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Found 8 results

  1. PoliceStory..jpg

    From the album Black Flag

    Black Flag - promo poster for "Police Story" back in the day. Cops hated them.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/30/cannabis-oil-restaurant-shut-down-despite-police-go-ahead A south-coast vegetarian restaurant has become the first UK food business to be shut down for infusing its dishes with CBD cannabis oil despite its owners saying they were assured less than a year ago by police and trading standards that the products were legal. The Canna Kitchen, in Brighton, has been closed since a police raid at the start of May. The owners, whose slogan is “let food be thy medicine”, face losing hundreds of thousands of pounds and laying off 15 staff. Drug reform campaigners have described Sussex police’s action as “heavy-handed”. Sam Evolution, Canna’s director, said he had evidence that the police and the UK Trading Standards Agency had given him the go-ahead to open a restaurant that sold food infused with CBD oil last July. Speaking for the first time about the raid on 11 May, Evolution said he and his staff went out of their way to inform the police about what they were selling. “On 1 July 2018 we contacted the Met police via email in an attempt to verify the official UK legal position on the sale of CBD hemp flower. Their response [in the email] was, ‘As long as you have made reasonable inquiries and it has been said that they are legal, then there is no criminal offence.’ We made this inquiry to ensure that we were always operating well within the law. “We also made a separate inquiry to trading standards, who told us that as far as they could tell, there are no current legal issues posted by the sale of hemp-derived CBD products. It is clear CBD is not a controlled substance. It is freely available from many large high-street chains.” Separately in March, a police officer from the Sussex constabulary visited the Canna Kitchen and, according to Evolution, told them “he did not want to interrupt our business”. The officer was given samples of the CBD products, including items of food to take back to police headquarters for testing, Evolution said. “The products taken included legal [lab-verified] full spectrum organic CBD oils, capsules, pastes, balms and beauty products. As well, there were CBD teas and coffees, chocolates, cakes, pet treats, hemp seeds and hemp flower,” he said. Two months later up to a dozen officers carried out searches at the restaurant, ejected customers and forced staff to remain in one room for four and a half hours, Evolution said. “I was stunned to learn this in light of our prior full and open cooperation with the police … it felt completely over the top.” He said nothing on sale in the restaurant or in a dispensary shop above it involved illicit substances. Evolution added his business ethos was “wholesome, ethical, forward thinking and clean”. “We have always taken very stringent measures to ensure that we comply with the letter of the law.” Evolution stressed that Canna operated under Home Office guidelines, which stated that any CBD production containing less 0.2% of THC –tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects is legally permissible. A Sussex police spokesperson said the 11 May raid was part of an investigation into “money laundering and the supply of class B drugs” in Brighton. They added: “At the shop in Duke Street a significant quantity of herbal cannabis was seized.” Evolution said the inquiry into money laundering had nothing to do with his business and was connected to a raid on other premises in Brighton. On the seizure of herbal cannabis, Evolution said: “It was industrial hemp that was seized from our Duke Street premises, which is imported legally with all taxes and duties paid. We have no connection to any other shop or residence raided in the police operation.” Transform, which campaigns to reform drug policy, said The Canna Kitchen had been the victim of a heavy-handed police response compounded by confusion over the legality of the cannabis products it was selling. “This is something that could have been dealt with as a civil licensing issue, rather than a criminal case,” said Danny Kuslick, the head of Transform’s external affairs. “It may also demonstrate some significant confusion on all sides regarding the legality of the sale of hemp products for consumption, CBD and provision of medical cannabis. This is a situation that requires urgent clarification and guidance to reduce police involvement to a minimum.” The Home Office said it could not comment on the raid as “operational policing decisions are a matter for chief constables”. Evolution said he and his family stood to lose £250,000 of an initial investment in what they maintained was a health food business, as well as investors who were ready to buy into an expansion of the Canna Kitchen concept. “I have a seven-month-old baby and a wife on maternity leave, so financially this has not been a great time to close my business. We fully cooperated with the authorities and even asked for advice from them in case there was anything we should remove from our store. The only conclusion I can come to is that I feel we have been targeted by the police as a test case.”
