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  1. Hi all. Better late than never. Been meaning to get round to this but had to wait for the space, so here we go. The Dinafem x Intense Nutrients grow competition. I chose Dinafem Cookies Autoflowering to grow for the comp as I knew I'd be pressed for time. I've placed all 10 seeds into a very light mix of Intense Foundation, the dosage is 5ml / L so I've gone in at 50% and mixed 2.5ml into a litre of warm water to soak the seeds. I'll be leaving these to soak for 12 hours at which point they'll go into kitchen roll with the remaining foundation mix to hopefully help them get a good start. The seeds all looked really well matured and well sized so hopefully I should get some good germination results. I bought some of my own Foundation to use in another grow I have going atm, got to say so far its been really good stuff, it wasn't cheap but I'm getting a good vibe from it and I don't mind paying for quality. So I'm really interested to see how it goes on these autos. Apologies to @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt for running a little bit later than planned, hopefully I'll get these done before the deadline. Want to say thanks for letting me take part, very generous of you both, been looking forward to this one. I'll be back soon with an update. Take it easy guys. GV.
  2. Ok seeds arrived in the post this morning so thank you goes out to @Dinafem-Mark and all at @Dinafem Seeds. I will be running Dinafem - Quick Gorilla and Dinafem - Ocean Grown Cookies. All seeds will be planted starting with the Ocean Grown Cookies and a few weeks later followed by the Quick Gorilla. I will be growing in Coco from start to finish. I will be doing a few pot ups and flowering some of the plants out in 11 litre Air Pots. Veg time for the Ocean Grown Cookies will be 8-10 weeks or when the flower cab has free space. Grow style ie scrog, xmas trees etc I have not decided on yet. Nutrients of coarse is being kindly supplied by Intense Nutrients @Intense Nutrients Matt, I will be using the base nutrients, and some calmag. There will be no additives at all, including microbes etc, as the idea is to show how the plants can grow with the basics. Light source as usual for me will be 100% leds from @diyleduk. So with all that out of the way lets get this show on the the road. I have taken all 5 Ocean Grown Cookie seeds and put them into small pots containing moist coco and will put them in a warm dark place until they surface. Using tap water atm and the background EC is 0.4 to this I added Calmag Agent to reach EC0.6 and PH 5.5.. At a later date I will most likely switch from tap water to rain water from the water butt in the yard. The rain water will go in a res and be sterilized as normal with a little pond UV Sterilizer. The Diary will follow along the same format as usual, more photos, less crap and just relevant information to keep the diary clean and easy to view. That's it for now, have fun everyone this should be a fantastic competition and keep the community on uk420 buzzing. Toke… ps ignore the pencil lines they are from a different project and I need to wipe them off.
  3. Linky link link... Started and held back for ages in 1.5l pot under 65W QB, then moved to larger area under 4000k 375W scope dimmed as far it will go, finally flowered with the scope on max and 2 far red strips turned on.
