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Found 52 results

  1. AGAIN!?.................. YES! DREAM BERRY: Genetic lineage: (Blueberry x Haze) x Nev Haze x Blueberry Cheesecake Indoor: 9-10 weeks Height: Indoor: 80-150 cm | Outdoor: 2-4 meters Taste/Smell: sweet and soft like Blueberry, with some woody Haze and herbal undertones Effect: Highly creative, energetic and uplifting high, the day companion you always dreamed of! The Dream Berry strain came from a stabilized Blue Dream clone mom, with a Blueberry-dominant Blueberry Cheesecake pheno. This hybrid is going to be your new daytime companion because of its highly creative, energetic and uplifting cerebral high combined with a smooth, relaxing body high. Dream Berry strain makes anyone talkative and can definitely be described as a social smoke. Dream Berry relaxes and relieves pain symptoms, nausea and alleviates depression. Dream Berry produces medium-sized to large buds. Predominantly rock-hard nugs with buds on the lower branches being fluffier. The Dream Berry plant is relatively short and compact with many leaves and wide lateral branches. Leaves are mostly dark green. However, one phenotype has a faint blue shine on her leaves whilst another has an almost dark purplish complexion, thanks to her Blueberry origins. Another important detail to mention is the noticeable abundance of long, thick pistils. The Dream Berry strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors preferably to be grown in an arid climate, a moderately humid climate or a Mediterranean-like climate. That is because of the compact bud structure and mould issues the plant would face because of too much humidity. Dream Berry flowers within 9-10 weeks when cultivated indoor. Dream Berry will start off slow but once flowering commences, she tends to spread wide, like a true Sativa. As stated earlier, Dream Berry is very easy to grow, forgives minor mistakes and does not need particular feeding nor requires any specific attention. Dream Berry loves to be trained, and topping can help to create space between the branches so light can reach the lower branches to maximize production. The smell is reminiscent of the blueberry because of her sweetness and because of the subtle berries tones. In conclusion, the smell is complex and with interesting pine/herbal sour notes thanks to her Haze ancestors. I really liked this one last time so I'm on the hunt for some blueberry swung variants again! I only had 4 of these and took a gamble that they would pop. The seeds looked underdeveloped and very small compared to the last pack. Two were very quick to sprout and get going, the others didn't pop their head up till a few days later! ALL GOOD! 4/4 100% as usual with Female Seeds! Dismantled and lightly cleaned the system, back together and here we go again. This one is gonna be tough! It's very hot here now. MUST USE A CHILLER THIS TIME! NO EXCUSES. Yep... got them nicely in focus this time! Here is their Great White starter boost. Just poured directly through the stones to start. will add to res soon as roots touch. We are go.
  2. Sweet Amnesia Haze® Cross between two Amnesia Haze “elite” clones of exceptional quality. The result is a mainly Sativa genetic of excellent quality and fast flowering time. The Amnesia strain is one of the fastest plants within the famous Haze family. Sweet Amnesia Haze® (SWS72) has a very vigorous growth. With the shape of a christmas tree, the plants produce long side branches. It is a very high yielder for a Sativa strain, producing compact and extremely resinous buds. As a very easy-to-grow strain, it is suitable for every kind of growers, from beginners to experienced. The taste and aroma of this genetic are amazing and made it famous worldwide. It features a taste and aroma with lemon citrus tones, a complex incense background and hints of cedar wood. Data Sheet Variety SWS72 Indica: 30% / Sativa: 70% Indoor Yield: 450-600 g/m2 Outdoor Yield: 400-650 g/plant Indoor Blooming: 9 weeks Outdoor Harvest: late September
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to find some seeds for my next grow, and really want to try and give myself a chance to find some Haze phenos with a particular terpene profile that gives a strong 'burning sage' or frankincense type smell in the air, plus THAT taste too. I consider it the true 'hazey' taste, as everytime I've had a top notch haze it leaves that smell in the room after smoking it. Not sure what's going on, but those ones always seem to 'work' with my brain too - sort me right out, so to say. I've got a bit of PTSD, so it might be THCV, or the terpenes....I dunno. But I'm on the hunt. Haze strains I've had before like this have been phenos of Super Lemon Haze (only once), Super Silver Haze (more times than once I've bought super silver and it had that sagey, incensy funk), Afghan Haze (one of the best strains I ever smoked), Silver Bubble and vanilla haze. All of those were purchased off mates, I didn't grow them. It seems pretty random, and lots of haze phenos grown out don't end up having that flavour or smell. I'm just after maximising my chances of getting it. So far, it would seem a MNS Neville's or SSH might be my best bet. I'm ideally after fem seeds, but seeing as a lot of people point to MNS as the best source of hazes, I'm willing to try a reg seed grow. It's weird, as I've gotten older I'm drawn more and more to sativa's, and hazes in particular. They just seem to sort my head out, and don't ruin my day like heavy indicas. Well, as long as they're not too fucking strong haha. Then the anxiety arrives, lol. Anyway....
  4. Hi been a while since on here , just looking for some advice and info from any one doing or done this strain from cuttings . there 4 weeks into flowering wondering best time to PK I'm using Canna Nutrients and the coco mix under 4 600w lights . I vegged under metal halide bulbs until flicked and changed them .I've been told its a 9 week strain hoping it is looking well so far .does any one know if its a big yielder compared to cheese Cheers
  5. Delahaze: https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/delahaze This one is for the haze lovers out there. Delahaze is a plant that provides something for the haze aficionado, owing to its fruity citrus taste. Not to mention, this strain will have you grinning from ear to ear, due to its big yields and its early finishes. Known as The Producer… Big and powerful, Delahaze, our multi award-winning strain, has it all! We have combined the very best of the Haze in a plant with high yields and an early finish to produce a super plant. Indoor growers will salivate at the possibility of a Haze strain that is relatively quick to flower (9 weeks) and comes packing a potent punch that is will not be easy to forget. This plant will not grow out of control as long as induced to flower within the first weeks of vegetative. On average this plant will only take 9 weeks, although we recommend taking one extra week of flowering in order to unlock the full wonders of its fine citrus/Haze bouquet. Outdoors, this award-winning plant is well established on the continents of America and Europe. Its lineage brings a big harvest with an early finish. Big top, side colas and a high calyx-to-leaf ratio promote the healthy yield of this strain and a particular characteristic of this plant is the spiralling upwards of its buds, thanks to its unique chemotype. THE STRAIN GAME: AWARD WINNER: THC: **** 1st. Copa El Copo - Colombia 2017 (Sativa Category) CBD: * 1st. Copa Del Rey Bogota - Colombia 2015 (Outdoor) Ratio: 30% Indica 70% Sativa 1st. Treating Yourself Medical Cannabis Cup Canada 2011 (Sativa Category) Indoor flowering time: 63 - 70 days Effect/buzz: Creeping head high, clear and active, no panic. Smell/taste: Combination of the sweet mango or citrus with dominant typical haze taste. Delahaze: https://www.paradise-seeds.com/en/delahaze
  6. Delahaze

