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Found 99 results

  1. Fem Zkittles veg height progress

    From the album Summer 2019

  2. Greenhouse temps

    From the album Summer 2019

  3. Hey guys and gals! Well to start, I had been doing some light reading over the winter on this forum and I have to say its a delight to see such a welcoming and friendly place for info and tips! I decided to have a go at this 'grow your own' business. Ive got a south easterly facing garden with a greenhouse so it gets the sun for most of the day til about 8pm high summer. Ive even used foil insulation to increase the ray trap. Looks like a bit of a grow house! Ive got a full spectrum of veg and flowers on the go for the neighbours curiosity to be satisfied its not a dodgy grow house lol. Anyways, Ive bought Dinafem seeds, all Autos, I germinated the quick kush a few weeks ago, its doing well I think - a nice rich green. My main worry is that its had a bit of a stretch and purhaps the pot its in is a little small? I think its in a 3L pot and Ive read in a lot of threads that 5L is a good size. So my first question is do I stick with the pot or size up? My worry is I should probably size up very soon.. so its a decision that I need to make asap. Whats your thoughts? The pot has a false bottom so the roots arent soaked and a drainage hole. For Soil I used Biobizz light mix. And Ive used a little fishmix and root juice with its 2nd watering yesterday, maybe 1ml/L of rainwater. Im only watering when the pot feels light and the soil under the top starts to dry. This quick kush germinated when there was no real sun for a week so I bought a little full spec LED lamp to nurse it indoors. At the minute its still sleeping indoors with some LED before bed and spending its days in the greenhouse. Too eager to wait! Ive got a Bubba Kush and a Critical 2.0 seed ready to germinate. Those will deffo be going in bigger pots! And by the time they pop out the soil we should have lovely May sunshine, so wont be getting the LED treatment unless we have a month of rain! Cheers! Red P.S. i have photos but as yet unable to upload due to file size?
  4. Hey everyone. A few months back, weed guy didn't have any weed, however he gave us a decent handful of some really high quality lemon haze, free of charge, always nice, which to my suprise he explained came from a motherplant that was allowed to flower, then later on was seeded, this is a bit confusing, flowering mothers, but whatever, I grew out 1 plant to begin with in april, but it was male so I started a bunch more, currently at a not bad amount but enough to count on the hands still so no worries, I also had some manadrin cookies with a few seeds present, only in 1-2 buds so I'm told this could be the result of a hermie plant although I have grown out two of those seeds and one is a male other is too early so It can't be hermie, the cookies looks extremely indica, pure afgani genetics, roots grow very very fast, think stems, good genetics. the lemon haze grows roots much slower but seems to branch out at a similar rate, in the beginning they grow faster but once the cookies has a root system it seems to beat it out, I have some photos to share, check them out.
  5. Ahoy all, As we edge closer and closer to the Spring solstice I thought id get the beginning of my HSO outdoor greenhouse grow diary up and running. A huge thanks to @HSO-Mark for sorting the beanies out, and doing such a stellar job each year organising these competitions! This year is my first time running HSO genetics and I'm very excited to say that ill be running the Blue Dream Auto along side the beautiful looking Bubba's Gift Photo. Blue dream has legendary status across the pond, i'm not sure i've tried this strain before either - so for those two reasons alone. I thought why not!? Also with the photo being a sativa dom hybrid, its something I wouldn't attempt here in the UK outdoor climate, but the auto version from HSO - lets give it a go! Secondly I opted for the Bubba's Gift - mainly because it caught my eye with the stunning colours & because it is listed as a late September finisher. The majority of the other HSO strains were listed as finishing later than this which i'm not sure would do so well here at lat 51. (& after seeing the pot noodle challenge - might give it a go myself this year too!) Patiently awaiting the beans to arrive, but in the mean time theres always plenty of prep and reading to be done. The seeds will be grown in the greenhouse and garden alongside a few Dinafem selections. (Diary in the Dinafem 2019 outdoor comp sub) Ill keep you all updated when the ship sets sail. Atb and wishing you all a bountiful season ahead. Y'arrrrrrrrrr, LP
  6. Hey guys, I thought you may be interested in this Kali Mist seedling. I vegged her until she was stable and pinched her top, so there were 2 branches. I put her in a heated greenhouse in the back garden in the last week of Feb and just left her, really. The light was crap and she really didn't stretch much at all during that initial phase. It took at least 4 weeks for the flowers to start to show. By the time it was really flowering a lot it was April and the sun was stronger, so she seemed to do OK then. In May, I started to put her in a dark room at 8pm and wake her up at 8am the next morning, to make sure that she stayed in flowering mode by restricting her daylight to 12 hours. By now, the light is not bad at all - at least when the sun actually shines! When it rains she goes into the greenhouse but when it is sunny or overcast but warm she goes outdoors, in order to maximise the light she receives. I always move her with the sunbeam as the sun moves across the sky. She is grown in organic soil, which was prepared in advance with compost extracts and organic amendments and left to mature. She has been fed with low levels of Plant Magic Old Timer's Organic Bloom (2ml/l), an organic tomato feed that contains loads of humid and fulvic acid (at 1/5 strength) and whatever Seaweed Extract I can find (at 1/4 strength) in water from my fish tank (it is warm, chlorine free and full of organic matter - nitrifying bacterias which eat ammonia, other bacterias, nitrates and other stuff from the fishy poo) or rain water from the butt. The plants are mulched with a well rotted compost (a high nitrogen pile) and horse manure. I did let the mulch get too close to the fat stem and it does cause problems if you did that, though. 1 of the branches snapped off when I set the plant down today - I noticed it was wobbly yesterday. Never mind, it was ready anyway.
  7. Greenhouse.jpg