  4. Well a bit of a latecomer to the Dinafem X Intense Nutrients grow off show but finally here we go. First of all a big thankyou to @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt for making this happen and supplying the seeds and Intense nutrients Organix range. I've been looking forward to this as i've never grown any Dinafem before but these Blueberry and Ocean Grown cookies sound delicious, also new to the Intense Nutrients Organix range although for my current grow in flower i have been using Organix Grow and Bloom with excellent results so far and the plants seem to love it. This grow i will be using the Organix Granules, Grow, Bloom, Foundation and Runzyme kindly sent to me for this competition by @Intense Nutrients Matt. As a quick rundown this grow will hopefully be just 1 each of the Blueberry and Ocean Grown Cookies in compost, ighting for veg will be T5's, 250w and 400MH, mixed spectrum 400w HPS and a 315w CMH 930 Agro Lamp for flowering in a Scrog. This grow will be started in my DR90 tent for i expect most of vegging and then the girls will be transferred into my main 90cm x 90cm x 210cm Growdrobe for rest of veg then flowering. Only one seed has just broken ground so far so tomorrow will be Day 1 for her, i'm sure the other will appear anytime just now. Before i start the diary here is a rundown of my setup, equipment and methods used. New eqipment has also been purchased for the DR90 tent as you will read below, so all new environment and things for this grow but all should be good. SECRET JARDIN DR90 TENT & INTAKE/EXTRACTION. So this grow will be started in my Secret Jardin DR90 tent, i've owned this for around 10 years but this will only be my second grow with it so its virtually new and kept in its original bag, as some of you know i usually grow in my 90cm x 90cm growdrobe but that is currently occupied with a grow in flowering for a few weeks yet. So same size tent as my normal growspace but a little less headroom. Now i used to use Variacs to control the intake/extraction but i have just purchased a SMSCom Hybrid controller to control the environment in there. The Hybrid is a superb device and does its job perfectly controlling the temps in there. When i used to use Variacs i sometimes had to slow the fans further at light off in cold times but this Hybrid controls everything light on or off to keep a stable temp at all times. The Intake and Extraction fans controlled by the Hybrid are both 5" Rucks although the intake is not as powerful. The Hybrid did cost me just under £250 but its worth every penny in my opinion it also has a feature where every hour at only light off it will crank up the speeds of the fans one notch just to remove that extra moisture in the air that builds up at lights off, i can see this being very useful in flowering when a high RH is not good, this feature does not have to be used and the unit comes complete with a shade to cover the sensor if not required. Fans are completely silent with no humming whatsover like the Variacs. The Hybrid has solved the variable temps in the tent and this means i can leave it and forget, good thing too in summer with higher temps it will raise the fans speed on its own to keep temps stable. The growdrobe is actually a walk-in wardrobe with 3 brick walls and the door so i suppose this explains why the growdrobe runs cooler than the tent although its in the same room. The Carbon filter is a 5" Rhino Pro and everything is connected up with Phonic Acoustic ducting. A pick here of my DR90 and Air Cooled Hood connected. > And my new SMSCom Hybrid controller which fully controls the environment silently. > LIGHTING FOR TENT- SEEDLING/VEGGING. The lighting for the tent in eary veg will be a Maxibright T5 4 tube fluorescent, 96w of power (24w each tube) and measures 59cm(W), 37cm(D) and 6cm(D), on/off switch and is wired to a Maxiswitch 2-way contactor (10Amps) and Grasslin timer, i have 2 of these units and i really recommend them for vegging as the keep the plants short, give off little heat and the light spread is great, i've vegged for 3 weeks using these units in the past and the result was very stocky healthy looking plants, they seem to love the light spectrum. Later on in veg i will swap the T5's for a 250w MH then a 400w MH, after that maybe a 400w mixed spectrum HPS all in a 5" Air-cooled hood. Pic of one of my T5's setup in my main room. > So the tent is ready to go, temps at light on even under the 400w MH is no more than 26c, light off around 21c. Once vegging is nearly done the girls wil be transferred to my main growdrobe, set as below. > GROWDROBE & INTAKE/EXTRACTION. The room is a converted walk-in wardrobe, The drobe measures 3ft x 3ft 7ft and covered top to bottom in the Orca Grow film, everything is covered including the shelves and door. Easy to put up as its much stronger than mylar and almost impossible to tear, no glue or paste was used in the room as i stapled it on with