is what some people report to try and do with little success. But I want to keep some space around the outer ends. So, for design sakes, I would assume I'd have 0.5m either end. So propose it would be like a 1.5 x 2.0m tent. With some extra space still shooting into those 0.5m ends for sure. But it allows me to trim and care for them better. The side doors of my Orcid 1.5^2 tent just isn't good enough. Would 1.5 x 2.0 x 2.0m be a good footprint to use a mover? I see a lot of people use two lights in this situation but expect them to fill the whole length. Though I could copy the first side and have potentially double, I don't see that as added value. The quality and size of the buds suffer without proper training and super cropping really does allow you to remove those tiny buds before they continue to waste energy. Maybe I'm overestimating how much I can improve their quality and some would advise just fill the tent and trim well before going into flower and being un-accessible. Thanks in advance for any guidance or thoughts.
  3. Hello fellow tokers and growers, I have a serious question about having a 1.2x1.2 tent in my bedroom where I sleep! The issue I have is where I can put the extracted air from out of my grow room..... i was contemplating 1000w led in the tent either growing in a single Dwc pot or coco or possibly organic, I'm still weighing up the pros and cons to each media... how ever I am curious as to any ways I can dispose of my waste air out of the grow room?? Is there anything that can be attatched to the end of the ducting?? The only solution I can see is by having the ducting as close to my window as possible...... if any of you guys had any ideas or solutions with my problem I'd greatly appreciate any advice.... thanks
  4. girls in tent

    From the album Dinafem girls part IV

    Give the tent a good bleach and wipe down.

