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Found 58 results

  1. Hello UK420, I was recently lucky enough to be given about 90 tester seeds by a friend. He said they were from HSO - he is a good friend of one of them (Eric, I think.) The deal was that I would pass him cuts from any selected mothers I found. Fair enough - I am good for my word. Apparently the seeds are F1s - Strawberry Surprise X Gift of Fire.I am not sure if this can be verified here? Maybe! I call the cross "Strawberry Fire OG" in the absence of a real name so far. (Well, when not referring to it as SSxGoF F1, that is..) Also, I am not sure of the intentions with this line. Another friend believes that if the line works as regs then HSO will finalise the cross with 2 females, for a feminised version to release, This sounds feasible, I suppose, Time will tell. I hope he is right as this means that the regular version won't be released, which makes my seeds more unique! My plan is to work out the different phenos and find some great examples from each of those phenos for mothers. The second best (ahem) of those mothers will be shared with my friend, as promised and any other great females I find will be used for various projects (see below) and to fill my own medicine cabinet and head-stash. If the line a very good then I will outcross the best of each phenotype to some pure haze males for seed stash as I am low on haze hybrids and I have some good haze male potential (including a real purpley/fruity kind of thing going on) that I want to test cross to an OG hybrid and this seems like a great one to use. I also want to inbreed my females to a selection of SSxGoF F1 males (as many as I can) to create F2s, in case this line is never made with regs again. After that? who knows! depends... Also, I am on the lookout for a really tasty medicinal plant from this line as I have some very ill friends who rely on my medicine and would really love a strawberry version of OG kush to help them with their various ailments (including grand mal fits, various uses for various cancers, menopause, arthritis, extreme care-giver stress, depression and as an alternative to alcohol for an addictive personality..amongst other things) I am not sure how I have come to be the sole medicine provider for all these very wonderful people who would otherwise be suffering. It really should be legal for them to be able to buy or grow their own medicine and not rely on the good will of farmers like myself, who are willing to give up on commercial energy in order to provide free medicine to those who can't get it themselves. Still, if you are one of those farmers, like I am, keep going for as long as you can. Some of the poor souls who rely on my medicine really are in stressful or extreme situations. If they can keep going - I know I can.. Anyway - back to the plant... So far I have planted out the first batch of seeds and found 9 females, 8 of which I have kept os mothers (and 1 which I managed to fuck up the clones of. I hope it is the worst one or a re-veg will have to be performed.... There were as many males, which I didn't keep (that will come later) The mothers are clones, mainly, as I ended up flowering the seed mothers once the clones rooted (all but 3 which I am still waiting on the clones to root...should be any day now.) One of those seed females (no. 5) if being flowered outdoors, by hand (ie I am putting her in a dark room between 8pm and 8 am, roughly then outdoors when sunny or in the heated greenhouse when raining or cold) and is doing really well so far. It is large and has small flower clusters forming. No smells or resin yet. She looks to be more on the Strawberry Surprise side than any of the other females and has the least kushy 'look' about her - although there is definitely still kush in there. Two are under lights and well into the flowering cycle now (nos. 2 and 3.) The flower clusters and turning into chunky little buds. Resin is starting to form and both plants stink to high heaven. One is very much an OG Kush style bag appeal having mother fucker ( no. 3) and the other is not quite so neat and tidy but still very much on a kush tip (no. 2), just slightly more towards to Strawberry Surprise side than no 3.. There are other seed females under the HPS lights but they are not yet flowering as they have only been in for between about 1 and 4 days so far. The plants stretch about as much as you would expect with kush and the more on the side of the Strawberry Surprise, the stretchier and slightly less indica-like the plant becomes - but always on a kush vibe, really. All the plants, both the ones still vegging or the ones just flipped or the ones now flowering properly are very much on the kush side. Maybe the one I chose to flower outdoors was the least kushy (no. 5) and not quite straight out Kush - but the others are (to one extent or another.) I will post photos when I can be fucked, so that you know what I mean - also, so you can see the flowers forming and resin starting to accumulate. It is a shame you can't post smells on here as this plant is smelly. Easily holding their own with the Skunk that they are in the room with (my own cross of various US skunks, which is smelly and skunk and fairly fruity and floral in a nasty kind of way but not managing to overpower those 2 Strawberry Fire OG Kushes!!!) The 2 smelly flowering SFOG plants (so far) are not of quite the same phenotype, as I stated, and their smells are not quite the same but really quite equally pungent. they are not totally different at all but i haven't yet pinpointed either as there are a lot of other aromas going on in that room and I need to harvest a couple of nearly finished plants (that Skunk plant and a fruity Three Blue Kings...) before concentrating on what those 2 smell of. I am sure that the outdoors girl (no. 5) will start to produce resin soon and I will be able to discern some aromas from her too. She is not so kushy and I wonder if her aromas are going to be sweeter and further towards the Strawberry side. I do hope so! Time will tell. She seems to be loving the outdoor / greenhouse things and looks a picture of health. All my plants are organically grown. If you would like to know how or have other questions then ask away! I have been growing so many years (now decades) and have tried so many ways. They can all be successful but organic is easily the best way for flavour and the most fun and rewarding and provides the best quality flowers, in terms of health IMO - no nasties. get it right and the yields can be rewarding too.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has grown any Gorilla Glue #4 or any stardawg both of which are auto flowering. I am planning to plant the seeds into Jiffy pellets and then outdoors when the time is right. what kind of success rate did you have and is there anything I need to be aware of. I had a problem with aphids last year, so any advise on how to prevent aphids from getting on the plant would be much appreciated.
  3. "Gasolina.. dame mas Gasolina" SEED INFORMATION: CHEM OG: Genetic lineage: OG Kush x Chemdawg Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks Height: Indoor: 80-110 cm | Outdoor: 1,5-2,5m Yield: Indoor: 500-600 g/m² | Outdoor: 600-1200g/plant Taste/Smell smooth and delicate smell, intense flavour combination: sour lemon, pine and earthy with a pungent diesel/fuel taste. Effect: intense and long lasting, it combines an uplifting and stimulating high with a more sedative Indica effect. This exciting American Chem OG cannabis strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother, with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. Chem OG is a strong, resistant and sturdy stemmed plant. Thanks to her genes the plants present OG Kush-type buds, really dense and pop-corn shaped. Our Chem OG feminized seeds will give you a highly productive plant, with light green colored leaves (with different phenos, the leaves tend to get a yellowish green aspect) and vivid green buds. These buds are abundantly covered with orange pistils giving the plant a beautiful and attractive appearance. Besides the orange pistils the buds have with a very noticeable layer of wonderful trichomes. The smoke from the Chem OG strain is smooth and delicate, she charms with an intense combination of flavors. One can clearly distinguish pleasant notes of lemon, pine, earthy and a woody flavor. That is thanks to its OG Kush origins, while thanks to the Chemdawg father gives the strain a very distinctive, prominent sour taste of with that typical diesel/fuel taste. The long lasting effect of Chem OG is intense, and combines two different but balanced highs. At first an uplifting and stimulating high, which then develops into a more indica effect developing a more sedative effect. Even though is not a complete couch-locker strain, it still helps you relax and alleviate stress. Right... I'm on it!
  4. Hi Could anyone tell me if this looks ready on week 7 ...kush is ready around 8 weeks haze ready between 9 and 11 weeks Kush looks like it has pouches on it ,worried it may be seeding any advise please
  5. thumbnail-13.jpeg