a heavy duty staple gun. It's very bright in the room and the Orca is very easy to clean as spillages just wipe off being as its waterproof. Temperatures are always stable at around 27c lights on, about 22c off. Intake is a 5" twin speed Ruck fan fully controlled by a 3A 0-240v Variac and the extraction is a 5"Ruck fan with STR Voltage stepping fan controller with a 5" Carboair carbon filter connected to 90 degree bend and Acoustic ducting. Air circulation is x2 6" clip on fans. Thermometer/Hygrometer. There is a steel Scrog net i made to fit the growdrobe which will also be used this grow once the plants are in there. My growdrobe with Scrog net fitted > 3a 0-240v Variac and STR Voltage stepping controller. > LIGHTING FOR GROWDROBE- FLOWERING. Light for Flowering will be the Maxiibright 315w CMH system with the 930 Master Greenpower Agro lamp, i did used to own the 942 lamp too for veg but ths blew a few weeks ago and decided not to replace it and just veg under MH. The shade is a Maxibright Focus cmh dedicated reflecftor.(old pic, ignore the 942 lamp and shade adaptor as they are not used now) > SOIL/NUTRIENTS This grow the soil will be the Clover Multipurpose compost, only my third time using this but my previous grows had no issues so i'm going to carry on using this for now. I've used PM compost for years with great success and also used Jacks Magic successfully but found it a bit rich for some plants. Nutrients will be Intense Nutrients Organix Grow, Bloom, OG Granules, Foundation and Runzyme kindly supplied by @Intense Nutrients Matt SEEDS. The seeds used for this grow will be a single Dinafem Blueberry Cookie and a single Dinafem Ocean Grown Cookie. 5 of each of these seeds were generously sent for this comp by @Dinafem-Mark I'll only be germinating the two seeds (one of each) as i do like growing two plants in a Scrog which perfectly fills my space with 2 big pots. The other 8 seeds will be started at a later date, probably next grow if they turn out tasty. BLUEBERRY COOKIES > Blueberry Cookies by Dinafem Seeds is a feminisedcannabis seed descended from a Girl Scout Cookies and our elite mother Blueberry. Fully aware of the immense popularity of the Cookies family across the USA, our team of breeders put their hearts into creating a hybrid that would bring the amazing traits of this world-renowned strain to their limit. Born in San Francisco Bay, Girl Scout Cookies was named after her delicious uncanny scent reminiscent of freshly-baked cookies. Is there any better match for this sweet cocktail than a Blueberry with mouth-watering aromas of fresh blueberries? After a long cross-breeding process aimed at only selecting the traits that would outdo the original ones, our team of breeders has created Blueberry Cookies, a hard-hitting hybrid called to surprise the palates of hard-to-impress veterans. Morphology Blueberry Cookies grows into mid-sized plants that can reach 3 meters in optimal conditions when cultivated outdoors. Her branches are solid and her internodes are rather large, meaning light can easily penetrate the canopy and reach the lower branches giving way to evenly distributed, elongated, amazingly thick, and resin-packed flowers. All Cookies hybrids are famous for the purple nuances covering them, but this one in particular, thanks to her Blueberry side, is a spectacular display of reddish, violet, and purplish hues. Besides, with a moderate calyx-to-leaf ratio, trimming her will not be a pain in the ass. We recommend safekeeping her sugar leaves for the delicious resin on them can be used to make incredible concentrates. Expect extremely thick and heavy spiky-looking buds with large calyxes, a rarity that ordinary Kush genetics don’t generally have. She’s indeed so beautiful that even us, the Dinafem team, can’t stop staring at her. Yield Blueberry Cookies is noted for the density and weight of her buds. The best things are said to come in small packages, a saying we totally agree with. Despite their reduced size, her flowers are remarkably compact and come with a thick coating of frosty resin glands and off-the-charts aromas. Aromas and flavours The popularity of the Cookies family stems primarily from their enticing aroma and no wonder. While U.S. Kush strains just offered earthy and fuelly tastes with some coffee undernotes, the Cookies smell like pie. They’re so delicious that they make you want to take a big bite out of their dried buds. That’s why our team of breeders thought the fruity perfume of Blueberry will make the best companion. This is how Blueberry Cookies was born: a tasty fruit pie with intense nuances of wild berries dancing together in a cake-like, Indica background. While growing, buds give off a strong yet fresh fruity scent. However, after the curing and drying, it turns much sweeter, more or less like smelling pastries. Effects Coming from a U.S. family of genetics, it couldn‘t be otherwise. Blueberry Cookies delivers a crushing head