  3. In the modern world, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become a vital means of communications for businesses, campaign groups, government institutions, etc., Most police forces in the UK have a Facebook page and we here at Feed The Birds often get sent a message with a link to a daft police bust where a force is boasting on social media about a pathetic cannabis seizure. We often share these on our network of pages inviting people to give a comment, which generally will not be to sing high praises at their policing. This one was brought to our attention by Crayford Police who published boasting about an impressive seizure of two cannabis joints and a grinder. The South American Cartels are apparently already shitting themselves. Read more at ... https://feed-the-birds.com/news/police-boasts-facebook-minor-weed-busts-backfire/ Don't forget to leave a comment on Crayford Police's Facebook page.
  4. Last month I reported how Bud Buddies founder, Jeff Ditchfield had all charges dropped against him by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) after he accepted UK lawmaker, Paul Flynn's, invitation to break the law outside Parliament. Paul Flynn MP specifically asked people to come to Parliament to break the law to see what happens. Jeff did just that by supplying the mother of a terminally ill child with a cannabis-based medicine and was subsequently arrested by the police. Read more at: https://feed-the-birds.com/news/jeff-ditchfield-arrested-again-released-without-charge/
  5. Ok, so most people that accidentally find a secret cannabis garden growing in the woods or in a field are going to react by doing one of two things - A) either they will contact the police to report it or B) they will rip the plants themselves. Occasionally they may react by way of a third option... C) they leave out of fear or because they don't want to get caught up or involved in the situation. The question is how do we get people to take the third option more often then not? Hopefully our guerrilla gardens are hidden well enough not to ever have prying eyes stumble across it so we won't ever have to worry about this, but should some bastard accidentally stumble across one of our 'secret' gardens here is one trick that may well do enough to protect your crop... Firstly you are going to need a good few metres of the official blue and white police tape used by the authorities during most crimes. Drape this around the perimeter of your plants or close by to the plot so that it is acting as a barrier to say either an entrance or an exit out of the plot, just as long as it is visible to the unwelcome visitor and a clear indicator to him that there is a police presence and that they are aware of what is going on... (Warning - make sure the police tape is not visible from a distance so it DOES NOT jeopardise your plots security & give away your grow in the first place, otherwise the whole point of this method will be redundant!). Now some of you are going to say that police tape is pointless because the person will probably just assume that the grower put it there and it is fake, which is where the next step comes in... purchase a cheap fake CCTV camera, or preferably 2 of them if possible. I found a cheap pack of two dummy CCTV cameras on eBay for £5 and they look completely genuine. Now all you have to do is attach them to a tree nearby at the entrance of the spot or anywhere as long it is directly placed in the intruder's line of sight when he stumbles across the plants, but high enough that they cannot be potentially removed. There is absolutely no way in hell that the intruder will want to hang around or investigate further to see if the cameras are real or not, they will be out of that plot like a cheetah on crack. Firstly they will fear that the police will think they are involved in the growing operation themselves which will also act as a deterrent to them returning to the spot. Secondly, they will be far less inclined to contact the police to report it since they will be under the impression that the police are already involved and trying to catch the perpetrators returning. Basically you are killing two birds with one stone here. Fake CCTV camera with solar powered LED light that works at night... Alternatively you can scrap the police tape altogether and just keep the dummy cameras in place, in which case be sure to leave a big sign up also saying "REMOTE ACCESS 24HR CCTV IN OPERATION". Again, people are going to shit themselves thinking it is either a police set up or it is being monitored by the police, or they are possibly going to think it is gang operated. The last thing they are going to do is disturb the peace & contact the police if they think the growers have already captured them on camera. They will probably leave the area, seal their lips and not return again. I have also further debated the possibility of leaving another sign saying "LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. IN THE EVENT OF THEFT OR POLICE TIP-OFF, AGGRESSIVE ACTION WILL BE PURSUED AGAINST THE INDIVIDUAL AND MAY RESULT IN LOSS OF LIFE". Of course I would NEVER cause them any harm, let alone be able to find out who it is, but if it works in deterring them from snitching or ripping, then I guess I consider it a success... For this to work it is going to need to be on public land i.e. in a forest or a field along a river etc. Private land such as a farmer's field or garden is still going to result in the landowner contacting the authorities to report it or ask for an update on the situation if he assumes the police are already involved, but he is in the dark about it. I am probably going to reserve this method for my largest plot which is far bigger than my other smaller plots and will hold 5x as many plants, hence the extra protection that is needed on this site. I like to think hopefully, that the plots I have chosen will not be discovered by anyone and that I will never need to use this method, but should someone come across my largest plot I am hoping they will be put off from ripping anything or contacting the police due to the reasons stated above. Anyway, it's worth a try IMO...