    From the album Paradise Seeds Strains

    The fruity citrus taste of this plant provides something for the haze aficionado, while big yields and early finish will bring smiles all round.
  7. Hey people Im thinking about starting a mother plant. The strain I'm considering is from strain hunters and is called white lemon haze.... anyone ever tried this or know much about it?
  8. Whata good peoples, after being let down by Sensi on two occaisns with there northen lights #5 haze seeds I have gone for amnesia haze. As I did all my research on northern lights is the strain similar to amnesia? Also would it be the same veg time as northern little to no veg time?.
  9. Hi all, anyone grew White Diesel Haze Auto's before as mine are due for harvesting and ive been reading the trichomes stay clear so any advise on signs when ready ?
  10. Over the last year or so I've spent a lot of time digging around the forums researching different strains and seed banks and put together this 'wish list' of stable and well rated seeds... ​ Cheese is my favourite smoke but is very easy to get hold of so I'll order a UGROG Collectors Pack to keep aside for when that time comes. For now I thought I would stick to feminized seeds to keep it simple as I'm still trying to master the basics. Any feedback is appreciated! Amnesia Lemon - Barney's Farm Finishing up now, heard bad things about barney's but am really impressed so far! (250w HPS) CheeseWreck - Seedism BLZ Bud - Seedism LSD - Barney's Farm Northern Lights #5 x Haze - Sensi Skywalker OG Kush - Reserva Privada Blue Dream - Humboldt Grapegod - Next Generation Ghost Train Haze #1 - Rare Dankness Sensi Star - Paradise Caramello - Delicious Original Strawberry Cough - Dinafem Has anyone had any experience with any of these strains? Let me know!
  11. Sugar Haze Seedsman - 200w Led

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  12. Sugar Haze Seedsman - 200w Led

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  13. Sugar Haze Seedsman - 200w Led

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  14. Sugar Haze Seedsman - 200w Led

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  15. Sugar Haze Seedsman - 200w Led

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  16. Sugar Haze Seedsman - 200w Led

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  17. AUTO SOUR DIESEL HAZE AUTOFLOWERING Auto Sour Diesel Haze is a super mix of an Auto Haze and the famous New York City Diesel. It is a strong cerebral sativa, with elevated THC levels, as you would expect from the genetic lines of its parents. It produces a strong sugary haze smell coupled with a fruity, almost acrid Diesel undertones. Plants grow fairly tall with healthy auto yields. GENETICS: Auto Haze x New York City Diesel VARIETY: Mostly Sativa FLOWERING TYPE: Autoflowering SEX: Feminised THC CONTENT: 17% YIELD: 40 - 60 gr/plant PLANT HEIGHT: 50-80 cm GROWS: Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks TASTE / FLAVOUR: Diesel, Fruity, Fuel, Sweet http://www.seedsman.com/en/auto-sour...haze-feminised Feel free to share your photos of this strain in this same thread.
  18. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and the Dinafem team I am growing out 3 of each of these new strains. THEIR HOME They will be starting life in a DR60 under a 125W CFL until they are ready for final pots and into the DR120 under 600w Parabolic with Digital ballast run at 660w when bud sites appear. THE METHOD Soaked in water for 24-48hours until they crack (have had a few Dinafem seeds crack in 4-6 hours) Soil Grow in Westlands Jack Magic 11l Final Pots Using Biobizz or Plant Magic Organic nutes (need to order some more nutes so yet to decide) Will be using a bit of LST but trying not to mess to much with them as want them to be a nice side by side comparison THE PREP 6 Clean pots clearly labeled A good bleaching and clean of the grow room don't want any uninvited guest on this grow