    From the album Rikmacs grow

    Not sure if its ready 7 weeks in
  6. here we go with my diary for spring 2018 .. DAY 1 grow style .. indoors , tent in the attic tent .. growlabs gl150 medium .. jacks magic compost nutes .. bio bizz fish mix , OT grow , bio bizz bloom light .. 600w HPS , parabolic 1 meter shade , lumatek switchable ballast , soft start , heavy duty timer fans .. 6" can fan L1 , 6" rhino carbon filter , STR speed controller , 2 x clipon fans heat .. 3 x 80w tube heaters , 1 x bambino oil filled radiator thank you dinafem mark for the blue hash and cali hash plant seeds , currently smoking some blue hash very nice , kinda sweet and moreish 1 x california hash plant 1 x blue hash 1 x OG kush 2 x shark attack 1 x remo chemo ( attitude freebie ) seeds hit the compost last night 19 feb 2018 , no soaking , no tissue , just straight into the compost , about 4 mill deep , light sprinkle of compost over the top , small spray of water , then into the germinating tank this jacks magic compost is very very good , light and crumbly , i always riddle the compost first ( this stuff hardly needed it ) AND SO IT BEGINS...
  7. Hey all, I picked up some Fat Banana seeds from Royal Queen Seeds the other week, I'm quite excited by these, iv grown most of RQS strains over the years, well a lot they keep bringing new ones out lol. I loved their OG and iv never tried a Banana strain so seemed like a good reason to get them. Only got 3 seeds so wee what phenos comes out. Has anyone had experience with any Banana strains before ? I doubt anyone has had chance to finish a batch of these yet as they are new but I maybe wrong so shout out if you have done??
  8. HSO - OG Kush

