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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, hope you've had a good week and earnt a few quid.... Thanks for popping into this miserable diary that I'm already regretting signing up for... Just hope I can somehow manage to do these top Dinafem genetics kindly donated by @Dinafem-Mark some sort of justice. It all began around the 6th August, when 5no Critical +2.0 and 5no Industrial plant seeds took a little dip in some distilled water for 12hrs, before being placed in their first pots... as seen below: From there they were placed in small clone tent, on top of a small electric blanket and under 24hrs of T5 lighting... The result after a couple of weeks, around the 29th August is seen below, all 10 seedlings up and going well... So far so good. For clarity the Critical +2.0 are on the left in the image below and the Industrial Plant seedlings are on the right. At this stage the Critical +2.0 seem a little more fussy... In the images above they had been repotted from their original 0.5l Pots into slightly larger 1.0l pots. Over the coming days I allowed them to root out their 1l pots, they have now all been topped once, as I want to try and create 10 small bushes,, with 5 under each 600W HPS (I know I'm a bit stuck in my ways... keep toying with a CMH upgrade)... The following pictures were taken just prior to topping and potting up... As you can see a few of them are not looking so great, but I potted them up anyway into 3.5l pots... the majority had root balls like the following image: So ladies and gents, boys and girls that brings us bang upto date... They are probably due a watering and a feed tonight, but I'm looking to move them into a new larger home, under a big light... Two questions if any of you pros out there would mind helping this novice: 1. They have been having relatively weak feed, around the 0.9-1.0 EC mark, I think they look a little hungry, although they were pot bound so that may have made the symptoms appear worse... Should I up the feed to say 1.2EC??? Feed is currently made up of 1.5ml/l of A and B, 3ml/l of root tonic, and 3.5ml/l of Grower Ark Coco softy water range. 2. I have almost completed the insulation of my garage grow room now (Ceiling 175mm of Cellotex boards, walls a self supporting structure of 100mm Cellotex boards and floor 75mm Cellotex with all joints taped etc) so the plants will be going into a 1.2D x 2.4W x 2.0H grow tent when I go purchase one this afternoon, I was going to get a 400W MH Bulb for vegging, should I do this? or should I just veg under HPS? I have dimmable ballasts so was going to start at 400W. 3. Any other input would be gratefully received. Cheers guys, Peace Out.
  2. dinafem industrial plant.jpg

    From the album Dinafem Industrial Plant

    seedlings put into vegetation system
  3. before I start I would like to thank Dinafem and DinafemMark for the free seeds for this diary. I chose Industrial Plant(ip) and California Hash Plant(chp) and I stuck 3 of each in some damp paper towels and got a 100% germ rate. the 3 ip's I done fine but when it came to the chp's I dropped the tub I had them in like a fool and lost one and I think I damaged another because it didn't come to anything after repotting it but if I hadn't dropped them I would have had 3 and 3 instead of 3 and 1.... they are still only a couple of inches for now, the only nutes they have been getting is PM root stim @ 2ml/L and I have them under a t5 for now, the temps are pretty good for now with it just being a t5, they are between 22c low and 25c high and that's all I can report for now..... I will update every few days for now but when they start to take off I will do more regular updates, good luck everyone..... here's some pics, the 3 in a row are the ip's and the 1 on its own is the chp's.....
  4. Hi guys welcome to my Average Joe Grow I'm running 5 autoflowers this garden. 3x CDB industrial plant - Dinafem 1x Gorilla Glue - Fastbuds 1x OG Kush - Mr Krippling Equipment 26w CFL 600w dual spectrum bulb Digital ballast Floor fan Small clip fan Fan and Filter (when I get paid next week lol) 7.5litre Smart pots RO filter for water (produces 50GallonPerDay) Bio-Bizz All mix soil Nutrients So guys I have a spare cupboard with some good height so I thought it would be a nice place for a couple plants.You can see from the list I have a pretty basic setup, and instead of a tent (and save some money) I've stapled black and white sheet around the room. Germination I popped all seeds in straight RO water for 36 hours and all seeds cracked and tap roots were just poking out so I moved them into damp kitchen roll and placed in plastic food bags in the dark for another 24 hours. The next day all tap roots were visible so I got them planted into 16oz American Red Party Cups and moved them under the CFL, for the first couple of days I'll keep the light on 24 hour. I kept food bags over each individual cup to keep it humid, also I put them on top of a heat mat set to keep the soil at 26 degrees Celsius Veg Day 1. Another 24 hours has passed and the all the girls are reaching for the light. Some seed shells were stuck on the first set of leaves so I carefully removed them, everything looks fine nothing more to be done. Day 2. The girls are looking healthy and should have some roots by now so time to remove the food bags from over the cups. Ill leave them on the heat mat still to keep the soil temp up. it's a little cold in the cupboard so I plan on keeping them on the heat mat untill I move then to there final pots and get the big light on them (no later than 10 days) The soil is still damp so no need to water, nothing more to be done today, I'll try and get some photos up once I learn how lol.
