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Found 10 results

  1. tw.jpg

    From the album Sweet seeds

    Sweet Trainwreck
  2. Introduction Very curious about bio tabs and wanted to do an organic coco coir grow, with just water. An all automatic sweet seeds grow, this time using: 1. Canna coco coir 2. Bio tabs 3. Guanokalong poweder 4. HS1 & UFO leds 5. DR90 On week five now, so just added flower portion of bio tabs fert, Using a single bio tab per 8 litre smart pot, besides train wreck, added additional half a tablet and some equilibrium cal mag. Very happy with grow so far :-)
  3. Hi and welcome. Since the seeds are popping up to say hello it is time to get the diary started. I have two Wilma systems, identical ones, 4 pot 11 litres using clay pebbles - side by side. Total of 8 pots. Each pot is covered with a see through plastic dome propagator I got from Homebase, 3 for £6.99. There are 4 Killer Kush, 4 Sweet Trainwreck and then 2 Sweet Cheese I have just added into the pots of the two smallest/latest germinating Killer Kush seedlings. Lighting is a 125w CFL 6400k Blue light for the first 2 days and I have now put them in their own big pots in the main tent so added in my dimmable ballast which is set to 400w, shall up this in a week or two when the seedlings are bigger. Nutrients in the 30 litre tank is as follows : 50mil A and 50 Mil B Canna Veg, 60 mil ATA Root Stim, 30mil ATAZYME. Same nutrients in each tank. My cheapo pH pen seems to have failed so should have delivered in 2 days a proper BlueLab pH Pen, it has set me back £75 so it better be good ! In the meantime I am unsure what the pH of the nutrient solution is. A couple of pics, today is day 3. The Setup Killer Kush & Sweet Cheese Day 3 Lazy Killer Kush (day zero for her still) & Sweet Cheese Day 3
  4. Well after a really shit 2014, Marriage break up, bad crash that left me 3 subdural haematoma's on the brain and nerve damage in my lower legs and being self employed the loss of my job i now have bounced back and feel safe enough to grow again. Oh and i lost a heap og Ugorg seedlings 5xBeta A, 5X Killerskunk, 5X Nonames and 5X Psychosister seedlings when in the hospital as they missed waterings. but still got 5 of each left for down the road. So moving along, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year and even better fresh start. On my return to growing i followed advice given to me by @@Hiphip and decided to get the jars filled asap i would start off with some autos from Sweet Seeds. And then pop some regs once half way. Grow Room set up and all growing details on my profile. For this diary the line up is as follows 3x Sweet Trainwreck 3x Sweet Special 3x Cream Mandarine This is them in the small setup Potted up to 14L finals and put in the big tent. Root porn 3 days later and some plant pics Cream Mandarine Sweet Trainwreck Sweet Special Sweet Trainwreck Sweet Trainwreck And this is us up to yesterday evening. pleasantly shocked at the sweet trainwreck having frost already. Big thanks to Tommy for seeds, all his picks, really looking forward to smoking them in another 4-5 weeks time
  5. Hi chums, welcome to my next grow which has been under way for just over 2 weeks. After having to cut my last diary short because seed soil of choice burnt my plants I decided to delay until things looked settled. Their has been a 50/50 start, The Sweet Trainwreck Auto and Sweet Special Auto were very happy with the reused soil and nutrient I used, the 2 Ice Cool Autos had a mixed repsonse, one plant has shown deficiency and 1 plant shown toxic reaction, things seem to be settling now. For this grow I have a new slightly larger and better tent. A Black Orchid Hydro-Box Light 80 cm X 80 cm X 160 cm which I purchased for about £54. Still using 250 watt bulb from start to finish, starting @ 18 inches/45 cm above plants, now @ 12 inches/30 cm above plants. And started this grow in 1.5 litre square pots, potting on into 11 litre pots @ about 14 days into Plagron Batmix. Tent Basic/Standard Setup The Plants Now @ 15 days sitting in 11 litres of Plagron Batmix which feeds for 6 weeks, job done? I hope so. Front Left: Sweet Trainwreck Auto Front Right: Sweet Special Auto Back: 2 Ice Cool Autos Pots are 22cm wide Sweet Trainwreck @ 15 days, white hairs are just showing on this plant today and they becoming one of my favourite. Sweet Special @ 15 days Ice Cool Auto (toxic reaction/nitrogen?) Ice Cool Auto (deficiency/phosforous?) Grow Chum.
  6. Got some Sweet Trainwreck on the go. got 3 packs of 10, and gifted 5 to a friend. I popped 25, but just gonna do 24, in 2 sets of 12, under Gavita Pros starting at 600 watts and finishing on 1000 watts.Check my profile for my Full Set up. I germinate in tiny rockwool cubes and in 2 or 3 days they pop and go under a 250 cfl for a day or 2. Just still waiting on 2 more to come trough... Up close you can see they are on their way, another day id say.. Final pots are at the ready and i will plant em in along with the other 2 when they pop. Will update at least once a week. Cheers.
  7. So I've decided to keep my automatics in my veg tent secret jardin DR60 with an evader 170w (drawn) LED. My flower tent is to be used for 12/12 only (this is posted under a separate, brand new diary, tba). Initially I thought I'd use a mixture different airpots; home made 4 litre, 5 litre net pot and 6 litre air pots. When potting up I realised how much of a pain in the arse the home made ones are. Also it instantly occured to me when looking at store bought air pots, that they have good air underneath the pots, which the other two types I tried don't. I am using plant magic soil supreme (love it) with granules, evolution, bio silicon (from first/final pot up, till about day 28), old timer bloom (from day 28), equilibrium and gifted plant booster (heavy in seaweed). Possibly a bit of PM root stimulant (just got). So what I ended up with is the following: StarRyder in 6 litre airpot. Ice cool in 6 litre airpot Sweet trainwreck 6 litre airpot Jack47 6 litre airpot Blue Cheese 3 litre airpot. Images to follow in a sec e2a Day 11 since germination