and body high. Thanks to her Indica dominance and her 18% THC levels (with 0.1% CBD), this strain produces a highly narcotic and muscle-relaxing effect. Cultivation Blueberry Cookies is very easy to grow and thrives outdoors. She is incredibly vigorous, meaning she loves stretching during the growth stage. Outdoor growers will obtain bigger yields for this plant shows her full potential when grown in the open air. So, without nosy neighbours nearby, she should be put no limits. Direct sunlight will help Blueberry Cookies fully develop. There’s a big difference between a vigorous growth and a weak flower development produced by the lack of sunlight. This beautiful purplish plant, in particular, copes well with outdoor conditions. If provided with a bit of attention, a standard feeding regime, and a warm environment (also suitable for northern climates), she’s sure to produce top-quality crops by early October. Flowering wraps up in 55-60 days indoors, where we recommend using organic growing methods so as not to modify her tastes and aromas, which, along with her mind-blowing effect, are the main reason why we should all grow her this year. Characteristics of Blueberry Cookies cannabis seeds Sex Feminised Genotype 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Cross Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies Suitable for Indoors and outdoors Indoor flowering 55-60 days Indoor yield 400-500 g/m2 Indoor height Medium Outdoor harvest time October Outdoor yield 700-900 g/plant THC 18% CBD 0.1% THC/CBD ratio 180:1 OCEAN GROWN COOKIES. > Ocean Grown Cookies is a feminised cannabis seed that brings together two U.S. legends. The popularity of the Cookies family stems primarily from their original taste as well as from the quality and exclusive traits that have earned them a well-deserved place among the most important U.S. cannabis heavyweights along with OG Kush and Sour Diesel. And the truth is that those who try her extraordinary tastes and aromas get instantly addicted to them For that very reason, no sooner did we get our hands on an elite clone of Girl Scout Cookies than we knew something really special had to be done. And is there anything more special than crossing the most famous Girl Scout of the west coast and another Californian all-time classic as is the incredible OG Kush? From this powerful marriage comes Ocean Grown Cookies. As always, it became our obsession to bring the best Cali taste to the highest pitch of perfection. And that's exactly what Ocean Grown Cookies is: a cannabis jewel born close to the Pacific boasting the strong scent that has pushed American strains to their legendary status. Morphology Ocean Grown Cookies grows into mid-sized plants that can reach 3 meters in optimal conditions when cultivated outdoors. Her branches are thin yet solid, although using stakes during the vegging period is highly advisable for they'll let more light into the canopy and the plant will, therefore, produce more pointy and bulky buds overflowing with highly resinous trichomes. They’ll also prove useful for preventing the branches from snapping due to the weight of the flowers. This plant is the perfect blend of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. With rather long internodes, she acquires a beautiful purplish colouring that makes her a sight to behold. Besides, those who find trimming a nuisance will love hearing that she presents an adequate calyx-to-leaf ratio. Morphology Ocean Grown Cookies grows into mid-sized plants that can reach 3 meters in optimal conditions when cultivated outdoors. Her branches are thin yet solid, although using stakes during the vegging period is highly advisable for they'll let more light into the canopy and the plant will, therefore, produce more pointy and bulky buds overflowing with highly resinous trichomes. They’ll also prove useful for preventing the branches from snapping due to the weight of the flowers. This plant is the perfect blend of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. With rather long internodes, she acquires a beautiful purplish colouring that makes her a sight to behold. Besides, those who find trimming a nuisance will love hearing that she presents an adequate calyx-to-leaf ratio. Aromas and flavours It is thanks to this that Cookies hybrids have carved out a place among the most reputed strains of all time: their tastes and scents are simply amazing. We wondered whether we’d manage to give the already incredible aromas of Girl Scout Cookies a twist by crossing her with OG Kush, another world reference for quality U.S. flavours and predecessor of GSC. We soon realised, though, that this was indeed a winning bet. That’s how Ocean Grown Cookies was born; a mind-blowing strain noted for her potency and distinctive aroma, hallmark of the west coast: a blend of earthy and Kushy scents with sweet and fruity undernotes. This strain provides U.S. cannabis enthusiasts with a breath of fresh air because she still keeps the traditional Kush background intact thanks to the OG Kush genes in her. Something in between the typical diesel scents of the U.S. family and the innovative sweet and fruity tastes, similar to those of pastries, that are killing it right now across the States. This perfectly balanced blend makes Ocean Grown Cookies a great choice for seasoned palates looking for new and surprising flavours who don’t want to give up on the intense aftertaste of Californian Kush hybrids. Effects The high delivered by Ocean Grown Cookies can only be described with one word: devastating. Her crushing THC levels of around 20% and her almost non-existent CBD content (approx. 