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Found 145 results

  1. Hello everyone and welcome to my first attempt at some of Dinafems genetics. Ive done a few grows in the bubblers now and I think I'm getting the swing of them. I just keep it simple as I can. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for sorting me out with the beans. He recommended a list of strains for me to choose from and i settled on.... Setup 120x60x160 tent in the loft 600watt mh for veg Dual spec bulb for flower 5inch extractor with rhino pro filter 19l Oxypots x 3 Hailea 600l/hr air pump Clip on fans x 2 Nutes Silver bullets roots Shogun silicone Vitalink Calmag Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow and Bloom I soaked some root it cubes in tap water then gave them a gentle squeeze so they are damp but not dripping. Then In went the seeds. one of each. I pick off a bit of the underneath and cover up the hole on top. They are placed into a prop, wrapped in a t-shirt and placed on top of my wee veg cab in the bedroom. A few days later and the Sweet Deep Grapefruit was out of the blocks closely followed by the Bubba Kush Ive been going through a bit of a shit patch in my life and at this point it started to show in my growing. I somehow managed to kill the Bubba Kush. No worries ill pop another bean. It came out upside down I tried to turn it round but it didn't take at all. I then popped the final one and it came up. I also had popped another bean from another breader. I wanted to try 3 plants mainlined. I always seem to have a bit of free space in the middle when i run 2. Last grow i had a few clones in compost to fill the gap but i still think there was room for more. I ended up keeping the 3 of them in my Veg cab whilst i waited for the tent to get freed up in the loft. I was hand feeding them with a spray bottle. Ive been real careless with the spray bottle and damaged some of the lower growth. They were starting to look a bit gnarly and not getting the love and attention they deserve Bubba Kush front left SDG back left They were being fed root it first feed at 6ml/l I moved them up into the loft last wednesday but they have to share the tent with my drying harvest in cardboard boxes as it absolutely stinks and I've nowhere else to dry it. Bubba Kush SDG I topped the SDG at the 4th node and striped everything below leaving me with 2 main shoots She was throwing out pistils flat out since being in the veg cab. Is this normal or something I've done wrong? Ive never noticed it before i don't think gotta lay off the shatter Bubba Kush was topped at the 3rd node and everything below removed The 3rd plant from another breader I chopped clean in half!! Knob. I tried taping it back together but it didn't make it. The Cana Gods have decided this was meant to be Dinafem only in this house I will let them grow out a bit before i start training them. I have only done this method a few times but Ive been happy with how they turned out. They are being fed EC 0.6 ph set to 5.9 Thats us all up to date with this grow. I hope I can do these seeds some justice so please feel free to help out along the way. Dab anyone???
  2. OB6 Dry & Trimmed

    From the album Orange-berry's

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    From the album Orange-berry's

  4. OB8 - Mainlined - Week 6 Flower

    From the album Orange-berry's