    © bluntz27

  5. Hi people, some of you may have read my new member post about my new LED setup that I’m going to be testing out (only grown with hps/hid for years) as I said in there it’s more of an experiment..... i will be doing a long veg with the plants I choose for the actual run (I haven’t actually chosen my strains yet so any ideas would be great!) at the minute I’ve got one purple bud auto by white label seeds under one of the lights as a little test run, she is about 2 weeks into flower and has been LST’d since she was about 3 weeks old, nothing exciting but just a little update and an introduction to the proper grow when a further 3 LED’s and 3 300W CFL’s will be added, pictures to come when I figure out how to post them peace!
  6. Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts are on this setup, I’m planning on 4 plants scrogged, each one under a 250w hps in a 1m parabolic reflector, reckon it would be enough light? Some of you may have seen the test plant I’ve got in at the moment, it’s a little purple bud auto and I’m playing about with lighting really just to test it out, can’t make my mind up about the lighting though, I know I could get away with 4x 600w hps but it’s in a loft and I don’t want it to get too hot up there, cheers and happy Toking, RGB
  7. Hi guys and girls I’m looking for you guindence and knowledge, regarding setup for a 2.4 by 2.4 tent. Never done hydro before but my friends have and the results have been positive. I was thinking a gravity fed system 12 pot, but maybe I’m wrong. So any help and advice you can throw my way would be great.
  8. First grow guys. Please don't bite. The search limit makes it difficult to self serve. We've just had our hottest May bank holiday on record and temps have been easy to manage in a 1m*1m tent with LED light and 2 cheap fans, no dedicated extraction fan fitted yet, The tent intake is passive, via a mesh window at the base of the tent. During those hot days, my temps were bouncing between 23 and 26.7. Happy days. It's got cooler recently and now I'm bouncing between 18 and 23 which I believe puts me on the borderline of shocking the plants. Today I'm fitting a 6 inch phresh extractor with manual speed controller in readyness for vegging. I feel that even at minimum speed, temps will drop further. So just looking for a cheap/low power option to get the temps up a couple of degrees and regulate them. My plants have just started producing their third nodes. Here is where my head is at... Digital LED Temperature Controller Thermostat For Aquarium Reptile AC-112 UK/ . £12 on ebay. with 250w Honeywell personal heater with a low/high setting hooked up to a cheap reptile thermostat. £30 on amazon which is a bit pricey. or 2000w portable fan heater with a low setting at 1000w. £12 screwfix. 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat. £20 screwfix. No need for a separate thermostat. Maybe I'll put the oscillating desk fan behind it so it is fanning warm air onto the plants. I'm concerned that the heat will just get sucked out of the tent and the plants get no benefit. Or maybe keep the inline fan switched off until the plants get bigger or outside temps pick up, and let the fans just waft the recycled air around in the tent with the door unzipped a bit. Or just crank the central heating up, fit the exhaust fan, put some inlet ducting to the radiator, close the passive mesh intake, close the door to the box room and keep the window open. Note : The radiator is under the window and the tent is located 1.5 meters away. Put my portable central heating thermostat in the grow tent and hope the tent is passively pulling warm air in. I also want a heating matt for my next grow. In summary. I'm leaning towards.... 500w oil filled radiator with adjustable mechanical thermostat and no bespoke thermostat. £20 screwfix. Hoping to rely on the integrated thermostat. 10inch * 20.75inch 18W Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponic Seed Reptile Plant Heating Pad £10.59 on ebay. Might try popping this under my pots. I'm still waiting for roots to pop out so that I can pot up into 0.5 litre root pouch. Thoughts guys?
  9. I guys I’m planning on buying some sort of controller to help maintain the temp in my tent. I’ve got a 600w hps. A 150w extraction fan in 6 inch duct. And a 2kw heater outside the tent. Any suggestions on best set up to maintain temp? Thanks
  10. Hey I am trying to figure out the best way to start a scrog grow with odd sized space. I have grow area of 2m -2.4m long, 1.5m height and 1m - 1.2m width I was looking at a tent which is 2m high, 1.5 x 1.0m So the idea is to put the tent on its side. If I do this the question is can I successfully grow scrog with 1.5m height? What is the recommended/minimum height for scrog? Including pot size, plant height at the final stage, the gap between light and plant and average height of light fixture? Any help with these questions will be appreciated. I will use autopots, maybe 8 for the 2m-2.4m length. 8 1/2L or 15L? To grow with coco I apologise if this sounds too complicated, I just want to try and see if this will work with the space I have Thanks for any help
  11. Looking for some guidance/opinions. My ten year old DR120 is needing to be taken down in a couple of weeks and I don't feel confident in its ability to be in perfect condition after a disassemble/reassembly. What I would like is to gather everyones opinions on the best 120x120 tent on the market. I don't care what it costs, just ease of assembly (in a confined space), quality, durability of zips etc. I'm currently looking at secret jardin orca (but put off by difficult assembly in tight space) home box and other leaders. I'll be very interested to hear pros and cons people have found in using their tent. Thanks in advance peoples
  12. Well, This is going to be interesting, This is the first tent I have ever used and its a 2 x 2 x2, with the wrong poles and is upside down. I'm growing just 4 cuttings that were taken from budding plants, growing in soil. enriched with sand, grit and bat shit and very finely ground eggshells. ( this is My preferred growing medium. } natural air inlet from wall air vent, via a 4 inch fan and scorpion outlet also 4 inch vented to the loft. Particulate filter on floor inside tent. I've had to reveg these ladies, and have seen a strange metamorphosis. Originally running under a 259 Sodium with a 1 metre parabolic, but for the last 2 weeks have turned on the 600 sunmaster and things seem to be in a state of normalcy at last. I'm using a 3 day feed of 2 litres per plant of Hesi veg with Multi zyme, and misting with a weak nitrozyme. I have given them oxy twice in 3 weeks, and they look healthy, I'll add some pics soon, so you can all have a laugh. I'm going to clone out 10, and then restart in a small tent, and let these ladies come to fruition. The temp at top of tent is 33. and at floor level 25F. If you have any suggestions . please feel free to message me.
  13. Welcome to my new diary ! I shall be trying out a long slow grow with organic ingredients. All my Sweet Seeds ladies are clones from my competition run, I have just popped 5 Ugorg Blues and they are also in the tent but I shall not be concentrating on them in this diary, they will be in the background The soil I have to hand is clover, I'm not sure this is 100% organic but thats what they have all started in for the moment. I am getting a couple of bags of biobizz all mix for the next potting up in a week or two. I am mixing in Guanokalong powdered batpoo, a bit of volcanic rock dust, some additional Mycorrhizal Fungi, a generous serving of ecothrive charge, and finally some additional plagron worm humus. For additional fertilisers I shall be using Canna Rhizotonic (yup it's organic), BioBizz Fish Mix and Biobizz Bloom. I dont think there will be a need for grow, we will see. There are two Jack47's which came from a very healthy branch and big sticks of bud making mother, the mother was small but did really well so I am in the process of lots of LST and topping. They both have about 16-20 main branches on the grow - I intend to have to Jack47 trees, they may get topped once more yet. The plants are enjoying being manipulated, they are thriving as you will see below. The Sweet Cheese and Sweet Skunk clones I have one of each, they are survivors from their wicks not sucking up water whilst I was away on vacation. They will catch up with the jacks, but for now they just have 4 -6 growing tops happening. There are 5 x Urgorg Blues babies I have just moved into the tent also. If I can get the work done on my new shed everything will be transferred to there giving me much more space to grow. Thats the plan ! Heres a couple of pictures for now A closer look at Jack47
  14. Hi all my new green fingered friends, I've read through the entire (37 pages)thread of grow tents reviews, and there is no mention of the lighthouse grow tents. I'm looking at the 1.2 x1.2 x2.0 m lighthouse max tent and would love to hear what people think of it. Its priced the same as the Bud Box pro 1.2msq and in my local hydroponics shop (hull hydroponics) both are set up to view. I cant decide which one to go for!!! And to confuse things a little more, i'm also looking at the green qube 1.2msq tent too. Please let me know what you guys think of the lighthouse max tents (NB I'm not considering the budget lighthouse lite tents) Andy
  15. Just looking for some imput, I recently added led corn lights to my set up..I have two x 300 watt CFL s and two x 120 watt led corn (6000k) and a 120 watt 3000k corn light to... What I wanna know is it best to have all these above? Or have few down like side lights.? cheers
  16. DSCF1208.JPG