0.1%) make her particularly powerful. Her psychoactive effect is incredibly potent, narcotic, and long-lasting. Expect a gentle blow of euphoria that goes straight to the head and turns into a nice feel of physical relaxation over time. Powerful, hard-hitting, and sedative, in true Californian style. Cultivation Despite coping well with northern chilly climates, she does prefer warm Mediterranean-like environments or greenhouses. However, given her medium size and bushy form, she’s the perfect candidate for growing indoors. By meeting her basic needs, we'll easily obtain great results with her. For the delicious taste of Ocean Grown Cookies to remain untouched, organic growing practices are highly recommended. Besides, given her Indica dominance, this jewel is not a heavy feeder, so a standard diet should suffice. This way, we’ll maximize her incredible scents. We promise: it’ll be worth it! Characteristics of Ocean Grown Cookies cannabis seeds Sex Feminised Genotype 70% Indica / 30% Sativa Cross OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies Suitable for Indoors and outdoors Indoor flowering 55-65 days Indoor yield 450-550 g/m2 Indoor height Medium Outdoor harvest time October Outdoor yield 750-950 g/plant THC 20% CBD 0.1% THC/CBD ratio 200:1 Hope @Dinafem-Mark did not mind me copying the descriptions of the seeds from the Dinafem Strain guide. And thats about it i think for my set-up and equipment used. Grow diary coming right up after
  5. A little late to the party, but I've made it all the same First up, thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt for getting together and giving us load of awesome free stuff! I started 2 of each quick gorilla and OG cookies last night in levingtons M2 compost with a sprinkle of OG granules mixed. Hopefully I'll see life in 4 - 5 days. They'll start off in the flower area while it's on a veg timer, then when I flower the current clones I'll move them into the 40 X 100 veg area under a 65W QB where they'll stay under they get too big or the other stuff is finished... 6 - 8 weeks... Plenty of time to do a bit of training on them. Current temps in the flower area are 19 - 23°C at pot level, this is the only temp I'm interested in
  6. Aye aye folks it's about time I got something goin here so after a false start in dec where I learned that growing in a garage in winter in Scotland is a stupid idea I finally managed to get the tent indoors The tent is a bit knackered and old and held together wi duct tape but hopefully still serviceable First off a big thanks to @Dinafem-Mark for once again tolerating the bollocks that comes along wi one o my grows and to @Intense Nutrients Matt who is away to find out the bollocks that comes wi my grows So lets have a look see what I got to play with Hmm I need to get a new camera soon methinks That is an awesome package to be fair I think Matt sorted me with damn near the whole coco range of nutes nice one cheers And here we have some seeds from Mark now because I tried to get going already resulting in abject failure the Moby dicks are gone none left so they will not feature I was left with one sour diesel which has popped and sprouted fine and an Auto Gorilla Unfortunately because I haven't had a proper grow for a few years now am a wee tad rusty and over soaked the coco this time resulting in all seeds cracking ok but only one Auto gorilla making it above ground so right now I have one sour diesel auto and one gorilla This should hopefully be rectified soon as my remaining gorilla and Auto cookie have now been planted and will be joining these two soon I hope barring any more McHazy fuckups They are under a 250w hps at the moment and they seem happy enough if a wee tad stretchy and that will get cranked up to 400w when the time is right I will be following the feeding schedule that came wi the nutes and I have high hopes for this stuff after seeing some of the other grows with it So that is pretty much where I am just now nae bad I reckon a few fuck ups before I even get the diary started that has to be a new record for me Aw the best abody Foo Fighters just because
