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Found 11 results

  1. ... guerrillas Not really a guerrilla grow but all grown by that candle in the sky so thought best in this section as can't see a backyard/windersill section?.. Iv stuck 3x auto in a back garden (not mine) just thought I'd share how they are doing.. I started them in white plastic cups about half filled on the window sill about 10-14days before they went out on the 23/7/19 ..the window only gets around 6hours direct light at the very best but at the time light wasnt great and they looked rather weak &runty for 10days + but they was in minimal soil and like i said didnt get much good light.. I used recycled soil from my indoor grows I reckon about 8/10l containers with drainage holes about 1or 2 inches up from the bottom of the pot around the sides to leave a little res of water just in case ..so I crossed my fingers and left them to it... They Took quite well.. I was surprised ..bare in mind the day I put then out was day before we had high winds and storm... I gave them a dose of fishmix at 5ml /L on the 21st that was the first time I watered them before that we had enough rain to keep them going I also gave them a water on 24th as it's been scorching lately it's a pitty we are losing daylight hours now really but will see how they do ...iv got a few snaps of a few autos done on the windowsill aswel that il upload soon
  2. my allotment feb 2019
  3. Diary of 2 Roadrunner#2 autos grown outdoors in garden
  4. Ok folks, another Dodgee escapade in the making. Seeds landed Monday but I was away, wasn't actually due back till tomorrow but a family issue meant an early return so I made a trip to the PO sorting office and collected the beans. Anyways the forums favourite primate (I always thought it was BP in the gorilla suit myself but who knows maybe they bought or a job lot or god forbid maybe they share! Not at the same time we can but hope.. ) but yeh you all know who I'm talking about, the good lad we call Panik, he very kindly donated me a pack of his Gorilla Haze to try out! Top job! And a 12 pack to boot! Happy days... Big ups n massive thanks for the generousity! @panik Anyways the official start for the indoor diary (beans in dirt) will be tomorrow. The outdoor will follow in a coupler few weeks. I'll cover both in here side by side and will give the various details as they appear in my mashed up mind. Til tomorrow folks... Ta
  5. Hi, Just taken a few more pics and uploaded them to my gallery. Is it safe to say I have a female? Anyone know what type of strain it is? I'm around the two mark week of flowering and was wondering how long I've got until harvest and also is there anyway of keeping the plant after harvest as it has sentimental value, and also wondering about the best time to take clones? I've not got any kit at all to set up indoors sadly.
  6. Just uploaded a few pics to my gallery. They're not particularly good quality. Shite phone camera, so apologies. I have just the one plant and considering I probably did everything wrong from the beginning, I'm surprised it's grown at all. Started from seed indoors and potted up outdoors in back garden late April. I've not got a clue as to what strain I'm growing except that it looks like a sativa dominant strain to me? I'm about to re-pot for the last time. What size pot will I need? Recommendations on compost/soil mix and will I need to add feed at any stage? I'm also wondering how long it will take to flower fully as I'm near the East coast and it can get get quite nippy early on. I've noticed the nights are really drawing in already now. Any help and advice greatly appreciated!
  7. Cranberry Flower 2

    From the album Garden

    © Fair use

  8. Cranberry Flower 1

    From the album Garden

    © Fair use

  9. Hi all, I'm currently planning my outdoor grow for the 2015 season Im going to grow 4 plants, these are the strains I already have: 2x Autofrisian DewThese are the old, non purple phenos. 1x Incredible Bulk by Dr Krippling I am undecided on the final strain, I was thinking about a Passion #1 as they supposedly do very well in the UKs climate. I am open to suggestions on another strain I should grow, if any of you guys have any input on my genetics choice I would appreciate it! I was originally planning on growing these just in my back garden, outside, but realised that I could grow them in my greenhouse instead. What would be the pros and cons of each option? I could always do say 2 in the greenhouse and 2 in the garden if one of the strains is better off in a particular environment. Also, how big do you think these girls are going to get? As in would I be able to fit 2 or maybe 3 in my greenhouse, considering its about 2.5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. I found a grow journal from 2008 that uses Passion #1s and is in a greenhouse in the UK, I love how well it turned out, what do you think about me copying the scrog set up he has, but with only 1 or 2 plants? would it be worth it? I have bought and am planning to use the following nutrients for my grow (all organic): BioBizz Bio-Grow BioBizz Gio-Bloom BioBizz Top-Max I have yet to buy my soil (I'm planning to grow these in pots, unless you guys suggest otherwise), I was thinking about getting the BioBizz All-Mix or Light-Mix, do you guys recommend any particular brand of soil, bearing in mind what nutrients I'm using etc. or should I save my limited money and just get ordinary soil, with maybe some perlite mixed in. What do you guys think of my plan? I'd love any suggestions/improvements from growers experienced with growing outdoors/in a greenhouse in the UK. I've only grown one plant before, an auto flower that went ok I guess considering it was very poorly treated, I've learned a lottttt since then. I've also just finished reading a grow book, its called Medical Marijuana / Cannabis Cultivation: Trees of Life at the University of London So I've picked up a lot of information from that, and recommend it to everyone! Thanks! P.S My Latitude is 51.9 if that helps..
  10. After an unsuccessful attempt at Guerilla growing last year, I thought I'd try a couple autos in the garden. Was extremely late! And planted the germd seeds on July 25th. As this is my first grow thats reached this stage, I'd appreciate any advice to get some smoke out of these girls. Have just purchased some Biobizz grow + bloom, so far no nutes just standard compost. I do have a greenhouse available that I could use for cold nights. I tried them in there for a few days and they didn't like it went v droopy - possibly due to ventilation issues? Also they are in small pots, believe they are 1l - do you think I should pot them in something larger? On the left we have Royal Queens Diesel Auto and on the right Auto #1 More pics to follow. Hope to make an earlier start next year! Cheers Apeks