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Found 43 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've lurked here for a while, joined a couple of months ago, lurked some more before posting now. As a first time grower, I did my research but still ended up making the odd mistake, though nothing major as I have a low-expectations attitude about the maiden voyage. I feel on the verge of a potential major mistake by completely failing to identify when I should be harvesting. This is a case of a) being aware of the beginner error of seeing buds, getting excited and pulling b) reading information about pistils which suggests the majority of them turning to colour/curling in is an indicator it's ready, c) only recently getting a loupe and not really having a point of comparison for determining if the trichomes have gone cloudy or still appear clear (it might be pretty stupid that I struggle to differentiate regardless) and d) being just 56 days in on a strain which seems to average about a 70 days grow. It is a Fastbuds Mexican Airlines auto, in case that matters, 45cm tall and grown under a Mars hydro reflector 480 positioned 30cm above on a 19/5 on-off cycle. Here are some pictures. If you can let me know what you think, I'd be grateful. The last 4 waterings (1 every 3 days) have been plain water. Owed more to too many nutrients in earlier weeks than starting a pre-harvest flush. Hopefully I've got all relevant information here.
  2. Hi! I went away at the weekend and I think my electricity stopped for 12 hours. I was planning on harvesting today and I noticed my timer was 12 hours out. So the plants got full light during the dark hours for 1 / 2 days! Do you think this would have any negative effects on my crops? Or is it so close to harvest now that it does not matter anymore. Thanks for any knowledge!
  3. Amber Trichomes! This Amber Trichs malarkey, its an Urban Myth IMHO. Fact is, some strains never go milky let alone amber. And in other strains, amber only happens when the plant is almost dead and well past its sell by date. So how can one tell when a plant is "ready"? Let's talk about "Ripeness" instead. When is a plant "Ripe"? 56 days? 63? 77? When the pack says? When your mate down the pub who has been growing for a hundred years says it is? Nope, none of the above! Its ripe, when it meets the demands of the end user. What I like in my smoke, may not be what you like. The point being, you should "take" your plant down when she is ready to give you what you want. Maybe you like an "Up" High? take early. Maybe you prefer couch~lock? take late. When I'm growing a strain or a donated cut for the first time, this is how I determine the harvest time: I take a branch off at day 56 and dry it as usual. Then another is taken on day 63, and another on day 70, and then (if I thinks its needed) day 77, and so on. Slow dry and cure as usual, making sure that each sample is carefully labelled. Smoke testing soon discovers which Branch I like best. Once I have isolated which branch is best for me, then I have my harvest time for future crops. And I haven't examined a single trich! Not done so for ten years or more now. Unless I do it just to see what's going on, or to decide if the plant is a decent hash source (not all plants are). The thing is, we grow for personal consumption. So the one and only person who can tell you when your weed is ripe, is .... You! Forget the packet, forget your mates (down the pub or grow shop or wherever), and forget that book you read about growing cannabis last year. Read the plant, and read yourself. These two alone are your authoritative guides! Everyone else can go and do their own thing. You aren't growing for them, you are growing for yourself!
  4. My plants all look different!
  5. Day 2

    From the album PFNC Tent

  6. Hi, So I've just completed my 8th week of flower, been flushing for the last week on water. My grow is NFT using canna nutes, 600W light. I've included a couple of pictures, what do you think almost ready? Cheers
  7. right ive got autoflowering plantS nearly ready to be chopped IN COCO should i ph the water before flushing or just use tap water ??? Sick of seeing so many different things i wll have to use ph down id needs phing witch is a chemical s does this matter thanks in advanced
  8. Oldtimes Chop Day

    From the album My Oldtimer (OT1) adventure!

    Oldtimes chop day.
  9. For the last few cycles I've been using the air conditioner to quickly dry my bud in preparation for curing. Specifically the dehumidifier mode. This is the one with the water drop icon, most newer systems have it. Its much, much faster than traditional hang drying and has zero adverse effects. If anything my bud seems to have a better consistency than ever and cures a week or more sooner. I trim the bud of all leaves before starting. Personal use only so most of the sugar leaf stays on, it keeps the crystals from falling off the bud. Also I separate the buds completely from the stems this method doesn't need them to balance humidity. Lately I've chopped the bigger buds up into their constituents too, it speeds things up. Basically, find the smallest room in by the house with aircon, lay your manicured bud on a dry flat surface and put a fan on them at a distance. The dry air churned out by the air-conditioning needs to move over them for 2-3 hours at a time then turn the buds over and let them rest a bit. Do this every day and every night move the bud into your curing jars for say 10 hours. Should take only a few days, three at most. After that cure as you usually would. The dehumidifier function on your AC works by removing moisture until the temperature in the room reaches a minimum set on ythe remote, probably 19c. It'll stay that way for hours too, so just running it for a few periods each day and turning over your bud with a bit of manual labour won't cost much in terms of electric. And of course it requires no special equipment. Only thing is, I might smell for a few days in that room. But only for a few days.
  10. Hey guys, my plants are flowering as you can see, how do they look to you. I know the plants are very small but this is my first successful grow :-) take a look, comments and feedback would be appreciated.
  11. IMAG0875