    From the album 2019 Female Seeds Outdoor Grow Diary

  8. Hello community, i kinda feel stupid for asking as im sure this is probably a very common problem but im unsure what my options are, iv noticed a couple of my outdoor, greenhouse pots have little black flies in them (im guessing gnats from a little research). Are they damaging? If so how bad? The ones noticed them in most are around 1 week into flowering (autos) can they be treated? Etc etc much appreciate any advice guys!
  9. Afternoon guys, So last year I ended up throwing in a freebie seed into some compost and left it to do its thing. I didn't make a note of the breeder or do any grow diaries last year due to being so bloody busy. All I knew is that it was a blueberry fem seed and it came in a tiny plastic pop top vial. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it ended up turning out to be the star of the show for the 2018 greenhouse season. I wish I had made a note of the breeder and where this seed came from as I would run them again this year without hesitation. Ive even tried scouring seed banks online looking for the potential website it came from with no luck. Bugger! So my message today is, Always make a note of whats popping guys! Just incase that one freebie you thought might not do much turns out to be a real winner winner high sea dinner. Lesson learnt! Over and out! The Pirate!
  10. My babies have been growing vigorously of late so i thought id post a quick photo, theyre in the very early stages of flowering so not too much to show yet but im very pleased with progress so far. They were germinated mid April and were then moved outside in early May as it started to get warmer and they grew slowly but steadily. I moved them into the greenhouse and they've had a growth spurt though, going from about 3-3.5 ft to about 6ft and theyre still going!! I have them all in 20L pots and use House & Garden Bat Special soil with lots of extra perlite i added to help with drainage, nutrients are Hydrotops Grow and Bloom mixed with plain old water from the tap. To the left of the photot you can just about make out my Northern Lights Autos again from Sensi Seeds, theyre not anywhere near as big but they are flowering nicely and really enjoying their new home in the greenhouse
  11. Welcome to my lazy diary Here are two tins i got my seeds from Here are two seeds germinating in kitchen paper one is i will let you guess what strains they are
  12. Lets hope it is a great summer for growing, I have my fingers and toes crossed... Firstly, a big thank you to @Dinafem-Mark and the whole Dinafem team for running this competition and providing the seeds. This summer I am growing Critical +2.0 and Purple Afghan Kush. Lets see what can be done in the greenhouse with these at Lat 53.5. I have done greenhouse grows before and have learned a lot over the years but I have never ran with any Dinafem beans before. I have just put the seeds into moist paper towel in a takeaway plastic container and have put them into the airing cupboard. Once the tap root gets to around 1cm, I will transfer into pots. Here they are: As you can see, I am running 2 of each variety which I think will be plenty in my greenhouse, especially as I am also running some autos which you can follow in my other diaries in the 'Growing under glass' section of 'Outdoor growing'. I typically like to grow in soil / compost with lots of amendments (supersoil) but this year I am thinking of backing of a little with the supersoil and use a combination of amendments and Biobizz Fishmix and Bloom as well as Maxicrop Seaweed extract and Formulex. I will amend the soil and will detail as I do it but I won't be relying on it as the sole source of nutrients. My greenhouse is 9' x 12' and I will also be growing tomatoes and chillies in there, mainly as a visual cover crop to hide my cannabis plants but I also love to eat them. I also have the following in my greenhouse which help hugely: 2 x Auto roof vents 1 x Auto intake louvre 1 x Bio Green 2kW electric greenhouse heater with thermostatic control 1 x 20 l/day dehumidifier plumbed in for continuous use 1 x water butt with airstone Timer controlled automatic watering system to keep all my plants alive when I go on holiday Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer. I'm really looking forward to this years grow and feeling very optimistic. Last year, I only did one small plant that gave me smoke until 5th January. This year I'm hoping to do a lot better. The final pots I will use are 42 litre vegetable bags from Wilko's that I have used before with great success. They are light weight, hold a lot of soil and are easy to work with. I think that is enough for the first post as not much has really happened yet. Hopefully, seeds will be in soil in a couple of days, will report back then...
  13. gcout.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