    From the album 2018 Harvest Pics

    OG Kush dried bud shot, no flash.
  9. Humboldt Seed Organisation - OG Kush

    From the album 2018 Harvest Pics

    OG Kush dried bud shot.
  10. Hi guys welcome to my Average Joe Grow I'm running 5 autoflowers this garden. 3x CDB industrial plant - Dinafem 1x Gorilla Glue - Fastbuds 1x OG Kush - Mr Krippling Equipment 26w CFL 600w dual spectrum bulb Digital ballast Floor fan Small clip fan Fan and Filter (when I get paid next week lol) 7.5litre Smart pots RO filter for water (produces 50GallonPerDay) Bio-Bizz All mix soil Nutrients So guys I have a spare cupboard with some good height so I thought it would be a nice place for a couple plants.You can see from the list I have a pretty basic setup, and instead of a tent (and save some money) I've stapled black and white sheet around the room. Germination I popped all seeds in straight RO water for 36 hours and all seeds cracked and tap roots were just poking out so I moved them into damp kitchen roll and placed in plastic food bags in the dark for another 24 hours. The next day all tap roots were visible so I got them planted into 16oz American Red Party Cups and moved them under the CFL, for the first couple of days I'll keep the light on 24 hour. I kept food bags over each individual cup to keep it humid, also I put them on top of a heat mat set to keep the soil at 26 degrees Celsius Veg Day 1. Another 24 hours has passed and the all the girls are reaching for the light. Some seed shells were stuck on the first set of leaves so I carefully removed them, everything looks fine nothing more to be done. Day 2. The girls are looking healthy and should have some roots by now so time to remove the food bags from over the cups. Ill leave them on the heat mat still to keep the soil temp up. it's a little cold in the cupboard so I plan on keeping them on the heat mat untill I move then to there final pots and get the big light on them (no later than 10 days) The soil is still damp so no need to water, nothing more to be done today, I'll try and get some photos up once I learn how lol.
  11. auto og kush 9 weeks

    From the album Grow pics

  12. Ok so i dropped 2 x bubba kush 2 x og kush 1 x critical 2.0 and 1 x sour diesel seeds straight into bio-biz all mix soil using 3 gallon fabric pots on Tuesday 19th September, all broke soil on Sunday 24th Sept which im going with as my day 1. This morning (day 18) i have 1 x bubba kush 1 x og kush and the critical 2.0 all showing me white pistils......bears can smell the menstruation ! set up - 1m x 1m green qube tent,5" intake & 5" extractor/carbon filter,6" clip on and a 9" oscillating fan inside tent for air movement but swapping out the 9" for a 12" once the stems strengthen up. 600w digital ballast running 250w MH at the moment and will up to my 400w dual spec probably within the next week, i doubt i can run my 600w dual spec as temps get too high but will give a test run for a day or 2 at some point. gave them a half strength light watering with bio-bizz root juice on day 7 and will be using bio-bizz grow and bloom feed and have a bottle of plant magic magnecal (never used any calmag product so could use some advice) probably no need to but i gave them a quarter strength feed of bio grow on day 11, im planning on giving either a quarter or half strength watering of grow today ??(any advice welcome) as ill be away from this afternoon till sunday or monday after this watering planning on some training/tying down once i get back in a few days (advice on this also appreciated) this is my 3rd grow this year first was photos,second all autos,im still trying to learn and up my harvest amounts lol so advice and criticism is welcome to guide me in the right direction as far as a feeding schedule etc. is concernedill try and keep things upto date as often as possible and no doubt be looking for help along the way ! cheers for popping by
  13. OG Kush day 55