  6. What Is TrueCrypt and Why Should I Use It? TrueCrypt is an on-the-fly encryption application that allows you to work with encrypted files as you would work on files located on a regular drive. Without on-the-fly encryption, actively working with encrypted files is an enormous pain and the outcome is usually either that people simply do not encrypt their files or they engage in poor security practices with their encrypted files because of the hassle of decrypting/encrypting them. How does this play out in real life? Let’s take a look at a simple hypothetical situation. You’re a lawyer (or anyone, for that matter, that works with sensitive information). You have some client files that need to remain absolutely secure. Using a system that does not provide on-the-fly encryption and decryption you’d need to open the encrypted container file, unpack the files you wanted to use (into the insecure operating system), work on them, and then repack them once you had worked with them. To make sure the files were totally secure, you’d then need to secure wipe the space on the drive the unencrypted files had occupied. There are so many points in that process where things can go wrong that’s its not really practical to use such a workflow for anything but static files which will be encrypted and, more or less, permanently archived. With an on-the-fly system like TrueCrypt you have an encrypted container (or even an entirely encrypted system drive). All the files within the container are encrypted and TrueCrypt, acting as an intermediary, decrypts each file on the fly (in the computer’s memory) so that you may interact with it like a regular file. You simply mount the encrypted volume, work within it, and unmount it. TrueCrypt takes care of everything, keeping the files temporarily in the RAM, sweeping up after itself, and ensuring your files remain uncompromised. Whether you just want to encrypt a flash drive to store your tax data and personal documents as a safeguard against identity theft or you want to encrypt your entire computer to keep The Man out of your business, TrueCrypt is a comprehensive and easy to use tool. What Do I Need? For this tutorial you’ll only need a few simple things: A free copy of TrueCrypt. Administrative access to a computer. That’s it! You can grab a copy of TrueCrypt for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X and then settle in at a computer that you have administrative access to (you can’t run TrueCrypt on a limited-privilege/guest account). Have a copy on hand? Great, let’s get started. For this tutorial we’ll be using the Windows version of TrueCrypt and installing it on a Windows 7 machine. Installing and Configuring TrueCrypt The initial installation of TrueCrypt is very straight forward. Run the installation application, accept the user agreement, and then select Install. (The extract option is of interest to those who wish to extract a semi-portable version of TrueCrypt; we will not be covering that method in this beginner’s guide.) You’ll be given a battery of options like “Install for all users” and “Associate .tc file extension with TrueCrypt”. We left all of them checked for the sake of convenience. Once the application finishes installing, navigate to the Start Menu and launch TrueCrypt. TrueCrypt will ask you if you’d like to view a tutorial on getting started; since we’re already walking you through the process go ahead and skip the tutorial. You’ll be greeted with a screen that looks like the one above. The very first thing we need to do is create a volume. Click on the “Create Volume” button. This will launch the Volume Creation Wizard and prompt you to choose one of the follow volume types: Volumes can be as simple as a file container you place on a drive or disk or as complex as a whole-disk encryption for your operating system. We’re going to keep things simple for the first section of our TrueCrypt guide and focus on getting you set up with an easy to use local container. Select “Create an encrypted file container”. Next, the Wizard will ask you if you want the create a Standard or a Hidden volume. Again, for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to skip messing around with Hidden Volumes at this point. This is no way lowers the encryption level or security of the volume we’re creating as a Hidden Volume is simply a method of obfuscating the location of the encrypted volume. In the next step we need to pick a name and location for our volume. The only important parameter here is that your host drive have enough space for the volume you with to create (i.e. if you want a 100GB encrypted volume you’d better have a drive with the space to spare). We’re going to throw our encrypted volume on a secondary data drive in our desktop Windows machine. Now it’s time to pick your encryption scheme. You really can’t go wrong here. Yes there are a lot of choices, but all of them are extremely solid encrypt schemes and, for practical purposes, interchangeble. In 2008, for example, the FBI spent over a year trying to decrypt the AES encrypted hard drives of a Brazilian banker involved in a financial scam. Even if your data-protection-paranoia extends up the level of acronym agencies with deep pockets and skilled forensics teams, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure. In the next step, you’ll select the volume size. You can set it in KB, MB, or GB increments. We created a 4.5GB test volume, for no other reason than it fits neatly on a DVD if we wish to