  7. So.......Kenny is back in the game After listening to @badbillybob and @Dinafem-Mark and very very much against my own thoughts on the subject I quietly continued with my troublesome blue cookies whilst I awaited new beans. I let the water drop as a 'sink or swim' last ditch attempt.....they decided to choose life and finally searched for the water. (A faulty PH pen was causing me problems as was my inkbird - on the inkbird topic make sure the 'cooling' function' is set as far as you can from the temp you want as the compression switch turns both plugs off or constantly on - chattering also fucks them up) Now the PH is steady, they have decided they want to live......so I thought I still owe @Intense Nutrients Matt and @Dinafem-Mark the diary (not comp winning but Zen is a man of his word - so here it is) I have just flipped to 12/12 while they are looking semi healthy - billybob was right.....I just cant throw 8 weeks of electric out the door and I refuse to let my new illness stop me anymore. Photos to come.....Just wish I had photo'd them during the shite phases as you would not belief the turn around I am experincing - long may it continue
  8. Dinafems new fv cbd strain Quick Dinamed cbd Some info on the strain : Dinamed cbd plus x male Dinamed cbd auto. Shes a pure cbd photo strain 14% - 18% 5 seeds arrived and because of timings I was going to leave them until I start the next cycle but couldn't wait so Ive cracked one to squeeze in, the others can follow on next cycle. Thanks to @Dinafem-Mark and @Dinafem Seeds for doing what you do
  9. Hey guys and gals! Well to start, I had been doing some light reading over the winter on this forum and I have to say its a delight to see such a welcoming and friendly place for info and tips! I decided to have a go at this 'grow your own' business. Ive got a south easterly facing garden with a greenhouse so it gets the sun for most of the day til about 8pm high summer. Ive even used foil insulation to increase the ray trap. Looks like a bit of a grow house! Ive got a full spectrum of veg and flowers on the go for the neighbours curiosity to be satisfied its not a dodgy grow house lol. Anyways, Ive bought Dinafem seeds, all Autos, I germinated the quick kush a few weeks ago, its doing well I think - a nice rich green. My main worry is that its had a bit of a stretch and purhaps the pot its in is a little small? I think its in a 3L pot and Ive read in a lot of threads that 5L is a good size. So my first question is do I stick with the pot or size up? My worry is I should probably size up very soon.. so its a decision that I need to make asap. Whats your thoughts? The pot has a false bottom so the roots arent soaked and a drainage hole. For Soil I used Biobizz light mix. And Ive used a little fishmix and root juice with its 2nd watering yesterday, maybe 1ml/L of rainwater. Im only watering when the pot feels light and the soil under the top starts to dry. This quick kush germinated when there was no real sun for a week so I bought a little full spec LED lamp to nurse it indoors. At the minute its still sleeping indoors with some LED before bed and spending its days in the greenhouse. Too eager to wait! Ive got a Bubba Kush and a Critical 2.0 seed ready to germinate. Those will deffo be going in bigger pots! And by the time they pop out the soil we should have lovely May sunshine, so wont be getting the LED treatment unless we have a month of rain! Cheers! Red P.S. i have photos but as yet unable to upload due to file size?
  10. Hello. After a break from growing for a couple of years I’m back at it and looking forward to the next few months. The two other grows I did were a bit of a struggle - but the bud ended up in the jars - largely due to generous help I received in this forum. I learned a lot last time and decided to make a few changes this time out. Firstly, I’ve opted for photos. I think autos were a bit of a challenge to this complete beginner and for me autos don’t really offer any benefits other than a quick cycle. I also decided to opt for Dinafem seeds – I don’t recall reading anything other than positivity about their seeds, so I’m using the best genetics I can to minimise the potential for problems. I’ve also switched from Biobizz soils and nutrients. This tme I’m on Plant Magic and Old Timer. I have no particular beef with Biobizz (I’m not experienced enough to have any valid complaints) but thought I’d opt for a lighter soil just to see if that made things any easier. Lastly, the strains – Blue Kush and Diesel. These came recommended and suit my needs – a sativa-bias with a relatively short flowering period. I’ve got a strict deadline with this grow, everything has to be done by 20 March. Two seeds from each strain were soaked in water for 24 hours. A small pot was filled with soil, gently soaked with (room temperature) water in a fine spray until run off. They went into a propagator on top of one of those heat-pad things, covered with a light-proof sheet and left for a few days...
  11. 3 plants going here 2x dinafem blue widow and 1x purps#1.