    From the album Random

    Lagging behind Smile by maybe a week
  14. Hi all Right, I wasn't going to do do a diary on my current grow as I am really busy with a lot of things and have an outdoor diary up and running. But @Dinafem-Mark asked me if I was going to document my OG Kush so I've decided to do this for him as he does so much for us all Originally the grow was going to be solely Ugorg Killer Skunk with the hope of having 6 females from a pack of 10 that would fit nicely under my new LED but I had germination issues and only ended up with 5 plants make it to seedlings. So in the hope of three of these being female and taking a a Blues clone for back up I decided to germ two freebies from earlier purchases of Dinafem beans from another vendor. One Afghani Kush x Black Domina fem from World of seeds and one Dinafem OG Kush. I didn't decide this until the KS seedlings were nearly two weeks old so these were vegged for two weeks longer than the OG and Affy by the time they hit the surface. I had 3 definate females and a possible female that was very late showing it's true sex but I decided to pot it into it's final 11L with the rest of them instead of waiting, because the KS were at about 8 weeks veg already and the other two at 6. I had kept a male KS in a 3.5L for some F2's so I decided to pull this male and put the Blues back up clone straight into the same pot to fill the space. So this Blues only had 2 weeks veg in the 11L before going into flower with the KS at 10 weeks and the OG and Affy at 8 weeks. First thing I thought about was watering probs with this not having been potted up through a 3.5L like the rest of them but I thought at least it will fill the space and I'll just have to be careful with the watering. So I have been feeding it every 6 days instead of every 3 like the rest of them and little bits in between. It is looking quite good considering, but the flowers aren't as advanced as the others. Anyway, that's the history out of the way and this diary will be about the OG Kush from 3 weeks flower. If anyone would like to watch the progress of the others I will be posting pics to my gallery OG Kush She poked her head out on 9th Feb and grew for about 10 days in a 1L pot of Levington's original with a touch of seaweed extract liquid added. Then potted up to a 3.5L square pot for a couple of weeks, grown to the 4th node and topped to the 3rd. I didn't start LST at this stage as she was a little bit slow to recover enough for the side branches to be long enough to tie down. This will be the only pic in the diary of the whole bunch because I forgot to crop the OG out which is the back middle one @ 19 days old. When she was potted up to her final she bounced into action and now the LST could begin to spread her out and even up her canopy. Here she is in her final at 30 days old. The damaged leaf is one of the fresh tips that was damaged with the scissors when I topped her. And here at 43 days old with nice strong branches and healthy leaves The veg pics stop from here until the present, at just over 3 weeks into flower. I do have some pics on my mobile but they are a bit crappy. Additives have been the odd 1/2 ml of seaweed and Bio silicon. I didn't feed any CalMag until I saw a defficiency and then gave her 1ml/L Humbolt equilibrium and then 1/2ml every feed from then on. Also 1/2ml Rootstim every feed until 3 weeks in and the stretch has stopped. Feed has been the odd 1/2ml of Fishmix through veg and early flower onset. PM bloom was started sometime in stretch at 1/2ml/L and has been upped to 2ml as of now. I have kept notes but they're up there in the grow area and I can't go up til lights on so this is a rough guide from memory. I have pruned most of the lower suckers at 21 days, leaving some that look to be receiving enough light to be of anything useful. This should really have been done at 2 weeks to get more energy to the tops sooner but I have been really busy with work and other stuff. Temps have been around 72 lights off, 81 lights on, root temps around 73-78 and rh between 30 and 50, coming down gradually. She seems to be loving the LED which is a Vipar spectra 900, meant to be the equivalent of a 1000w sodium and draws 418w both switches on. I started her out vegging under a 150w cfl in the veg cab for a couple of weeks before the main tent under the LED with just the veg switch. But that didn't last very long at all before switching onto full power just to make sure I've been a bit apprehensive with the LED and was thinking of firing the 600 sodium back up for flowering but then I'll never know how well they do under LED if I don't try. The more she flowers the more I'm liking it so if this grow works out well then it's the way forward for me. No more worrying about leaving the house with hot bulbs burning away, and reduced leccy costs The branches are nice and strong so look like they'll carry some weight so I never put any stakes down the sides of the pots like I have the other plants but I think I will do that one night this week just to spread the colas out and allow more light to penetrate Tempted to do some more defoliation after seeing @MeanGreenScouseMachine's results but I think I'll leave it this time around and see what results I get before pushing my luck So here's the results of her progress so far at 24 days flower which were taken last night. The next feed will be upped to 2.5ml bloom Thankyou for taking the time to read my long overdue very long catch up intro and I hope you enjoyed Happy growing and keep it green