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Found 9 results

  1. Alright folks! Hope this finds you well! So awhile back the good people at Dutch Passion @DutchPassionTony gifted me some auto seeds to run, I usually do a few autos over the winter as its easier to leave the lights on that faff about with heaters etc.. So here's what they generously sent me, So first I prepped some pots, once again I'm reusing the ecothrive soul, broken up and recharged with some plant life cycle and charge, like so.. These were left to sit a few weeks before I put a few seeds into soak, After an overnight soak I popped them into some jiffy plugs and stuck em under the T5 to sprout, 12ish hours later we have life! Once all 3 had chucked there shells and had leaves out they were transferred to the 12/15(i forget) L fabric pots and placed upstairs in the veg tent under the 4000k Sammy strips on top of a heated blanket, Excuse the crap pictures, new phone/camera and still learning.. Anyway a few days later, Now 4000k strips are great for veg but I figured something more appropriate for flowering would be necessary, with that in mind I took out 2 of the strips and replaced with 3 x qx75w boards supplied by our fantastic sponsor @diyleduk these boards are full spectrum with more deep and far red in the mix, So 1 75w board per plant plus a bit of crossover light from the strips, the boards are on a separate 185w driver so slightly under run, I may upgrade that later.. Here are the girls yesterday, If they look a little sad it's coz the temps in the loft have bottomed out these past few days but I have a plan to remedy that (a dodgee one not the cunning sort). Anyways if you got this far thanks for reading! As always looks/laffs/bantz is what this diary is all about and hopefully showcasing some amazing new genetics from our friends at Dutch Passion. Please feel.free to steer me right when I appear to be going wrong! It will happen! Thanks for looking, nice1 ta
  2. Hallo everyone, I already started new project and want to share it there. My set up: SECRET JARDIN LODGE 2 in 1 Station - 90x90x145cm Sunmate twin CFL Grow Light 2x 160W Blue 6400K (maybe i will change them for 250-400W MH, will see in time) LightWave T5 2 Tube Fluorescent Propagation Lighting Unit Rootit Small Electric heat mat and digital Thermostat + PropagatorPowerplant Acoustic Inline Extractor Fan - Two speed (high 240m3/h - low 170 m3/h) Soil Atami Bcuzz Light Mixx Sensi grow-Advanced Nutrients Formulex Nutrient Solution for seedlings and young plants Nitrozyme Great White Mycorrhizal Started with 10x regular Skunk #1® from sensi seeds, and 10x Power Plant regular seeds from dutch passion are on the way actually. W8ing on them Enjoy my try, i never do that before but its an challenge for me. btw: English is not my mother language, im from Czech republic originally and im sorry for my mistakes Tent 66hours old babyes Before putting into the soil Actually They are on 24/0 4days already and im thinking about switching them on 20/4 today to next 5 days. Maybe is better 18/6 but i really dont know. I will be happy for ideas from experienced growers.
  3. 20150316 200641

    From the album Bud

    White label power plant day 55 of 12/12.

    © oza

  4. 20141208 195237 1 20141208201616798

    From the album Bud

    42 days of 12/12
  5. 20141206 191303

    From the album Bud

    5 white label power plant and 2 connoisseur genetics grateful casey a day 40 of 12/12.
  6. Second hand 600w power plant ballast

    From the album Premature HPS life

    The second hand ballast that I have aqcuired that is the potential reason for the bulb's failing.
  7. Day 14

    From the album Dutch Passion Grow

    Plants day 14 slow but nice and healthy

    © free

  8. Day 2

    From the album Dutch Passion Grow

    Day 2 of grow

    © none