  14. greenhouse.jpg

    From the album HSO Green Crack

    Her new home
  15. Here's our gpfv about 4 weeks old Check out her massive fan leaves....thats my mate's hand and he's not a small lad. Will update with pics whenever possible. Cheers.
  16. Here we go, I can't wait any longer. My seeds have been patiently waiting in the fridge and I have decided to start a few early to see how they go. The seeds are: Auto Daiquiri Lime - Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise - Dutch Passion Auto Black Domina - Sagarmatha Seeds I have just done one of each for now as I'm not expecting great growth by starting them so early. I picked out the smallest looking seeds from each packet. I started the seeds in moist kitchen towel in a Tupperware box in the airing cupboard. They all had sprouted within 36 hours and they were put into peat based potting mix in 5" pots. Here is my seedling cupboard that I have just made: There are 2 x 24W LED grow lamps that I bought from Gearbest for about £10 each. The temps in the greenhouse are still too cold so I have brought the cabinet into the house. I also have a propagation heat pad under the pots as you can see below: I have just turned on one of the bulbs at the moment as seedlings are so young. I will keep the plants in this cupboard as long as possible and then transfer into the greenhouse. The greenhouse will be heated and I may use some supplemental lighting in there also. As I have no weed to smoke until I grow it, I am urging these little girls on. I will also start some later in the year at a more optimal time and I will be taking part in the Dinafem outdoor grow comp with Critical +2.0 and Purple Afghan Kush, generously supplied by @Dinafem-Mark All comments and advice appreciated...
  17. Hi guys, I’m growing a couple of autos blue mystic and OG Kush in a large Argos plastic greenhouse. There are in soil bio mix light. Looking healthy, But they are only getting about 8 hours a day full sun on the greenhouse. The rest is in the shade ( because of a bloody large oak tree and the house) I think this is why they are slow growers. My OG are on there fourth set of leaves and these are nearly 4 weeks old the blues are on there 3rd set and 3 weeks old. Because these are autos will they start flowering soon? Even though they are still small? Or do the plants have to get to a certain size? Also do you think I would be better staying away from autos with my current set up? Any info would be great thank you
  18. Hey All, I'm planning on trying some autogrows this year in a small-ish wooden growhouse, maybe double the depth one of those pop-up green plastic things which I'm going to try and squeeze six, 10 litre poly pots in (pots will fit snugly side-by-side) I have some anxiety that I want a natural way of fixing so will be growing feminised autoflower CBD heavy (I hope) strains. Initially I did very little research and was a bit over-enthusiastic about purchasing seed, which isn't unusual with me and seeds… I got some ShortStuff fem'd Blue Himalaya (came with a couple fem Auto-Assassin and a Dr. Feelgood) and have since added some SweetSeeds fem'd Sweet Nurse Auto CBD which are on the way. I'm planning on two grows, first will be started in May directly in their pots in their final and only growing position if weather permits and will start with the Sweet Nurse first (will probably chuck in the two Auto-Assassins at the back so I won't be putting all my eggs in one basket which will probably be for someone else as they are sativa dominant) I have limited head height after taking the pots into account, if allowed to grow to their maximum, they'll stick out of the top, I've read that you can't always completely rely on what it says on the tin too so I'm planning on doing a low-fi LST to restrict the height a bit, I would like to try and confine them to their own pot diameter as they'll be a tight fit with their neighbours. Will Start the second batch late June to first quarter of July depending on how the first batch is looking, I have another space that should be free by then so they'll be able to sit there for a couple of weeks while the first batch finishes, and if the wait is too long, can be modified to be their forever home. I'm going to use an enviromesh clone to keep out the bugs, it allows in 75% of the air and 90% of the light but will give it an opaque look when I need to open all the doors and lid at peak summer so should help with neighbours glancing over. The medium I'm planning on using is a 35 litres of filtered-stream-peat based multi-purpose compost, 20 litres worm castings and 5 litres of either vermiculite or perlite, with organic feeds later in the grow if necessary. Is an LST grow confined to it's own pot unrealistic? The front row (or back) can be trained slightly forward allowing more space for the both rows as I have little bit of depth to play with. Could I train the front three low and back three slightly higher with LST to maximise light for back row? I've trained grapes, fruit trees toms and other assorted vines and plants in the past and will again but am I mad wanting to train with LST outdoors at all on my first real grow? Advice and questions are welcome Thanks a bunch, spent many hours browsing the site already (haven't visited the site in a very long time) Pariah. Lat 51
  19. This is my grow i know its a small greenhouse but its all i can have for my space, will be putting more outdoor in woods too, i made my own soil with everything in it i used black magic potting soil and biobizz light mixed together and have just been watering only. i have 3 auto flower chemdawg and one lemon and one ami and the other one i dont know the strain, sorry i am starting this abit late