  12. Welkommen... I swear to God I think about posting on here every other day but never really get around to the execution I know what you must be thinking - he's gotta be a lousy grower for sure! Yeah ... you're probably right there too! haha So basically I popped a few seeds back in January ended up with 4 plants in a garage (improvised) in the dead cold of the winter surrounded by spiders and stuff.. We are in Coco 600 120 tent feeding lightly and infrequently (every 2 days or so) heavy-ish watering in veg. Light waterings flower. None of the above details are by choice its just what happened. Like my birth probably! hah Right so off to the races I reckon i'm in for a chop today I will post pics very shortly! Lots of yellow leaves so beware. constructive critics are welcome though! Who's out here?!
  13. So I have eight fem sensiseed white widows coming up to week eight, fattening up nicely and white as anything and then I have the four unruly kids at the bottom of the tent on week seven, which are barneys fem pineapple chunk. It's my first grow and these lot have been an absolute nightmare in terms of stretching and I have found it really difficult to manage them, which mainly centred around cropping and topping. Badly I think. I shall be doing Dutch Passion Think Different Autos next time. Anyhow, as part of regular inspections for mould, I'm getting a bit concerned that three of them could be hermies and given the chop should hopefully be a couple of weeks away, I would hate to ruin months worth of effort, especially those fat white widow colas. Fecking late I know as well. I can't decide whether there are any balls, though any ball like shapes seem to have pistils coming out them. The other thing is plant 1 had a bad case of light bun, not to mentioning cropping/plant abuse and so I've probabably have stressed the poor thing, which is making me think its gone herme and spread perhaps to the others. I've taken some pics and I would really welcome some advice, as it's driving me nuts. Chop or not to chop?
  14. Jarred Up!

    From the album First Indoor Grow

    1 litre Kilner Jars.
  15. +Speed jars!

    From the album Grows

  16. +Speed I1 dry

    From the album Grows

  17. +Speed I2 harvested

    From the album Grows

  18. Hi, getting good yield and effects, but simply failing to get any smell from the buds. Have grown NL, ruderalis indica, ak48 and power africa, got a strawberry blue half way in flower now and hoping to get some smell from the cured bud this time. Growing as SOG under 150w of cfl in 3gal of soil, temps between 20 and 25, humidity I can't get lower than 63% and harvesting after 20% amber trichromes, flushed 10 days or so. Drying for 4 days in 70% humidity then paper bag for a day and curing in jars. Any ideas? Cheers.
  19. I'm new to here so not sure if I am posting this in the right section but anyway I got 3 kalashnikova (greenhouse seeds) under a 125w cfl, gonna veg them for a month then start flower with a 400w hps I got decent ventilation too, how much around about do you think will be a good target for the harvest? Btw they are all 2 weeks old now, not very tall but I'de imagine in the next 2 weeks of veg they will grow alot
  20. Jamaican Dream harvest

  21. Harvest soon day (10 - 15 July) My target is to harvest 2 ounces a plant (6 ounce total) What do you think? Achievable or not?? here is a pic of the 3, vegged for a month under 125w dual spectrum cfl with Canna Vega (Veg Fert) every other watering then under a 400w HPS with Canna Flores (Flower fert) every other watering and I've got another 3 or 4 weeks left Buds are sticky, the white things (sorry im a newb I think they're called trichomes) looks frosty (can see white stuff all other the buds) Here is a picture of the 3 it's a bit hard to see but theyre all about 3 and a half feet tall, very branchy
  22. Hi All I have around two weeks until my girls get the chop, just wondering if I should cut the fan leaves off to allow more light to the lower buds? Some of the top leaves do have heat damage and have gone crispy at the ends so could I cut the ends off? I have always left the fan leaves alone but someone mentioned on a post that he cuts them all off in the last few weeks Always looking to try something new Let me know what you guys think
  23. how much do they cost and how much should they be able to magnify 10x, 20x or more
  24. Hi all, had mixed results before so Im hoping this time will turn out good. Room temps range from 16-20c it goes up when the dehumidifier is on Humidity currently at 55% with dehumidifier on and creeps up to 70-80% if left off for a while. I have high humidity here more so when it's been raining as is the case now Got the xtraction on and a small fan oscillating at the bottom of the tent Am 5 days into drying now and the lovely haze smell has been replaced with that minging grass smell, this has happened every time and so far only twice has it turned to gold so fingers crossed and praying to all gods that this one comes out nice. will try and upload some pics