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Found 36 results

  1. I already started my general growing diary for 2016 in the Guerilla Growing section, but want to do a more specific one for the Sweet Seeds strains I’m growing this year. I’ve got quite a few on the go but for this particular project I’m growing five different autos side by side. I’m starting off two seeds of each strain, one of which will be planted in the greenhouse border and the other outdoors in the garden (with the exception of Black Cream, as I only have one seed of that, so that will be in the greenhouse). It’s pot luck what phenotypes I get for each strain, so it’s not very scientific, but I’ll be quite excited to evaluate the different strains side by side and give my impressions of them. As you can see, I like the ones with interesting colours and aromas! The five strains are: 2 x Dark Devil 2 x Red Poison 2 x Cream Mandarine (the standard one, not the XL) 2 x Sweet Special 1 x Black Cream (which I got as a freebie with a Sweet Seeds order) I sprouted the seeds in late April. I put them in some wet kitchen roll on a plate, with another upturned plate on top to keep the light out. As soon as the seeds showed a tiny tail I put them into Rootrainers with a simple soil mix as follows: roughly equal parts of… Fertile Fibre coir (reconstituted from brick form) John Innes No.2 …plus a goodly handful of perlite All mixed together and left to sit for a day or two. I actually started off the Dark Devil a week earlier than the rest because it arrived in a different package of seeds, so it’s slightly ahead of the others. Germination was 100%. I’m not sure to what extent the colours of the emerging seedlings are an indication of the colours in the final plants, but I noticed that Dark Devil and Sweet Special both showed a bit of red colouring in their first set of true leaves just after germination. It was only visible for a day or two, because once the plants start to produce chlorophyll they turn properly green. All the seedlings have red colouring in the stems to some extent, though one of the Dark Devils is much more green than the other. The Black Cream seedling has more of a dusky brown stem. Dark Devil seedlings about a week old:
  2. Well after a really shit 2014, Marriage break up, bad crash that left me 3 subdural haematoma's on the brain and nerve damage in my lower legs and being self employed the loss of my job i now have bounced back and feel safe enough to grow again. Oh and i lost a heap og Ugorg seedlings 5xBeta A, 5X Killerskunk, 5X Nonames and 5X Psychosister seedlings when in the hospital as they missed waterings. but still got 5 of each left for down the road. So moving along, 2015 is shaping up to be a great year and even better fresh start. On my return to growing i followed advice given to me by @@Hiphip and decided to get the jars filled asap i would start off with some autos from Sweet Seeds. And then pop some regs once half way. Grow Room set up and all growing details on my profile. For this diary the line up is as follows 3x Sweet Trainwreck 3x Sweet Special 3x Cream Mandarine This is them in the small setup Potted up to 14L finals and put in the big tent. Root porn 3 days later and some plant pics Cream Mandarine Sweet Trainwreck Sweet Special Sweet Trainwreck Sweet Trainwreck And this is us up to yesterday evening. pleasantly shocked at the sweet trainwreck having frost already. Big thanks to Tommy for seeds, all his picks, really looking forward to smoking them in another 4-5 weeks time
  3. Hi chums, welcome to my next grow which has been under way for just over 2 weeks. After having to cut my last diary short because seed soil of choice burnt my plants I decided to delay until things looked settled. Their has been a 50/50 start, The Sweet Trainwreck Auto and Sweet Special Auto were very happy with the reused soil and nutrient I used, the 2 Ice Cool Autos had a mixed repsonse, one plant has shown deficiency and 1 plant shown toxic reaction, things seem to be settling now. For this grow I have a new slightly larger and better tent. A Black Orchid Hydro-Box Light 80 cm X 80 cm X 160 cm which I purchased for about £54. Still using 250 watt bulb from start to finish, starting @ 18 inches/45 cm above plants, now @ 12 inches/30 cm above plants. And started this grow in 1.5 litre square pots, potting on into 11 litre pots @ about 14 days into Plagron Batmix. Tent Basic/Standard Setup The Plants Now @ 15 days sitting in 11 litres of Plagron Batmix which feeds for 6 weeks, job done? I hope so. Front Left: Sweet Trainwreck Auto Front Right: Sweet Special Auto Back: 2 Ice Cool Autos Pots are 22cm wide Sweet Trainwreck @ 15 days, white hairs are just showing on this plant today and they becoming one of my favourite. Sweet Special @ 15 days Ice Cool Auto (toxic reaction/nitrogen?) Ice Cool Auto (deficiency/phosforous?) Grow Chum.
  4. Hi chums, welcome to my Sweet Organic Grow, the plan is to go organic the entire grow and if possible only water plants. 4 plants: 2 Sweet Special. 1 Sweet Ice Cool Auto. 1 Sweet Trainwreck. 1st Stage Seeds germinated and sown into 1.5 litre pots containing Miracle Gro seed and cutting compost, which feeds for up to six weeks. Standard 1.5 litre pot Miracle Gro seed and cutting compost Day 1 2nd Stage @ 14 days pot on into 11 litre pots containing Plagron Batmix which feeds for 6 weeks. Standard 11 litre pot Plagron Batmix 3rd Stage Sit back for an easy grow, Keep it Sweet, Grow Chum.
  5. Thanks to Tommy we have growth !! Seeds cracked yesterday picture taken 36 hours after soaking. I put the seeds into individual coffee filter papers, could have put them all in one but rather be safe than sorry. Filter paper wicks well and doesn't appear to hold on to the fine filaments. Cream 47 on its way. More to follow as we progress through.
  6. IMG 0668

    From the album Lenny's pics

    Sweet Special @ 36 hours
  7. IMG 0664

    From the album Lenny's pics

    Seeds cracked in coffee filter papers ready to transplant into Seramis pots
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