  12. Hi A big thanks to @Dinafem-Markfor the surprise seeds. A bit of a story too ... I planted the Quick Gorilla along with her Half-Sister Gorilla on 25/6. Gorilla popped after 3 days, Quick Gorilla after 5 days. May have been planting depth or shell thickness. But, who cares? They are both healthy and above ground! Here is Quick Gorilla at 4 weeks. She looked much smaller than my usual indoor plants at this stage. I'd planted her very close to mid-summer and in my head thought she'd be getting great natural light. But by mid-July it was obvious she wasn't. When I actually calculated the light she was getting it was around 15 hours, but only 9 direct and the rest was becoming poorer. So I took her inside and gave her an extra 8-10 hours under a 125W CFL. She picked up immediately. She was topped on 10/8 and flipped on 16/8. As rule of thumb I veg to 15", top, wait 5 days, flip and if she really stretches I manage the top of the plant with a light wire screen or I leave more vertical and severely lollypop for better nugs. 16/8 was chosen because it is 8 weeks after mid-summer .... Which means ... ... it is 18 weeks before winter solstice. Which gives ... 9 weeks flowering plus 1 week drying plus 8 weeks in jar. 16/8 last date for a 9wk strain with a 2 month cure ... it's Christmas weed! cheers @Dinafem-Mark She was smaller for 4 weeks then overtook the Gorilla (which is really 2 nodes bigger) in physical size quite significantly. Which is why this diary is a catch-up. She was a kind gift and I wanted to do a good diary. But she was always a lot smaller than the Gorilla and I messed up with the natural light veg. So I decided probably not a good advert ... sorry Mark ... But then with more light and a little time she recovered and is as big as my plants usually get in these pots. So here we are ... Quick Gorilla by Dinafem. The genetics surprised me. Gorilla of course but the cross is with an OG Kush Auto ... I was expecting some fast finishing indica. OG Kush Auto is ... OG Kush x Haze 2.0 Auto ... now this is getting intriguing ... Haze 2.0 Auto is ... Haze Auto x Jack Herer Haze Auto is .... Roadrunner x JYD Haze. Roadrunner is ... Lowryder x unknown Dinafem strains. So some amazing strains in her genetics ... OG Kush, Haze, Jack Herer as well as Gorilla. I'm looking forward to seeing how all these combine, could be an amazing vape. Here they are around a week into flower. Here she is today ... 15 days into flower. She's outside when the sun shines, under the 400W HPS the rest of the time so she's getting 12 hours of excellent light. Soon to get better as I've just ordered a Scope 220W from @diyleduk so she'll spend the final six weeks indoors under that. Should improve things ... She's a easy plant to grow. Doesn't like Nitrogen too much ... I'm into soil/organic tea feeds and never usually see any nutrient problems, but both Gorilla and Quick Gorilla had Nitrogen burns on a few tips. Nothing at all serious and it self corrected.
  13. From the album Diary Pictures

    Finished at 11 weeks. Fed on Intense Organix range.
  14. Really happy as Seeds arrived today courtesy of @Dinafem-Mark and @Intense Nutrients Matt Thank you very much gentlemen. grow diary time! I'm going to be growing them in a 1.2m tent with a 600w HPS. (Clip fans, etc.) I'll be doing three of each variety. Three OGJ and Three OJ. Six total, Alongside three sweet seeds speed autoflowers I will be doing a seperate diary for the sweet seed autoflowers to show each respective variety off better. Best of luck everyone. May the best man win!
  15. 5e6e370fdc62c-AutoCookies4.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  16. 5e6e370d34878-AutoCookies3.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  17. 5e6e370b5525d-AutoCookies2.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  18. 5e6e3709ad1da-AutoCookies1.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  19. 5e6e36f33c94e-AutoSourDiesel3.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  20. 5e6e36f18beae-AutoSourDiesel2.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  21. 5e6e36ef9da34-AutoSourDiesel1.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  22. 5e6e36ee0306a-AutoGorilla3.jpg

    From the album Hazy's Herbs

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    From the album Hazy's Herbs

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    From the album Hazy's Herbs

  25. Dinafem Cookies Auto

    From the album Diary Pictures