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Found 4 results

  1. I try my best to grow healthy plants. I have a decent amount of knowledge - Im not new to this but I keep running into the same problems again and again. This thread will be a continuation of my mishaps in my grows. I hope to get an informed response and provide helpful reading to those who struggle with the same issues in the future. This is a Green Poison plant about 3 or 4 weeks old. Just been transplanted and topped 24 hour's later. The weird yellow thing happened after it was topped. The leaves are a light green and the sister plant seems to be doing just fine - a bit bigger and nice waxy leaves. I can't help but think the plant looks hungry but I don't want to overdo anything if growth is fine. I will keep anyone interested updated on this plant and a few others which are struggling. This is gonna get complicated really quickly so please have patience! Will be back shortly to update concerning what I think will happen to this plant and others.
  2. Hello everyone, I've started my third grow about a 5 weeks ago and seem to be encountering problems earlier on than I have previously. I'm running four plants, two different strains, one being currylato, the other kosher kush. They all seem to be carrying degrees of unhappy, one doesn't look too unhappy but still not the best. I'm growing in Coco, using growers ark hard water nutrients. My lights on temps are between 26-27 and my lights off is between 22-24 on a 18/6 schedule. Humidity has been low throughout the grow until recently as I bought a humidifier and am usually sitting at around 50% give or take. Just before this grow I installed underfloor heating to avoid having any issues with cold root zones as I have done before. I've been watering them every other day and recently gave them a feed of only extra traces as GA recommend to do weekly (should have done this earlier). Could this be a calcium or magnesium deficiency? Being in a hard water area I wouldn't expect it to be the former so perhaps adding some Epsom salts to my next feed will help? Or would I be better using some calmag? If it helps my local water report claims the water contains 151mg/l of calcium. Any help would be much appreciated, pictures of the plants below.
  3. Hi I was not sure where on the forum should I ask about it so you can move it if need to. I see a lot of you up here use RO water systems. I have looked at the prices and compact sets of filter start at few tens in pounds and go into hundreds. My tap water is rather hard-EC 0.6 and I'm growing in hydro (wilma system). Would I benefit from dropping it to 0.2-0.3? Do I understand it correct that by dripping basic EC of my water I can then add a bit mote nutes? What's the biggest benefit of using RO water? Are them filters from amazon/ebay that cost 50-80 quid worth looking at? I wouldn't need a massive amount of water-80-120l/week is max.
  4. Can anyone please advise if Dutch Pro Hydro/Coco is suitable for coco grow in hard water area? If not, what would you recommend? I already have the Dutch Pro but could take it back and swap it as it's unopened. @@Mental Chops swears by Plant Magic. Worth swapping?