  17. Me again folks! Sorry to be annoying but it really is a amatuer hour here lolol For those that haven't seen my previous 2 posts (to which I got answers.. Thanks!) im getting a tent on in my loft only a few plants the tent is 120x120x200 mm with a 600w lumii hps and a 5 inch incline. I know what I'm doing with my venting which is going back into my house via a spare room cupboard so I'm not too worried about the loft getting hot for police choppers to see or for snow to melt but obviously it's the beginning of winter and it gets pretty cold in my loft so my worry is this! Due to lack of funds I won't be able to properly insulate my loft and maybe I'm being a bit stupid BUT will it be too cold to maintain temps correctly as it'll be drawing the cold air from the loft that will probably be in the 0's soon? If so what ways can i correct this? I know there's various heaters and thermostats to keep the temps constant but that sounds expensive and won't be able to do that till this has been harvested.. Is there a way to insulate my tent cheaply? Honestly any advice is appreciated as I said this really is amatuer hour Cheers in advance folks x
  18. Looks like I might have a stroke of luck with a friend in need that will be living in one of my spare rooms temporarily. Just had my annual gas check done and signed off, so should be safe to get a grow on. My friend has a 7 ft x 7 ft tent and some experience growing. I know that it's in his interests to keep things quiet. He is a very private person with a healthy amount of paranoia, for a good reason. I was originally wanting to set up inside the house, but my friend noticed I have a large garage that was bricked up years ago (now basically a large outbuilding) He seems to think this would be a better idea. I'm not so sure, it would mean having to have electricity and sockets wired in there, so there are extra costs straight away. I know there are fans that run almost silently, but I'm worried about my neighbours noticing anything suspicious. I used to let them use my garden as a way through when they were doing some work in their own garden and also to let them in my shed to borrow the odd gardening tool. I've started locking my shed door now and want to cool things off with them a bit as they have pissed me off a bit lately. Won't bore you all with the reasons why Wanting to grow in as natural medium as possible and was wondering what the optimum number of plants would be in the 7 x 7? Also what lighting, extractor and fan size I would need? Many thanks in advance. I would take the time to read up more, but have an illness which has got worse over the years that leaves me easily fatigued and causes problems with my vision when reading/trying to concentrate
  19. The title says it all really what's peoples thoughts ? They are both about the same sq Ft the 1.5x3 seems to be better value from the brands that do this size and has a bit more room sq Ft wise but in the 1.5x3 I would be inclined to put only three 600's in there where as with the 2x2 I would put four 600's, has anybody had a go with both sizes ?
  20. Tent Setup - Day 9