burn it for backup purposes. Next stop, password generation. See that screenshot? That’s a short password. Short passwords are a bad idea. You should create a password at least 20 characters long. However you can create a strong and memorable password we suggest you do it. A great technique is to use a passphrase instead of a simple password. Here’s an example: In2NDGradeMrsAmerman$aidIWasAGypsy. That’s better than password123 any day. Before you create the actual volume, the creation Wizard will ask if you intend to store large files. If you intend to store files larger than 4GB within the volume, tell it so—it will tweak the file system to better suite your needs. On the Volume Format screen, you’ll need to move your mouse around to generate some random data. While just moving your mouse is sufficient you could always follow in our footsteps—we grabbed our Wacom tablet and drew a picture of Ricky Martin as an extra on Portlandia. How’s that for random? Once you’ve generated enough random goodness, hit the Format button. Once the format process is complete you’ll be returned to the original TrueCrypt interface. Your volume is now a *.TC file wherever you parked it and ready to be mounted by TrueCrypt. Click the “Select File” button and navigate to the directory you stashed your TrueCrypt container in. Because we’re extraordinarily sneaky, or file is in \TrueCrypt\The How-To Geek Super Secret File Dump. Nobody will ever think to look there. Once the file is selected, pick (in the box above) from one of the available drives. We selected Y. Click Mount. Enter your password, again we’re going to emphasize our short password. We picked a short one for testing purposes; if you’re smart yours will exceed 20 characters. Click OK. Let’s go take a look at My Computer and see if our encrypted volume was successfully mounted as a drive: Success! One 4.38GB volume of sweet encrypted goodness, just like the kind mom used to make. You can now open the volume and pack it full of all the files you’ve been meaning to keep from prying eyes. Don’t forget to secure wipe the files once you’ve copied them into the encrypted volume. Regular file system storage is insecure and traces of the files you’ve encrypted will remain behind on the unencrypted disk unless you properly wipe the space. Also, don’t forget to pull up the TrueCrypt interface and “Dismount” the encrypted volume when you aren’t actively using it. #sorce - http://www.howtogeek.com/108501/the-how-to-geek-guide-to-getting-started-with-truecrypt/ i do prefere hidden os in volume you could probley search youtube for video onto how to setup too! ive used this for years and can vouch it does work because its saved my ass few years ago with the police not only that can stop criminals and mawalre from attack your computer there some malware which will encrypt your own hardrive and they only have the key and you usualy have to pay by bitcoin or some other online annoymous payment method but im here to wise you up with tech
  7. Hello and thank you for tuning in. If someone was growing 6 plants in their greenhouse when living next door but one to a police officer would they be stupid to finish the plants in a 6x4 tent in his loft? His other neighbours saw him training the plants last week and haven't spoken to him since. The plants stink real good during the day when people are in gardens and it is an obvious smell in the wind. He recently bought a 600w hps kit, 6" fan with carbon filter, essentials, mylar, ducktape and timber for his frame. His plan was to build a 6x4ft frame, floor to ceiling then sit back and watch but on the day he started building he got a phone call saying his new boiler will be fitted along with his new loft insulation. He does not have a date of completion yet so obviously now he is stuck between a rock and a hard place. His plants mean a lot to him but his family mean more. The plants are 3 fem super skunk#1, 2 fem northern lights and 1 reg afgan. He bought the 3 skunk because it is an easy strain for first timers and the others came free. 5 of the plants are about 4ft high 2ft wide and 1 skunk was topped on the first node as an experiment and is now roughly 2ft squared. As I said earlier, they stink real good during warm weather, which has been quite regularly in his area. The plants need to be moved or risk him getting caught. He has 2 options, give the plants away or wait until the work inside the loft is complete to hide and start flowering. The plants are beautiful and were germinated on the 21st of April. They are 4 days into their 7th week and look ready for 12/12 They have only been fed organic liquid seaweed and 2 drinks of homemade stinging nettle water. Because he didn't have enough knowledge of stinging nettle water he took it away and has only fed Doff Organic Liquid Seaweed. Will this be enough through flowering stage? Basically he is looking for advice/opinions on what to do with the plants? Thank you in advance P.S ITS TIME TO REGULATE CANNABIS.
  8. Just got a letter saying how much electricity I've used and it's really high compared to average I've had a few grows on for personal use this year, my first two were crap but this one looks good. But I'm only in week 7 12-12, on a lemon haze and am getting a bit paranoid about the possibility of the electric company contacting police saying there is a high usage in this house. I want be growing here again but what are the chances of that happening? would chopping my weed in a week or two make my weed shit?