  5. In the Night Garden... Welcome to this journal that I have agreed to do for Dinafem I have been given Industrial Plant CBD Auto to test out and see how they fair, this is also my first experience with Autos and higher CBD medicinal focused genetics, so there may well be dramas along the way but all good learning for both myself and Dinafem. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank @@Dinafem-Mark and the Dinafem team for being granted the chance to to run these beans out for them, it's an honour, thank you The Equipment & Grow Plan 0.5 L Starters 10 L Tubs for finals (if running 2) or 7.5 L (if running 3) Westlands Jack's Magic Compost Vitax Q4 Miccos (Veg) Wilcos Liquid Growmore NPK 7-7-7 (Bloom) Wilcos Tom Food NPK 5-6-10 250w Sodium for entire life cycle So the plan, after chatting with a master at work with Autos, a certain Mr @@blackpoolbouncer (check out his work if you haven't done ) is to start them in 0.5 L starters and pot up at around the 8 to 10 day mark into their finals. Now those who may have followed my last adventure will be aware that I don't have the largest of spaces available (800 x 600 x 1500 mm) so I had originally decided to use 10 L finals for these but that would mean a total limit of 2. However I've decided to put 3 into starters and if all 3 are vigorous and healthy with no runts etc I may well run all 3 but in slightly smaller finals at 7.5 (my thinking behind this is twofold really. Due to this strain being brand new, the more I can run, then the better the data for Dinafem obviously, that plus I don't like throwing good plants either and is not good karma in my view, so we'll see after a week of them cracking They will be grown under a HPS (grolux) at 250 W for their entire life and I will be running 20/4 regime. Nutrient wise I'll be sticking with the Nutes I used on my last run as they worked very well for the price they cost and I'm happy with them (I've never used specific nutrients and as long as the NPK ratios are within the right parameters, I've always faired okay) So without further ado, lets get on with the first picture show of this the IP CBD Auto run for 2016! This first photo is the beanz, not huge (average to small size) but matured to a good colour, gave a gentle squeeze and all good there too This second photo is of the 2/3 filled starters after the seed had been planted at between 5 and 10 mm deep, they were then placed in the airing cupboard which is toasty at 23 oC So that's it for now folks, thanks for watching this new adventure
  6. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and the Dinafem team I am growing out 3 of each of these new strains. THEIR HOME They will be starting life in a DR60 under a 125W CFL until they are ready for final pots and into the DR120 under 600w Parabolic with Digital ballast run at 660w when bud sites appear. THE METHOD Soaked in water for 24-48hours until they crack (have had a few Dinafem seeds crack in 4-6 hours) Soil Grow in Westlands Jack Magic 11l Final Pots Using Biobizz or Plant Magic Organic nutes (need to order some more nutes so yet to decide) Will be using a bit of LST but trying not to mess to much with them as want them to be a nice side by side comparison THE PREP 6 Clean pots clearly labeled A good bleaching and clean of the grow room don't want any uninvited guest on this grow
  7. Afternoon all, hope this finds you well! I've opened this diary just to cover all the dinafem stuff i run and to try and keep it all in one place. Nothing exciting just yet, ive got a few og kush seedlings coming along, And a Strawberry Amnesia which i'm attempting to mainline, I'll be popping more varieties in the not too distant future, stay tuned folks! bests