    From the album 2nd Grow

  21. Hey guys after looking around for some time ive finally come to the decision on growing, this will be my first time so i dont want to mess it up.. ive been looking at a few tents and because im on a short budget ive gone for one of ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canna-Complete-Hydroponic-Grow-Room-Tent-Fan-Filter-Light-Kit-600w-120x120x200-/252323452580?hash=item3abfa656a4:g:rvgAAOSwZQxW6soX could you guys tell me if this tent is okay for growing 4 plants? also the nuts that come with this kit are they any good or would you recommend any others? and the last thing is where can i get a plan that i can follow for the nuts thats been proven to work as i have a track history of messing up and i dont want to take any risks thanks
  22. Hey UK420, First and foremost great site ! I have experience growing using the secret jardin tents namely dr60/90 using 250w / 400w light setups. I used to have a vent in a utilty cupboard which I used as an inlet with a PC fan to control temps and had it dialled in. I recently have moved and run my dr60 / 250w setup fine in my upstairs spare room. I have just bought the kit listed in the thread title and need some help with ventilation. I have a 6" Rhino filter and an adjustable 6" TT fan. Currently I have the following config - CF / Fan / Hood / Out of tent. The heat builds up in my spare room and does not sufficiently keep the tent in an acceptable range. Last night when doing a test temps hit 90F :-( Now I have been reading and decided / realised I need to either arrange an intake (active) or / and venting the tent exhaust out of my spare room. Using the window isn't really an option due to stealth and needing access to the window. My only real option is venting into the attic. It is a new build house so the ventilation up there appears to be pretty good. My fear was it getting damp up there and creating mold etc. I spoke to a mate that ran a 1000w in his attic and he said this wasn't an issue BUT i don't want to have the tent up there. I plan on growing either 6/9 autos in 11L pots. I am about to go and have a good poke around up there (giggidy) to see what the deal is but would really appreciate help from those who have experience in these matters. TIA BtS
  23. hi everyone im a completely new when it comes to growing , my first grow was this year where i grew 3 plants outdoors (everything grew fine with no problems i used baby bio & tomato feed.. i know its budget but it was a one time thing ) but now i would like to switch to indoor growing . my questions are. i would like a tent to hold 1-2 plants (i know different strains are different sizes i just need a rough idea) so what size tent would be perfect ? also my second question is about the lighting , i know theres loads but i think i would like to go with led lighting due to the low electric cost and the decent yields , so what W led light would be decent for 1-2 plants ? (just need a rough answer) so if i have go anything wrong please let me know so i can learn! thanks everyone!
  24. I have a DP90 propagation tent with a 4 tube T5 Lightwave unit. im concerned that the temperature for the just sprouted seeds is too high, the t5's are about 6" above the seedlings and im seeing temperatures of 30-33 deg c. is this temp ok? or should i raise the T5's up another 6" or so.?
  25. Kush i think 26 days since flipping

    From the album Winter project